Voyeur livecam h de partout avec un vrai couple amateur

Voyeur livecam h de partout avec un vrai couple amateur
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[b]Jen is 18 yrs. old standing in 5'4 in height with perfect curves and 34 C breasts she has a friend named Sam. Sam is 5'8 in height and a very handsome guy. Jen is living in a small apartment together with Sam.

Jen has always attracted to Sam since they are little but never tell it to him. One weekend Jen is alone in her apartment she is really bored because Sam is out for his school project. Ding Dong! Yes, who is it? Asked Jen. It's me Lucy! Hey, Miss landlady, what can I do? Jen, I'll be in a trip this coming hall week japanese hottie wets her pussy hardcore and blowjob I hope you can take care the apartment properly?

Yes miss landlady! Jen replied. Ok I'm going now god bless! As Jen steps back in the apartment she decides to clean the apartment since she was boring as she cleans the room of Sam she accidentally saw some porn movies. She was shocked at first but she taught of watching it. She enters her room and played one of the porn movie as what she saw she is not really horny. She slip her one finger in her skirt down to her pussy then she got up her dildo and slowly played it with her pussy.

As she enjoys what she was doing she did not notice that the door is open that Sam is already there watching her silently.

May I help you with that? Sam asked. Umm.

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if you don't mind.Jen replied. Sam entered her room and locked it so nobody can see them.

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Sam get Jen in the couch and lput her in the bed. Are you ready hottie? Umm.y.es…! Jen replied nervously. Sam saxi hot xxx cartoon storys unbuttoning her shirt and undid his bra and he was so amazed of what he saw a very big and beautiful breast of Jen, he starts to circle his tongue to her tits and later suck he right tit and the other one.

As some continues doing in her tits. Jen starts to release some moans. Uhhh.Ahhhh.Ohhhh! Sam it feels good! Do u want to feel more?

Yes… baby!

The I will give it to u&hellip. Sam slide his hand into Jen's skirt and rubs her pussy. Jen's moan became louder. Ahhhhhh&hellip. Sam undid her skirt using his mouth and take of Jen's panties.

Wow… it so yummy. and it's so sweet! Sam became more hard. She start to lick Jen's pussy and moans of pleasure is coming out from Jen.

Ohhhh…… it feels so great! Jen moans. Sam suck Jen's clit and massage it using his tongue he insert his two finger in Jen's pussy and start to finger fuck her. Jen moans every time the fingers is in her pussy. What do u feel now? Sam asked It feels great! Jen replied. Now that I'm finished I will give u the same feeling that I feel! Jen starts to unzipped Sam's pants and lowers his boxers and a very big dick comes out a 9 inch dick came out from those boxers.

Wow. it so Big!!!! I never see this very big and thick like this before!! Like it? Sam asked. Of course!! Jen's start to lick the head of his dick and afterwards he suck the half inch of his dick.

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OH my god… ur so great!! Jen's continues to suck his dick and more pleasure is coming from Sam. I'm going to cum!!!1 It's ok, shot it, I want to taste it. Ahhhh!!! And all Sam's juices are shot to Jen's mouth. It's so yummy!! Sam kiss Jen in the lips and got on top of her. Sam stick his dick to Jen's clit.

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And tease her pussy. As Sam finds the right angle he stick all the way his dick in. Ahhhh.!!!!

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Jen moans more louder. Sam continues to pound her. They lasted for 30 minutes. After that Sam rolls down in to the bed and relax for a while. It's so great!!

Do you enjoyed it? Sam asked. Yes, I did!!! Jen replied. I want to do it every weekend, is that okey? Yes of course!! Sam replied. And after they sex goddess bridgette b gets fucked and facialized it every weekend in every different kinds of positions.

This weekend they invite their neighbor Jesef they are all naked Jesef and Sam are inside of Jen in the same time they fuck her hardly. Jesef cum into Jen's ass and that was the first time Jen got a cum in her ass. As another week come thier is one more guy who joined their adventure.

Luke the most handsome guy and younger guy of them he likes to lick Jen's pussy and suck her clit. Jen became more horny of dicks every week. Every time a new guy fuck her she like them to shot thier juices to her holes.

Thier will be a sequel of it.