Friends jade amber and kelsi monroe get nailed

Friends jade amber and kelsi monroe get nailed
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Asa akira fuck old guy Hijabist Wife Chapter 02 Office Rewards This is a repost. :) Do rate and comment! Lily "Ahhhh yesss ummppphhhh&hellip." I moans loud as my hands on the walls. I bend my body as Matt keep thrusting his huge muscular cock into my petite wet married pussy hard.

He grab my hijab covered head and kisses me lustfully from behind as his other hand reaches for my naked breast. Squeezing it tight. "Im cumming Lily…" He moans as I nodded hearing that. I already lost count on how much I came that night. He pounds into me hard pushing me to the walls before he slams his cock into me and explodes in me.

His thick warm cum shot into my pussy as I can feels my horny pussy squeeze his cock wanting every drops of him in me. "Ahh… ummmphhh" I moans and gasping for air as I feels his semen pooling inside of me.

Then he pulls his cock out. Sara clapped as she watches from the couch. "Nice show… You are going to fuck me like that tonight, Matt" she said teasingly as Matt sits next to her. They wraps their hands around each other like a lovers. "Umphhh. Thanks…" I said as I blushed.

I pick up the bath robe that I wear coming here and put it on. "And… One more thing… starting tomorrow, I will work at the office in the city. As a clerk… Wish me luck…?" I said as I blushed.

Still feeling his wet warm cum inside my pussy. Sara smile as she get up and give me a hug. "You will do great my dear… If you have problems, just tell us okey?" She said in a concern voice.

I can feels her bubbly busty breasts pressed on mine. She kisses on my lips a bit. I kisses her back. "Well then, I better get going now… Kyle will be home soon…" I said as I walk to the door. Sara follows me. "See you later…" I said as I go huge adoration for strippers striptease and hardcore my door and I hear her door being closed and locked. ************************ Kyle We just finished our dinner as I lay in our bed.

Lily is choosing her clothes to wear tomorrow. I look at my wife. Her curvy bubbly ass is facing me.

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Slowly my cock getting hard under my pants. "Have you choose what to wear yet honey?" I asked as I see her choices. Those dress are the ones that I remembered she said she won't wear because it is too tight. Have she changed her mind? Lily nodded. "I will be wearing this!" She said as she shows me a white dress that the skirt reach half of her thighs. On the waist there is a small belt to show her curves.

And I remembered she said that people can see her breasts shape as it a bit fit at that area. I just nodded. "Great choice. Black hijab and that black slack pants?" I asked. She nodded. She hang her dress on the drawer before she turns off the lights and lay next to me. She wraps her hands around my chest as she kisses me. "Pray for me sweetie…" She said as she closed her eyes. I nodded as I wonders is she changed.

************************ Mr.John Today is the day where the new girl come in. She interviewed with me last 2 weeks and she looks promising.

Her grades from her university is outstanding and her soft skills and confidence are in par with her grade. The fact that she is a hijab girl did not affect me as I believe everyone is the same. She is early. I thought. I am impressed with her punctuality as she greet me in my office. I set up so that Dina, our staff will guide her through her first day. Dina brings her to my office and I am shocked with how she looks today. She have her hijab wrapped around her head and it is covering her chest.

But her dress, I can clearly see her body shape. What a luscious body. I can see her breasts shape under that hijab. I am not sure the size but it is surely handful and rounded. Her belt on her waist tightens so that her curvy body is seen, as her skirt hot girlfriend gets fuck by her boyfriend until her thighs. Her legs wrapped in her black soft slack pants, a bit fit as I can see the shape of her legs.

I rarely had a lust on my staff before but her innocence and her sexiness stirs something in me.

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"Er…Mr.John?" Dina called sensual tranny jizzed on by her horny lover tube porn me again. I snapped out of my mind as I look at her face. "Yes. yes…" "So which department are you going to put her into?" Dina asked as she look at me.

I noticed Lily blushed. Maybe she realized that I am ogling her? "Er… Just put it under me, report department…" I said as I am actually about to send her to upper floor in Customer Service.

Dina nodded. "Thank you Mr.John, let's go Lily…" she said. Lily nodded as she thank me too. They close the door as they leave the room. I still in shocked and awe. Having such an Asian plus hijab beauty in my office. I look for her resume under the drawer and I look at her age and status.

23… and married??? ************************* Lily I feels so confident today. Since I had sex with Matt, I feels like I want to show my body to everyone and I want every guys to look at me.

Like the way Mr.John look at me just now. Dina just finished briefing me on the jobs. She give me a small cubicle with a PC on it. I thank her as I sits.

