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As Moonshadow crouched down low, a group of guards exited the castle. Moon's eyes probed the darkness to make sure he was alone. Once he knew he was alone he thought of a plan.

When Moon looked up again he hung his head and why should i cook when i fuck great more guards? They wern't taking any chances.As Moon let his eyes wander up, he saw a vacant window. Retrieve the plans, keep your secret, beware the girl. Moon stealthily moved around so he could gain access to the wall and climb it without being caught.

Once hea reached the wall he slowly slid down the scowl over his face, so that only his eyes were showing. He put his hands on the wall and looked for a gap to put his hands in. When he found one he started to climb, making sure he was hidden in the dark shadows. Finally, when he reached the window he slipped inside. But as soon as hbe did so the guards below him yelled and he could sense them scrambling.

"Intruder!" Moon hung his head and cursed. How could his cover have been blown so quickly? As Moon looked around the room, he noticed there was a table with a single candle burning, right next to it was a door. He couldn't sense any guards so he quickly got out a beaker, and poured water into the bottom of the door.

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When he opened it, it gave a mere whisper. His idea had worked. He looked down both hallways and recalled his map that he had memorized and went to the right.

Once he reached the door he knew that held the plans he quickly opened it and had a look around. there was a small box in the middle of the room. He tied one end of the rope onto the lid and held the other. Once he was safely into a corner, he pulled on the rope and when the lid opened, a spring loaded blade shot out with a smooth hiss. Moon rubbed his head gratefully. if he had been sloppy, and stupid he would have had his chin cut off by that blade! Moon carefully walked over to the box and picked up the plans.

He opened them to see if they were the real plans. He looked them over, there were foreign languages written all over it. Once he decided they were the real plans he tucked them safely into a water-proof box and concealed it into his belt. At that moment he heard the roar as the guards started to search the castle. he could sense them! They were already everywhere around the castle! How would he get out now?

Moon took one look at the door and then at the window. Moon strode over to the window and eased himself over it. The concrete was hard and rough, which only made it harder and harder to hold on. Then his hands gave away and he plumeted towards the ground.

Moon gasped. Before Moon hit the ground he had already thoought of how to survive this. He curled into a ball and when he hit the ground he allowed himself to roll.

He stood up with lightening speed and ran. The sun just peeked over the hills. When Moon reached a small town he stopped. He was exaughsted! He saw an old barn and quickly opened the door. It was empty from apart a few hay bails. Moon quickly fell asleep on a bail. The door opened as what seemed to be another girl his age. She crept over to him. A strong face! She looked him over. Was he dying or just extremely tired? Moon sat up, and made a move for his sword.

She moved into a combat position. The girl made a frightened face. "Who are you?" Moon asked in a whisper. "My name is Yuki" she lied. Her name was actually Snowhalk of the Fuma Clan. Moon weighed what he would say next. "My name is Nanashi" Snowhalk struggled to keep her face passive. Nanashi? wasn't that Edo dialect for Nameless? She knew he had lied, just as she had. They had been trained to. "Hello Nanashi" she gave a fake smile. Moon nodded in return. "what do you brunette czech milf deep fuck from eastern europe he asked her suspiciously, even though he Knew she was a spy and after his plans.

A smile came over her face, and then spoke. "I have a deal for you" "What is it?" "If i let you sleep will umm help me on my way to Edo?" Moon knew he couldn't get sidetracked with this, this girl! But still look im hairy hairypussy blonde amateur hardcore mature curvy sex anal blowjob cumshot oralsex needed to sleep.

He made up his mind in a matter of seconds. "Fine, but you leave me alone after that, right?" "of course" she replied with one of her best smiles. After about a 2 days of walking Snowhalk had already tried everything on him.

Her smiles, dammit she even tried to flirt with him. But he was always unresponsive. He had caught on to everything she did. He smiled to himself, he wouldn't let a mere girl confuse him.

When it was dark they layed out their bedrolls and watched as the sun ducked low behind the forrest. Snowhalk turned to Moon. "Nanashi, have you ever kissed a girl?" she asked almost teasingly. Moon sighed as she giggled. Girls, he thought.

"Nanashi?" "yes?" when Moon turned Snowhalk grabbed his chin and brang his face down to hers. She had gone to desperate measures, but she had to get him to trust her!

Moon jumped in surprize and took a step back, but only managed to hit a wall. Snowhalk blushed. "Yuki.we cam't! we are enemies by our clans!" Moon almsot screamed out. " So?" Snowhalk smiled and took another step towards him. That was it!

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"No Yuki" She knew he meant it. He was stronger, bigger, taller and more expirienced than her, he would no doubt hurt her if she came any closer. "Fine" she said."but i thought thats what you wanted" and hauntily walked back to her bedroll. To be continued.