Teen sex fairy tales kloe la maravilla

Teen sex fairy tales kloe la maravilla
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It was early November and we were on daylight savings so it didn't get dark till late. Quite often a group of us would play "backyard cricket" out on one of the sports ovals and then go for a beer or two. This night I didn't want to go for a beer as I had some study to do and I knew if I had a beer that would be the end of the study.

I left the others and went back to my room. I decided to hit the books for a bit have a shower then go to bed or leave my options open to go for a beer. At about 9pm I had had enough of study and I decided to have a real quick shower and fit one or two beers in before the bar shut.

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I stripped off, put my towel around my waist and went to the showers. When I walked in into the shower room there was another guy in there already having a shower.

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His name was Trevor and I really only knew him to say hello. I dropped my towel on the bench and got into a shower two up from him but I could still see him in the mirrors the other side of the room.

I started to shower and he must have heard me or seen me in the mirrors and he started talking about things in general. He finished up while I was washing my hair and started to get dry at the bench in the middle and we kept shooting the breeze.

Rinsing the soap out of my hair I was facing him and talking and I quickly noticed whilst he was talking to me he wasn't looking me in the eyes he was looking at my cock. Noticing him looking at my cock my cock started to get hard. I panicked and turned around so he couldn't see. I guess the panic tomuch cum on one girl the turning around caused my cock to start to go down so I turned back around just in case he had seen my cock start to grow and I wanted to show it hadn't.

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He didn't say anything so I was relieved but I am sure whilst my cock wasn't hard it was certainly bigger. I turned off the water and got out and went to the middle to dry and he put his towel around his middle and left saying he might see me over the bar shortly. I went back to my room and I was horny as hell now but I started to get dressed when a there was a knock on my door. I opened it and it was Trevor. He had locked himself out of his room and asked if he could borrow my tracksuit to put on to go over to the guardroom to get the spare key.

I said sure, we all had the same service issue tracksuits but mine was just a little bit small in the pants for him but it was okay. So he dropped his towel and put my tracksuit on naked underneath. Again I went about getting dressed but I was almost beside myself horny with young man humiliated in the bank office seeing his eyes on my cock in the shower and now him wearing my tracksuit naked!

All this had my cock half hard and leaking. A few minutes later I heard noise in the corridor, obviously the guard on duty had come back with him to make sure it was his room he was getting the key for and not something as a prank or theft.

I heard the guard say goodbye and Trevor's door shut. I had my jeans and shirt on and was sitting on the side of my bed putting my shoes on when Trevor knocked again to return my tracksuit. I let him in, he still had my tracksuit on and some jeans and polo shirt in his hands. He asked if I wanted him to wash the tracksuit but I said no need you only had it on for 10 minutes and had just had a shower.

I went back to the side of my bed and started to tie my last shoelace and he started to take off my track suit. He took the top off and then the bottom again standing naked in front of me like in the shower room. I looked up and he was smiling at me and said, "I saw your cock get hard before" and laughed a little, I turned red and was so embarrassed and was about to apologise when he walked over to me and started to rub my shoulders.

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Well mia gold gets plowed on the couch moved quickly from there standing in front of me rubbing my shoulders while I was sitting on the bed his cock was right in front of my face. I was so nervous I grabbed it with my hand and started to stroke it and it responded instantly. Trevor started to respond and asked me to take my jeans off. I stopped stroking him, kicked my shoes off and pulled my jeans and jocks down, as I did my cock popped up hard as rock.

He asked me if he could suck me but didn't wait for an answer as almost instantly I could feel his hot mouth over my cock and it was a great sensation. I shouted for him to stop saying I was about to cum so he stopped and stood up and I started to suck his cock.

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He was still standing next to my bed so I put my mouth over his cock and slowly worked his cock down my mouth. As I did I started stroking my cock but he grabbed my hand to stop me saying he wanted us to cum together. I said okay and I laid down on my bed and he got over the top of me all internal mirella takes a creampie and drinks cum from inside 69 style.

The instant his lips touched the tip of my cock I thought I was about to cum. I think he must have sensed this as he slid my cock right down his mouth and worked the shaft to slow me down but it didn't take long and we were both thrusting our hips and oblivious to everything else except the cum brewing up. I told him I was cumming and he said he wasn't far off and could I put my finger into his bum, I was a bit shocked by the request but thought okay so I stuck my middle finger into his hole as deep as I could.

Almost instantly he went wild thrusting his cock into my mouth and sucking my cock and in only a few seconds my legs went weak and my cock shot cum into his mouth and I could taste his load in mine. We both kept sucking for a about a minute as both our cocks went soft. A bit of a wave of guilt and disbelief of what had just happened swept over me, I shared my towel with him wipe his face, he got dressed and left.

We met up later over at the bar as if nothing had happened, we had two beers and spoke with others and when the bar shut at 10pm we went back to our living quarters. We ended up back in my room where we messed around until about 1am both cumming another 2 times. This and the other encounter were the only 2 times I had sex with another service guy.

Both really hot and rememberable as in both cases they were not planned or even considered they just happened. I wish it could happen again!!