Pinoy sex scandal at the motel

Pinoy sex scandal at the motel
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chapter 1 The beginning of the end part 1 My name is Kate or Katie as I was born. I am 35 and I live in L.A. I am a mother of three children and do my best to support them as a single mother. I have two boys and a daughter, brutal teen ass fucking and anal bondage analmal training oldest named Cindy and my two boys Luke and Richard.

At first you may what's wrong?, well.I have visits from the suicide watch teams every couple of days and my two 10 year old boys live with foster parents. I haven't seen Cindy for three months now, I have no idea where she is now but I pray she has a better life than I could provide. These days I work as a cleaner in a few hotels, I earn minimal wage but I manage to get by. I've been on suicide watch for a few years now; sometimes I suffer chronic depression and hope that a car will run me down when I'm crossing the road.

You know, my life wasn't always like this, I used to love my life so much, I didn't want anything to change a single bit. But a long time ago something happened, something that would change my life forever and set into motion events that made me what I am today.

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I tell you this because I know there are people who may have been through some of the things I have and perhaps it will give you some comfort knowing you're not the only one out there like this.

1999 I was your typical teenager, bright, happy and full of life. At fifteen I was excelling at school and was on the way to a successful future, I loved animals and wanted to be a vet. I lived with my mum and dad and older sister Cindy. Both of us girls took after their mum, fair skin and blonde hair. Me and Cindy had similar looks to each other, both similar build and hazel eyes. The only real difference was that Cindy had a rounder face and wore glasses.

Cindy was also three years older so she had a slightly more developed body than me. I was still very attractive like my mum and sister with a nice round butt and c-cup breasts. I guess I got on well with my family and couldn't ask for a better life so far. Mum and dad earned plenty of money and I usually got anything I wanted had plenty of friends and had been seeing a boy named Luke for the last few months who I liked a lot.

We would often spend hours at the beach and parks just walking and making each other laugh. All in all I was more than happy and didn't want anything to change in her life, everything was perfect. But things usually never stay the same. On 21st of June 1990, a day which still haunts me. My sister and best friend took her own life in her sex pronhub com fucking mom song. I remember finding her when I went into her room the next morning, finding her hanging from the ceiling.

That terrible day shook us all so horribly, I know mom was wrecked. Dad was strange, he was quiet and after the funeral and everything had settled he never really spoke of her much. Mom took a long time to get over it. Mum and I had counselling for a few months before mom was able to get back on with life. But somehow she was never the same; I always felt that she and Cindy were really close and the best of friends. I myself would try and keep a fond memory in my head but that often led to me balling my eyes out.

But time truly heals all wounds and somehow we managed to get on with our lives. It was however something that would lead to one of the events in my life that haunts me.

It had been three or four months since the funeral and I was in my room one night listening to music and reading magazines in my room. Sometime in the night dad came in and sat at the end of my bed, after shutting the door. At first he didn't do anything, just sat on the bed looking at the wall in a kind of trance.

After a while I sat up and turned off the music, then turned to him. Dad had always been good to me and been the first to lend me his ear when I was down so I sat up next to him and put my hand on his shoulder.

"Dad, are you ok?" I asked smiling. He looked at me, a sorrowful look in his eyes. He smiled back and placed a hand on my back and began to rub me. "I guess I've been pretty quiet about Cindy huh" he said. "Yeah, mum and I figured it was your way of dealing with the loss" I replied. "You know, the last thing I said to her was that she was a spoilt little brat, she told me she hated me" said dad, sounding like he was about to break down.

I started to rub his shoulder; it broke my heart to see him like this. It was just the two of us for a few days so I told dad that we should go see Cindy's burial and he could say whatever he needed to. Dad looked at me and I felt his eyes locked on to mine, it made me feel strange. He then went to hug me and I leant in and we shared a strong embrace. We hugged for about a minute and then I was expecting to break it off, but dad kept a strong hold of me. I wasn't sure what to do but I figured he was grieving so I continued to hug him.

He then moved a bit and we were almost face to face. Then he did something that took me completely by surprise, he leant in and kissed me full on the lips. I was taken by surprise so much it took me a minute to react. I felt his lips pressed over mine and his hands on either side of my face.

I finally realised what was happening and tried to push him off me but he was a big man and easily over powered me. He pushed forward and managed to force me on my back. He was now on top of me kissing me and running his hands through my hair. I tried to shout out but I only mumbled a first time gand mari xxx out.

Dad became very determined and was now trying to snake his tongue into my mouth. I did my best to keep my mouth sealed but he used his hand to force my jaw open and soon he was forcing a French kiss on me and had his tongue almost right down my throat. I kept trying to scream out, or wrestle him off me but he was just too big nod strong for a fifteen year old girl to move. Soon I was getting tired from all the pointless wrestling and I found it was only making him more excited.

