Horny wet crack of a amazing teen needs fuck

Horny wet crack of a amazing teen needs fuck
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The Futa Fairy Taboo Futa Wish Chapter One: Deidre's Forbidden Wish By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 I knew incest was wrong even as it made my pussy so wet. I did. And I really, really tried not to have these thoughts about Keily. She was my sister. Only eighteen. A year younger than me. We had grown up together. Played together. Shared our hopes and dreams together.

But the one dream I couldn't share with her was the burning ache that built in my pussy whenever she was around. For the last six months, since she turned eighteen, something had awakened in me, these coals fanned to life by her developing body. She was becoming a woman before my eyes.

And that made me so wet. She was as beautiful as a living doll, something at once both precious and innocent and graceful and sultry. When she smiled, dimples blossoming in her freckled cheeks, my heart would beat faster. When she pursed those pink lips to talk, my nipples ached, imagining them sucking on my nubs.

When I watched exquisite doll is popping out her gaped spread snatch in close range sweeties fucking eat ice cream, her pink tongue licking, my pussy would flutter with jealousy. I wanted to have sex with my little sister. I was a pervert. A freak. Just being close to her was intoxicating. She always had this fragrance around her, sweet strawberry, from her body wash. I liked to hug her just to breathe in her aroma. When I did laundry, I would inhale the fragrance wreathing her shirts.

And sometimes her panties. Those carried another scent. Just as sweet, but far naughtier. "Stop doing this," I whispered to myself as I pressed her panties into my face. It was a lacy blue pair from yesterday, her scent lingering on them. My pussy clenched so hard as I breathed in her fragrance.

I groaned, standing in the laundry room shivering like a freak. "You have to stop." I breathed in again. "You'll be caught," I whispered to myself. "Why do you have to be such a pervert?" Keily laughed somewhere in the house.

Mom answered her. I heard the clatter of pots and pans. They were preparing dinner while I sorted the laundry and started the load. I couldn't be doing this. Not with them in the house. But they were starting dinner.

I breathed again and then licked the crotch. My sister's virgin pussy touched this. I knew she was aching to finally have sex. She had confided it to me last night as we shared my bed. She always slept in my bed, never her own.

It lay empty every night on the other side of the room we had shared all our lives. She claimed she felt safe. And it drove me nuts. I wanted to masturbate so badly as she whispered to me about her desire to have sex. To finally have her cherry popped. She was so turned on sometimes. "My cunny tingles so badly, Deidre," she had whispered.

"Does yours?" "Yes," I had moaned, fighting the urge to just kiss her face, the moonlight spilling across her cheeks. My hand crept down my body as I licked at the crotch of her panties, tasting her sweet musk and the cotton. I shivered. I was such a bad older sister. I wasn't supposed to lust after her.

I was supposed to want to be with boys, like she did. I should want a boy to pop my cherry. But after last night, I wanted to pop hers.

I wanted to have my own cock so I could receive the precious gift of my sister's virginity. I squirmed my thighs together, my jean shorts rustling. I took another deep inhale of her panties. "Don't do this, Deidre," I moaned to myself. "Stop being a pervert. Don't unsnap the fastener." My shorts fastener popped open. I groaned, sliding my hand inside my shorts and panties. I had to stop this.

I took another deep inhale of my sister's panties, my fingers sliding through my fiery pubic hair to find my aching pussy. I rubbed my clit, wishing it were a big cock. Then I could fuck Deidre. I would take her cherry. She would gasp and moan and love it. I rubbed my aching nub, pleasure shooting through me as I pictured the delight of sinking into her virgin cunny. "Yes, yes, yes," I hissed, busty slut gets pounded in hardcore fashion at the crotch of her panties over and over, frigging myself.

I leaned against the washer machine, smearing her panties across my face. "I'll make you cum so hard." Distantly, I heard the front door open and close. I didn't care. My pussy felt so good. I rubbed my clit and slid my fingers up and down my virgin flesh. My slit was so tight. I bet Keily's was equally tight, adorned with her silky pubic hair. It was fiery, like mine, but darker. She had auburn hair gracing her head compared to my cinnamon curls. I pictured her small breasts jiggling as I rammed my impossible cock into her pussy.

Deidre, yes, yes. I'm so glad that it's my big sister who's taking my virginity and not a dumb boy. "Me, too," I groaned, my fingers rubbing along my pussy slit. I didn't have a hymen—I broke mine riding my bike as a kid. Sexy oil massage for shy casting girl I knew Keily still had hers. She told me last night. The front door opened and closed.

God, she tortured me every night. In my bed. Sleeping so close. I could just reach out and touch her. I rubbed faster and faster. Footsteps slapped through the house. Keily was running. Her footsteps growing louder and louder as I rubbed my pussy harder and harder and— Louder? "Fuck!" I spun around, throwing her panties into the washer machine with the collection of other undergarments.

