Funny lara croft fucked by mature episode 3

Funny lara croft fucked by mature episode 3
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Campers Delight by TW, A.K.A. RatFink Chapter 2 This is a work of fiction describing oral and anal sex between men and sexual encounters between women too. If any of this is not your "cup of tea", I recommend you read no farther.

If your not old enough to be reading stuff like this then don't. Marsha was watching the 10:00 news, with George snoring away in his recliner, when the phone rang. It was Henry from Colon's Camp calling to let Marsha know the Halisburgs had just called. They wanted to know if the campground would be open next week and if the road going in had dried out enough to be passable.

Henry told them that the camp was open and the road was still a bit muddy in a few spots but usable. They told Henry to expect them Monday afternoon. Marsha got wet thinking about what she had scene in the lady's room that night. Then she pictured, in her mind, the silhouettes she had seen on the Halisburg's tent. Then remembering what she had scene when she peeked inside the tent left her even wetter.

She pondered about what it would be like having such a large penis pushed up her ass pumping sperm in. Well… she knew where she would be Monday afternoon. She left George home this time. He wanted to play golf anyway. She timed her arrival for about 3:00 that afternoon. She worthwhile blow from attractive cutie hardcore and blowjob them to be there before she arrived.

Eli and Ellen were resting after getting the SUV unloaded and the tent set up when Marsha's black Lincoln MKX rolled into the camping area. Marsha drove around like she wasn't sure where she wanted to pitch her tent but she already knew it would be near the Halisburgs. Then as she set up her camp, the Halisburgs watched for a bit as she fumbled with her tent.

"Hey. Need some help with that?" Ellen called. "Yeah. We're experts with those things. Eli added. "Well yes… thank you. I'm not doing very well with it" Marsha called back. In no time Eli and Ellen had her tent up. Then they helped her unload the rest of her gear. "Weren't you and another couple camping here last week?" Marsha asked.

"Yes. Joe and Raven. They couldn't make it this week. Raven had to work and Joe's been a little under the weather" Eli said, "I remember you too. Your husband didn't come with you this time?" "No. he's not much on the outdoors. Unless he has a golf club in his hand". "Well if you get lonely, come hang out with us" Ellen said. "Oh that would be nice" Marsha said.

Moisture filled her crack as she checked out the way Ellen's nipples showed through her tight tube top, "Let me wind down a little and I'll be over". "I'll be fishing so Ellen could use the company" Eli said.

"I've got a bottle of Pinot Blanc I could bring over. I know Henry doesn't permit alcohol. But as long as you keep it out of site and don't get noisy…" "Oh a Pinot?

Wonderful" Ellen said with a big smile. Marsha had carefully chose how she dressed that afternoon. Just bigtit redhead eating out skinny girls pussy loose fitting cotton blouse and no bra.

Her doctor had used small packages of silicon to breathe new life into her breasts and her tight fitting denim shorts helped hide the fact that her ass had fallen a bit over the years. The top button on her blouse was intentionally left undone so when she bent down to pick up a thermos jug Ellen couldn't help but notice the doctor's good work.

Then Ellen caught Marsha checking out the camel toe that showed through her tight fitting shorts. At that, Marsha just looked her in the eye and smiled. Ellen smiled back.

Both women got a little damper down there. Ellen had been so disappointed that Raven wouldn't be there this weekend. Now though, it was looking like things could be get interesting after all. After Eli had gathered up his fishing gear and headed down to the lake, Marsha came over carrying her bottle of Pinot Blanc hidden in a paper bag.

After two glasses the women were really chattering away. That's when Marsha made a comment about how gorgeous her friend Raven was. "Oh you have no idea how gorgeous she really is" Ellen stated.

"More than you would think. I have something I have to tell you" Marsha busty babe gets help with her masturbation looking down "I wasn't meaning to be spying or anything… but I had to go to the bathroom last week while you and Raven were in there". "Oh.

Oh I see. I see…" Ellen said, suddenly quite wet. But then a bit red faced and with a little grin she asked "Did you emm… see anything in there you liked?" "Hell yes I did!" Marsha exclaimed "Hottest damn thing I've ever seen in my whole damn life! I'm getting wet right now just from picturing it!". "Oh wow. It must be something in the air. I'm pretty damp down there too" Ellen said, "would you like to retire to the tent now? Eli won't be back for a while".

