Anal training of maja reversecowgirl and naturalboobs

Anal training of maja reversecowgirl and naturalboobs
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Since I was about 14 I used to babysit for my little sister, she was only 8 at the time so I never thought anything sharing a bath with her before putting her to bed, that is until a few years later when I was reaching 20 and she was starting to develop into a very delicious looking 14 year old Her name was Alison and she had long blonde hair, blue eyes and a 5'7" figure that any 18 year old would have been proud of, nice slim stomach, perfectly sized, smooth round ass and 34D breasts that I just wanted to hold all the time, on the other hand I was 5'10", brown eyes, brown hair and starting to put on a little bit of weight, I never really had trouble getting with girls, but they usually got bored of me rather quickly Even the very first anal sex for both anal fingering and doggystyle she was 14 now and clearly growing up fast our parents still insisted that I babysat for her every weekend when they went out to the bar with their friends, usually they wouldn't saunter home until about 2 or 3am, and seeing as they went out at 7pm they were usually so drunk when they got in they'd have to wake me up to make them coffee So Friday night came along as usual, I was having a late night in college in the dark room working on the last lot of photos, when my phone rang, it was my dad asking where I was "oh damn, sorry dad I was so caught up I didn't realize the time" "surely you noticed it was getting dark" he replied "I'm in a dark room dad" I countered "don't you think maybe I can't see outside" "don't start giving me lip son, now get home we're ready to go and we can't leave Ali in on her own" in the background I hear my little sister moan something at my dad for that last comment, I couldn't hear exactly but I had a good idea, something about her being a grown woman now and so on So I packed up the equipment as soon as I could, taking my photos out into the harsh light of the main studio as I did, they still weren't right, maybe it was the lens and I hadn't realized, oh well, no time blindfolded wife fucked by black guy ponder now.

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After I was packed up I rushed down to my car and drove the 20 minute ride home When I got in the door my dad didn't look too happy, although I don't know why I rushed cause mum was still getting her last bits and pieces ready.

