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Delighting beauteous chick with oil massage hardcore blowjob
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Well, I'm not entirely sure how I ended up in this situation. I'll recount it all as best as I can. Please forgive any lapses in my memory. It seems I've not quite been myself lately. I guess I should start by saying that even as a child, I was shy, quiet, reserved. Though, I always wanted to be one of the outgoing girls. They always seemed to have so much fun, smiling at everyone, laughing at all the jokes. I just never had it in me to be anything but the timid girl that sat quietly at her desk.

Even during free time, I'd rather read and listen to my music than join in the frolicking of the others. I also had a tendency to keep my distance from others because I was overly sensitive to sounds, touch, lights, and smells. When everything around you can cheating ebony pregnant freak gets her pussy stuffed with a meaty black cock a physical response from you, either good or bad, you tend to limit your exposure to things.

I didn't have the typical childhood because of this condition, I isolated myself instead. No sleepovers, no squealing girl chats, no field parties. This hasn't changed in my adult years. I still long to be part of something exciting, something bigger and greater than myself, but, I cannot seem to break free of my reservations. Well, except for recently. The past month or so has been quite different for me. I thought maybe the books I'd been reading had something to do with it. Now, I'm not so sure.

I'd actually happened upon the first book by accident a few months ago. I'd gotten a whole box of books from a yard sale. Some were the murder mysteries and crime drama I typically read. Most were silly romance novels, where impossibly cute pirate captains rip off the bodices of a young, hapless female captive and she falls instantly in love with him, though he treats her like scum on his boot until he loses her, then figuring out he loves her too and crosses the world, leaving a path of dead in his wake as he seeks her out.

Those kinds weren't really for me, so I filipinguy and american girl fucking story2 them to a local retirement center. However, I did find one book that, I am nearly ashamed to say, and I could barely put down. The simple red covers held between them a world I'd never seen, one that spoke to stray thoughts I'd had since I was young.

I loved reading about the tests they put their body and minds through, either for their own pleasure or for another's.

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I could only imagine the smell of the leather falls and they fell along a person's back. Or nearly hear the metal jangle of a set of shackles that bound one person in the book.

I took the book with me everywhere, since the cover was so nondescript. I'd read it every chance I had; I could not get enough. I would read it on my lunch break at work and on the bus. I'd even read it while waiting for the bus, and that was only a 5-10 minute wait.

If I had a spare moment, I'd find the book in my hands and headset on as I lost myself amongst the scenes portrayed in my little red book. It was like a drug. Once I finished the first book, I started seeking out other titles by the same author. I found a used book store that I'd never been to before and tried to casually make my purchases without making eye contact or small talk with the owner. I didn't know whom else to look for yet, and didn't realize that there really may be more writers than this one.

Sadly, this author had only written three books and I quickly finished with those. I did try to go back to my typical reading fare, but I soon realized I'd lost interest in them, at least for now. I finally had to go to the used bookstore that I had been frequenting and ask the lady behind the register if she knew of any similar books.

I nearly died from embarrassment and I'm still not sure how I ever got the words out. Thankfully, she didn't give any sort of indication that I'd made a strange request, she simply told me to follow her. She pointed out a small section tucked away in a back corner of the store. I remember standing and staring at the shelves, in awe that there were so many books to choose from. I browsed through a few before I settled on a handful of inconspicuous titles.

I admit that I'm not the most observant person. All too often, I have my nose stuck in a book, tunes playing in my ears, and a fabricated world in my head.

So, I can say with all seriousness that as things occurred during the past month, I really made no connection between them all. I was slowly sinking into something that was way bigger and deeper than I'd ever imagined. I do remember the first time I noticed him. I didn't think anything of it then, of course, but looking back I can see where some of it makes sense. There are still things I can't explain, maybe that stuffs related to the books.

I know, I know, I'm skipping around. Let me try to tell you what I remember. I'd been boarding the bus and felt something make contact with me. Gasping and pulling away quickly at the unexpected overload of physical sensation, I look to see the source. I see this guy standing there with a shocked and guilty look on his face. His brown hair was neatly kept in a typical style. He was about the same height as me, so I'd say average height for a male.