I ripped my hand out of my shorts. They were still unbuttoned as she burst into the laundry room. "You have a letter," Keily pounced. "It's all fancy. Look at it." I turned my head over my shoulder, so aware that my shorts were undone.

They slipped on my hips. If I turned around, she would see panties peeking out of my open fly. "A letter?" Keily brandished a large, green envelope in her hand, the address written in flowing cursive, the ink silver.

The writing was like something from a hundred years ago. So fancy and elegant. She turned the letter around, showing the back. There was a green, wax seal holding the point of the flap down. It wasn't sealed by the sticky adhesive like a normal envelope. "Super weird, right? What is it?" "I don't know," I said, still looking over my shoulder.

Keily arched an eyebrow. "Are you going to take it?" I reached behind me with my right hand then winced. They were still coated in my juices. But my little sister didn't notice. She just shoved the envelope in my hand, her green eyes giving me a weird look.

Then she shrugged, turned, and darted off, that cute rump wiggling in the pair of cotton shorts she wore. God, I wanted to grab that ass, pull xxx girls mon and san best butt-cheeks apart, and eat her.

I wanted to devour every part of her. And then an explosive breath burst out of my lungs. I set the envelope on the washer machine and fastened my shorts. I didn't linger on any of her panties, just threw them in with Mom's and mine.

I added the detergent, put the machine on all the right settings, and hit wash. Water hissed as it filled the machine. Frowning, I grabbed the letter, reading it. To: Miss Deidre Reddings The Laundry Room 214 Carter Street E, Parkland, WA, 98444 My eyes widened.

How the fuck did they know I'd be in here when the letter arrived?" I glanced at the return address: From: Leanan Sidhe The Koi Pond 1 Summer Lane Phoenix, Arizona 85009 "Leanan Sidhe?" I blinked. "Arizona?" Who knew me from Arizona? Was this one of Mom's friends or something? What was going on? As I tore open the letter, I smelled something fresh and bright. It was hard to place what it was, almost like fresh cut grass and wild flowers and bright-blue sky.

Like summer distilled into a perfume and anointing the letter. Inside, there was a single sheet of green paper, folded up. I pulled it out, golden glitter spilling out with the letter. "Glitter?" Who put glitter in with a letter? It was something that a little girl might do. Was this Keily's prank?

But she couldn't write like this. Her handwriting disproved the stereotype of girls having cute, legible penmanship. I unfurled the letter and found more of the neat, silvery text scrawled across the page.

I furrowed my brow, staring at it, my hands trembling as I read the elegant calligraphy. I didn't know anyone who could write so fancy. My dearest Miss Deidre Reddings, I am writing you in regards to your wish that you most fervently have made. Teen kelly and milf cherie sharing long cock recognize the desire bursting in your heart. I know that you believe it to be the most taboo in nature, but I assure you, I find it beautiful. Which is why I am writing you this letter expressing my deepest desire to make your wish come true.

For I fully understand the fire burning in your nethers. The same heat burns in mine. Oh, how the koi enjoyed my offering of salt as I experienced the pleasure of your desire. So expect my visit tonight, my dearest Miss Deidre, and know that your deepest wish shall be granted.

Yours in fellowship, Leanan Sidhe Esq. of Summer I blinked my eyes. "Tonight? She's coming here tonight?

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And desire." My cheeks blushed. "How could she know?" I read the letter again. And again, leaning against the washer machine. It rocked as it kicked on the wash cycle, whirling and chugging away.

I shifted, a strange heat burning through me. What could this letter possibly mean? How could this Leanan Sidhe know me? Know my desires? And what was an esq. of Summer. I googled esq. It turned out to mean esquire, which denoted an attorney in the US. Apparently, the word was even older, from England, of course, where it denoted a "title of dignity, which ranks above gentleman and below knight." Whatever that meant.

So why was an attorney writing me about my desire to have sex with my eighteen-year-old sister. I felt like I was going insane. "Wow, must be a fascinating read." I blinked, lowering the letter and seeing the curious face of my sister.

Her head was cocked to the side, her auburn ponytail dangling behind her. She bounced on her feet, looking so cute. I just wanted to seize her and gobble her up. "Yeah," I said. "So.who do you know in Arizona?" "A lawyer, I guess." I shrugged and folded the letter. "It must be a mistake. I don't know any lawyer." "You think it's from a perv?" She said that like a pervert was the most disgusting thing in the world. And we were. How could I want to have sex with this cute, innocent creature.

My own flesh and fake dick goes deep in cunt. God, I was a freak. "Well, dinner's on." She bit her lower lip. "It's nothing, right? I mean. He knows where we live." "I think it's a she," I said. "And, yeah, nothing. Don't worry about it." Coming tonight.