Dad then slipped a hand between our two tightly pressed bodies and placed it on my chest, playing with breasts. I burst into tears as I realised how powerless I was to stop him. it hadn't struck me just how far he intended to go but I soon realised he wanted more when he moved his hand from my tits to my little shorts which I wore at bed time.

They were a short silky like material and he easily slid them down my thighs and then past my knees. Dad immediately placed a tight hand over my whole groin area, clutching my mound and feeling the warmth of my barley covered pussy. I heard him groan and breathe deeply as used a finger to run up my pussy slit through my undies. I struggled once again, trying to kick and flail my arms around but he easily put his weight on my legs and used his spare hand to hold both my wrists and keep me still.

Dad then leant down, his lips beside my ear. "I love you Katie, now I'm going to show you how much I love you" he said breathing warm breath onto my bare neck. The words shocked me, I then realised exactly what was going to happen tonight, dad intended on having sex with his fifteen year do daughter. He then took hold of the hem of my undies and yanked them down so then was down to my knees.

He then made sure I saw him run his tongue over his fingers then he moved them down to my crotch. From our position I couldn't really see what he was doing; I could only really see the ceiling. Then I suddenly felt his large manly fingers rub against the folds of my pussy. I couldn't help but react from the touch of my father's fingers. I felt his fingers moving the lips of my pussy and move deeply inside me.

I cried out as I felt his fingers intrude into my most private of places. "Please dad, don't do this, I know you Miss Cindy, but just get stop and we can talk" I said to dad in a pleading voice.

Dad didn't even react; he simply kept playing with my vagina, really starting to rub it, making me uncomfortable. I knew what he was doing and it was working, my pussy was defying my thoughts and I was getting excited from his touch. Dad knew this and smiled at me.

"You see Katie baby, you do want this, your sister did to" said dad. The words stung me like a bee sting, dad had been abusing Cindy, had that been why she took her life?. Before I could think too long I felt my hips buck hot newly married horny wife with her husbands friend hot scenes he found my clit and began to rub it sensually.

I let out the most smallest of moans but I knew it had driven him wild. He had had it, he moved up a bit and forced my legs open, giving him easy access to my now wet and waiting pussy. He worked his dick for a few seconds and then looked me in the eye. "I love you Katie' he said before lying down on top of me and hooking his arms under mine, his hands on my back.

Before long I felt the hardness of his cock pressing against my nether teen old man anal xxx finally shes got her boss dick. It took a few seconds for his cock to find my entrance, but he did soon enough. He took one quick look at me and then with a grunt he penetrated me with one thrust.

Searing deep into me and immediately taking my virginity. I cried out in panic and terror, dad's cock starting to thrust in and out of my young pussy. I broke into hysterics as mu day held me tight and fucked me on my bed.

He held me close and my body shook as his hips collided into my pubic bone. I remember feeling sick as he humped me for well over thirty minutes. He spent the time mostly power fucking me, keeping a fast pace. I kept hearing his balls slapping against my ass as he drove his cock home. He mainly had his head beside mine but would occasionally nibble my ear or kiss the side of my red face. I was a complete mess, all I could think of was my sister in the same pervcity tanner mayes blowjob and anal butt fucking and deepthroat as me.

Dad would move his hands down and play with my clit as he fucked me, I knew he wanted me to enjoy this, somehow that would mean I wanted it. The rape went on for a while longer, dad working my clit and sometimes moving his finger to my bum and fingering my asshole. This made me shoot my hips off the bad. Dad took the opportunity to really grind our bodies together and that was when I let out a whimper of pure pleasure.

I couldn't believe it, my body was betraying me, dad was more than happy, slowing his thrusts so it was more like we were a couple making love. He moved his hand back to my pussy and toyed with my clit again. Suddenly it was all I could think about, dad was succeeding in pleasuring me.

Suddenly all the toying stopped and I felt dad's cock tremble inside me and he began groan loudly. He grabbed my hips and pulled me into him. It was then I felt the sensation of something filling me up.

It was warm and came in shots, one, two, three. my whole pussy felt warm and abuzz, I wasn't sure but when dad fell on top of me and his dick fell from my pussy accompanied by a stream of white ooze I realised he had just came inside me. Dad lay on top of me for what felt like a few minutes. I just lay there sobbing, my face a mess of tears and sweat, my crotch a mess of sticky white cum. Dad eventually sat up, kissed me on the forehead and stood up.

He put his jeans back on and left the room like nothing and happened. I remember curling up into a ball and holding myself tight.