"Oh yes" Marsha panted, "I saw something else that was really hot that night. I'll be honest. I was running back to my camp to masturbate. That's when I saw silhouettes on the side of this tent. That guy was fucking Eli!" Marsha told her as they crawled thru the tent's flap doors. "Yeah. Eli loves it in the butt. I like it that way too every once in a while. And we both love sucking the cum out of a nice stiff dick" Ellen grinned, setting cross legged on her sleeping bag, rubbing a finger into the dampening crease that showed through her tight fitting shorts.

"Well so do I" Marsha said, "Well I've never actually done that. But I've played with toys. And it's been so long since I've given head that I don't even remember what sperm tastes like". "I have a strap on with a nice fat dildo we could play with" Ellen announced with a big grin. "Awesome gal.

And emm… there's one more thing I've never done but fantasize about a lot" Marsha said almost at a whisper. "What's that?" "I've never pleasured a woman.

You know, down there, with my tongue" Marsha said blushing, while looking where Ellen was rubbing her finger. As Ellen pulled her top off Marsha began taking her clothes off too. Ellen took the lead by kissing Marsha deeply as she pushed her back onto the sleeping bag. As she messaged Marsha's left breast she took her right nipple into her mouth. Ellen made a circle or two around Marsha's alveolar with her tongue then sucked her nipple in hard and worked her tongue coarsely up and down the sides.

Marsha moaned and shuddered. Then Ellen slid a finger over her clitoris and curled it up into her hole. Marsha shuddered again as she humped wildly against that wonderful finger as she orgasmed. Ellen pushed Marsha's legs back so Marsha could hold them from behind her knees. She was so wet. Ellen shoved her tongue into Marsha's flooded hole, curled the tip up, then drew her tongue back into her mouth. Then Ellen proceeded to run her tongue up from Marsha's hole over her clitoral area again and again.

Marsha came hard once again as she moaned loudly and humped wildly at Ellen's mouth. After that orgasm subsided, Ellen began sucking Marsha's inner labia in then letting them slowly slide back out between her lips. Marsha came again several more times.

Then, for a grand finally, she pulled Marsha's clit hood back with her thumb and went to work on the little white bump in there. By the time Ellen was through, Marsha had orgasmed six times. "Oh god Ellen", Marsha panted, "I've never cum like that before!

Not even when George was young and full of spunk". "Well, guys might suck dick better than women but a woman can eat pussy better than any guy possibly could". "Ok. Now let's see what this woman can do" Marsha said.

Ellen laid back with her legs spread wide offering her soggy slit to Marsha. Marsha knelt between Ellen's legs then bent down to get her face in Ellen's pussy. She drug her tongue from her hole up over her clit then down again to push it as far into Ellen as she could. Ellen thumbed her nipples while Marsha used what she learned from Ellen to bring her off again and again. When Marsha's neck and her jaws finally couldn't take anymore, she sat up then licked Ellen's secretions from her lips as she rubbed her own clit to one more orgasm.

They were setting back, catching their breath, enjoying the afterglow of their orgasms, when Eli stuck his head in. Marsha instinctively tried to cover herself with the clothes that she had shed then realized it was hopeless. With both women naked and the air thick with the odor of sex, Eli knew what they girl gets fucked by hot foreign guy been doing anyway.

"Excuse me. I didn't know this tent was in use" Eli laughed, "I'll go fish some more". "No. We're finished. For a while anyway" Ellen said. "Yes. For a while" Marsha added with a smile. "Ok. I have to run up to the bathroom real quick.

Then I'll be back" Eli said. He met both women coming up the path as he returned from the bathrooms. They were going for showers. "You going fishing again?" Ellen asked. "Nothing's biting now.

And so far I haven't met anybody to talk too. You know… Like Joe last time" Eli said with a wink and a grin. "Well if you're still in camp when we get back there's something we would like you to do". "Oh yeah? I'll be there. Don't worry". Ellen told Marsha how they had tricked Joe, and guys before, into sticking they're dick through the flaps of their tent thinking that they would be getting a blow job from her.

Then she asked Marsha if she really wanted to suck a man off. "Hell yeah! You mean Eli's? Oh gawd. There it goes again. I'm going to need another shower". "Yeah. But we share. Whoever gets him off has to share the sperm with the other. And hey. Eli's sperm is awesome.

Pretty hottie receives drilled on a soft bed hardcore and blowjob doesn't smoke and he drinks a glass of pineapple juice every morning".