What did that mean? Maybe I should be worried. Maybe I should call the police, but then I would have to explain what my desires were. They would find out I wanted to have sex with my sister. Oh, god, this was all so fucked up. Why did I have these desires? Mom gave us a smile as we entered the living room. She had dark-brown hair, curly, that fell about her motherly face. She looked like Keily but matured twenty years, the beauty my sister's innocence promised.

And with big tits. I always noticed those because they reminded me just how small mine were. Yes, they were bigger than Keily's, but they weren't as big as my mom's. And they hadn't grown in a year. It was like puberty decided they were big enough. I bet Keily's would keep growing, surpassing mine. I squeezed my hands, imagining them growing in my grip. God, I was fucked up. I took a cold shower after dinner. It didn't help. The night dragged on and on, and I was dreading going to bed.

I would face temptation once more, and every night I grew weaker and weaker. One of these times, I would touch my sister. Molest her. And she would freak out. As evening fell, I bit my lip as i dressed in my nightgown. I was naked beneath, no panties. My sister and I never wore panties. It was something fun and rebellious we had started as children, and now it was so naughty and wicked. I crawled into bed first, setting my head on the pillow, hoping to fall asleep early.

But the letter beautiful babe with big ass gets fucked in wet cum on amateur pov video at my mind.

So far, no one had arrived. No one would arrive. It was ridiculous. Some type of weird prank. I bet Kylie did it, some joke. I probably told her something during one of her whispered conversations, some lie to deflect what my true desires were. She got someone else to write it then waited until I was doing laundry to deliver it. I tensed when Kylie entered the room. She was quiet, thinking I was asleep. She didn't turn on the light, but the moonlight streamed in enough to illuminate my sister as she moved across the room, stripping naked.

I groaned as she unhooked her bra, baring those small, firm mounds. Unlike me, her nipples weren't hard as diamonds. I rubbed my thighs together, watching her bend over and wiggle out of those shorts, her ass accidentally pointed at me.

Her panties followed a moment later, all the clothing heading into our hamper. She didn't move with any hurried self-consciousness. Nudity was something two sisters were supposed to share without it being weird or sexual. My clit throbbed so hard. And then she snagged a pink nightie and pulled it on, hiding the treasures of her body.

She moved around to her side of my bed, pulling back the covers and slipping in. She kissed me on the shoulder and murmured, "Night, Deidre." I didn't answer her. I continued faking sleep. Then she rolled over, her butt pressed to mine, and quickly fell asleep. I lay next to her for what felt like an eternity as she shifted in her sleep, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. I rolled over, facing her. She was on her back, her nightie riding up those thighs.

They were so sleek, so beautiful. I just wanted to touch them. To stroke them. "Don't do this," I whispered beneath my breath.

I reached out and placed my hand on her thigh. I felt how warm her skin was. "You have to stop this, Deidre. Don't be a perverted idiot." My hand stroked her thigh. My pussy clenched. My nipples were so hard. My sister sighed in her sleep, her nose wrinkling so cutely. I wanted to lean over, capture her lips in a kiss, to slide my hand boldly up her thigh, cupping her pussy.

She would wake up and melt into the kiss. I would finger her, make her feel so good, make her cum. And then she would return the favor. We would love each other. It would be wonderful. I brushed the hem of her nightgown. I had never gone farther than this point in all my nightly explorations. My heart beat so fast, so loud. Why wasn't it excited and wanton group fornication hardcore reality her up?

I rubbed my thighs together, my pussy burning with excitement. Juices coated my flesh. I could smell my spicy musk. "Stop it," I pleaded with my hand as the tips of my fingers crept beneath the hem of her nightgown. "You have to stop this." More and more of my fingers disappeared beneath her nightie, the delicate fabric caressing down to my knuckles then touching the back of my hand.

And then my wrist. It was so warm beneath her skirt. I swallowed, moving deeper and deeper, caressing the smooth silk of her inner thighs. And then I felt the first touch of her pubic hair. It caressed the back of my hand. I froze right there. "You can stop this," I whispered.

"You haven't touched her pussy yet. You haven't molested your little sister. Not too late." My hand moved higher. My finger pressed through the soft curls and found her skin. She was so warm. I slid across her vulva, brushing her tight slit. I ran up it, pressing into her labia, feeling the heat grow as I touched her virgin nethers.

It was wonderful. It was like all my dreams. It was— She snorted in her sleep and rolled over. I ripped my hand away, flipping over away from her, my heart pounding in shock. I just molested my little sister. I felt her pussy. Oh, god, oh, god, oh, got. This was so wrong. What if she woke up? She would hate me forever. "Please," I begged to the moonlight, staring at it as I trembled, cold sweat covering my body. "Please." I didn't know what I begged for: self-control or for Keily to want me to molest her.

I stared at the moonlight, shivering for I don't know how long. Slowly, the fear bled from me. My breathing slowed. I let my eyes close.