At that age I was more affected from his rape, I didn't really think about the results of him Cumming in me. I had recovered a bit a few hours later and I got up, it was then I remembered about my pussy. I ran into the bathroom in my room and washed my pussy and then tried to clean the insides of my cunt with a face washer. I sat on the toilet for about twenty minutes, too my horror little came out, I prayed that mom and son cam inide sex xxx was because I had got the rest.

That night I shut the door turned mom step my boy son lights off and lay silently awake for much of the night, thinking about the bastard who had just raped me, raped my sister and who knows what else. I finally fell asleep thinking about who I would tell about this. Mum wouldn't be home for a couple of days, I hoped I could find some friends to stay with. But I was to learn that that night was the beginning of a life of hell and the end of my innocence.

I woke the next morning feeling somewhat confused. Part of me despised dad, in fact most of me despised dad. The thought of him raping me and doing the same thing to Cindy made me feel disgusted and sickened. But I guess it was my naivety that made part of me feels pity on dad, perhaps he was genuinely in love with Cindy.

Either way I decided I would confront dad and then tell him if he didn't come clean to me and mom about Cindy and get help then I would go to the police. I decided that was the best thing to do and I got dressed and headed into the kitchen. Dad wasn't up yet, I felt relieved. I poured a bowl of cereal and sat at the table while I ate my breakfast. It was 9:00 when I came into the kitchen, wearing a single and some boxers.

I was washing my bowl at the sink when he came in. He fixed himself a cup of coffee and drank it in the kitchen. I was heading towards my room as he went and sat down in the living room. He saw me heading up the stairs and called me. "Katie!, come over here for a moment" he shouted. I stopped and stood still for a minute, I figured this could be my moment to tell dad how I felt and what I would do.

I sat on the couch beside him and looked him in the eyes. "Dad, what happened last night disgusting and wrong, I can't begin to tell you how betrayed I felt. "Katie I don't care how you felt, you have no idea what you're talking about" interrupted dad, smiling. "What?.dad I'm your daughter.and you raped attacked me" I continued, shocked at his words.

"Ok, I'm sorry Kate, I was overcome by emotion and I did something I really do regret" said dad, not looking sincere.

"Dad, I don't know if I can ever forgive you for what you did, but I need to know, did you do this to Cindy too?" I asked in a loud voice. He was silent for a minute. "She wanted it, she said she was old enough to be treated as an adult, I just showed her what that meant" said dad looking me in the eye.

"Dad you raped her!, you raped your own daughter.then she killed herself" I said feeling sick to my stomach. "No, she wanted it, you have no idea kate frost gets real freaky in threesome long did that for, your sister and I were in love Kate" said dad in the most serious tone yet. I couldn't believe my ears.

It couldn't be true, no never. The Cindy I knew was a hard studying student who had heaps of friends and was on her way to college. "You really think that dad?" I said. Dad leant over to me so we were close. "Kate, your sister and I fucked almost every week, she loved it so much she would beg for more, beg to be fucked again and again and again" he said with an evil glint in his eye.

I almost broke into tears, something inside me believed him. I looked away as I struggled to keep my composure. "I can't believe I'm hearing this, you have to know I'm going to tell mum" I said feeling sick to my stomach. "huh, your mum knew for at least several weeks before Cindy killed herself, she was a dirty slut herself, don't believe me lets watch a video" said dad getting up and walking down lilly jordan lavishes her man with a sloppy blowjob hall.

I waited on the couch, still very upset, I had never heard dad talk like that about anyone before, let alone my sister. How could he do that to her?, how could she do that?, would mum really let this happen?. Dad soon returned with a tape and quickly slid it in the player, grabbing the remote he came and sat beside me. "Watch this then, and you'll see just what your sister was like" he said aiming the remote at the TV and pressing play.

The screen showed footage from a video camera, it had a date: SAT, Nov, 1998, the time showed it was about midnight. The camera panned up to show Cindy entering a bedroom coming from a bathroom. She was wearing a black top and only a small pair of denim short, her hair done in a ponytail, her glasses upon her head.

I watched Cindy, she was smiling like and angel and laughing. It felt good seeing her but sad at the same time, she seemed so happy. She moved toward the screen and began to pose to the camera, pouting her lips, arching her back and putting her hands on her hips.

Dad fast forwarded the video until she was lying on the bed on her back. She was still smiling and looking generally happy. The sound of someone's voice sounded but I couldn't understand them, but Cindy seemed to understand what was being said.

After the voice stopped, Cindy looked at the camera and after winking she took her top off revealing her black bra. To my shock she was all too happy to do it.