I noticed all the guys are also looking at me. Either it is because I am new, or my looks. And I am so proud of it. A small part of my brain whispers that I might get fucked by those guys. But I shake that thoughts off. I am married to Kyle and I love him.

I will not ever cross that line again, except with Matt. I blushed as my pussy throbs. Perhaps I should start doing my work. ******************************* Mr.John It's been a few weeks since Lily started working here. And her performance is so excellent. She could finished lustful babe annika flashes perky natural tits in public task given in time, and she will do overtime whenever she thinks it's necessary. And since she is directly under my supervision, we spends quiet a time together as she will ask me things and to learn new things from me.

Even her clothing is kind of teasing, her act of professional is what making me respects her. Though I always have these fantasies where the boss and staff scene and they having sex together. But I know that won't happen. I look at the watch. It is 7 pm already. I just about to pack my stuffs when I hear knocks on the door. "Come in…" I said. The door opened as Lily come in. Today she is wearing a buttoned up long sleeve pink shirt.

And her hijab today is kind of short as I can see the shape of her breasts on her shirt. The buttons at that part are almost pulled apart by the size. Her legs wrapped in her tight black professional pants showing her perfectly shaped legs. "Yes Lily?" I said as I try not to look at her body much. She come in and hand over to me a pile of worksheet I asked her to check on before. "This is the report that you request just now…" she said as she smile at me.

I can see a sense of tiredness in her face. She is a hardworking person. "Thank you very much… Why don't you sit down Lily?" I asked as I take the papers and briefly take a look before I put it aside. I look at her. "So… how is work so far?" I asked as I can't stop but staring at her perfectly bubbly breasts.

She smiled as she replied "what a great experience. Very different with our work culture in Malaysia…" I nodded. Then she stretch her hands. "I am sorry, it's just it's been a few days since I have this ache around my shoulders." I nodded.

"That is bad…" I said. "You know, I am not trying to take any advantage or anything but, my dad thought me a trick or two to ease that kind of pain…" Lily look at me a bit suspiciously.

"Do you mean, you want to massage me?" she asked. I nodded. "And if you don't want to its okay. I get it…" I said as I don't want to push this too far and I know how some Muslims are very strict about touching between man and woman. She give a thought for a while and by my shock, she said yes. ***************************** Lily It's been a few days since Kyle left me, he have this site visit in Canada. He will stay there for a week.

Usually, he is the one who will massage my body every time I feel tired and worn out. My sex life with Matt had been less lately as he starting to get busy with his work.

So does Sara. She did asked me if I want to have lesbian sex but I politely say no. In results, I am very horny lately and ached for cock and my body is still ache with the adjustment with this new job. Mr. John offers himself to give me some massage.

I know that I should politely say no but somehow, I trusted him. So I said yes. He then folded his sleeves as he come and stands behind me. Slowly he puts his hands on my shoulders, and I can feel his fingers massaging my tense shoulder and hit the right spots. I close my eyes as I enjoy the massage. His manly fingers on my shoulders. I can smell his cologne as he moves his hands on my neck.

Though I am wearing the hijab, I can still feel his hand massaging me so skillfully. "Do you like it?" he asked me with his manly voice. I nodded. I can feel my shoulder's muscle loosen up a bit. As I lovable girl gapes wet cunt and gets deflorated back. My head hits something hard. I rest my head on it as I know what exactly that is. Mr.John keep massaging me without saying anything, as I feels his bulge grow on my head.

After a while he moves to my head, pinching and massaging my forehead as I can feels his bulge started to grinds with the back of my head. I bite my lips as I can figure out how hard he is, and how I want a cock in me. But I know he is my boss, and it would be ethically wrong to do those kind of things. "That feels so good…" I let a soft moans out as I feels his hand back to my shoulders. I can feel his cock throbbing on my head. I bite my lips as I blushed.

"Now… Better?" He asked as he pat on my shoulders and rest his hand there. I nodded. Did not answer. I love his touch. And I love his cock on my head. Both of us stay silent for a while, before he slowly runs his hand down, touching my breasts with both of his hand. I bite my lips as I close my eyes. This is so wrong. I am letting yet another man touching me at the place where my husband should the only one who touches them. His palm and fingers are massaging my breasts, feeling the juiciness of it, as I feels his bulge on my head grinding on me.

My lips escaped a moan. Making me blushed. Then he took one of his hand and I hear noises. He is undoing his belt, and taking off his pants. I closed my eyes as I feels a hard meaty rod pressed on my head, slowly, rubbing on my hijab. His hands explores my breasts again, before he reaches for my buttons and undo it one by one. He pulls my shirt off a bit, showing my breasts perfectly squeezed and covered by my dark blue bra.

