Katrana kaif xxx sex sex stories

Katrana kaif xxx sex sex stories
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It's Sunday evening and I just got back from Houston and visiting with Master for the weekend. What a weekend, but I should have known something was up. I had to miss our last visit, so I knew punishment would be worse this time. I had several "incidents" that I had to pay for : missing the gym, arguing with my husband, not playing with the anal toys and playing with myself when I should not be. Master had been in Austin the weekend before visiting some friends.

I found him and my husband chatting for a while. At the time, I had no clue why, but I eventually found out. Neither of them would tell me, so unfair! It is Saturday morning, early and I am getting ready to leave for Houston. My husband tells me to have fun and to behave myself and listen to what Master tells me. He will be enjoying the weekend himself as he has a m?ge planned. Master calls me and asks if I am on the way down. I said yes, but knew I was in trouble. I was to call him when I left the house and I was about 45 minutes away from Austin.

He blonde amateur dirtbags sucking dick and sharing facial at hole gloryhole cumshot me to pull into the next store that has restroom and take my purse and the bag My husband packed for me in there and to follow the directions.

I do as I am told. When I get into the bathroom, I open the bag and see 4-5 clamps. According to the directions, I am to place them on my clit and several areas of my lips and then to get a drink and leave the store. I will be driving with them on rest of the way to Houston. When I get to his house, he meets me outside as he has done in the past. Giving me a hug, he slides his hand under my skirt to see if I have the clips on I do and am very tender because of them.

He asks me if I am ready for the weekend and if I am willing to obey his every command. With trepidation, I say "yes". Receiving a slap on the ass, I answer correctly "yes, sir".

We walk into the house, I am told to stop and immediately close my eyes. He leads me around the living room, through the hall and into the bathroom and get ready. I am told to strip off my skirt and top and then dressing only in my heels to open the door and wait. I follow the orders completely. Master leads me back out into the living room; which has been re-organized.

Stepmom loves pussy eating with teen stepdaughter walk over to the couch where he sits down and pulls me on the floor. We chat about little things, where he asks again if I am prepared for this weekend and if I am going to obey every command and not complain.

I say "yes sir" and am told that there is a very special night planned. We will have a safe word tonight "swamp" that I am to use if it gets too intense. In addition, the day and weekend will be recorded so my husband can watch at his leisure. Whatever! I am pulled over your knee for being a smart ass and smacked 10 times, then I am given another 10 even harder as some of the punishment I am being given.

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With my ass burning, you lead me to the corner where I have to stand still until he tells me otherwise. I am not allowed to rub my ass even though it is burning and I still have the clips on!

Master walks up behind me and asks if I have been a good girl. I said, "Yes sir" and he tell me that is not what he had been told. Standing there naked, you reach around my neck and place my collar on.

You then put wrist cuffs on me, and move my arms up so they are clasping each other behind my neck and locks them onto the clasp that is there. He moves down to my legs and slip cuffs around my ankles and places a bar between my ankles, keeping them separated. You reach between my legs and begins to play lightly with my pussy lips, pulling on the clips; sliding your hands up my front getting to my nipples where he puts more clips on each.

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I yelp in hot mom gets gangbanged in hardcore fashion and you ask if that feels good. I say, "No" and breathe deeply to ease through the pain. The next thing I know is that I hear a swish sound and feel a smack on my ass, followed by another and another. I cannot move since my legs are held apart. You tell me to answer correctly if I do not want to feel more smacks.

I cry out "yes sir, it feels good". You say good girl, turn me around, and give me a hug. Pulling me into the front room, you lean me over the spanking horse, unchaining my hands from my neck and strapping them to the front, while hooking my legs to the other end, bent over spread eagle. I hear you rustling in the toy bag looking for a certain toy. You walk back over, and slide your hand over my red ass and say how much you love to see it red like this.

It has been too long since we last played and you have imagining me straddled like this awaiting for whatever you do to me. I can feel you are hard and I know you need some relief so I grind back against you; you back up, slide your zipper down and slide your dick out of your pants. You begin rubbing against my ass cheeks, sliding in and out of crack getting me wetter waiting for you to go in. I feel you slide some lube in my ass and your finger slides in; going in and out, as you are stretching me.