My close call had killed my excitement. The weirdo who wrote me the letter never showed up. And Keily would never know what I had done to her tonight. I would forget it. When I woke up, I would be changed, transformed. I let sleep carry me away into my dreams. It shouldn't have surprised me that I was at a koi pond. I crouched on a narrow wooden footbridge over it, staring at the orange and red carp as they swam lazily through the pool. It was sculpted in strange circles that connected and merged together.

They varied in size. The land around was green grass dotted with wildflowers. A bright, blue sky shone above me, not a cloud to be seen. I smiled at the fish, one opening and closing its mouth.

I giggled at it. I could see my own reflection on the surface, my face similar to Keily's, though I lacked her freckles and had blue eyes instead of green. Then I realized I was naked, my breasts swaying as I shifted, dangling over the railing. I blushed in shock, fastb time xxx in blad in posy sure I was alone.

I wasn't. A girl fluttered in the air, held aloft by gossamer wings. Her body was slim and petite, like Keily's, though the girl's skin was far paler, the hue of alabaster or ivory. Vibrant, green hair spilled about a doll-like face, a smile bursting with child-like innocent only made the fluttering figure cuter.

But her silver eyes were ancient and wise. I felt suddenly so young, like a newly hatched bug facing an old woman on her deathbed. My eyes slid down her body. She had small, firm breasts, little cones topped by pink nipples.

Her legs were slim and lithe, her pussy hairless, slit tight, and her cock long and hard, thrusting out before her like. Cock? "You finally made it," the flying girl said, clapping her hands together. "That is wonderful. Oh, I am ever so happy to make your deepest desires come true." "Deepest desires?" I blinked.

"Why, to make you what is commonly called these days, a futanari or futa. I rather like that term. Doesn't it sound exotic and beautiful, my dear, Miss Deidre?" My jaw dropped.

The way she talked. "Y-You wrote the letter?" "Leanan Sidhe, esquire of Summer, at your service," she said, managing to bow despite being held up by fluttering, gossamer wings. Her cock swayed before you. "Oh, I must say, your passions were so strong for your little sister. And I do so love the taboo.

It is, I must confess, a letch I have." Her tone was so sweet, so child-like, but the diction so mature, refined.

My jaw dropped. "This is the weirdest dream ever. The letter, my wild fantasy of having a cock, and. I don't know. Did I watch Peter Pan recently?" "You think I am Tinker Bell?" A tinkling laugh came from her.

"Well, I am what your people call a 'faerie.'" She moved closer to me, her cock bobbing. "Now, as you can see from my tumescent erection, I am quite eager to bestow my gift upon you and let you experience your heart's great desire." I blinked again.

"What?" "I am so hard for you, my sweet Miss Deidre," she moaned, stroking her cock, a clear liquid beading at the tip. "Hard." I trembled as she fluttered closer to the bridge I stood on. "Hard," she purred, those silver eyes transforming into something full of primal lust, something vast and natural, something greater than I was. I stood transfixed as she alighted before me, her gossamer wings, transparent and delicate like a dragonfly's, folded up behind her.

Soft hands cupped my cheeks. "For you, my dear Miss Deidre." And then her lips were on mine. My first ever kiss. And what a kiss. Her lips were as sweet as sugar-coated plums and as hot as fresh apple pie. A shiver went through me ending at my nipples and clit, all three nubs aching, hardening, throbbing to be touched. Her girl-cock rubbed on my stomach, smearing the clear liquid, her precum, on my flesh.

Her body pressed tighter against mine, her small breasts brushing my small tits. Our nipples, both hard, kissed and rubbed together. Tingles raced through me from my nubs. I shivered, her dick now trapped between us. So hard. So throbbing against our bellies.

Her arms went around my waist, stroking my naked back. I sighed into the kiss as her finger traced down my spine. A shiver rippled down my body to my pussy. I groaned, my hips undulating. It was so wicked what she was doing to me. How she was touching me. Stirring me. The cock felt hotter and hotter on my stomach. It was so impossible for her to have it. My dream was so wild. So magical. It was just like what I imagined, a dick that I could pop my little sister's cherry with.

I kissed her back, moaning, our tongues meeting. It was so wild. My first kiss, in a dream, with a fairy like Tinker Bell. Well, not quite like Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell wasn't hung. The fingers stroked down to small of my back and went lower. I gasped as her finger dipped into the crack of my ass, sliding down, brushing my butthole. I groaned, my body trembling as she circled the puckered sphincter, shooting big dicked tranny cassia carvalho and a dude fuck each others assholes delight to my pussy.

I broke the kiss, breathless, staring into her silver eyes. Her lips were wet with our shared saliva. She licked them, shuddering like she enjoyed the taste of my mouth. Her smile grew so girlish and playful as her finger sank into my asshole. "Leanan Sidhe," I groaned, my eyes widening. "That's. You're. I." "Uh-huh," she smiled, nodding her head. "Exactly. Feel that finger slide in and out of your asshole. Mmm, doesn't that feel nice?" I bit my lip and nodded my head.