Ellen said. "Pineapple juice?" Marsha asked. "Makes it sweeter". When the girls got back to camp Eli was waiting inside the tent. He had taken off all his clothes then covered himself with the top cover of his sleeping bag. After Ellen and Marsha had entered, he threw back the cover and exposed his naked body and standing cock. Marsha's instincts initially made her recoil. But the sight of Eli's seven inch ever so rigid boner drew her back.

She dropped down on the edge of Ellen's sleeping bag and just stared at it as her juices flowed down below. Ellen took gorgeous teen carolina sweets has her pussy ruined clothes off then got her mouth over Eli's dick.

"Would you like to try this too? It's good" Eli said while he spread his legs far enough apart to give Marsha a place to kneel. "Yes" she murmured, her eyes glued to Eli's boner as she moved in between his legs.

She grasp Eli's dick between fingers and thumb then slid her lips over his tip reveling in its smooth slickness as she explored his coronal ridge with the tip of her tongue. Then down she went, taking as much of him in that she could. Oh the texture. Oh the flavor. Even though this was her first time she had a dick in her mouth since high school, Marsha knew exactly what to do. Being between his legs put the sensitive underside of his dick against her tongue and his smooth purple tip against the roof of her mouth.

Marsha played with sliding her lips up and down his length then gagged when she pushed her nose into his curly pubes. When she was ready for his cum, she threw a vacuum lock on his tip that pressed his head against the roof of her mouth and his sensitive underside against her rapidly moving tongue.

Suddenly her mouth was full of Eli's sperm. Marsha was trembling again in orgasm as Ellen got her lips locked with hers to make sure she could get her share of Eli's ejaculate. They put their clothes back on after that and moved outside to sip iced tea and cool down. That's when they noticed a camping spot not far blonde teen dirty talk and monster cock threesome older gentleman and his princess them had become occupied.

They watched the two guys put their tent up, get out their ice chest, fishing gear, and so on. Their salt and pepper hair made them look about Marsha's age. When Eli saw them rigging their poles he grabbed his gear and rushed down to the lake. "Catching anything? "Ron, the taller of the two, asked as he approached Eli. "Nah.

But the sun's about to set. That's usually when they hit here. I've had good luck with spoons." Eli answered. "Ok. Got one. Looks like we got here just in time" Earnie said. "Yeah I wasn't sure I would make it down here tonight. Those two horny women, my wife and her friend back there, have really wore me out.

"Oh really?" Earnie said big eyed, "By the way I'm Earnie". "So you fucked your wife's friend?" Ron asked, "And I'm Ron". Eli explained to them how their relationship worked. If it's just for fun its ok. Especially if the other can participate. But he didn't fuck other women and she didn't fuck other men. "So… they gave you head? Her friend too?" Earnie asked, sounding excited.

"Well I can't speak for her. I can tell you this much though. She's been in a no sex marriage for some time now" Eli replied with a wink and a grin. "I understand…" "If you'd like you could join us tonight so we can get to know each other better".

Like Eli had said, the fish started hitting just as the sun touched the horizon. Eli had several good sized white bass on his stringer as he marched up the hill towards an area Henry had provided for cleaning fish.

"Hey we've got a propane deep fryer at our camp. It's all set to go. How about we get together for a fish fry?" Ron suggested after he and Earnie had caught up. "We've got hush puppies too" Earnie added with a big grin.

"And a case of beer" Ron added under his breath. "Ok I'll ask the girls" Eli said. Well, to Eli, that sounded like a hell of a good idea. Both for Marsha and those guys too. Two horny guys and one horny woman. Of course, Eli had been initially been planning to work his old trick of getting the guys to slip their dicks into their tent, thinking it would be Ellen drawing out their sperm. But with the situation Marsha had been in… he thought it be really cool for her to spend the night with the two guys.

Another good thing about it was they would be doing the cooking. Ellen wasn't much of a cook so Eli did most of it. He was ready for a break. "Hey… uh… You guys care for a beer?" Earnie asked after introductions and so forth. "Oh yeah. Don't mind if I do" Eli said. "I've got a couple bottles of Pinot Blanc in the car too if anybody wants some of it" Marsha said. "I think I could handle a little more of that" Ellen replied.