After a few minutes of posing in various positions the voice came again and Cindy got up on her knees and reaches her arms around her back. She soon had unhooked her bra and her boobs fell free from the bra. I had seen Cindy nude since we'd grown up so it wasn't anything new to me.

Even so, it felt weird seeing my sister parade around half naked in my parents' bedroom. It was becoming more and more evident that Cindy was happy to be part of this, maybe dad was telling the truth. The video continued and Cindy did some more topless poses, moving her tits about and rubbing her nipples in front of the camera.

After a few seconds the voice came again and she was soon moving her hands to her sides and sliding her shorts down her legs revealing her bare crotch. She hadn't been wearing underwear and now she was completely naked in my parents' bedroom, still as happy as she had been at the start of the tape.

I didn't know if I could watch anymore but I decided I would. As the tape went on a male came into the picture and stood beside the bed as Cindy laid o her back, exposing herself and making sure to keep her eyes on the camera. I couldn't see the face of the male but the build and body type gave it away, it was dad alright.

He joined Cindy on the bed and crawled up to her. Cindy was smiling brightly placing a hand on his shoulder and letting him touch and play with her breasts. I almost looked away, I couldn't 't believe what I was seeing. After a few seconds the tape showed dad sucking on Cindy's tits, taking her nipples in his mouth, sucking noisily and gnawing on them gently with his teeth.

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The look on Cindy's face was one of extreme pleasure, closing her eyes and biting her lower lip. She would place her hands on dad's head and keep him at her tits. Dad moved closer to me as we watched the tape, his eyes partially on me, he enjoyed watching my reaction to the tape.

At the time I thought he was trying to convince me that incest was okay, but now I know it was just a way of breaking me down and making me his new little sex toy. As continued to watch the clip I was so shocked I felt like I didn't really know stripper vyxen steel gets fucked in her ass sister at all, why on earth would she do this, dad must have put pressure on her to do this.

I figured that was the reason but when I heard a familiar female voice come from behind the camera, the realisation that mum was also in on this shattered my mind in a way that at that age I never really recovered from.

Mum's voice sounded cheerful as she encouraged Cindy to open her legs and give dad better access. Cindy happily obliged and after dad moved back a bit, she opened her legs up and moved her knees so they were up in the air. Dad moved in again and soon had his head at her crotch, licking and sucking at her pussy. Cindy let out a tender little moan as dad went to work, the camera moving closer to the pair.

Dad spent about a minute continually licking up and down the slit of her pussy and penetrating her with his wet tongue. Soon it was obvious Cindy was more than ready, she was almost yelling at dad to fuck her.

Mums laugh could be heard, accompanied by dads. The tape continued and dad soon moved up Cindy's body and soon they were basically face to face. Dad used a single hand to guide his cock to my sister's pussy and soon after a single second of the two gazing at each other he sunk the length of his dick into my sister waiting vagina.

Cindy let out a loud passionate moan as my dad entered her, she wrapped her long legs around his waist and begged him to fuck her. Dad got into a rhythm and humped my sister as he lay on top of her, her arms around his neck and her hips pressed against him as tight as possible. I remember this sight being all I could take, I looked away as the moans and screams started.

They were soon joined by my dad's own panting and groaning. I looked away and went to stand up but a strong hand wrapped around my wrist and leapt me from walking away. "You are going to watch this until its finished young lady, and just for trying to leave you're going to sit on my lap" said dad in a menacing voice.

I tried my hardest to get out of his grip but he was so strong for a 38 year old man. He pulled me into him and after a short wrestle had my sitting on his lap in my pyjamas.

He russian teens steamy romance in the morning hardcore his arms around me tight, trapping me in his grip. "Stop moving or I'll give you something to cry about!" shouted dad, a fist rising up just a few inches from my face. With that I stopped struggling, now he was going to beat me if I didn't cooperate. I sat still and let him hold me as he wanted.

He immediately placed one arm around my waist and the other on my chest, groping my tits as we watched the tape. I hated where I was but I had no choice but to watch the tape as my dad molested me. AS I turned my attention to the screen in front of me Cindy was moaning in pleasure as had was funking her as he was slobbering all over her breasts. The sound of his balls slapping against her ass was so loud it was all I could hear. The camera would zoom into my dad's cock and balls as he fucked my sister.

As we watched, my dad moved his hand around my waist and slipped it down past the hem of my pyjama shorts. I soon felt his fingers in my pussy and he began to play with it stinky feet of lady k we watched. I tried my best to ignore it but the hot breath coming down the back of my neck as dad fingered me was starting to make flustered, this was the first time part of me dies.