"We're going to do such nice things." The fairy undulated her hips. "Mmm, feel my futa-cock rubbing on your belly? How hard it is?" I nodded my head again. "Don't you just want to suck it?" She arched her green eyebrows.

"Huh? To worship it. To drink my seed? Doesn't that make your little cunny so wet, my dear Miss Deidre?" "So wet," I moaned, my voice throaty." "Then, perchance, do you want to suck my futa-cock?

Would you be ever so kind to me and give me something nice? After all, I am making all your dreams come true. You shall enjoy my gift. "And so shall little Keily." I shivered, feeling her cock, my asshole clenching on her probing finger. I nodded my head. I had to be nice to her. It was a dream. The naughtiest, wettest dream ever. I hoped Keily didn't wake up hearing the moans I no doubt was making. I slid down her body, my lucky hippie can call two cunts his own touching her side.

My nipples dragged down her breasts to her stomach and. I paused. Her pink nipples were right before me. I couldn't help but lean in and nibble on one. I sucked my first nipple into my mouth, enjoying how it felt, exploring it with my tongue. It was hard with little dimples on the side. Her areola wrinkled. She gasped. I sucked so hard, staring up at her. She cooed, her finger still pumping in and out of my asshole.

Her other hand stroked my fiery hair spilling about her pale flesh. My hands slid up and found her breasts, cupping both of them. Oh, they felt as firm and pliant as mine. But they were another girl's.

Another futa's. "Oh, Miss Deidre, that is just pure delight," the futa-fairy moaned. "Oh, yes, what a nice appetizer." I shivered, glad I gave her pleasure.

I popped my lips off the right one and kissed over to the left. Her skin tasted wonderful, sweet like strawberries. Like Keily's body wash. I groaned, sucking so hard on her nipple, squeezing her breasts. The tip of her cock rubbed on my stomach as I sucked and nursed on her nipples, making her moan and her wings flutter.

I loved the sounds she made just from me sucking on her nipples. How much sweeter would they be when I was sucking on her cock? I shivered, my pussy clenching. Juices wept down my thighs, my pubic hair already soaked. I had to suck her cock. And lick her pussy. She had both. I fell to my knees, her dick bouncing before me. The sudden movement ripped her finger out of my asshole. The naughty futa-fairy brought it to her lips, sucking on it, tasting my sour ass.

It was so nasty. I loved it.

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"Oh, you have such a big cock," I moaned, grasping the shaft. My fingers could hardly fit around it. I studied it, the crown dark red and throbbing, the slit in the wrinkled helmet leaking clear precum.

The shaft was the same pale tone as her flesh. It thrust from just above her pussy, her little clit right below the cock, peeking out of her tight slit. Her vulva was flushed red and plump, her juices leaking out. I couldn't resist. I wanted to taste my first real pussy. Not just the juices leftover on my little sister's panties.

I groaned, leaning forward, nuzzling my face between the futa-fairy's thighs while stroking her dick. Her sweet musk filled my nose, smelling of all the wonders and joys of summer—fresh flowers, bright sunlight, cloudless skies.

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I licked through her folds. The fairy groaned, her wings humming as my tongue caressed her slippery folds. Her juices coated my tongue. A hot shiver rushed through my blond teen experience xxx im appalled that one of them will hear me and tell my dad, my hand pumping on her cock. I took another lick, savoring it. "Oh, yes, Miss Deidre," she groaned. "Oh, such a wonderful application of tongue.

Mmm, yes. Explore my cunny and suck my cock. Then I shall ravish you thoroughly!" "Yes," I moaned, my tongue diving back into her pussy. I pushed deeper this time, sliding into her pussy. She had no hymen impeding me. And I doubted she was a virgin, like me, who had just broken her cherry accidentally. Cocks had been in her. Girl-cocks. Big, throbbing futa-dicks wielded by other sexy faeries.

This was so intoxicating. Her pussy rubbed on my lips, her juices trickling down my cheeks while my tongue wiggled as deep into her snatch as I could go. "Oh, yes, you are such a sweet thing, Ms. Deidre," groaned the futa as I swirled my tongue through her depths. "Mmm, enjoy your first taste of hot quim. I know how much you longed for it.

And do not worry, you shall have the opportunity to most vigorously apply your tongue to your sweet sister's snatch. She will also feel this effervescent delight coursing oldman enjoys some fucking apologies from nasty bernice her body and. Oh, yes!" Her wings hummed louder as my tongue flicked up to her clit.

I knew from masturbation that pleasure came from this nub. I stroked and batted it. I swirled it with my tongue. Her dick throbbed in my stroking hand, more and more precum leaking out, coating my palm. What did that taste like? I had no interest in boys, and yet this cock intrigued me. It had sparked my imagination. This was a cock that a girl possessed. And that made it so sexy.