He certainly wasn't a body builder, but he wouldn't blow away in the wind either, so I guess average in size as well. In fact, everything about him seemed to be average, except for the intensity in his tan eyes. He started to bend down and I took a step back, my eyes following him warily. Then I saw he was retrieving my book that I'd dropped when he startled me.

I was hoping against all hope that he didn't look at the book too closely. I nearly snatched it from his hand as he passed it back to me. I had my headset on still so I couldn't hear him, but I saw his lips move in an apology.

I had no clue how to respond, I didn't want to talk, I just wanted out of there. So, I nodded and grabbed the first seat I could, hoping he'd move on past. I gave a quiet sigh of relief as I saw him do just that. I opened up my book, but was too frazzled to read. My eyes skimmed over the lines repeatedly, but I couldn't make any sense of it. Had he seen what I was reading?

What would he say if he knew? My arm still tingled where he had grazed against me. I fought the urge to physically turn in my seat and look back to find where he was sitting.

Was he watching me? I felt like someone was. Why had his eyes been so focused on me when he handed me my book? I had no answers to any of these questions, of course. I sat the rest of the ride to work in a semi-dazed state as I tried to brush it all off and return to normal. Working in a tizzy would not do me any good. Finally, the bus arrived at my stop.

I stowed my book away and exited the bus. With the incident still on my mind, I found myself watching the sidewalk as I walked along to work, moving on autopilot, avoiding collision with people and other obstacles as if by instinct. Suddenly, someone was right next to me. I was just reaching to use my book as a weapon when I looked up and saw him, again. He was way too close, hovering on the edge of my personal bubble.

I wanted nothing more than to sprint away, but instead, I found my hand reaching up and removing my earpiece as I addressed him, "Yes?" "I wanted to…" he paused, a myriad of expressions sweeping across his face in an instant. Frightened as I was, it was intriguing to watch pain, caring, wonder, confusion all play out as he searched for what he wanted to say. "Um, I wanted to apologize again for bumping into you earlier." "It's okay," I glanced at him quickly then off at the people walking past.

I was hoping that if something happened to me, one of these people would remember what I looked like, what he looked like. That thought got me moving again. It was time to get to work and away from this stranger. Suddenly, his hand was on my arm. Not roughly, very gentle-like, but it was too much for me without preparing and I gasped and jerked away.

He mimicked my movement, jerking away as well. "Uh, yeah, sorry about that, too," he glanced at my arm before clearing his throat. "So, I saw you were reading a book. What's it about?" Oh my god, did he just ask me that, I thought.

I felt the blood drain from me and rise to my cheeks. I slowly started stepping away, brain whirling as I tried to think. Do I tell him?

What would he say? No, can't tell him, he'd think it horrible! "I've really got to get to work. I'll be late." Without giving him a chance to respond, I took off. I didn't want to see if he was following me, I didn't want to talk to him. I nearly jogged the rest of the way to work and was quite happy to be safely hidden behind its doors.

Lovely chick likes erected cocks a lot took me until lunch time to calm down from both encounters.

I don't have much chance to talk to anyone once a day, let alone twice. And the physical contact was certainly too much without be being prepared. Settling in at lunch, I was finally able to unwind a bit and relax into my book. Okay, I didn't really ever relax into these books, quite the opposite in fact. They would really get me quite worked up, so I have no clue why I still read them at work and in transit. But at home, when I'd start feeling a bit too into the book and find myself damp and tingling, sometimes I'd quietly bring myself to orgasm.

It never took much, as sensitive as my nerve endings are. It was soon after that when I saw him again. And when I say I saw him again, I mean I started seeing him everywhere. He was on my bus, he was at my work, and he even started going into the apartment building diagonal from mine. At first, it really creeped me out and I started carrying a small container of pepper spray.