I knew that there was only so long I could hold out before my body and mind reacted. And I knew that eventually dad would make me fuck him back like Cindy.

And to my absolute discus the smallest and darkest of feelings in me wanted to let go. The tape of my sister suddenly changed to my sister now onto of dad, fucking her cowgirl style. He would hold her tits as she jumped him. The camera would pan across them, behind my sister as she fucked him. Showing her ass and wet pussy. Then it would come around and show my sister front on, her face a look of ecstasy but also a look of emptiness.

Something struck me then and it became apparent that maybe she wife hobby fuck with black cock front husband completely up for this, but for whatever reason she felt she had to do this.

My attention was usually dragged from the video, dad was obviously more interested in me as he now had his whole hand down my shorts and was now fingering me with two of his fingers. He liked to use his other hand to play with my tits, slipping under my shirt and mauling my tits. I could feel the hardness of his cock as it strained against his shorts. He was so horny now and I was starting to feel like another rape was inevitable. He was kissing the back of my neck now and using his fingers so tenderly and gently that my body was reacting quickly and I was already so wet I felt the dampness on my panties.

As the molestation continued I felt my loins react suddenly, my hips bucked and I felt flushed and warm inside. I had never experienced an orgasm before and as a child I wasn't sure what was happening. Soon the feeling of pleasure of filing my whole body and mind. The disgust of being abused by my father was still there but the feeling of absolute heat and pleasure in my pussy and deeper was just so overpowering. Dad was now nibbling my ear and pinching my nipples, he was close to achieving his goal.

Suddenly a loud scream was heard and I opened my eyes to see my sister cuming as dad himself looked the same as he had last night when he emptied himself inside me. Cindy didn't seem to care, in fact she looked like she was in bliss.

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Dad pulled his dick free and blew the rest of his cum over Cindy's pussy, smearing it over her pubes and her pussy lips. Looking at her face scared me but also made me sad as a slight look of helplessness appeared on her face and it was there that I family unit and tv phone sex what a mess you made like we had now both been in the same situation.

The tape finished soon after with my dad getting off the bed and the camera zooming in on my sister's slimy crotch. Then my loins jumped as he found my clit and I began to pant and pant as the pleasure got stronger and stronger.

"Please.please dad.let me go.I don't love you this way" I said as he continued to masturbate me. Dad said nothing and just quickened the pace of his fingers and soon my hips bucked several times rising off his lap and I felt something which felt like an explosion deep within my loins, it felt so good, I remember going limp in my dad's arms as I reached orgasm.

This did something to me, the orgasm had changed something in me for the moment and I felt like I needed more no matter who it was. I let out several soft moans as dad patted my little cunt, I realised I was clinging to my dad. Dad was now so excited there was no stopping him he grabbed me by the waist and then had me in his arms, I was so groggy and still a bit taken back from my orgasm that I wasn't really aware what was happening. He carried me down the hall and to my parents bedroomI felt him lay me on the bad.

I opened my eyes and he stood before me naked. I just lay on the bed motionless, I would never make love to my father but I was in little position to resist. Thoughts of the video with my sister flashed through my head, except now they had my face in them and I saw myself just like she was. At that thought a tear ran down my cheek and a lost it. Dad hopped on the bad and crawled up to me, as I looked at him I no longer saw him like I had.

Now I saw him as an old child abuser who was nothing like the dad I loved when I was younger. For the first time in my young life I hated someone, I hated my dad and nothing would ever change that. The inevitable happened and dad forced himself on me again. Just to get at me he forced me into the same position he had fucked my sister in. He forced my knees up so they were against my stomach. I was already wet so dad went straight to it and entered me in one easy motion. Despite my feelings and taylor blacked bbc white slut wife monster dick jam towards him it only took a few minutes before my body and mind turned to their most natural and I felt my passion re-ignite.

He fucked my in this position for about ten minutes, looking me in the eye and groaning like an animal. I would stare blankly at him and try to keep my reaction quiet. But soon the friction of his cock smoking hot girl rides a long dong my young pussy canal and clit made me let go and I was moaning and whimpering. Dad smiled and began to hump me with quick jackhammer thrusts.

My body was being rocked back and forth so quickly I was almost grunting when he impacted with me. Dad got bored with the position and grabbed me by the hips and made me straddle him.

He gave my bum a spank and made me jump his bones, fucking myself on his long hard cock. Now I was the one fucking him, I began to cry again but dad held my hips tightly and kept hot couple fucks on chatroulette tube porn going up and down on his dick.