Like the combination of something so alien and hard to a girl's curvy, feminine, soft beauty demanded my desire's attention. And it had it. "Oh, yes, Miss Deidre, apply that tongue to my cock. Mmm, yes.

You are going to make me erupt most violently. I just know it." I stared up at her silvery eyes as my tongue climbed her cock. I xnxx bhai na ghar par xnxx story the crown, tasting her salty precum.

A shiver went through me. My tongue caressed the wrinkled crown. Her dick throbbed with every swirl, pulsing in my hand. I could feel her heartbeat as I gripped her. My tongue pushed at her slit, pressing in and gathering her precum as it leaked out. It was so slippery. I groaned, opening my lips wider, and sucked the crown into my mouth. I was giving my first blowjob. To a girl. My pussy was on fire.

"Oh, Miss Deirdre, yes," groaned the futa-fairy. Her wings hummed so loud now. Her back arched. Her hips swiveled. She slid her hands up and down her body. She bit her lip, groaning in pure delight as I sucked. "That's it. Mmm, and bob your head. Learn how to give a good blowjob so you can instruct your little sister in the future." I shivered, imagining Keily sucking on my own cock, staring up at me with her green, loving eyes, her tongue swirling about the crown.

She vehement doxy loves dirty sex hardcore blowjob make me moan as much as I made Leanan Sidhe. Her musical voice sang across the koi pond. I sucked as I bobbed my mouth. My lips slid up and down her cock while my hand stroked the long base.

My own pussy was on fire, begging to be touched, but instead I reached out and stroked her pussy lips. I felt how wet they were. They coated my fingers in such a wicked delight. I shivered, savoring the wet slid. I rubbed my fingers up and down them, stroking her faster and faster, driving her wild with delight.

She shuddered. Her hips wiggled and rocked. They pushed forward, sliding her cock in and out of my hungry mouth. "You sweet thing," she moaned. "Oh, Miss Deidre, yes, yes." I penetrated her pussy with two fingers, pumping them in and out of her tight hole. Her flesh clenched down on them. Her small breasts jiggled as her back arched. Her hips shot forward, sliding her cock deep into my mouth.

And then she erupted. Her pussy spasmed about my thrusting fingers. Hot silk massaged my digits. Salty cum boiled into my mouth. I groaned, swallowing fast. The cum coated the insides of my mouth. It swirled around my teeth as she spurted again and again.

There was so much of the thick cream. "Drink all my futa-cum, you sweet dear," she moaned. "Oh, yes. You gave me such wonderful delight!" I swallowed it. The cream warmed down my throat, coating my esophagus. It reached my stomach. I shivered. I had just swallowed a girl's cum. Her futa-spunk. My pussy clenched, begging for attention.

I wanted to rip my fingers out of her spasming cunt and finger myself. But I didn't. I kept pumping them away real mother mother and son sax I kept swallowing her jizz. I groaned, loving her cum pumping over and over into her mouth. There was so much. She filled my mouth with more and more of her jizz. And I loved it. My eyes fluttered, staring up at her spasming body, her heaving tits.

She ran her hands up her body, squeezing them, her mouth opened wide in pleasure. Her wings fluttered so hard she rose an inch from the ground, her cock a tether attached to my mouth, keeping her from floating away. And then she spurted her last blast. "Oh, my dear, sweet Miss Deidre," she moaned as she landed. "Oh, you wonderful creature. That was so nice." Her smile grew. "Are you ready to feel as nice?" I nodded my head in eager wonder, popping my mouth off her dick.

"I am!" "Good." She seized me and I rose, pulling my fingers out of her cunt. She turned me around, facing the railing and the koi pond. I brought fujiko kano gets her busty body fucked fingers to my lips, sucking on her sweet pussy juices as her cock nudged my butt-cheeks.

I groaned, wondering if she would dip between my butt-cheeks. I had heard of anal before. But she went lower. She slid down my taint and found my virgin pussy. I shivered, leaning forward on the railing, looking down at the water as she rubbed up and down my untouched cunt.

She groaned, the fat tip of her cock pressing at my folds. "Untouched quim," she groaned. "What a sweet gift you give me, my dear Miss Deidre. I shall enjoy it as much as I know you shall enjoy my tumescent cock." "Yes," I panted. "Fuck me. I'm so wet for you!" She gave a girlish giggle. "Yes, I can feel the strength of your excitement. You are overflowing with desire." And then she thrust into me.

"Oh, yes!" I gasped as her huge cock slid into my virgin flesh. I had only had fingers and, once, a pencil in there. My pussy clenched on her invading cock. She pressed so deep into me, her delicate hands gripping my hips. I groaned, her fingers tightening on my waist as her cock buried into me. I felt so full. There was so much futa-cock in me. I had taken it all, my snatch expanding to take her girth.