Ali was sitting on the chair in front of the TV looking for all the world like she'd just been given a dead cat "finally made it I see" my dad said as I closed the door behind me "I'm sorry I just got caught up, but I'm home now so go out and have fun" With that my mum picked up her handbag and they were out the door without so much as a see you later, I looked over to Ali and as me made eye contact she smiled warmly at me, which I thought was a little strange seeing as she was in such a bad mood, I left her to watch TV and went into the kitchen to get a drink I noticed some money had been left out for take away so I thought I'd go ask Ali what she wanted, as I walked in the room she jumped backwards onto the chair bringing her legs up under her, with a strange look on her face which had gone very red all of a sudden, I wondered if she was feeling hot but then didn't say anything as I'm sure she's capable of using the air con without my help After she decided we were gonna have pizza I went into the kitchen to use the phone, the place I ordered from was quite good as you always got a free pizza, which meant we could both have the one we wanted, so after I placed the order I went back into the living room only for Ali to jump back onto the chair again,what was she up to, it was only then I noticed her jeans on the floor and as I moved round the room I could see she had indeed taken her trousers off and was sitting there in just a baggy t-shirt and plain white panties "if you're hot sis why don't you just put the air con on" "oh sorry I didn't think of that" she replied in a not all too convincing manner "do fat impure cleft lips asian pretty teen sucks cock want me to put it on now or are you OK" I asked "oh yes please Carl" she said, clearly she meant she wanted it turning on The switch for the settings was at the top of the stairs so off I went only to come back a couple of minutes later to see her doing the same thing again, what the hell is she up to I thought to myself "can't you just pick a comfortable place to sit and stay there" "sorry, it's just my bum keeps going numb" again she didn't sound too convincing I finally managed to sit down on the sofa for 5 minutes when the doorbell rang, it was the pizza guy, so I got the money from the kitchen and paid, as I took the pizza I noticed the delivery guy had a kinda glazed look in his eye, it was only then I realized he was staring at my sisters legs "hey buddy, eyes off" i said, shocking him back to reality "oh sorry, erm, enjoy your meal" he said hurriedly before one last glance as I shut the door "what was that about" Ali asked me "your legs, cover them up, I put the air con on for you" I said as my eyes drifted down and noticed for the first time just how smooth and evenly tanned they were, she pulled her knees up giving me a brief flash of her panty covered crotch before pulling her t-shirt over her legs and folding them back under her We sat down to eat pizza and she was telling me about her friends at school, the usual oh he likes her but she likes this guy and they did this and someone else did that, I wasn't really paying attention, my mind kept wandering to the vision of her gorgeous legs and I was sure I had seen a large wet patch on her panties too, we soon finished so I cleared the boxes away and put them in the bin in the back yard, as I was closing the kitchen door I heard Ali call my name so I called out to her asking what she wanted, there was a slight pause before a rather shaky voice replied asking for a can of coke, so I got a can out of the fridge and took it in to her Her legs were on show again and her t-shirt had ridden up exposing her panties and the lower part of her stomach, I took it all in before I realized she was looking at me, I quickly regained my sense and handed her the drink, noticing fake dick goes deep in cunt face was a lot redder than it had been earlier "I'm going to go run you a bath, be right back" I told her "OK, thank you bro" she replied, taking a sip from the can "I'll call you when it's ready" As I was walking into the bathroom my mind was focused on my sisters tanned legs, her tight stomach and white panties that I'm positive were fairly wet around the crotch, I felt a familiar stirring and was surprised to see my cock straining at my jeans, surely I can't be having these kind of thoughts about my 14 year old sister, although she was clearly growing up fast, she could have passed for 17 or 18 easily, I couldn't let her see me tenting my jeans so as I was running the bath I sat on the toilet and jerked off a quick one, but my thoughts kept going back to my sister, and before I knew it I had cum all over my hand with my sisters legs holding my attention the bath was ready so I shouted down the stairs for her to come up, as she walked in I was just washing my hands and getting ready to leave "shout me if you need anything" I told her "you're not getting in with me?" she asked, with a disappointed look on her face "you're not so young anymore sis, I don't think it would be a good idea" "but we always bath together" she said, looking like she was gonna start crying "i don't know if I should, you're getting a very mature body and usually when I'm around someone like you naked it only leads to one thing" I replied, trying not to sound too forward "please, I feel much better when we bath together, you can wash my back a lot easier than I can" "surely you can wash your own back by now" I commented, but she wasn't giving up that easy "maybe, but I prefer it if you do it" and before I could reply she pulled her top over her head revealing that underneath she had no bra on and had taken her panties off while she was waiting My breath caught in my throat as her large round breasts bounced up and down as her t-shirt released it's hold on them, my cock sprang instantly to attention, never mind that I had just cum, it was ready for action, Ali noticed my cock fairly quickly "do you like what you see?" she teased "yeah, you're amazing Ali, but I shouldn't be looking, skinny pierced amateur redhead rough fucking huge toys my sister, I'm going to go downstairs" "nonsense" she replied before I could move "strip off and get in with me"she then walked over to me and pulled my t-shirt over my head "you're starting to get a belly like dad" she said, I couldn't speak, my mouth wouldn't work, all the blood had rushed to my cock which was seconds away from being exposed to my little sister She unclasped my belt buckle and pull my belt open, moving to my button and zip she opened these then in one quick movement pulled my jeans and boxers down to my ankles, going down with them as she did, my rock solid cock, which was harder than it ever felt before sprang up and hit her in the face "oh my god it's huge" she said "come with me" she took my hand and as I stepped out of my jeans she walked me into her room and made me stand there while she got out her measuring tape, which she used to measure my manhood "wow 8" I've never seen a real cock before but I've read enough to know that's an impressive size"I went red when she said she'd never seen one before "so you're still a virgin?" I asked her "of course I am silly, you think I'd do anything with those jerks at school" she shot back She dragged me back into the bathroom and tested the water with her hand, seeing it was just the right temperature she got in and sat down, leaving me standing next to the bath still stunned and shocked from what had happened the last 5 minutes or so "come closer" she told me, and without warning she leaned over and swallowed my cockall the way down to my balls, I couldn't believe what was happening, surely she must choke at some point, but she didn't casal inglecircs que adora filmar as suas fodas just kept trying to get more in "wow that feels just as good as I've read about" she said, taking it out of her mouth and looking at me with a new gleam in her eyes "now get in the bath, and wash my back" she ordered Hesitantly I got in behind her as she shuffled forwards, my throbbing cock running down her spine as I sat down, sending shivers throughout her body, I lathered up the sponge and started rubbing her back, still unsure as to why I was in the bath with my little sister, but soon forgetting how wrong it was and how much trouble I could get into, my man brain was starting to dictate my actions, I was just being carried along for the ride, as I got the the bottom of her back Ali grabbed my hands and moved them round to her front, holding them into her firm boobs as she lay back against my chest "squeeze them Carl, squeeze my tits hard" without wasting any time I dropped the sponge into the water and grabbed hold of those amazing breasts, squeezing hard like she asked, she let out a gasp and a moan as I played with her nipples "oh yeah that feels good" she said as I felt her hands reach round her back in search of my cock, as she put her hands round my member I thought I was going to explode right there I moved my hands down her stomach towards her smooth hairless pussy, I could feel tiny hairs poking through the skin so I knew she had shaved recently, I found her slit and slowly pushed my hand further down searching for her clit, even in the bath I could feel just how wet she was down there, she let out a long moan as I touched her sensitive clit, and bit down on her bottom lip After a few minutes of playing with each other she stood up and turned around, her shaven pussy just inches from my face, she then pulled my head towards her and I eagerly pushed my tongue between her lips, she tasted wonderful, I put my hands around her grabbing her firm ass, It felt so good in my hands as I pulled her closer to me, I swear I could have cum just from that, she pulled back and stepped out of the bath, walked over to the towel cupboard and pulled out 2 towels "come on then, take the plug out and get over here" she ordered, I was completely at the mercy of this sexy young teenager, she put her arms round my neck, pulling me in close, our wet naked bodies squashed together, and then pushed her tongue into my mouth.

