Riding on a huge male rod hardcore and blowjob

Riding on a huge male rod hardcore and blowjob
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So my wife, Aimee, was at work one night (she's a nurse, and works night shift), and I was home alone. I started to feel really horny (this was two nights ago, on Sunday). I started to watch some online porn, stripped off, and started stroking my cock on the sofa, but it wasn't really doing anything for me.

I'd had this idea in the back of my mind for a while that I'd like to be naked and alone outside. It was quite a nice night (we live in the south, so it gets warm early in the year), so I turned off the lights, and opened our back patio door.

We live in an apartment, so there are other people around, we can hear them constantly, and they can hear and see us. I stepped outside onto the wooden porch (we live on the second floor), and listened for a minute or so. I could hear the neighbors upstairs talking, and the neighbor downstairs was sitting on her own little luscious chick yurizan beltran gets her bumhole nailed pornstars hardcore playing her guitar.

I waited another minute or so, then I slowly started to remove what was left of my clothes, which basically was a pair of boxers and a tshirt.

Within a few seconds, I was standing naked outside, with my neighbors upstairs talking away, and my neighbor downstairs playing her guitar, both sets of neighbors within just a few feet of my naked self. My cock started to get hard, and I started to stroke it right there. After a little while, I realized that my neighbor downstairs (Alison, a girl of 23) had stopped playing. I was busy stroking away and don't know how long she hadn't been playing.

I looked down through the cracks in the wood and realized she was lying back on her reclining chair, looking up!! Could she see me?

Could she tell what I was doing? I honestly don't know!!! It excited me a little bit, so I kept working my cock, harder and harder, working myself up to the point of cumming then slowly easing back down and denying myself the pleasure.

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I shifted my stance a little, standing above the largest crack in the wood, hoping that Alison would see and continued to watch. When I looked down again, she had a little smirk on her face, and I realized she could see everything.

Should I go down there? Should I continue with the show? What should I do? Alison answered for me, when she said, "Good night, Kevin. Nice to see . well . you." Then she giggled and went inside. I was really horny at this point, and didn't want it to end just yet, so I went inside, put on a pair of shorts and a clean tshirt, then went out of the apartment and started down the stairs.

I walked past Alison's window, and say her sitting on her sofa, her hand slowly rubbing her crotch. I knocked on the window, waved, and kept on walking. She waved back, still smirking. I walked on, past the complex swimming pool, and into the wooded area at the back where people go to walk their dogs.

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I was still really horny. It was dark by now, and I knew that I wanted to at least be completely naked outside. I walked through the woods, came out at the far end of the complex where there was a tennis court, and cut down the side of the court on the outside of the fence, and into another little wooded area, which runs right alongside I-75 south.

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When I got in there, I had a quick look around, saw no one, and stripped. Soon, I was totally naked in the woods in between the tennis court and the interstate. I was already hard, and I could feel the cool breeze on every part of my body, and I could feel the dirt under my feet.

It was a hugely erotic feeling, and I felt harder than normal. I started to stroke myself, slowly at first, then faster, wishing someone could see me. By this time, I was super horny, and I decided to take a huge risk. I walked through the woods, away from my clothes, towards the apartment complex, and emerged from the woods, walking into the tennis court, where I laid down in the center near the net, lying on my back and slowly jacking myself off.

A car drove up nearby, and I felt myself illuminated in the headlights. I heard a car door close, then footsteps walking away. Lying where I was, I was in full view of 8 apartments, so if anyone happened to be outside on their porch and look down, they'd be able to see what I was doing.

It really turned me on, so I continued to masturbate and move around to expose my ass, too. Again, I felt myself ready to cum, and again, I deprived myself. After about 10 minutes, I stood up and walked, completely naked, back into the woods, and moved towards the interstate this small tits teen lanna carter banged hard by her stepdad. Emerging from the trees, I sat against a tree trunk at the side of the road and started to play with myself furiously.

Cars zoomed by, illuminating me before they were gone, and I know that I was seen multiple times. It was so fucking erotic, knowing that I was naked and playing and people were actually seeing it, if only for a few seconds.

It was almost too much to bear, and soon I was spurting stream after stream of cum all over the side of the road. After that, I didn't hang about . I got back in the woods, grabbed my clothes and ran back to my apartment so I wouldn't be caught. The last thing I wanted was to be seen by the wrong person!!!

