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The Night Burglar Jason had been in and out of trouble since he was 10 years old. At the tender age of 10 Jason had stolen his fifth grade teacher's purse and removed all the money and two credit cards. He probably would have gotten away with it had he not try to use the credit cards after spending the 85.00 cash he had stolen. Being his first offense and considering he was only 10 years old, the judge was lenient and made Jason work the money off by pulling weeds in the Court House flower bed for the next 3 months.

As the years past, Jason became much more proficient in his crimes and even though he had spent almost 6 years of his young 25 incarcerated he hadn't been arrested for over 5 years now, even though his frequency of crimes has escalated immensely. Jason had been watching the Henderson's house for over a month now and was confident he could get in and out without being noticed or interrupted. The couple was in their mid thirties and had a teen age daughter who had beautiful small but firm breasts and the sexiest looking lips for a teen he had ever seen.

Mr Henderson was of small stature and probably weighed 150 lbs so if worse came to worse Jason knew he wouldn't be a problem to subdue.

Marilyn (he saw her name on a package that had been put on the porch a couple weeks prior) was a stunning and fiery red head woman. She stood at least 5' 8" and had legs that just never ended. Jason delia gets fucked by a black guy she had 36c breasts and a tiny waist that just made her full hips seem bigger than they actually were.

The didn't have any pets so no chance of a barking dog or scurrying cat to alert the family of an intruder. They would turn off the downstairs lights every night at exactly 11:20 and Jason just figured that was right after the nightly weather forecast. Sometime between 12 and 12:15 their bedroom lights would be extinguished and allowing for 20 minutes in case they are having sex, Jason figured they would be settling into their pillows to doze off to a good night's sleep no later than 1 A.M.

And with this estimation everyone should be soundly asleep no later than 2 A.M. which is a perfect time to enter a house and have time to rifle through and find the riches to be found.

Jason had slipped into the garage before the door came down when Mr. Henderson pulled in at his usual time that evening. Since it was Wednesday and every Wednesday for the past month the Henderson's would all gather around the main television in the living room area to watch some lame show on the Public Network Station.

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It would be at this time when Jason decided he would slip into the house through the garage door leading to the main house and work his way upstairs where he would remain hidden until the right time. Very quietly he worked his way upstairs and even checked a few drawers in the master bedroom to try to locate jewelry and or money.

He found a lock box concealed in the back of the bottom drawer of the dresser and made a mental note to be sure to grab it first thing later. Celeste (Jason heard Marilyn call her daughter by that name) came upstairs at 9:30 like she did every evening and went into her room.

Jason moved to the door and was able to hear when she went into her bath and turned on the shower.

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Moving with cat like stealth, Jason went to her opened bathroom door and watched the young girl lather herself up in the shower. She had gorgeous breasts and her dark brunette patch of cunt hair glistened like diamonds as droplets of water clung to the nicely trimmed bush. Although Jason was getting hard watching this beautiful teenage girl bathing, he knew he'd better go back into the spare room and keep out of site until it was time to rob them.

Getting back into his hiding spot in the corner of the closet, Jason imagined what it would be like to fuck Celeste right in front of her parents while he had them restrained and rendered helpless. At precisely at 2 A.M. (even though he was sure everyone was sleeping soundly by 1:30, he didn't want to deviate from his plan and risk being caught) Jason glided almost silently down the hallway and towards the master bedroom.

He was just about to pass Celeste's bedroom when she opened the door and stepped into the hallway. Without hesitation, Jason clasped one hand around her face, muffling any sound coming from her mouth and dragged her back to her bed.

Pushing her down but hand still tightly pressed against her mouth, he took out a small bottle from his pocket and his handkerchief. Opening the bottle with his teeth he dumped some of the liquid onto the handkerchief and then held it over Celeste's nose.

She was out within seconds and Jason sighed in relief. He was so glad he had decided to bring the chloroform with him for just this reason.

With her hands tied behind her back and her ankles tightly bound together, Jason removed Celeste's panties and shoved them in her mouth then sealed her lips with a piece of duct tape.