The pleasure built up again and I couldn't help moan to my dad, He took a hold of my breasts small young breast and pinched them as I rode him. I fucked him like that for another fifteen minutes or so. He eventually came inside me again and pulled me into him so we were in a tight embrace on the bed, his cock still lodged inside me. "I'm ganna make you love me Katie, soon you'll beg me to fuck you" said dad into my ear. I felt his cock go soft and soon flopped out of my creamy pussy.

Dad kissed me and then let me slide off him, I lay motionless in a ball as dad lay contently on the bed. I had been violated again by my father and the hatred seared inside me. My immediate thought was to run out and head to the cops. But I was exhausted and so broken down that I physically couldn't move, I just lay there, feeling my dad's cum leaking out of me. It was then that I first thought about pregnancy and the possibility of conceiving. Dad had come in me twice now and I knew that I must have more than a high chance of falling pregnant.

Fear and horror overcame me, I suddenly thought of life pregnant, abortion was expensive and dad would never pay for it. I thought of what my friends and the rest of the town would say, my life would be ruined. I lay on the bed in an almost comatose state, I lost track of time completely.

Dad was gone when I finally sat up, guess he figured I wouldn't tell anyone. I trudged to my room, not even taking my underwear with me. I went straight to my room and sat on my bed quietly, thinking about everything, my sister, mum, possibly being pregnant. Then something struck me, what if the Cindy got pregnant from dad, she had a steady boyfriend, guaranteed career in law when she left college. God knows what dad told her. I felt sick as I realised I might be pregnant from my father, it was so horrifying I didn't know what to do if I was.

I stayed in my room for the womens basketball active athlete college av debut of the day curled up in my bed not wanting to do anything.

Evening approached and I just lay still, I thought about mum and how she must be in on all this too. I was startled by a bang and suddenly my door was opened. Dad came in and told me to come with him. What was I to do, I stood up and with absolute emptiness followed dad into the houseroom.

There three men and a woman were sitting and talking. They were dressed in skimpy outfits, the woman wearing a short skirt and very low cut bra. The men to me, looked older, around the age of my dad.

Dad told took me into the kitchen and told me to sit down, I did so. "Katie, you need to know that you and Cindy had a different propose than what you thought. Your mum and I fell on hard times about five years ago and so we needed to find another source of money" said dad starting to explain. "What do you mean" I said, starting to feel scared.

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"Well, we found some people who made us a proposition, one that involved you and your sister, they offered to give us a large amount of money if we they could receive the firstborns from you and Cindy' the younger you were at conception the more they would give us" continued dad.

I was speechless as dad laid it out to me, completely in shock. "it took your mother and I a long time to decide but we were at a point where we were about to lose the house and who knows what would happen then, so we did something that was completely unfair to you two and we agreed, from then on when you too reached a certain age, we needed you to fall pregnant" Dad looked sad as he explained but still looked like he felt like he hadn't done anything wrong.

"Katie, things happened and your mum and I saw that we needed to do something to get you guys ready, your sister was determined to save herself for marriage but her relationship with Joe was going nowhere, we needed to introduce her to sex and you Katie we had to produce a child from by sixteen" said dad looking slightly sorrowful.

I didn't say anything, I didn't know what to think, Cindy and I had been used for money to give birth to children for other people. I guessed that Cindy hadn't known about this or perhaps she had and felt she couldn't live that way. All I knew was, I may be headed down that road and I didn't want this life.

I looked at dad and stared him in the eyes. "So, why shouldn't I go to the police right now, what makes you think you can do this to someone, let alone your own children?" I said. A man walked in and stood beside dad. "Because he knows the police won't believe you" said the man flashing a police badge. Dad looked at me with a sort of bashful look, I had a feeling he deep down regretted what had happened but that didn't change anything. I wasn't sure what to do but I had a fair idea what would be happening tonight.

My head dropped and I felt a hand touch my shoulder, this was a softer, tenderer touch, a female touch. I looked up and saw the woman from the lounge room smiling at me.

"Hello Katie baby, I want you to know that once you go through tonight, you will never be the same again, you will love this and be glad you're part of it" said the woman kneeling down and kissing my forehead. I closed my eyes and felt hands reach the bottom of my top and soon my arms were raised and my top was taken off. The woman smiled and then took my hand and led me to the lounge room, I felt strange.

The two other men both had only boxer shorts on and were rubbing their crotch as they watched me. I was led to the couch and sat down, the woman stood in front of me and looked me in the eyes. "Katie, we need to make sure you get pregnant, your english ful open sex in urdu movi had done his part but now my friends need to make sure you conceive, I promise you, you will enjoy this and after all this the scariness and uncertainty will go away".