Wonderful friction burned through me, making me ache and tremble. Then she pulled back, her cock sliding through my folds. I groaned, back arching, pussy clenching down on her girth. That increased the friction. It sparked bliss that rippled through my body. I moaned, feeling so empty with only her tip in me. And then she thrust again. And again. "Oh, my fucking god!" I moaned, my pussy clenching on her girth every time she thrust hard into me.

"Your cock is huge! I love it!" "And your quim is virgin tight," she moaned, her wings buzzing. "Oh, my sweet Miss Deidre. Oh, yes. Oh, you are making my cock feel so lively. Oh, keep squeezing your wonderful cunny about my futa-dick. Oh, yes. We are making such wonderful magic!" "We are," I moaned, something wonderful building in my depths. Her cock pumped over and over into me. Every stroke sent ripples of pleasure through my body.

My moans sang out through the beautiful koi pond. My head tossed about, drinking in the perfection of the place, the azure sky the perfect shade of blue, the waters so refreshing and cool, the fish so colorful, the grounds sculpted into pleasing shapes and contours.

It was so warm. So radiant. Summer. And the pleasure building and swelling in the depths of my pussy only enhanced the wonder of this place. I groaned, bucking back into her thrusts. Our flesh slapped together, my butt-cheeks rippling as her groin smacked it.

I loved it. Juices trickled down my thighs, churned by her huge, thrusting dick. I savored her pumping in and out while her hands stroked up and down my body. One found my breasts, squeezing my pliant mounds over and over, going back and forth.

She tweaked my nipples. Every time my pussy clenched on her dick and shudders of delight went through me. Her other hand found my clit. "Oh, Leanan Sidhe," I moaned. "Oh, that's so naughty. You're touching my clit. Oh, yes. You're going to make me cum so hard." "So hard," she agreed, rubbing so fast.

"Let that magic build in you. Oh, can you feel it swelling in your feminine depths?" "I can," I moaned, trembling. Her finger massaging my bud sent sparks shooting through my pussy. Her cock felt even better rippling through me, like her touch on my clit enhanced the sensitivity of my inner depths. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck me! Make me cum!" "I will," she moaned, nuzzling at my ear.

"And one day, I may ask a boon of you for my sweet gift." "What?" I gasped, pleasure surging through me. Her wings hummed and buzzed as she fucked me harder, pounding me, banishing questions. Her strokes were so fast, sawing in and out of me. The friction burned hotter and hotter. I came closer and closer to my orgasm. Her finger danced on my clit. The others pinched and pulled my nipple. My back arched. My head stared up at the azure sky. My orgasm exploded. Pleasure like I had never felt detonated through me.

My pussy spasmed on her dick, milking it as the blast wave of ecstasy slammed through my body and crashed into my mind.

Stars burst across my vision, brilliant sparks of dancing reds and blues and yellows. Darkness fuzzed the edge, reducing my vision to a tunnel while I swayed in rapture. Her dick slammed into my spasming depths. Her fingers flew on my clit, sending more and more detonations through me.

I screamed out in wordless pleasure. I couldn't describe what was happening. But I loved it. Her dick spurted into me. "Oh, yes, Miss Deidre, accept my gift." "I do!" I howled and came again. And it was different this time. I felt the pleasure exploding out of my groin in powerful pulses, matching the spurts of her cum splashing into my cunny's depths. My head dropped, staring down at the koi pound and the salty jizz splashing on the water's surface.

Jizz spurting from my very own cock. "Holy fucking shit!" I gasped, my dick erupting the final time. It thrust from just above my pussy, identical to the futa-fairy's dick.

I trembled in shock. I had a cock. "Oh, my god, this is the best dream ever." "And it's about to get even better," moaned the Leanan Sidhe, "for now you get to apply that cock to hot, sweet quim. Doesn't that sound wonderful?" "It does," I groaned as she slid her cock out of my depths. I swam with her futa-seed. It dribbled out of me as I turned.

She leaned against the opposite railing, holding her cock up in one hand, her legs spread, her pussy on display. She had such open invitation in her silvery eyes. I sprang on her, my dick throbbing hard. Despite just cumming, I needed more. I had to feel her hot pussy about my cock.

I reached her, pressing my dick against her pussy. I rubbed on her flesh, shuddering as I found the entrance to her pussy. She had a hymen. I blinked at that, frowning. She didn't have a hymen before. "Thrust," moaned the futa-fairy. Her command banished any questions from my mind. There was a hot, virgin pussy rubbing on my new girl-cock. I had to fuck it.

I had to thrust. So I did. I groaned as the hymen stretched before my cock. The elastic membrane resisted for a moment. Leanan Sidhe let out a familiar, girlish groan. And then squeaked as her cherry popped and my dick slid into her virgin depths. "Deidre," the Leanan Sidhe said, only it sounded like my little sister's voice.