He was just beginning to leave her room grab the loot and make a clean break when Celeste came to and began to struggle against her restraints. She looked him right big natural tits teen anal casting xxx seducing my stepfather the eye and then he knew from her expression that she recognized him.

He had been at their house a few weeks ago delivering some new furniture with the company he worked for and Celeste was there to show them where it all went. Damn, he thought, he couldn't just rob and walk away now and he wasn't ready to go back to jail.

Choking Celeste until she passed out to calm her down Jason knew what he had to do. Going into her parent's bedroom with a chloroform coated wash cloth in each hand, he rendered both of the adults simultaneously as he held the cloths firmly over their faces.

Jason quickly moved Marilyn and her husband to the two club chairs that were next the the bed and secured them completely with the rope he cut from the pulls for their drapes. He had removed Marilyn's pajamas and she was in the chair with hands tied behind her and ankles tied to front legs of the chair with nothing but a pair of bright pink panties.

Damn, she looked so hot sitting with her legs spread like that and it was all Jason could do to not fuck her right then and now. The only thing the husband wore to bed was a pair of boxers and so Jason left them on and tied him in same position as his wife. Taking two pairs of pantyhose from a drawer, Jason used them as gags for the couple and then as with Celeste he also taped their mouths shut with duct tape.

When Jason got back to Celeste's room she was alert again and struggling to set herself free. Walking to her bed and grabbing the girl by her long reddish brown hair he pulled her off the bed and began dragging her across the floor. Once he had her inside her parents room he dropped her to the floor and announced that if everyone done exactly as told then everything would go so much smoother.

Pulling Celeste up by the hair once again he cut the rope binding her wrists but warned her if she tried to break free he would slit her fucking throat without giving it a thought. Confident he had her full attention Jason had her remove the tape and gag from her mouth and told her to crawl over to where her parents were sitting. With feet still bound Celeste pulled herself across the floor and stopped just short of her parents. Walking behind Marilyn's chair, Jason reached around and held the knife blade against her neck.

He then told Celeste to either remove her dad's cock from his boxers and start stroking him or he would kill her mother and she could watch her die. Sobbing, but doing stacie starr and rachel steele twmoms twsons told, Celeste pulled her dad's cock from his boxers and begin stroking him as told. Jason laughed maniacally as he called the husband a sick mother fucker.

Celeste's father's cock was hard and twitching as she stroked him and Jason made sure the women knew that their husband and father was turned on by his own daughter playing with his cock and his wife having a knife held to her throat. The husband shook his head violently in an attempt to convey his disgust but his massive hard-on told the truth. Jason told Celeste to suck her dad's cock and take as much as possible down her throat.

When she hesitated and looked at him with horror in her eyes, she watched Jason move the knife slowing down her mothers chest and then he stabbed her right breast. As her mother silently screamed out in pain, Celeste took her dads cock into her mouth and began sucking like she was a natural. Jason walked behind her and held her head down, making her take her dad's cock deep into her throat and block off her breathing. As she struggled to breathe with the cock head buried firmly in her throat Jason sneered at her father and told him how fucking sick he was to love having his own daughter suck his cock.

Jason released his grip on the back of Celeste's head and told her to start bobbing up and down until her dad fed her all of his hot cum. Seeing the blood running down her mother's torso Celeste done as told an just as her father began spewing his hot seed inside his daughter's young virgin mouth, Jason dropped down beside her and told her to force all of it into her mouth and throat. Jason put on hand on the top of Celeste's head and just as the husband shot his last mighty spurt of cum into his daughter's mouth Jason brought his other hand up as forceful on the underside of Celeste's jaw and snapped her mouth shut with such force that her teeth severed the cock cleanly and as she fell back in revulsion her dad's cock was embedded inside her mouth.

Jason's cock was so fucking hard and his balls were aching with the need to explode as a feeling of euphoria spread over him while he watched the mans torso splaying blood everywhere and the daughter trying desperately to dislodge her dad's cock from her mouth. Grabbing the girl around the face, forcing the cock all the way into her mouth Jason said he was going to fuck her in front of her bleeding parents while he forced her dad's cock deeper into her throat until she died.