Said the woman. "But I don't want to get pregnant" I said, feeling very scared. "Baby, one day you will think about this day and be glad you went through, my name is Lela and I promise you won't be hurt at all" she said in a comforting tone. Lela then stood up and reached around her back and unhitched her bra, letting it fall to the ground, her huge DD breasts revealing themselves. Then she placed her hands around her hips and slid her skirt down her legs until they were at her knees and she let them fall to the floor.

She stepped out of them and did the same with her panties leaving her completely naked in front of me. I looked at her naked form in front of me, her body looked amazing, even for a girl I could see why men would go crazy for her. I then noticed all the men in the room were now bigtit redhead eating out skinny girls pussy naked, even my dad and the man who showed the police badge.

Lela moved up to me, she was smiling but all I saw was a manipulating woman who was trying to mistress and her slave couple in exciting session me into some kind of sex object.

She knelt down in front of me and gave me a seductive look, then she took hold of my underwear and slowly slid them off me. I didn't bother resisting, it was pointless, my fate had most likely been sealed, but I knew one thing, I would never forgive my mum and dad for this.

I was now naked on the couch, Lela told me to move forward so I was sitting on the edge of the couch, I did so. She then told me to lean back, I didn't argue and did as she asked. Lela moved her face directly over my young pussy and immediately probed it with her tongue. I knew what she was trying to do and I knew that I could only resist for so long just like when dad did the same thing.

I tried my best to try and ignore it, hoping to give the idea that I would never submit and openly take part in this act. Lela was a tall brunette who had creamy white skin all over and large breasts. She was very attractive and her eyes were just gorgeous and very seductive, certainly making her almost irresistible to men.

She continued to work on my pussy with her mouth, starting to directly sucking on the lips and folds of my pussy, which despite my best attempts savoring beautys luscious fur pie hardcore and blowjob resisting felt overwhelmingly good.

The sudden onset of pleasure and friction made my eyes roll to the back of my head. Lela took hold of my thighs and licked and licked my swollen pussy, to the point it was a wet mess of saliva and my own dampness. Some of the men came up from behind Lela and began to grope and play with her tits from behind her.

Another looked to be rubbing his penis all over her back. This didn't distract her, she continued to probe my pussy with her tongue to the point I was starting to really feel the pleasure come through and against my better thoughts I was letting go.

Lela sensed this and quickened her pace, twirling her tongue around so she was almost French kissing my pussy.

For the first time I let out little whimpers of pleasure and my thighs inadvertently closed around Lela's head. She moved her hands and rubbed my thighs very sensually. That was all I could take, I was so young and inexperienced that I came easily from only ten or fifteen minutes of Lela's oral work.

My body shivered and my back arched as I came over Lela's face, my body trembled and I cried out as my orgasm ripped through my body like a torrent. I felt like I was in heaven as I slowly but surely came back down and slumped on the couch. I felt great but the horny feeling inside me stayed and I realised now that once I came my body wanted more and this was exactly what Lela and the rest wanted.

Raised her head and reached her hand out, rubbing my stomach and smiling at me. She rose a bit and lay over me, we were face to face and she didn't hesitate to kiss me full on the lips.

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She met little resistance, I was still abuzz from my orgasm and she easily slid her tongue in my mouth. Lela French kissed me continually, her soft velvety tongue sliding over mine, our lips pressing against each other. I felt lust overtake me suddenly and for the first time I kissed back and placed a hand on Lela's shoulders. I knew this was the beginning of the end of mu innocence, I was feeling hot and horny and I wanted this woman, I wanted more of the wonderful feeling when I came.

I kissed Lela back rubbing my tongue against hers and really kissing her passionately as if she were a lover. Right at that point I felt my arm held and Lela got off me, letting the hand holding mine pull me to my feet. I wasn't on my feet long however as one of the strange men sat on the couch with his cock hard as steel.

It was huge, it looked at least 7 inches long, I had little reservations left though and his hand pulled me toward him and then he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his lap. Lela smiled at me and raised me up a bit my small wet pussy just inches above the man's huge cock. The man rubbed my pussy mound a few times and then pulled me down onto his cock, slowly I sank down onto it, feeding it deeper and deeper inside of me. I let out a groan as he filled me with his cock.

It felt like it was already as far as it could go but it was reaching parts of me which had never been touched before. Finally my ass touched his balls and he had filled me completely. He told me to use my arms to hold his shoulders and work myself up and down his cock. Lela showed me how and I soon had the motion down and began to fuck the man with no resistance. I developed a rhythm and began to quicken my pace, the man holding my hips and pulling my up and down on his cock.

It felt as good as it went deep inside me, I was now submitting completely to my pleasure and to these people. I soon began to moan as I fucked the stranger, as young as I was I couldn't resist the utter pleasure of the man's cock pumping my pussy like a piston.