I warily watched him from the corner of my eye, but he never even seemed to look at me. He never came overly close and certainly appeared to be trying to keep his distance. After I got over the fear of him being around, I actually started wondering why he wasn't trying to talk to me again. Had I done that thorough of a job frightening him off? I had to sigh at myself sometimes. One thing that reading these books did was certainly remind me that I was alone. He was the only male to really express much interest in talking to me in a long time and I had to go and scare him away.

Sometimes I would think about how to get his attention, but finally gave up on that idea. There's no way he'd want to associate with me if he knew how carnal my desires were! So, I ignored his presence as he ignored mine. It really was for the best. I guess I started noticing a difference in how I felt about the time I went to celebrate my raise at my parents house. I only know this because I rarely leave my apartment once I get there in the evenings.

After I'd spent some time with my parents, I came home to a strange smell in my apartment. I looked over my things and could see nothing missing or out of place, but wicked czech girl gapes her juicy twat to the peculiar. My heightened since of smell left me thinking something was off. It almost smelled like male cologne, which I owned none of. But, since I could find nothing amiss, I dismissed it. Over the next few days, I started caring a bit more of how I presented myself to others.

I looked at myself from the outside, as if I were someone else, and saw a timid woman that was easy to pass over. I didn't want to stand out in a crowd, but I certainly didn't want people to walk all over me either. I started taking more time with my appearance, brushing my hair a bit better, and even going so far as to apply some spare makeup I had lying around. Maybe, in a way, I was trying to solve my single status.

I don't know. What I do know is that, slowly, I was starting to feel more freedom, relaxed more often than not. I felt like I wanted the world to take note of my changing self. I was starting to feel like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. I went through the house and opened up every curtain I could find. I stood in my bedroom, staring out at the street, trying to resist this urge to just strip my clothes off right there and masturbate for the world to see.

Shaking my head and blushing at such a wicked thought, I turned away from the window and stepped closer to my dresser to change out of my work clothes. I did, however, stay in just my robe. It felt deliciously naughty to be wondering around in just my robe with my curtains open, knowing that someone somewhere may just be able to see me. I reclined on the sofa and began to read, and as had become my habit, brought myself to quiet orgasm.

The next day, when I came home from work, I noticed the strange cologne smell again. But instead of investigating it, I went straight to my room and changed into my robe again. I did look around while I was in my bedroom, again, not seeing anything out of place. I settled onto the sofa again with my book and soon found my fingers between my legs and slick with my wetness.

I pressed harder with my fingers than I normally did, and thought I was about to lose my mind to the pleasure. My book slid to the floor and my whole body contracted as my climax washed through me.

All I could do was lay there in shocked abandon as I willed myself to return to normal. I slid my fingers from me and had an urge to taste myself on them. I gave it a serious thought for a moment or two before shrugging it off and cleaning up.

It seemed like I was feeling bolder each and every day. I was constantly having thoughts that were not of my usual sort. I started wondering what it'd wrestling lesbo fingers pussy and licks clit like to actually do some of the things the girls in my books did. How would it be to be told how to dress and what to eat? Would I like it if I were spanked as a punishment?

I shivered with the thought of the sexy tortures the girls faced. I knew that fantasy and reality were two separate things, but I also started thinking that maybe some of the fantasy could seep over into reality for me. For instance, when I got dressed that morning, I almost didn't put my underwear on. Most of the girls in the books aren't allowed to wear them.

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Maybe if I started doing the same, acting the part of a naughty submissive girl, maybe I'd magically find a dominant. It was worth a shot, right? That day another curious change overtook me at lunch.

I was reading about this sweet girl that's being whipped for forgetting to make her Master's bed when I just could not hold back. I needed to feel something against my clit, so I started moving just my legs making the material of my pants between my legs grind against my clit.

I could feel myself starting to slip ever closer towards a climax and thought that I had better move my endeavors to the restroom. I took care of my tray and headed straight to the women's locker room.

I didn't look around because I didn't want to see if anyone noticed what I was doing. I was intent on getting to the restroom and enjoying a naughty moment at work. I shut the stall door behind me and lowered my pants and panties to about mid thigh.

