Riding my brothers cock till i cum

Riding my brothers cock till i cum
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MY SISTER & THE EXCHANGE STUDENT PART 2 DINNER Please read part one before continuing here. The game we had started this morning had started out as teasing.

Rach, my sister, had begun it, and after making me cum, had both escalated, and most defiantly taken the lead in our game. I was trying to come up with a way to even the score as I belatedly followed her into the house. It couldn't be a coincidence that, the same morning I spied on her through her web-cam, she had introduced a sexual element to our relationship.

I just couldn't work out how they were connected. Maybe a time would come when I could ask Rach about it, but I sensed now was not the time. She seemed contented with, and even possibly exited by, the casual, seemingly non intentional, way sex had introduced itself into our relationship. I went to my room to change out of my messed shorts, and clean the cum from my front. I couldn't believe how much there was. I had been jacking myself for a couple of years now, and had never had this big a mess to clean up.

I got myself cleaned up, put on some fresh shorts, and was turning to go to my computer, when I noticed something on my bed. It was a scrunchie. The same one Rach had been wearing. I picked it up, and noticed it was wet. It was wet with my cum. I really had cum a lot. Rach had left it there for me. A memento of the car ride, I thought. It was strangely erotic, and I felt myself getting excited. I got control of myself, adjusted my dick up into my waistband to hide my reforming hard-on, and went over to my desk.

I went to turn on my computer, and noticed it was already on. I defiantly remembered turning it off. Rach had been in my room. Did she have enough time to see anything on my computer? I searched thoroughly, not knowing what I was looking for.

It wasn't until I reached to lower the screen that I noticed my webcam light was busted. I froze for just an instant. Understanding flooded through me. Rach had known I was spying on her. She must have known, when she saw her web-cam light was broken, that something huge tits babe finger and dildo play on bed up, and when she heard her hair dryer through my speakers, she knew I was watching.

I looked down at my computer clock, but there was no remote control icon. I looked in my start menu program list, and there, in addition to my spying program, was a second remote program. She must have set it up to not show as an active program. She was a smart one. She was probably watching me right now. She would want to see my "reaction" to her cum soaked scrunchie.I instantly knew what to do. Pretending I was unaware of my sister's sexy client services juicy pussy of masseuse, I, as casually as possible, got up, and went back over to my bed.

I picked up the scrunchie. If she thought it had cum on it before, I'd show her just how cum soaked it could get. I pulled down my shorts, sat on the corner of my bed, facing the computer, and wrapped the scrunchie around my dick, like it was a huge ponytail.

I used it to masturbate, stroking it's already wet surface up and down my shaft.

It was such a turn on that she was watching me use her scrunchie to jack off, that I came within 2 minutes. Just as I was about to lose my load, I pulled the scrunchie up over my chock head, and emptied myself into it.

I didn't cum as much as the previous 2 times today, but it was enough to completely soak Rach's present. I set it aside carefully, and went back to my computer. There was no way to know for hawt adorable nymph is longing for wild lechery if she was watching, but, then again, assuming my speakers were off, there was no way of her knowing if I was watching her.

I turned on her webcam, and there she was, sitting at her computer. I think, by the flush of her face, that she had watched, and liked what she saw. She pretended to be doing something on her computer, though she seemed to be squirming around in her chair, and I did the same, watching her beautiful face, a little smile creeping to her lips. After a few minutes of us pretending, she got up, and bounced out of the room. As she went, I couldn't help but notice the sticky white goo all down her back.

I waited, half expecting her to come through my door. Instead, I heard the bathroom door close, and a few moments later, the shower come on. Of course, she would need to clean off all of my cum. With another inspired idea, I quickly grabbed the scrunchie, slipped out of my room, crept down the hallway, past the bathroom door, and into Rach's room. I laid it on her pillow, where it instantly made a wet spot.

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Now she could have a memento. As I crept back down the hall, I thought I heard something strange; a sort of light squeaking, as if someone was skidding a new tennis shoe on a clean floor. I stood there at the bathroom door, listening. Then the sound changed, and I realized it was Rach. Her squeaks had turned more primal, into high pitched grunts. She was masturbating! Watching me jerk of with her scrunchie had gotten her exited all right.

But this wasn't fair. She got to feel me cum in the jeep, and watched me cum just now, and here I was having to imagine what she looked like masturbating, with only the sound to help me. I almost barged in right there, but I didn't want to ruin things, and I wasn't sure where the boundaries were in this new game/relationship we were in.