Marsha returned with a bottle and her laptop. She squeezed in between Earnie and Ron. Marsha had a plan. Besides, Earnie and Ron were already wondering how they would get her in their tent. Over a couple of beers for the guys and a little Pinot for the girls, she showed everyone pictures of her dogs, garden, grand kids, and so on. Then, accidentally on purpose, she clicked on a clip of two guys having sex with a hot looking little blond.

Close ups of the one guy banging his fat dick into the gal's ass as she sucked the other guy set the mood. "Oh dear… how'd that get on their?" Marsha lied.

"Emm… got any more like that?" Ron asked with his dick swelling down the right leg of his shorts. "Well… I don't know" Marsha said, "Let me look around". In the next clip both guys were fucking the blond at the same time.

One in her ass and the other in her puss. "Oh my gawd! Would you look at that!" Ellen said, "Lucky girl… Bet she's going to be sore though". "Yeah I think you could call that a full house" Eli added "Oh yes" Marsha said in a low sexy voice then leaned back enough to examine Earnie and Ron's lap.

Bulges were showing down their right pant legs. Nice ones too. "Emm… Are those rolls of quarters in your pockets? Or are you guys just glad to see these clips?" Marsha asked. "Well… best way to tell is give them a squeeze" Ron suggested. Marsha gave each one a squeeze then said with a big grin "Those definitely arn't quarters! More like fifty cent pieces". "Well looks like it's about time we got back to our camp" Ellen announced.

"Yeah. I think we'll go fuck or something" Eli added. Ron, Earnie and Marsha all agreed that was a great idea. As Eli and Ellen walked away Earnie and Ron were getting their shorts off. Being in the off season and a moonless Monday night, the camp was empty except for them. So they continued to set at the picnic table but with their legs to the outside. So in the dim light of an old Dietz Wizard, Marsha took turns going back and forth between the two guys. She licked their balls and sucked on their dicks, thoroughly enjoying herself.

She resisted an urge to bring them off in her mouth. She had another place she wanted their sperm. Once inside the tent Marsha disrobed then laid back on a sleeping bag with her legs spread. Ron got on top of her first and gave her a thorough fucking. As she orgasmed Ron did too leaving her cunt oozing sperm and pussy juice. When Ron stood though, and much to Marsha's amazement, Earnie went to his knees, cleaned Ron's dripping balls with his tongue, then licked off a little bit of sperm that had oozed out of the tip of his deflating dick.

Earnie sucked him into his mouth then to enjoy the taste Marsha's excretions on him. "Does that bother you?" Earnie asked Marsha.

"Oh no. Not at all.

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That's hot Earnie! Really hot" "Well then… would you mind if I cleaned you up too?" Earnie asked. "Earnie loves the taste of a fresh fucked pussy" Ron said as he played with his deflating cock. "Oh yes Earnie. Please do. But I would love to have you in my ass when you're done.

Does that bother you?" Marsha said as she pulled her knees to her chest to give Earnie full access. "Oh not at all" Earnie replied as he got in position between Marsha's spread legs.

"Yeah. Earnie's a rump humper from way back" Ron said with a big grin. Earnie got his lips around Marsha's inner lips then sucked to get Ron's sperm mixed with her secretions from her vaginal channel.

Marsha after dick eating she will spread her legs the way Earnie had licked Ron's balls then sucked on his dick and how he was enjoying the sperm Ron had just put in her. Ron's statement had her pretty sure whose rump Earnie humped.

And how Ron was so knowledgeable about that. She was sure now fishing wasn't the real reason for their camping trips. Earnie rested Marsha's legs on his shoulders then gave her a couple of good humps in her pussy before moving down to get centered in her ass. All of Marsha's play with the dildos and butt plugs paid off then.

With just a little bit of discomfort, her sphincter dilated to let Earnie's fat dick fill her colon. "Oh Earnie. Oh yes Earnie. Fuck me Earnie! I love it. Harder Earnie. Yes! Earnie yes! Tear my ass up Earnie!" Marsha demanded as Earnie's hips slapped steadily against her cheeks. Ron watched on as Earnie fucked the hell out of Marsha's butt with long rapid strokes. Earnie's balls slapping against her ass, her tight anal ring slipping over his sensitive tip, plus the visual sex goddess bridgette b gets fucked and facialized from looking down at his dick all but coming out of her anus then plunging back in, had Earnie in orgasm soon, filling her colon with his sperm.

Marsha's sphincter spasmed about his base as she came, quite noisily, with him. "Oh Earnie. That was so good. Better than I thought it could be.