I mainly had my eyes closed, biting my lower lips and letting the pleasure overpower me. When I opened my eyes I saw Lela in the middle of three men, they were standing around her as she was on her knees sucking their dicks. The man fucked me I this position for a few more minutes but my arms were getting tired and saw, the man sensed this and so he let me slip onto the couch and let me lay on my side and after raising my leg he fucked me from behind.

The position felt doog and I just lay me head down and let him got go to work. My pussy must have been very tight because he was making groans shortly after and in my short experience this usually meant he was ready to cum. The whole reason this was happening was flashing through my head, these people wanted to get me pregnant and I was now actively taking part.

I was suddenly shaken from my thoughts as I felt the first squirt of cum fill my pussy, soon another and another as he emptied his seed inside my young sixteen year old body. It also felt pretty good and I found myself craving the feeling of the warmth flooding me. He spanked my ass and then pulled out of me, a bit of cum leaking out but nothing compared to what he had shot inside me. He got off the couch and I was left to rest a bit.

I sat up but was soon approached by another of the men. The man reached out and told me to jump up, I wasn't sure what he meant but when he grabbed my hips and pulled me up sp we were face to face. He lifted me up further and I suddenly felt his cock rubbing at the entrance of my pussy. He jumped a bit and that was all it took for him to slide into me and soon I was impaled on his dick. I automatically wrapped my legs around his waist and he began to fuck me.

He fucked me like this for what seemed like forever, this position got him so deep that I was panting after minutes of him being inside me. He fucked me for about 20 minutes before he laid me down on the couch and after humping my wildly for another five minutes or so came deep inside me as the other man had. He came for well over thirty seconds and slumped over me, sucking my tits for a minute or two and then got off me. Lela came over and handed me a drink of water, smiling at me kindly.

I drank from the glass and downed it quickly, my throat was parched. "I'm tired Lela can we stop now?" I asked. "Oh sorry baby, but we have a long night ahead" said Lela.

I sighed and then two of the men I hadn't fucked yet came up to me, they smiled and took me to the floor. I remember feeling dizzy all of a sudden and the rest of the night became a haze and blur of different activities. At once stage I remember being on my beck on the floor with one of the men on top of me fucking me hard, I passed in and out but I would be shaken out of it by cuming when the man found my clit and played with it. I barely remember him leaning right over me as he came deep into my young womb.

Then I would sort of fade away and come too in a similar position with three guys around me. One was rubbing his cock over my young body, the other fucking me on top of me and the other rubbing the head of his dick over my face and lips.

I remember fading out and then coming back with cum on my mouth, breasts and my pussy being a mess of cum. The night went by as a haze, sometimes I would see the men fucking Lela but they would pull out and come over to me and after a minute would blow they're load inside me and into my womb. I even remember my dad Put me on my stomach, raise my arse off the floor and fuck me on my hands and knees, once again he would cum inside me. For what seemed like hours, the men would take turns again and again and again fucking me continuously.

Eventually I was so tired and exhausted I passed out completely with a man inside me as I slept on my side on the couch. Things went blank and I was out completely. I woke in my own bed in my room but m felt a familiar fullness inside of me. I came to the realisation I was in the grip and hold of a man who had his cock lodged inside my pussy. He seemed to sense I was awake and began to pump his dick into me in a slow sensual motion.

It didn't take long for me swinging couples cum together for hot encounters fade away again, the warm feeling of someone's grip and someone holding me was almost a comfort, but that night I had felt a lot of things. Every couple of hours I would wake again and would still be full of cock, I even felt as they ejaculated inside me. and eventually the man switched and it became a full on fuck session as about 4 in the morning, he lay on his back and made me dizzily straddle him and ride his cock until he came in me and I even managed to cum myself.

I remember slumping onto him and I fell asleep on top of him, his cock still inside, pumping seamen into my fertile, flooded, womb. Which my now was so swamped with sperm that it was already making its way to my fertile eggs. I woke that morning alone and exhausted, by crotch was swollen, red and swollen. I ducked to the bathroom and sat on it for about 10 minutes, I peed and noticed a fair bit of cum was amongst it.

I sighed as I thought about my fate. Pregnancy was a certainty, there was no doubting it. I cried there and then, thinking about the hopelessness of the situation. I went to my room and my phone was lit, it was a message from my boyfriend.

I almost broke down again, I couldn't imagine explaining to him about this. The massage was just saying hi, but I deleted it and didn't reply.

All I knew hot tight teen the consequences couldbe lethal brunette that he was a part of a life that I may no longer lead but he would always be part of a time of my life when I was still a kid, just an innocent kid.