The pace of her cute little grunts became more fevered, until, after a slight pause, I heard "Ohhh…Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake", in a very quavering, high pitched hum.

I think at this point, my dick decided it would just stay hard for ever, and I would just have to deal with it. I crept back to my room. The tiredness from both my work-out, and the three orgasms I'd had was finally naughty and wild delights pornstar and hardcore to me, though, my dick, seemed ready to run a marathon.

I got into bed, and was just about to drift off, when I realized I could give Rach a show without any effort. I pulled off my shorts, my dick springing off my stomach, grabbed the base with my hand to keep it hard as long as possible, and, seeing my computer had a good view, fell into a blissful dream filled sleep where Rach was naked the whole time.

I woke up after 3 hours of Rach teasing me even in my dreams, to find my cock was still hanging suspended in the air, bouncing in blonde and brunette share a dick pornstars and hardcore to my heart beat, even though my hand had left it's post, as it were. I could hear my mom downstairs, in the kitchen, and immediately realized I was famished.

I slipped by shorts back on, tucked my dick in my waistband, and realized my dick was still too big to hide the head that way. Again, grabbing a loose shit, I threw it on, and went downstairs to get some grub.

Rach was nowhere to be seen, but my mom was busy cooking. "How long before dinner?" I asked, taking a place at the kitchen table. "Still 20 minutes" she replied.

"Want some chips to hold you over?" I answered "yes please", and she put a bowl of chips, and some salsa on the table, which I immediately began inhaling. 10 minutes later, and the chips half gone, Rach came in through the back door. She had changed what she was wearing which was understandable, considering the mess I had made of them, but what she was now wearing made me catch my breath.

She had on a bikini top that had only two small triangles hiding her perfect (as I now knew) breasts. It was powder blue, which really looked good on her tan body, it was also wet, which made it just transparent enough to make out her nipples, and the dark area surrounding them.

Nivanuatu girls port vila story porno was wearing jean shorts also, but not the ones from earlier today.

These were much shorter cut-offs, so short in fact, I could see the whites of the front pockets sticking out the bottom at least an inch. She smiled her cute innocent smile and said "hi mom" in that sing song voice. "Oh honey, I wish you wouldn't dress like that " my mom said glancing over her shoulder at Rachel. "I was washing my car" Rach said, and, then turning to me, her smile turned wicked, and looking me dead in the eye, she continued "it was a real mess." I managed to smile back at her, trying my best to amateur teen sex hd and girls out west fuck bossly family competition her innocent smile, and said "did you manage to get it clean?" She responded, never loosing eye contact "there were a few sticky (she actually emphasized sticky) parts, but I got the job done." With that she turned and walked to the cabinets to help set the table.

I was getting up to help, when Rach said "you stay there and rest. You've had a long hard day (again she emphasized long and hard)." As she turned away, I got a look at the back of her shorts, or rather the lack there of. The shortness of them was more apparent from behind as they came just down to where her but ended.

Her butt didn't crease where it met her legs; it just curved in with the muscle, till it hit leg. But the best part was the rips. Crossing both cheeks from just under the belt-line down, were long frayed horizontal rips.

Fully half of her ass was showing through them, and it was easy to see she was either wearing a thong, or nothing at all underneath. As I stared, she reached up on her tippy toes to get the glasses down, and her butt flexed, perfect and round, so tight I would have hurt my hand, had I spanked her then.

She looked over her shoulder and winked. My dick throbbed so hard I reached under the table and undid my shorts to relieve the pressure. I made sure I timed it so my mom wouldn't see, and Rach would. She hesitated for a moment, and then continued on as if nothing had happened, but I could swear her nipples were much easier to see than before. Our mom mentioned in a distracted way "Rachel, only set for three, your father won't be home till Tuesday." Our kitchen table, where we ate most of our meals, was a u shaped booth.

I traditionally sat at the right end, Rach sat at the back, and our mom sat at the other end, ostensibly so she could get up and get things as needed during the meal, and our father, when he wasn't away on business, would pull up a chair, and sit on the end. As they brought dinner to the table (spaghetti and meatballs), Rach said "you take the inside mom. I'll get up if we need anything." "Thanks hon, I'm wiped" my mom returned, and slid back to the middle of the booth.

I knew something was up (besides my dick), but Rach let slip not a clue as she sat down across from me. We started chatting about our day. Mom went into a tirade about this house she was trying to sell, and things were going normally, until I noticed Rach, as she listened to our mom, pull her hair out of her scrunchie…no, our scrunchie.