Oh how wonderful. I've got sperm in my butt now! Eeew wee!" "Lots of it too" Ron added. Ron and Earnie's camp was near a boat dock that extended into the lake so they elected to take quick skinny dip to clean up. After A little more alcohol Marsha ran the clip of the blond getting fucked, fore and aft, at the same time.

Earnie and Ron's eyes met in acknowledgment. "Uh… would you like to try that?" Ron asked Marsha. "Ah… Yeah. If you guys arn't too tired". "I got her butt" Earnie announced as he laid back on his sleeping bag, holding his dick strait up. "Better get it ready" Ron said as he retrieved a bottle of Astro Slide from under his sleeping bag. Marsha straddled Earnie as Ron slathered Earnie's ridged dick with lube.

She was positive now that Earnie and Ron were more than just fishing buddies. Why else would Ron have a bottle of sex lube handily stashed under the edge of his sleeping bag. As Marsha squatted down she wrapped her hand around Earnie's fat dick and centered it in her anus. She moaned as she sat the rest of the way down, taking all of his dick up her ass for the second time that night.

She spread her legs wide for Ron. As he entered her, stretching her like she had never been stretched before, Marsha had a massive orgasm.

Ron and Earnie alternated humps into her over stuffed body. They loved rubbing against each other's cock through the thin tissues that separated them. After Marsha came she was more than ready for the guys to release their spunk and get the hell out of her. Ron sensed it and so did Earnie. They picked up their pace daniella wang due west our sex journey a few moments then pushed in together to pump the last of their sperm in.

Tired and oh so sore, Marsha retired to her tent. Reflecting in disbelief on how many of the things she had fantasied about for so long had actually happened that day. She had no desire, what so ever, to play with her toys that night! The next morning, Eli heard Ron and Earnie talking as they headed up the trail to the showers. He gave them about five minutes before following. Like Marsha, he wondered if there was more to their relationship than just fishing. As he approached the facility he heard the distinctive sound of hips slapping wet ass.

There in the men's showers he saw Ron bent forward, supporting himself with the hot and cold water valves, while Earnie grasped him from behind and fucked him fast and hard.

"Oh yeah man. This is so good. I was so afraid we wouldn't get a chance to do this" Ron moaned as the tip of Dave's dick drove again and again into that special spot, far up in his colon, that gave him so much pleasure.

"She's hot and she's fun but this is what I came here for. Some of this tight ass of yours" Earnie said as he plunged steadily into Ron's back side.

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"Oh yeah. Like when we were young. In that old pump house. This is what I've been longing for too" Ron said. Ron and Earnie were enjoying something they hadn't been able to for several months now. Something that had begun in their younger years in an old corrugated iron building in the corner of a corn field.

Eli, just out of sight, slowly jacking his hard dick, 1sex umur 12 virgin girl to get in on what these two guys were doing. "Emm… I could go for some sloppy seconds.

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If you guys don't mind". Ever so surprised by being caught in the act, both men turned abruptly to see who had caught them. Eli just smiled and continued to slowly stroke his boner. "Oh ah… yeah. Uh… sure. We were going to ask you anyway. Marsha told us a thing or two about you guys. "Cool" Ron agreed. After Earnie shoved in deep to make his deposit, Eli lubed up and gave Ron a good fucking too. Sperm oozed from Ron's distended anal ring to run down the inside of his legs after Eli's dick came elicia im never ever getting a taxi again. "Ok Ron.

Let's trade places". Eli bent over then steadied himself with the shower handles. Ron lubed up then pushed in. "You like that too? Don't you" Ron asked Eli. "I love it. Angle down some. It feels so awesome when your head passes back and forth over my prostate." That increased the friction on Ron's sensitive tip and had him in orgasm no time.

Eli came with him. Phone numbers were exchanged later that day before camping equipment was packed away. Marsha made plans to meet Eli and Ellen there next weekend. Ellen said she'd call Joe and Raven and see if they could come. Earnie and Ron said they'd be with family next weekend but would try for later that month. On the way out Henry waved Marsha down. He had bad news for her. An old knee injury was making it harder and harder for him to keep up with the camp.

With a tear in his eye he informed Marsha that the property would be going on the market. Marsha told him to get her an appointment with his real estate agent ASAP. She called Eli and Ellen when she got home to share the news. They were more than happy to take accept the responsibility of running the camp. For George it was just another real estate investment. For Marsha though it was like owning Shangri-La. End of chapter 2