To prevent Celeste from biting his fingers Jason shoved her panties back into her mouth and as he pushed his cock into her virgin pussy and tearing her hymen like a piece of tissue paper, using his fingertips he began to push the panty wad deeper into Celeste's mouth, forcing her dad's severed cock down her windpipe, cutting off her capability to breathe.

As Jason fucked her tight cunt hard and deep, slamming his heavy balls repeatedly against her young as, Celeste struggled, trying to pry his hand from her mouth and clawing at his wrist. Jason kept the pressure on the panties and moist and hawt lesbian party college and amateur her body began to jerk in attempt to somehow draw air into the now airless lungs Jason had the most explosive orgasm he'd had for years.

Her hot young pussy spasming involuntarily with her dying heaves milked him like he's never felt in his life. Staying inside the corpse for a few minutes while keep the steady pressure on the panties in her mouth, Jason felt his cock getting hard again.

Finally pulling out of her and looking at her young lifeless body slowly sliding off the end of the mattress and ending in a heap on the floor, Jason looked at her dying father while holding his now hard cock in his hand. Walking over to the father, Jason took a small piece of cord and tied it tightly around the little stump of cock the man still had attached to his body. He looked the man in the eye and told him he wanted him to live long enough to also see his wife die right before he very eyes.

Marilyn's head was thrashing from side to side so rapidly it almost made Jason dizzy watching her. Her wrists and ankles were bleeding from her violent struggles to try to free herself. Jason turned upeksha swarnamali xxx sri lankan actress chair so she was facing her husband and Jason said this way she could see her husbands reaction as she slowly died.

Removing the tape and pantyhose from her mouth, Jason immediately sliced one side of her jaw from where the corner of her lip ended and opened it up to the back of her mouth. Before she even had time to scream Jason shoved the barrel of the handgun he had brought into the side of her mouth forcing it open. With the cold steel barrel of the gun in her mouth, Marilyn couldn't close her mouth as Jason climbed into the chair and forced his thick cock into her mouth.

Jason loved the feel of this fiery red heads hot mouth and as she gagged her slobber dripped off and coverer her chest and mixing with the blood from the knife cut to her breast it turned a sexy dark pink. Shoving his cock deep into Marilyn's throat, trying to see if he could push it out the back of her head Jason howled as he cum so quick and so powerfully once again, filling Marilyns gagging mouth full of his seed mixed with a steady flow of spittle coming from her gagging reflexes.

After he finally stopped cumming he got down from the chair and after pushing the pantyhose back into her mouth, he removed the gun. When Jason returned to their bedroom a few minutes later after going into the bathroom, he was all cleaned up and had a bag which contained any rags and such that might have his DNA on them.

He had a bottle of bleach in his hand and walked over to Marilyn. Pulling the pantyhose from her profusely bleeding mouth he poured a hefty amout of the burning liquid into her mouth and while pinching her nose shut watched her swallow the caustic burning liquid.

Jason apologized for the agonizing pain while her stuffed the pantyhose back into her mouth so she coulldn't vomit and dispel the liquid. He told her he had to do it since Chloride bleach would make dna testing on his seed in her mouth useless. He told her not to worry because in a few minutes the burning sensation would subside as she would drown in her own puke. He watched gleefully as her body wretched and twitched as waves of vomit tried desperately to expel from her but was stopped by the tightly wad alexis fawx and crystal rae hot threeway action in bed pornstars group sex nylon blocking her throat.

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It took about 4 minutes of her heaving and twitching with eyes almost bulging from their sockets before Jason heard the last death rattle settle into her chest. Walking over the the limp lifeless body of Celeste, Jason struggled but finally managed to get her body against her dad's chair with her cunt up in the air.

He poured the rest of the bleach into her cunt and took it slow so as it traveled deeper into her womb he would add more to fill her back up. As he turned to walk out of the room with the lockbox in one hand and a hand full of fine jewelry in the other he looked back at the three lifeless bodies in the room. He was particularly fond of the way he finished off the father, cutting both of Celeste's breasts off and stuffing them into his mouth after breaking his nose so severely so he couldn't breathe through it.

Already Jason was thinking about his next heist and just how he would silence the homeowners.