There was Rach, innocent as you please, with a, now dry cum caked scrunchie, twiddling around in her hand. Mom finished her rant and turned to me. "How was practice? Did Rachel get you there in time?" Thinking quickly, determined to keep up with Rachel in this crazy game. "Rach was great.

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" I said casually, then, turning to look at Rach, "it was hard, but she riding on a schlong excites amazing teen girlfriend care of it." Smiling at my triumph, I caught my breath as Rach, as casual as could be, brought the scrunchie up to her mouth, and started sucking on a particularly white, crusty frill. Without missing a beat, our eyes locked together, I continued "she can drive me any time." The word time fluttered as I came out of my mouth, because, at that moment, I felt both of Rachel's feet touch my knees.

"I didn't go to fast for you, did I?" She said sweetly, as her feet cupped my knees, and her toes curled into the tops of my thighs. "No" I managed with an amazing degree of calmness. "I enjoyed the ride." I finished, as her feet left my knees and began slowly sliding up and down my inner thighs, moving slightly farther each stroke.

Refusing to back down, I said "she even stayed to watch". "I liked watching." She said looking amber fuentes picked up on the beech and fucked me, and then glancing up the stairs to our bedrooms. "Besides" she said with a grin, "I like doing thing for my Big Bro!" and at the words "Big Bro" her smile flashed evil for the briefest moment, and her feet finished their journey, and, bottoms of her feet together, she wrapped all ten of those cute little toes around my dick.

I knew it was coming from the moment I felt her feet on my knees, but it still hit me with a jolt. Earlier, in the jeep, it could be seen as accidental contact on her part, though we both knew better, but this was deliberate. My sister was giving me a foot job under the table as we ate dinner with our mom!!! I pretended to be interested in my meal, finding it difficult to keep from bucking my hips as Rachel took long strokes, her toes curled tight.

Then she moved one foot down, pushing my shorts down with her heel, and wiggled her toes at the base of my cock, while the other toes played with the head. My mother had brought papers to the table, and was looking though them, which gave me the opportunity, dangerous as it was, to pull my shirt out of the way so I could watch. There they were. Ten tan little toes, with pastel pink polish, playing my dick like a guitar. I was getting close, and Rach could sense it.

She went back to stroking and curled her toes so hard into my cock, the little knuckles turned white despite the tan. I threw my shirt back over just in time, gripped the table with both hands, and held on for dear life.

Now I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but I couldn't stop cumming. Sitting there, as rigged as a statue, holding my breath for fear of crying out, I came; shooting stream after stream into the front of my shirt. My eyes locked on Rachel's, the intensity of our stares could have burned through steel. She was flushed with excitement, her nipples hard and straining at the bikini cloth. It went on and on. The deluge fell off, but I was still cumming. I let out the breath silently, and kept cumming.

My legs started shaking from the effort, and still I was cumming. Finally, after what must have been over a minute, I gradually came back to earth. With one last squeeze of her toes, Rachel finally let go; our eyes still locked, she glanced down at me, and giggled silently. I looked down to see my shirt starting to show the wetness of my cum seeping through. From just below my nipples, in a spreading upside down "V" I was soaked. I quickly picked up a glass of water, and spilled it all down my front.

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Our mom looked up at the sound of ice bouncing off the bench and floor. "Good heavens Jake, be more careful." She chided, returning to her work. "Sorry" I croaked, looking from her, back to Rach, my amazing, beautiful sister. Rach, breathing hard, but silently, put a hand under the table, and brought it up a moment later, two of her fingers covered in my cum.

She brought it to her lips, and rolled her tongue around them, before sucking them clean. Then, hopping up, she said "I'll clean it up." And bounced away to get a towel, her bare feet squishily tracking my cum across the floor.

She returned moments later with a towel, got down on her hands and knees and stared wiping her way under the table. A moment later, I felt something on my still hard dick. Looking down, I lifted my shirt enough to see Rach's scrunchie ringing my dick big titted brunette ex gf teasing her pussy in pov style a garland.

Standing up, she leaned over me, presumably to wipe my side of the bench seat clean. Putting one knee on the outside edge of the bench, she leaned over me, pushing her chest into my face for a moment, then whispering, as she backed away "I want that back." Again she flashed me that evil grin for an instant, and then, switching to sweet innocent Rach, she sat back down, and there we were, just a regular family having dinner.