Within seconds, my fingers where on my clit, rubbing in hard little circles. I was trying my best not ebony in party clothes bangs big cock bf whimper as I let my fingers dip into my wetness and then back up to moisten my clit even further. It didn't take long before my body tensed, my free hand gripping the toilet paper container as my climax rattled my body.

I stared at my fingers for a moment, nearly bringing them to my mouth. I'd never tasted myself before and was really feeling the urge to do so. I felt that I was supposed to. I guess maybe the books were making me think that, since most of the girls in them are made to suck their fingers clean of their juices.

Instead, I cleaned off with toilet paper and exited the stall. And there he was. Outside the stall. The man from across the road, the one that had bumped into me. He had some wrench or something in his hand as he worked on one of the lockers a few feet away. My first reaction was to retreat. But I figured that would be a bit too noticeable.

Besides… a restroom stall only has one real exit. So, forward I went, trying to act as if nothing had happened, but I could tell my face was beet red. Thankfully, he never looked my direction, didn't seem to notice anything amiss at all! I spent the rest of the day wondering if he'd caught me or not. I kept expecting to be called to the office and fired for my actions. I really tried to put it out of my mind, but couldn't. Even at the bus stop, I kept glancing at him to see if he was looking at me or anything.

He never even seemed to notice my existence. I guess I'd made myself invisible to him as well. I could not stop thinking about him nearly catching me playing with myself in the restroom at work. As soon as I got home, I went to my room to change out of my work clothes. Penthouse pet nikki benz is pounded by her plumbers pipe I removed my clothing, I found myself thinking of the scene at work that day, and found myself tingling and damp.

I removed my bra, finger tips gliding across my flesh slowly. How long had he been in there? My fingers slipped down over my nipples, making me shudder lightly as I pinched them gently between my fingers and gave them a gentle pull, making them harden even more. Did he hear my fingers in my wetness as I masturbated? I caressed over my waist, down my hips and thighs as I pushed my pants and panties down, catching my socks in the process. Did he hear my moans as my orgasm came up on me? My hands trailed back up my legs, fingers disappearing into the slit between my legs, wet and warm.

My fingers continued to tease at my sensitive nub, rubbing first one way, then the other, my head tilting back ever so gently. Would he have allowed me to orgasm if he'd been in there with me? I gasped breathlessly as my climax mounted and flowed from me. Would he press his fingers to my mouth and smear my juices horny blonde fucks sisters boyfriend after partying my lips?

My fingertips softly caressed my lips and my tongue peeked out to taste my own nectar. And I snapped out of it instantly. Wait! What am I doing? I can't believe I just came while thinking about getting caught! I shook my head and sighed before heading to clean up. I grabbed my robe and my book and settled onto the sofa, brain still a bit fuzzy from my experience in the bedroom.

I don't know why, but I was starting marital device vs oriental wet pussy squirting and japanese desire sexual release more and more often. It was starting to feel like the more I got of it, the more I wanted!

It was all I could do to wait until lunch to go rub one off. The next day, as I went to the restroom during my lunch break, I peeked around to see if he was in there. I didn't see him, so I proceeded to rub myself to orgasm. But, when I came out, there he was, working on a sink and seemingly ignorant of my activities.

The following day, the same thing happened. I felt an undeniable urge to bring myself to climax at lunch and snuck off to the women's locker room. I checked once again and see that he was not present. After my 10 minute ordeal, I exited the stall, only to find him working on the paper towel dispenser.

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I kept my head down and rushed out of there. The next day was a Friday. I tried my best to ignore my rising need during lunch, but I could barely sit still at the table. Finally, I gave in and went into the restroom to do my now normal routine. I nearly bruised my lip biting it to try and keep from making noise. Once again, he was there when I came out.

This time, he was changing a light bulb. Really, all this made me want to try and get his attention. I'd been trying all week to work up the courage at the bus stop, but kept failing. Every time I'd think of saying something, I'd lose the words and freeze up. But, considering I'd already scared him off, Agility helps stud to fuck pretty babe figured I may as well just forget it.

I was glad when Friday afternoon came around. I knew I'd have a full weekend of relaxing at home without worrying about if he was going to turn me in for masturbating in the locker room.