Then I feel a toy sliding in my ass; again pumping it in and out; then you slide another toy in my pussy. I am very full. You slide them in and out in and out taking me to the edge; you lean over and say, "You are not allowed to cum until I give you permission".

I am so close. cagayan miss campus sex scandal you dare come" you repeat as you continue fucking me with the toys. Not listening very well, I cannot stop the climax from coming. "That's a very, very bad girl".

Stepping back and I feel the paddle smacking my ass.

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Over and over; this is a punishment spanking and you mean it too hurt. Undoing me from the punishment horse, you take me to the cage locking me in you tell me to rest and behave myself. My ass is on fire, I am stuffed full of toys and I still have the clips on. I want to cum again being so full. You walk out of the room and I assume you are gone for a while; I reach down and rub my pussy, playing with my clit, harder and harder; I feel the climax building.

You walk in and tell me "stop".

"What are you doing" "nothing, sir" I answer. You tell me to give you my hands through the cage; you smack them over, and over not stopping as I try to pull them away. Finally, you let go and ask if I was told I could play with myself.

"No sir". You stand up, walk out, and tell me not to touch myself again. I curl into a tight ball and cry.

After a few minutes, you come back in and let me out asking if I was going to behave now. "Yes, sir" I reply. You ask me to tell you again about the fantasy that My husband and I discussed. I told you that one of his biggest fantasies was to watch me getting gang fucked by 3-5 men. Fucking my pussy, my ass, my mouth; all over and over again. He wants it to be recorded so we can watch again later.

Walking me into the living room and there are 4 guys in the room. I step back; nervous, scared, you turn me around, smack my ass, aiden starr bobbi whipped ass tell me to get in there now.

I say, "I don't know if I am ready" you say, "yes you are, we have been training on this. You are to be the slutty wife your husband wants you to be.

You will do exactly as you are told or you will be severely punished" I still hesitate, scared; you pull me over to the couch, bending me over spanking my ass, I try to pull away and you spank harder and tell me to behave.

I will not be hurt, but every man there will fuck me tonight repeatedly.

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Not only will they fuck my pussy; but my ass and my mouth, and each one will spank my ass. You came down here for a reason and that was to obey me and to do everything you are told.

Now walk back in here. The guys grab me, hands grabbing my boobs, my pussy, and my ass. Feeling everything, fingers sliding in and out of my holes. They push me to my knees, pull my head back and the first one slides his dick in my mouth, he grabs my head and fucks my mouth in and out. I am told to reach out to the other 2 with my hands and give them hand jobs. A 4th guy starts fingering my pussy sliding them in and out, while Master slides his fingers in my ass, spanking with one hand.

The guys switch and I start giving a blowjob to another one; fucking me harder and harder as he slides in and out of my mouth. I am told to stand up and move over to the bed.

One of the guys is laying down on the bed and tells me to get on his dick, I hesitate and he smacks my pussy lips; I climb up on his dick, and he slides in my wet pussy; he is so thick and wide I have to force myself to sit on his dick while another slides in my ass and they start fucking me. Sliding in and out in perfect rhythm, harder and harder, the one in my pussy is hitting my cervix going in so far. They pull out, pull off the condom and shoot their cum over my boobs.

I start to wipe it off and Master smacks me and says no leave it. The 3rd guy bends me over the bed, starts spanking my ass; harder and harder until my cheeks are flaming red before he slides his dick in my ass fucking it harder and harder; rocking me back and forth as his dick goes in and out of my ass until he cums. Pulling off his rubber, he forces me to my knees and tells me to suck him dry.

Grabbing the back of my head, he forces my mouth over his dick until I have sucked him clean. I am so sore, my ass feels like it is on fire, but it doesn't matter; the next guy comes to me, pushes me over the bed and fucks my pussy from behind, fingering my ass while another guy is fucking my mouth.

Going in and out, hitting the back of my throat; it is as if I can feel both men meeting in the middle. Over and over, I am fucked like this until all guys have fucked all 3 of my holes several times each.

Finally they push me away and tell Master that they need a break and for me to go clean before the next round. Master takes and puts me in the cage and tells me to rest. I am sore and tired. I fall asleep and wake up after a while with you staring down at me.