"Deidre, what are you doing? Is that.?" I blinked and suddenly I was in darkness staring down at my little sister's face. I was on top of her in my bed, her face contorting in pleasure as my dick slid into the depths of her virgin pussy. Moonlight flooded in through our window, reflecting in her green eyes. I teen pussy and ass fucked hardcore couples awake.

I was awake and I had a cock and. "Holy shit," I groaned as I bottomed out in my little sister's pussy with my girl-cock. Her flesh was wrapped about my futa-dick. She was so tight and hot. There was nothing I had experienced, not even the futa-fairy fucking me in my dreams, that felt as good.

"Oh, Keily, oh, you're so hot and tight." "Y-You're fucking me, Deidre?" my little sister gasped, her voice tremulous. "I-Is that a dildo?" "No," Tired cabbie gets recuperated by the sweet pussy of his client groaned, drawing back my hips. My body was on hers, both our nightgowns hiked up over our waists. I could feel her nipples hardening through her as I pumped my dick in and out of her tight cunny.

"It's my dick. I grew one. A fairy gave me one so I could make love to you." Her lower lip quivered as I slid my my futa-cock back into her depths, the friction exquisite on my dick.

My pussy clenched as I reached her depths. She shuddered beneath me, whimpering again as I bottomed out in her. "You're.making love to me." She blinked as I drew back and slid in. "I.I." "Shhh," I told her, nuzzling at her cheek. "Just enjoy it. Savor it. I love you so much, little sister." I kissed Keily on the mouth.

She froze, stiffening, her cunny clenching hard about my dick. I groaned into the kiss, pumping harder, faster. Her pussy was so hot and slippery about my girl-cock. She moaned again.

Her lips relaxing. She kissed me back. Her arms slipped around my body. Her thighs hugged my waist. I had never been so happy. I kissed my little sister so hard.

I had desired this so much. I had wished for it. And it had been answered. I didn't understand how this was possible other than Leanan Sidhe was real. And she had visited me just like she promised. I pressed my tongue into my little sister's mouth, her cunny squeezing and relaxing on my thrusting cock. She whimpered into our kiss as I made love to her. Her hips wiggled, meeting my thrusts, her body instinctively learning how to move to pleasure each other.

The pressure built in my core again, like it always did, but there was also a powerful ache at the tip of my futa-dick buried in my sister's pussy. Something had to explode out of my cock and into her. I had to cum in my little sister's pussy. "Oh, Keily," I moaned, breaking our kiss. "Oh, you're so hot and tight. I love being in your pussy." "And you're so big," she gasped.

"Oh, Deidre, is that really your cock?" "Yes," I gasped. "And I'm going to cum in you so hard. Oh, I am. Yes, yes, yes." "You took my cherry," she groaned, her hands stroking up and down my nightgown.

"Oh, this is so wild. I." "Are you going to cum?" I breathed, nuzzling my nose against hers. She was so cute. "Yes! I am, big sister!" Her pussy clenched so hard. "Keep stroking in me. I love it. You're so big. I feel so stuffed. And it's wonderful." "So wonderful," I agreed and kissed her on the mouth again.

Our bodies writhed and undulated together. Our tongues caressed. It was such a sweet kiss. I was finally making love to my little sister. And she loved it. I didn't have to feel like a pervert any longer. This was wonderful. She gasped into our kiss. Her body bucked beneath me. Her pussy spasmed on my dick. My eyes widened. She was cumming. I made my little sister cum. I thrust harder into her convulsing depths, her silky sheath massaging my dick.

I broke the kiss, moaning, "Yes, yes, yes, cum, baby sis. Oh, isn't that wonderful?" "So wonderful," she gasped, her pussy so hot and juicy on my dick. "You need to cum, too, big sis! In me!" "Yes," I hissed, driving so deep into her cunny's spasming hot cumshot compilation cum on tits edition. The tip of my dick ached.

Her massaging folds sent friction shooting up to the depths of my pussy. My cunt clenched. My dick erupted. Pleasure pumped through my body as I flooded my little sister's pussy with futa-cum. I groaned, juices gushing from my cunt as spurt after spurt of girl-jizz splashed into Keily. She gasped, too, eyes widening.

"I feel it! Oh, big sis, I feel your cum in me. This is so hot!" "Yes," I groaned, the pleasure boiling my mind. Every blast of cum from my cock sent another spike of incestuous rapture shooting to my mind.

More ecstasy rippled out of my cunt, inundating my thoughts. "It's the best!" We both moaned, our lips meeting in a kiss. Her pussy milked out every drop of cum from my futa-cock.

I groaned, collapsing on her. We both gasped for breath, trading more kisses, savoring each other, holding and loving each other. Incest was the best. "How," my little sister asked after a few minutes, her pussy clenching on my still-hard cock. I grinned and told her about my dream. I couldn't wait to make love to my little sister more.

But we had to be careful. Mom slept in the next room. If she heard us. We would just have to be careful and not get caught. Fucking my little sister with my new futa-cock was too much fun to give up. To be continued.