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Blonde teen in the fields xxx back in brunos dungeon madelyn monroes transformation
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Beach Surprise My recently single mate Chris was staying with us for a few days during the summer and it just happened that it was my wife's (Polly's) birthday.

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"Why don't we spend your Birthday at the beach", I said to my wife. Both she and Chris thought it would be a great idea and that way we could all just chill out and relax. We, loaded up the car, and took off up the coast Highway a bit and then pulled into a side road and travelled about 10mins down towards a beach.

We parked along side the road. There was no other cars parked there which was a good sign, and probably because it was a week day it had something to do with it. We gathered our stuff babe is giving boy a wild ride, bag, and small eskie) and started down the track to the beach. The track opened onto a small expanse of beautiful beach on a beautiful day. We laid out a large blanket, set up a couple of sun umbrellas for shade and opened some wine.

It was a beautiful beach and it seemed that no one really knew about it.

My wife pulled her summer dress over her head to reveal the new bikini she had bought, and as she did she caught the eye of Chris who busty babe gets her tight cunt plowed whistled his approval.

"Oh stop it" she replied. Chris was always flirting with my wife, which was fine as it gave us all a giggle, and besides, Polly enjoyed the attention. After a few wines and much talk, we all had a nice buzz going.

I suggested that we get in the water, and with the temperature getting hotter, the water and waves felt great. After a quick swim, we all returned to the cool shade of our blanket. As we sat down, I watched as Chris wrapped a towel around himself and reached under to pull off his wet boardies. As he bent down to pull them off his feet, his towel flipped open and dropped to the sand, leaving him naked in front of us. I tried not to look but I did notice that Polly's eyes didn't leave his groin area.

He recovered quickly and re wrapped the towel around him, and then apologized for the awkward moment. It was no drama to us, even if my wife did end up getting a good look at his cock.

We all had a chuckle, then poured ourselves another wine and relaxed again. Chris sat back down beside Polly and asked if she would rub some 30+ coconut oil onto his back so he didn't burn.

She agreed and sat up and poured some lotion onto his back and shoulders and then began to rub slamming meth and fucking gay into him. As she worked it into his skin, her movements slowed and appeared more sensual as she looked to be savouring the moment. She was soon done and just as she finished, Chris asked if she needed her back done. I said that she could do with a touch up, so my wife agreed and lay back on the blanket and rolled onto her stomach.

He kneeled close in beside her and poured the oil over her back and shoulders, then gently started massaging it in.

He started at her neck and she instantly relaxed. "Mmmmmm" she purred, "that's very nice" she murmured. As Chris moved down her back, I leant over and released her bikini strap which popped open and startled her a bit. "Hey" she said to me. "Its ok babe", I said, "you can't have a tan line now can you" I added. Chris kept gently massaging it into her and he was now down to her lower back.

He was making circles with his hands in the small of her back and every so often he would dip his fingers inside the elastic top of her bikini bottoms, causing my wife to stir a little. He kept this up, and added more oil to her xxxstory boss and sacretary sex and also drizzled it down the length of her legs.

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I lay down beside her and rested my head on one hand and massaged her back xxxksi story full he dwinlod desi Chris worked the oil into her legs. He was slowly rubbing the oil up and down her legs, coming all the way up her inside thigh to just below her pussy before changing direction and heading away again.

He did this 4 or 5 times in a row, and then as he came up again, I noticed Polly part her legs slightly. He brushed her pussy with his fingers causing her to stir slightly. I asked if she was ok…"Mmmmmm sure am" came the reply, as she turned her head towards me and we kissed. '"Yeah, yeah, ok you two&hellip.get a room" Chris said chuckling.

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"That's your legs done Polly", he said, "Time to roll over", he added. Polly propped herself up on her elbows leaving her bikini top lying on the blanket and rolled over. She lay back on the blanket and closed her eyes. Chris looked at me and I just gave him a little nod and then poured some more oil over her entire front, breasts and all.

He changed position and moved in to lay down on the other side of her and then began to massage the oil all over her breasts and stomach. Her nipples quickly arab teen first time art imitating life to swell and harden. Her eyes were still closed so I leant in and kissed her asking, "How's that babe?" "Mmmmmm" came her soft reply.

I sat up while Chris continued to massage her, running his hands over her breasts and nipples and down close to her bikini bottom. He would push the tips of his fingers just inside the sex mian khalifa with condom top of her bikini and watch her for a reaction…none came. Polly's eyes were still closed so he leant in and kissed her lightly on her nipple.

There was no immediate response so he did it again, but this time he drew her nipple into his mouth and gently sucked on it. He then kissed her on the lips. This time my wife started to kiss him back, and soon their tongues were involved in a slow sensual exploration of each others mouths. My cock was already hard.

Chris began to slowly trace his hand down from my wife's breasts down past her stomach to her bikini bottoms. This time he didn't stop and slipped his hand beneath the soft material. She parted her legs, and he slid his oiled fingers into her wet pussy. Polly let out a sigh and pushed her hips up into his hand as he began to slowly finger her. Their kissing intensified.

I watched this for a minute and then moved so I could take hold of her bikini bottoms. I gave them a gentle pull and my wife raised her hips slightly as I slipped them down her legs and off. I then lay back down beside her. Chris broke their kiss and stood up. Polly lifted her head momentarily and her gaze didn't leave him while he moved around and positioned himself at her feet.

He knelt back down and lifted her knees up, gently pushing them apart as he shuffled in closer. He then pulled the towel from around his waist, releasing his rigid cock. Polly dropped her head back onto the blanket knowing she was about get fucked. She looked at me then said, "Kiss me babe".

Moments later, she moaned through our kiss as Chris entered her. I broke away and watched as he slowly started sliding his cock in and out of my wife. Shallow at first but as he got more and more coated with her wetness he pushed in deeper. Polly looked up at him smiling, then moved her hand down and started rubbing herself. "You two are so bad" she said as he positioned himself over her so he could penetrate her pussy a lot deeper.

I moved her hand away from her pussy and replaced it with mine. "Oh god that feels so good" she said as I started to rub her. I leaned in and we kissed again while Chris continued with his slow and deliberate thrusts. Cute babe zoey and gina is thirsts for sex as she unwinds with her hunk justin moved away a bit and as I did she put her arms around him and pulled him in closer wrapping her legs around his.

It wasn't long before my wife's breathing started to get faster and heavier as they kissed and fucked in front of me.

I continued to watch and soon sensed that her orgasm wasn't too far away, as she squirmed and ground herself up into him. I knew she was close. Suddenly she shuddered and moaning loudly she pushed and bucked up hard against him. It's difficult to explain, but to see my wife orgasm with another mans cock inside her was just amazing. She kept pushing her arched back and hips into him, and for a good 20 seconds she continued to moan and shudder while her orgasm washed through her.

Chris was close too, "Oh fuck I'm gunna cum" he groaned. Polly looked up at him still breathless from her own climax "Ohh yesss…that's it" she panted, cum inside me" she moaned. He thrust into her several more times before his body suddenly stiffened and he let out a long moan then shuddered and grunted loudly. His cum flooded into her, and I lay back and watched as he continued to pump and empty his cock into my wife.

"Ohh yesss. yesss, fuck me" she moaned as he filled her pussy. 20 or so seconds later, his orgasm slowly began to subside and as his cock softened inside her, he leant down and they softly kissed as they basked in their afterglow. Chris then rolled off her to the other side and Polly turned her head to me.

"Happy Birthday babe" I said to her.

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"You're so bad darlin" she said smiling.