He asks if I am ok. I say "yes, sir". "Good, let's go" I ask "where" and you say 1st to the shower and then back into the living room. We are going to play a little different. No more sex right now, but you are still being punished. Before we go to the shower, you bend me over your knee and slide a nozzle in my ass. I feel myself filling with a liquid I realize that you are doing an enema.

I say, "Please no" and he goes "yes, I am not done with you tonight and I want you clean for more play." You fill my ass with more liquid, while I keep telling you that is enough no more. You tell me that I can and will take more. I had better hold it all in there and not let any go! Brunette teen fucked anal on webcam homemade amateur hold it, tears streaming down my face, as I know I am full and cannot take anymore.

You finally stop; rubbing my ass telling me to hold it in. I start squirming around and you tell me to hold still. You start playing with my boobs, I tell you have to go you say no. Then you spank my ass several times telling me to hold it in and not let it out. Finally, after 10 minutes, you tell me I can go to the bathroom. You leave the room so I can go. After a bit, you walk back in start the shower and stand me in there, washing me all over, sliding the washcloths over my boobs, my pussy and my ass.

I get out and look at the clock it is only 10 pm. Deciding I need some more punishment for not following the rules like I have been told, you take me into the dungeon room and strap my hands above my head, spread my legs apart and alternate between the whip and the flog; you cover my entire body; you then take a cane and start on my ass and thighs. You tell me I have to count and if I miss one, then you will start over until we get to 20.

I count 1 sir, 2 sir…on and on until I got to 15 and forgot the sir. I try to add, but you already hit again and I miss the number; so we start all over.

I make it to 20 this time. Tears streaming down my face, you move me over to the Japanese pony and make me straddle it. Raising it until I am on my tippy-toes and then lower slightly. I stand there, but cannot keep my balance and eventually slip down to the beam pressing against my pussy.

You keep me there for 15 minutes or so until my pussy lips are swollen and achy. Taking me down, you take a small whip and smack my pussy lips repeatedly before taking me back into the living room.

The guys are still there, you tell me to get on my knees and tell them thank you for fucking me earlier and that I am there to serve their needs for rest of the night. I get down and repeat everything you told me to say. They tell me to stand up and want to look at me.

They do not feel like my ass is red enough, so they take turns bending me over their three hot chick get fucked by a stripper before blistering my ass with their hands or belts. You tell me to lie down on the bed, to spread my legs, and to play with my pussy, but not cum, until I am told too. If I do, then I get another spanking and one of them will take me into the bedroom and fuck me again but only in the ass.

I say please no more you turn me over and blister my ass telling me I have no say. Crying, I turn over and start playing with my pussy. This goes on for hours, me cuming a couple of times, being spanked and fucked in punishment. The men show me no mercy when they fuck me, sliding their dicks in and out of me as hard as the can.

Finally, the guys leave; you take me into katy sweet has her tight anus plowed bathroom, give me another shower and put a different collar on me. You tell me that since I was such a bad girl, I did not deserve the privilege of the bed or even the padding in the cage. You have a pillow and blanket on the floor beside the bed; clipping i love cumming inside my girlfriends pussy creampie cumshot to the footboard, you tell me to go to sleep.

When we wake up, you give me a new set of rules that I am to follow until my next visit. If I disobey them, the punishments will get worse. We spend a couple of more hours together, alternating between me repeating the rules and getting spanked or sunny leoun pran sax vidieo to stand in the corner if I forget them.

You also make me go over the positions from the last time. Bending me over the spanking horse because Blonde babe kenzie reeves needs a ride and ends up having sex forgot them, you blister my ass with the belt.

To get me ready for the road trip, you fuck my ass one more time then slide a toy in and am told me that I am to keep it in until my husband takes it out. I know that I am going to be extremely sore when it is time for me to leave. We finally get me packed up and on the road. I have the video tape with me for my husband to watch. When I get home, we are by ourselves, so we watch the tape. My husband bends me over the couch and fucks my ass just as they are doing in the movie.

He repeatedly slides his dick in and out of my ass, moving to my pussy and finishing with my mouth. He asks me if I was going to be a good girl and follow the rules from now on. I say yes. He goes good, because the next time, I will make sure that Master spanks me even more and treats me more and more like a slave.

He is also going to know of your other fantasies to play out in the future. Then he tells me that he likes the way I behave after a session, so I am going to be allowed to go down to visit more or he will find me another master here in the local area.

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