He massage them again feeling more intimate this time. I can hear his moans as his cock slides off my head and falls on my shoulder. My eyes widens as I see how huge it is. And how wet his head already is.

I bite my lips. Trying my best not to pulls it and suck it there. Mr.John knows what I was thinking.

He let go of my breasts and went to my side. Now his cock is hanging in front of my face. I look up at him. Knowing what fake public agent promisses an amateur girl that he will cum on her face do, I kneeled on the floor as I wrap my soft fingers around his cock. I look up with my innocent Asian face before I take out my tongue and runs my wet tongue around his shaft.

*************************** Mr.John Who would have thought of this? My innocent Asian Muslim staff is kneeling with his tongue all over my cock? I look down to Lily's Asian face with her head wrapped by her hijab. I put my hand on her head as I feels her warm wet tongue wraps around my cock.

Gosh she is good. "Fuck Lily, ahh" I moans as she look up at me. She then slides my cock into her mouth without warning, making my cock throbs hard in excitement. She started to suck me hard as she moves her head back and forth fast. I can feel she is sucking me with her tongue inside her mouth massaging my cock. She is better than my wife! She fasten her pace as her hand keep stroking my base.

She keep looking up at me as she blow me up, as such she loves seeing how I look when I feels good. And she look very damn hot with that hijab and a cock in her mouth. Wet slurping noises filled up the room with my moans. She popped my cock out with a string of her saliva formed between her lips and my cock.

Turning me on more. "Fuck Lily." she smiled shyly as she lick my shaft more. She stroke my cock fast as she look up at me.

She said something that I thought I will only hear in those porn movies. "Will you fuck me, Mr.John?" in her innocent yet slutty voice. "Sure damn I will" I replied as I pulls your body up.

I grab your waist and pulls you tight to me. I can smell her sweetness as our lips meet. Our tongue slides out and wrestles with lusty sounds. Her breasts pressed on mine as my cock pinned between our waist. She wraps her hands around me as I working out pulling her shirt off.

She helps me and she undo her bra, releasing her naked 38C young married breasts. I didn't wait long before I grab those perfectly rounded breasts with my mouth.

I suck them lustfully as I hear her moans filling up my room. Her body arched as she pressed more on my face. Her fingers brushes my hair as I suck her small cute yet erected nipple while my hand fondles her other breast.

The lust filled me up as I moves my hand to her pants, I undo her pants and pulled it down together with her cotton panties, bigtits horny charlee chase vibrated box wearing only stockings masturbation pornstars taking her breast off my mouth. I changes side as I suck her left this time. I grab her perfectly curvy ass and massage them, feeling them perfectly perky ass.

I give them a few spank before I runs my fingers to your mount. Trimmed. I rubs her wet hard clit slowly, making her moans again. "ahh Mr.Johnn. ummphh" I suck her tits lustfully more as I never feel such a young and healthy tits in a long time. My finger keep rubbing her erected sensitive clit fast as she moans and bury her fingers into my shoulders, not long after that, her body jerks as she trembles.

"ahhh ahhhh ahhh ummmphhh" I look up at her face. Her climax face with that hijab. Her face is red as she bite her lips. Her eyes is closed as I can feels her pussy is drooled with more juices from her explosion. I smile as I give her breasts a last suck before I pulls it out of my mouth. I lifted her up on the table. Our lips meet again as I guide her legs spreading them. My hard erected cock is bouncing as I moves, eager to penetrate her.

I put my hand around her waist as my other hand reach for my hard cock, guiding it to her pussy lips. I grinds my wet head on her clit and her lips, teasing her, before I slides my cock into her tight wet married pussy. "Ohhhh!!" I groans as I shocked by the tightness. I am not sure if it is because of her young age, her petite body, but I am so glad that I have the chance to feel this freaking tight pussy wraps around my cock.

She moans too as I could feel her pussy is trying so hard to accept my size. Her wet pussy is so tight, squeezing around me as I keep pushing my cock. I am impressed when my 10 inch cock touches her womb. She swallowed it all inside her nubilefilms lesbian threesome with bff amp lil sis natural tits eating pussy. I let it there a bit as I feels her pussy keep massaging my thick cock with her walls, giving me an erotic massage sunny leon xnxx su with man surely can make me cum if im not that strong.

I put my hand on her ass. Our eyes meet in lust as we are one now. "Fuck. Me." she said in slow horny voice. And who am I to deny such an invitation? I moved my cock back and forth slowly, feeling how her warm pussy squeezing my cock not letting me go. But her juices are drooling, ease me a bit to fight with her tight friction.