When I got there, Aimee was there, having come home early from work (quiet shift, so they'd asked for volunteers to come home early). She wanted to know where I'd been, so I told her, and I could see it excited her a great deal. She wanted me to show her where I'd been, so we both went outside, walked back through the woods, ended up at the tennis court, then into the woods beyond.

I showed Aimee the tree at the side of the interstate and you could still see traces of my cum on the ground.

Ducking back into the woods, Aimee looked at me, smiled, and started to take off her clothes. I immediately started to do the same, but she told me I'd had my fun, and it was now her turn. Completely naked, she walked back to the middle of the tennis court, laid down, and started to play with her clit, before sliding fingers inside herself, finger fucking her pussy.

She moaned lightly, while I stayed out of sight in the woods. I was hard again, so I slipped out my cock and started to play with myself again. I happened to glance up at the apartments opposite, and noticed that a guy was standing on the top floor, watching Aimee. She'd noticed too, I think, because she repositioned herself, opened her legs, and started thrusting her ass up off the ground towards him, moaning a little louder so he could hear.

After a few minutes, though, she stood up, strutted her sexy tight ass for him, and came back into the woods, out of his sight. I could tell that he'd been playing with himself in the dark while she put on her little show. Aimee kissed me, rubbed my hand over her sopping wet pussy, then walked right out onto the milf blackmailed pay son debt of the interstate, sat at my tree, opened her legs, and continued playing with herself.

I could see her naked body illuminated in the headlights of passing cars and trucks, and a few drivers even sounded their horns, I assume to voice their appreciation of my slut wife masturbating at the side of the road.

I couldn't hear much because of the traffic noise, but from where I was standing I could see Aimee's body tense and shake, and I knew she was cumming hard. A few moments later, she stood up and retreated back to where I was in the woods, laughing.

She got dressed, and we walked back home. As we walked, we ran into Alison, who was out walking her dog. Alison sort of blushed when she saw me, but Aimee just laughed, told Alison that I'd told her what had happened, and we were ok with that sort of thing.

Alison seemed embarrassed, but she laughed it off and said it had been a nice show. She then continued on her walk. Aimee and I headed back home, but Aimee stopped and said she had an idea. It was pretty risky, but she loved the idea of being seen and being caught. It doesn't take much to turn on my wife, who's a sexy mom and son in kecticn slut at the best of times.

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When Alison came home, she turned on the light of her apartment, and then she heard a little knock on the window. Aimee was standing facing Aimee's patio window, completely naked, with me naked behind her, massaging her breasts, as Aimee masturbated herself for Alison. Alison looked shocked, but she didn't move away, choosing instead to continue watching. We continued like this for a few minutes, then I could feel Aimee grabbing for my cock. I went to slide it inside her, but then realized that Alison was opening the patio door.

She beckoned for us to come inside, where she showed us to her bedroom, and told us to get on the bed. It was dark in here, and Alison put on the ceiling fan. She got on the bed with us, and Aimee went to kiss her, but Alison said she just wanted to watch. Aimee said that would be fine, but she'd have to be naked, too. So, slowly, Alison undressed, revealing a sexy little body, tight ass, nice firm titties, and a shaved little pussy that seemed to be glistening wet.

Aimee and I then went at it, not slowly, or quickly, but violently, 69-ing each other, Aimee cumming hard immediately, squirting on the bed, sucking my cock and working it up and down with her tight little hand and mouth, then pushing me onto my back and straddling me taking me inside her hard and fast and fucking fucking fucking so fucking hard and fast that she massive tatas get sprayed with sticky spunk again my sexy slut ass wife, then I saw that she had reached back to Alison and was frigging the little slut neighbors tight little pussy, with Alison moaning and jerking and shaking and fucking cumming, which made me cum and spurt my fucking spunk all up in Aimee's pussy while Alison watched and came herself.

A fucking awesome and awkward experience at the same time, with us staying for an hour after that, talking and drinking and the two girls touching each other and kissing, then Aimee once again straddled me and fucked my fucking brains out until I came all over little Alison's bed sheets, messing them up something fucking awful. Then we went home, contented and all fucked out.

Two days ago. It was incredible.

Haven't seen Alison since, but I fully intend to fuck the shit out of that little pussy.