I responded in kind, making out with her for a few minutes before she took hold of my cock and lead me into her bedroom by my rock hard tool She lay the towels on the bed sitting herself down on the edge, she motioned me to come over to her.

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Standing in front of her she once again took my cock and took the whole thing into her mouth, pushing it down her throat, my god she was a natural "where the hell did you learn to do that, it's so good" I asked "i got an instructional video and practiced with mums dildo" she told me "oh my god, it feels amazing" "I'm glad you like it bro" she said as she pulled away from me and lay down on the bed, spreading her legs she pulled me on top of her, the head of my cock resting against her pussy, I could feel the heat and it was driving me crazy "i love you Carl" she whispered "i always have, I wanted you to be my first" and with that she pulled me into her and rocked her hips forward so my 8" buried itself all the way up to my balls, she went tense and took in a sharp breath as I felt her hymen tear under the pressure "are you OK Ali?" I asked, genuinely concerned "yeah I'm OK just give me a couple of seconds, I knew it would hurt but I wasn't expecting it to feel like that" "i can take it out if you want" "don't you fucking dare take it our Mr" she said, looking at me like she was gonna hit me if I did "it feels OK now, just start slowly" she said I pulled out almost all the way, feeling her muscles pulling against me, trying to hold me inside, and as I pushed back in she let out a moan of pure pleasure, looking into my eyes I could see how much she had waited for this moment, a look of lust, love and ecstasy and I knew then that I loved her "i love you sis" I told her, this seemed to have quite an affect as she immediately went into a powerful orgasm, her back arching, her cunt muscles tightening and her nails digging in to my back "i love you Carl" she screamed as her very first orgasm threatened to knock her clean out, eventually she relaxed and her body fell back down into the bed, sweat running off her in streams "that.was.fucking.amazing" she said between breaths I still had plenty of stamina so I kept pounding into her, sometimes slowly, sometimes faster, every time, pure bliss, she felt so good, better than anyone else, so tight, so warm, so beautiful.

She stopped me and rolled me onto my back so she could ride me "I'm on the pill by the way, I want you to cum inside me, I want you to fill your little sister up with your hot cum" she commanded as she started grinding her hips against me getting faster and faster as I came closer and closer to the magic moment "I'm gonna cum sis" "oh yeah fill me up Carl, fill me up now" as I sprayed my thick white cum into her tight pussy I screamed "i love you Ali" which caused her to go into another orgasm, coating my cock and balls in her sweet juice After our orgasms had subsided she kissed me passionately then slowly got off me, the feeling of my cock sliding out of her nearly enough to make me want to cum again, she took my cock in her mouth jodi and her guys huge dick gets into hardcore sex pornstars big tits cleaned all of our cum off, looking me in the eyes the whole time, looking happier than I've ever seen her "i love you Carl, I don't ever want anyone else" "i love you too sis, you're so amazing I won't ever need anyone else" I replied, bringing a huge smile to her face We lay on her bed in each others arms for a few minutes when I heard the phone ringing, she followed me to our parents room and started sucking my cock again as I answered the phone, it was our dad telling me they wouldn't be home until Sunday night and told me to make sure I took care of Ali "don't worry dad she's in safe hands" I told him, which caused her to giggle, her mouth was still round my cock so I didn't hear it, but I could feel her laughing "see you Sunday, have a good time" I said, hanging up the phone "so we have until Sunday" she asked knowingly "yep, the whole weekend to ourselves" I replied, picking her up and walking over to our parents bed I lay her down on the bed and started kissing her feet, moving up her legs, teasing her around the top of her thighs, until I flicked my tongue out at her swollen clit and sucked it into my mouth, I looked up and she was playing with her magnificent tits, teacher and student jabardasti xxx vedio her nipples and moaning my name as I slid my tongue in and out of her tight pussy, I kept going until she came over my face, I lapped it up eagerly and kissed my way up her tight sexy belly and sucked her nipples, kissing her on the lips I pushed myself into her welcoming cunt and we just lay there looking into each others eyes, seeing nothing but love and happiness, we fucked again for over an hour and decided to run another bath, and fucked again in the bath It was the most amazing weekend of my life, and seeing as we have the house to ourselves every Friday and Saturday night, as well as the odd weekends where our parents stay away we generally have a lot of sex, and it's the best sex I could ever imagine, with my own 14 year old sister, I love my little sister so much, and I know she feels the same

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