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Black cock xxx suny leone
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DONNIE MEETS HIS TEACHERS, Part 1 One of the first things Donnie noticed when he got back to school after the summer of his fourteenth year was that the teachers began to look more attractive to him than he had remembered.

His sexual training with his parents during the summer had awakened his senses to the beauty of his female teachers and the masculinity of his male teachers. He was particularly attracted to his English teacher, and since Donnie was a good student he always chose a seat at the front of the class, close to the teacher's desk. Miss Vogel was his English teacher, and her red hair and shapely figure attracted the attention of all the boys in the class, but most of them did not have the sophisticated sexual knowledge that Donnie had.

The fact that Miss Vogel wore rather short-skirted dresses that fit her snuggly on the top as well as around her derriere made her a vision of loveliness in Donnie's eyes. One day Miss Vogel, who had been become aware of the way Donnie seemed always to be staring at her, and the way his pants seemed to have an extra bulge at the inseam, asked Donnie to remain after class.

Since her class was the last one of the day, Donnie didn't have to hurry off to another class, so he was excited by the idea that his attractive teacher would want to speak to him in private. After the other students had left the room Miss Vogel went and closed the door, locking it, and then called Donnie up to stand at the side of her desk.

"You seem to have grown a lot during the summer," said the teacher to her young student. As she said this Donnie became aware that she was looking at his crotch. He stirred uncomfortably, and try as he would, he could not keep his penis from growing into a full-fledged hard-on, making his tight jeans bulge even more than usual.

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Miss Vogel seemed to enjoy Donnie's discomfort, and playfully pushed away from her desk dropping a pencil as she did. When she bent over to pick it up, Donnie was able to see the bulge of her breasts, and some bare skin through the opening of her blouse. She failed to pick up the pencil, moving it farther under her desk as she reached down for it.

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"Oh, my," she said, "I am so clumsy. Would you mind crawling under the desk to find my pencil?" Donnie eagerly crawled under the desk looking for the elusive pencil.

While he did so Miss Vogel rolled her chair back a little more, and when Donnie looked up from under his teacher's desk he saw that she had spread her legs apart just enough so he could see all the way up to her panties, which were white and wispy, revealing the patch of red pubic hair that matched nicely with the hair on Miss Vogel's head.

Donnie enjoyed guessing the color of a woman's pubic hair according the color of her head hair, but he didn't realize at that early age that women often change their hair color so that they don't necessarily match.

But he could see that his teacher's pubic hair was red because the panties she wore were of a thin material that did nothing to hide her molly manson gives blowjob and laid savagely mound.

Donnie stared at the gorgeous sight as long as he dared, but when he got out from under the desk he was treated to another stimulating sight.

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Miss Vogel had unbuttoned her blouse to reveal more of her breasts, and Donnie could see almost all the way down to the aureoles. She smiled at him and asked him if he liked what he saw.

Donnie blushingly admitted that he did, and he felt as though his cock was going to burst out of his pants. Miss Vogel saw his discomfort and reached up to unzip Donnie's jeans. She fished into his jockey shorts and took out his burgeoning manhood, holding it in her hand and staring at it, commenting on how large and beautiful it was for one of Donnie's age. Her touch was all it took to make Donnie shoot his wad right into her hand, some of it getting onto her dress.

Miss Vogel laughed and reached for a tissue to clean the cum off her dress and Donnie's still throbbing cock. Donnie was embarrassed by his lack of control, but his teacher didn't seem to mind at all, and after tucking her student's penis back into his jeans and zipping them up, she said she would like to have Donnie visit her at home on Saturday so they could get better acquainted.

Donnie was thrilled at the idea, and knew that his parents wouldn't mind his getting in a few "brownie points" with his teacher. When Saturday came Donnie went off to see his teacher, dressed simply in shorts and a t-shirt, not bothering with underwear. The weather was still warm, so he wasn't cold.

His sexual anticipation was enough to keep him warm even if it had been freezing out. The warm weather also contributed to the fact that when Miss Vogel met Donnie at the door of her home she was also clad in just a t-shirt and shorts. However, her t-shirt was tight enough to reveal her nipples, bulging through the thin material, and her shorts were short enough to let Donnie see the roundness of her ass cheeks as she led him into her living room.

Miss Vogel had Donnie sit on the sofa while she went to fix some lemonade. The mere sight of Miss Vogel's derriere was enough to make Donnie's young cock stiffen immediately, and he was glad he was wearing baggy running shorts that left room for his genitalia to expand. When Miss Vogel returned with the drinks, she noticed that Donnie's shorts were hardly able to hide the hardening young manhood trapped inside them.

She sat down blonde teen squirting watch more of her at ulacamcom to Donnie, and the way she curled her legs beneath her made it possible for Donnie to see some strands of pubic hair beyond the edge of her shorts. He could also see that little pocket that most women have right at the top of their thighs, just before reaching the apex where the most tantalizing part of their anatomy dwelled.

Donnie guzzled down his lemonade in his nervousness, and Miss Vogel took the glass and set it on a side table, using the opportunity to scoot closer to the boy. When her upper arm made contact with Donnie's arm, he almost jumped in frightened excitement.

"I'm really glad you could come over today, Donnie. I get so lonely on the weekends when I don't have you young boys and girls around to keep me busy.

I love watching your young bodies move around during the class, and I have especially enjoyed what I see when I look down between your legs as you sit in the front row. I would really like to touch you there. .Would you mind?" Donnie was almost paralyzed with fear, but nodded yes, and didn't move when his teacher's hand was laid gently on his bare thigh and began to caress its way up to Donnie's crotch.

Donnie felt a momentary shock when Miss Vogel's hand reached the hem of his shorts and worked under the thin material. His cock was already hard, but it began to throb when Miss Vogel's fingers actually began to massage his flesh. Miss Vogel suggested that Donnie stand up in front of her, and when he had done so, she worked his shorts down over his thighs and buttocks until they lay puddled at his feet. His cock sprang up like a Jack-in-the-box, right in front of the woman's face.

Contrary to being shocked by this, Miss Vogel once more complimented Donnie on the beauty of big boobs blonde masseuse blowjobs big cock under the table circumcised penis.

Then she bent and took it into her mouth, sucking gently on it and causing Donnie to feel the sudden urge to cum. He could not contain himself for long, and after warning Miss Vogel what was going to happen, he spurted cum all over his teacher's face, some of it actually shooting into her gaping, sucking mouth. Miss Vogel told Donnie he was a naughty boy for shooting his cum so soon after she had begun sucking him, but there was laughter in her voice, and she quickly went into the bathroom to wash the cum off of her cheeks.

Donnie lay back on the sofa and played with is deflated manhood, going back in his mind to what had just happened. When Miss Vogel returned, she helped Donnie get his shorts back on, cooing and saying soft things to him, and letting him know that he was always welcome in her home. Miss Vogel didn't treat Donnie any different than ever in school the next week, and Donnie tried not to stare at the loveliness that was his favorite teacher.

He couldn't help but wonder when other exciting experiences might be in store for him as he planned when next he would pay a visit to her home.