I'd decided I was not going to even think about pursuing him. It was clear he wanted nothing to do with the crazy chick that ran away from him. As I entered my apartment, I felt a great sense of calm and freedom. In my room, I shed all of my clothing as I gazed out the window. I didn't know which apartment was his, but I did know which building. Even though I wasn't going to pursue him, I certainly was hoping that he'd happen to glance out of his window and be able to see me there naked.

I stood there for quite some time, soaking up the warmth of the sun as it filtered across my flesh. I closed my eyes for a moment and let myself drift on the pleasant feeling of the sun on my body. My fingers casually slipped between my legs and I discovered how moist I was.

Caught up in the simple joys of my own self, I slowly brought myself to orgasm. Then, I slipped those two moistened fingers into my mouth, tasting my own spent passion. I slipped into my robe and reclined on my couch. As I read, I started to feel that particular need begin to rise again. Though I wasn't sure if I could do three times in one day, I was certainly willing to give it a try.

So, I set my book to the side and let my robe fall open. My hands roamed over me, caressing at my breasts, over my stomach, along my clit, and even carefully inside my wet hole.

It wasn't long before my ferrari blaque banged bbc redzilla she cant take the sperm p rocked through me, leaving me breathless and happily numb with the taste of me fresh on my lips again. The next day started out pretty much like any other weekend for me.

I got up and had a nice breakfast before going about and cleaning. I lived alone, so things didn't tend to get too dirty. A nice once a week clean up was usually sufficient. However, I found that I was feeling the urge to masturbate more and more as the day went along.

I think I must have brought myself to climax at least 4 times before I checked the mail that day. And that is when things really changed for me. Goldie oritz and syren demer ready for naughty action in threesome don't think I'll ever be the same again.

I made sure I was decent, robe closed and nothing showing, when I stepped out to check my mail. I pulled up short. There was something lying on the ground in front of my door where I could not help but see it. I bent down to pick it up and looked at the attached note.

"I know what you are and I know what you want", I read silently to myself. My head snapped up and I looked along the hallway. What? Who put this here?

Is this some sort of joke? I asked myself. I stepped back inside and quickly shut my door, leaning back against it as I read the note out loud. Confused and a little concerned, I look around the room and check the hallway again. I listen for the sound of anyone talking, laughing, or even walking. I see and hear nothing.

The DVD itself was really nondescript. It was in a clear jewel case and had no indication on the disc itself as to what it may be. I look around again, checking the windows and such, to see if there's anyone that's obviously watching me. Seeing no one, I decide there's only one way to figure out what's on the DVD. So, I put it in the player. Instantly, I was filled with the sight and sound of a girl as she whimpered and struggled on a wooden padded bench. Her very naked ass was staring at me, red marks covering her round cheeks.

I watched as the end of a single tail whip snapped across her flesh, making her squeal and tense. About that time, I heard a moan. Confused, I started to look away to look for the source of the sound before I suddenly felt myself spasm liquidly.

Shocked, I looked down and saw fluids dribbling down my thighs. My face reddened and I lightly nibbled on my lip. I couldn't believe I had an orgasm, simply from watching the movie for a minute. Shivering slightly, I looked around. Who in the world put this outside my door and why? Where were they? In my apartment?

All I could think to do was to get rid of this movie. But, instead, I found myself sinking into my couch, fingers buried deep inside me or teasing at my breasts and nipples. I was amazed at how wonderful it could feel to have my nipples tugged on, my breasts massaged, and my wet slit penetrated by my fingers. It wasn't long before I came, my climax pushing through me hard and fast. I barely remember any of it, my mind a haze of need. All I know is that I woke some time later with the taste of myself on my lips and my thighs still damp.

I finally pulled myself up off the couch and cleaned myself up. I went about and did a bit more cleaning before grabbing a bit of lunch and settling into eat as I read. I was just about to masturbate again when the doorbell rang, making me jump. I tightened my robe and peeked through the peephole to see who was at the door. I didn't really get visitors, so I was a bit on edge. It was a delivery person. Confused, I opened the door a bit and greeted him, "Hello?" "Delivery," his reply was short.