"ahhh Mr.Johnnn" she moans more as her naked curvy body flinched when I thrust my cock in. She bites teen hoe lily jordan enjoys intense pussy pounding lips as I can see she is enjoying this.

I fasten my pace, in and out faster. Making wet naughty noises down there mix with our moans. I grab her waist tighter as I pulls her closer. I started to move fast as I slams my cock deep into her pussy every time I thrust in her. "ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh!" she moans lewdly as I see her cute horny face with that innocent hijab. My cock pulsing more as I fuck my new staff hard on my desk. My papers had been pushed aside and all mixed up. But I don't care. Because her heavenly pussy is squeezing my cock tight as her body is such a delight to fuck.

"Fuck Lily!!!" ************************ Lily I moans loud as I feels his muscular cock thrusting in and out of my wet horny pussy.

My hand on the desk as my other hand around his neck. My left leg down with my right up on his shoulder. As his cock slams into me mercilessly. I have to admit. Mr. John do knows how to fuck. Kyle's image come across my mind.

A sense of guilt come into my heart as I feels Mr. Johns cock pulsing in me. No, not yet. I want this more. And get the fuck out of my head, Kyle! I thought to myself. I pulls Mr. John's cock out as I bend myself over at the desk. My bubbly rounded ass facing him. I wiggles my ass at him as I spread my wet pussy lips wide. "Fuck me from behind Mr. John, and cum in me…" I said in such a lustful voice.

Since I had sex with Matt, I ate the planning pill everyday. And I really love the feels of cum shot inside of me. He did not wait long before he come to me. He put his hand on my juicy bubbly ass and squeeze them hard before he slides his cock again in me. My body bends more as I gasped in pleasure. I look back at him as he starts pounding me hard.

Fast deep and wild like a hung animal. I hold the table hard as my body jerks everytime his cock thrusted in me. "ah ahh ahh ahh Mr. John!!" I moans. "Fuck Lily!! Ahh ahhh youre so damn good!!" He groans as he keep pounding his cock in me. His balls slapping my erected clit so nicely. As my juices drooling on my thighs. I look back at him in lust before he leans and kiss me in the lips.

He grab my hanging breast under my hijab and pinch my nipple a bit. Making me squirm in kisses. "Fuck Lily Im close!!" He groans as he kisses my neck. "Ahh ahh yess Mr.John.

ahh. fill me uppp" I moans and moans as I bend my ass more. Accepting his cock in me. Pounding in me. Filling me up. As I feels my pussy too is starting to throbs and building up.

I can feels his cock slamming me harder. Knowing what is coming next, I squeeze my pussy tighter and harder, wanting every drop of him in me. "Im cumming!!!" He groans as he slams his meaty cock in me and shoot his thick creamy load into my tight married pussy.

Loads after loads hits my womb making my body jerks and trembles on every shot he made. My body explodes in the same climatic lust making me moans loud as I rest my naked body on the desk. Satisfied. ********************** Mr.John I groans as my cock fill her pussy up. I can feel her walls squeezing me, wanting every drop of me inside her. And I give her all I got. I massage her ass a bit more before I pulls my cock out.

Our cum drooled over her pussy and dripping some on the floor. That needs to be some cleaning later. I thought. The experience is just, amazing. I never fucked a girl this hot, and the fact that she is my staff is turning me on more.

And of course, that innocent look of the hijab. My god. She slowly stand up when she recovers a bit. She bite her lips as she look at me.

"Thank you, Mr.John." She said shyly. I can see her face blushed under that hijab. I nodded. Still recovering. She then collect her clothes and put it on. Covering her naked body, with our cum still pooled inside her pussy. I just look at her with awe and amazement. Knowing that this is not the last time we going to do this. "I need to go now, if there nothing else,? My husband will expecting my call" she said when she done dressed herself. "No… nothing else.

Thank you… send my regards to your husband. See you tomorrow…" I said as I smile at her. She nodded, smile and leave me alone.

Still thinking how lucky I am. ******************************* HUNTER I am the security manager of this office. It is my job to observe and look after this company without them knowing.

There are a lot of security cameras installed. Some of them are obvious, and some of them are hidden. With that, we caught a lot of thief, misused of office facilities, and a lot more. However, what I caught on today is something else.

It is normal that he did not know that in his office too, have cameras around. It is a shocked that he, having a workplace affair with the new staff. The one I have been ogling on since I first saw her.

I can't help but stroking my black fat cock there as they fuck each other out. Knowing that won't be their last time, I planned something&hellip. TBC