"Oh, um, who's it from?" I wasn't expecting any deliveries, and if I were, it'd come through the mail, casting big boobs first time milf sabrina desperate amateurs a delivery service. I saw him shrug in answer, "Okay, do I need to sign for it then?" "Nope.

Take it and it's all yours. Have a great day, Ma'am," he said before he put the small, light package in my hands, turned and walked off. I closed and locked the door before taking the package to the hawt adorable nymph is longing for wild lechery. Standing there, I looked at it for a few minutes.

I still wasn't sure I wanted to open it. I had no clue who it was from and really was a bit nervous to look inside it. Finally, curiosity got the better of me and I carefully opened the package. At first, I couldn't believe my eyes. But then, I picked them up and looked at them more carefully. They were quite pretty, but very simple.

Small loops of some sort of string with a toggle-thingy that slid up the strings to shorten the loop with some dangly crystal beads hanging down. They were nipple jewelry. I saw the note at the bottom of the package and read it out loud. "Put these on and go to your bathroom mirror. There, you will stand and admire what you see for five minutes.

If you look away, this ends then. If you do not want to continue, simply put this box outside your door. You have two minutes to comply." I got a small chill. What in the world is going on?

I looked around the room, and then I went to the window and looked around like I did with the movie. I saw no one. Puzzled, but intrigued, I felt compelled to comply. I had no idea who was doing this, but it didn't really feel scary. In fact, it felt a bit… fun and exciting.

The person was obviously giving me an out. They said I could set the box outside the door and be done. And really, what harm could come from wearing the jewelry for a few minutes? I set the timer in my kitchen for six minutes, to count in time to put them on and walk to the bathroom. I slipped one on to my left nipple catching stepdaughter masturbating in the living room tightened the loop, moaning quietly as it fit snuggly to me.

I repeated the procedure with the right nipple, growing just a tad damp at the constant pressure on my nipples. Every step I took made the jewelry swing side to side, creating even more sensation for my sensitive nipples. At the mirror, I couldn't help but blush some at what I saw. It wasn't a big change and certainly wasn't very risqué, but I loved seeing the dangling bits hanging from my breasts. I ran my fingers over the jewelry, then across them.

I pulled gently at them, feeling a sexual need perk up as I did. I nearly closed my eyes while playing with them, but remembered the words that this would be over if I looked away before time was up, so I forced my eyes to stay open and focused on myself in the mirror.

The sound of my timer going off jolted me out of my thoughts. I glanced back at the mirror for a moment and decided I enjoyed the jewelries so much that I'd leave them on. I loved how they hugged my nipples, keeping them hardened. I crossed to the table, rereading the note, wondering who my secret admirer was. It felt really odd to be following the directions of someone I didn't even know. But, honestly, it didn't feel wrong. If anything, it felt naughty and a bit inappropriate. There was some delicious mystery to it all.

I finally decided I'd read again for a while, so I curled up on my couch with my book. The bits dangling kept distracting me, so I'd find myself randomly playing with them, pulling and teasing at my nipples. My fingers would inevitably slip between my legs to tease at my damp heat. It wasn't long until I lost all concentration on the book, fingers stroking along my wet slit until I climaxed.

I barely remember falling asleep afterwards, happy and spent. My doorbell rang and shocked me out of my nap a short time later. Blinking at the light and closing my robe, I hurried to the door. The man outside had another package for me, this on much bulkier than the last, but wasn't cumbersome.

I set it down on the table and opened it. On top was a note, so I had to move it to see what was inside. I know I must have gasped or something. My first reaction was nearly to put the box outside without even reading the note.

But, before I could even finish that thought, I wanted to reach out and caress the straps lying in the box. Instead, I looked back at the note. "Before you read any further, lose the robe. Then make sure your door is locked," it began. So, I placed the note on the table, removed and folded my robe, and then sat it on the table as well. After I checked the lock on the door, I picked the paper back up and continued to read.

"Next, you will put on the items in the box; one on each wrist and ankle. Then, you will kneel where you are, hands behind your back. There are clasps. You will connect ankle to ankle and wrist to wrist. Do not worry; they are simple hooks that will not stick.

You will stay kneeling for five minutes. Do not stand before time. Once again, if you choose to not follow through with it, simply put the box outside your door. You have two minutes to comply." I was completely confused, pulled in two directions. While part of me knew this was insane, binding myself for an unknown entity, a bigger part of me was intrigued and even a bit turned on at the same time. I knew I didn't have long to decide. I examined the cuffs and clasps.

The note seemed to be telling the truth of the hooks. They were simple indeed and had no real way of locking me into an inescapable situation, how they stood. Keeping the time in mind, I thought it all over the best I could.

He or she may be crazy. They may be somehow watching me. They certainly had to be able to see my door somehow so they'd know if I set the box outside or not. Though they had me make sure my door was locked, what if they were just waiting until I was bound and then came in?

But, again, the cuffs didn't lock, so I'd be able to escape easily. Looking back up at the clock, I went against all logic and grabbed up the cuffs, slipping them around my wrists and then my ankles before kneeling down beside the table. I reached behind me and slipped the hook into place for my ankles then my wrists. I tried to relax some as I watched the clock. The position was surprisingly comforting. The cuffs seemed a natural addition, like they belonged on me.

I liked how they held my wrists and ankles securely. I also liked knowing that they could be used to hold me down two horny schoolmates having sex on red couch in positions, limiting my ability to move.

I must have gotten lost in thought because I nearly fell over jumping from a car alarm out on the street. I looked up at the clock and saw that almost ten minutes had passed with me on my knees bound for the anonymous person. I unhooked my cuffs and stood. I started to put on my robe, but stopped when I remembered the note had told me to disrobe.

I felt a bit confused. The instructions didn't say if I was to redress or remove the cuffs. They only walked me through the set up and activity. I certainly enjoyed the freedom of being naked, and I loved how the cuffs felt on me, so I opted to play it safe and remain how I was. At first, I laid on the couch and read. I kept very dangerous raping x storys at the time, wondering if there were anymore surprises for the night.

After reading two chapters, I finally fixed some chicken alfredo for supper. I was drying my hands after doing dishes when my doorbell rang again.

I quickly grabbed my robe and slung it over myself before answering the door. The man handed me a package and walked off before I shut and locked the door. I was nervous as I sat the package down on the table, opening it carefully. What in the world am I to do with this? I wondered as I picked up the end of a rope. I figured I'd best read my new instructions.

"It's time for you to get some sleep. Yes, I know it's early, but it may take you a while to get situated so I want you to get an early start. You're allowed to grab one pillow, but that is it. No blankets for you tonight. No clothing of any sort either. And… no touching yourself. You will tie the rope to the foot of your bed and attach it to both of your ankle cuffs. And there you will sleep, on the floor at the foot of your bed. You are not to get up until morning. So, I'd suggest taking care of anything that needs to be done before you lay down.

As before, if you don't wish to continue, put the box outside the door. You have two minutes to either start getting ready or to place the box." Tie myself up?

Wait, was this a little bit too far? What would people think if I was found like that? Not that anyone ever paid me a visit, but still. What if the building burnt down? They'd find me nude and dead from asphyxiation, tied to the foot of my bed. What if he or she entered my apartment while I slept and raped me or kidnapped me or even killed me?

But, yet, if they were going to do that, wouldn't they have already made that move? They kept making sure I knew I could stop at any time I wanted, so surely that meant they weren't some crazed serial killer?

And plus, if I stopped now… sexy stunner gets cumshot on her face gulping all the load would I ever know what was to be next? Would I be able to stop without regretting that decision? I knew the answer to the last question. I pulled my robe off and headed to the bathroom to get ready for bed. It took me just a little bit of time to complete. I grabbed up the rope and walked towards my room, thinking the entire time that I must be insane to be going through with this.

What in the world was I thinking, tying myself up for someone I couldn't even see or hear? This was likely probable cause for me to have a mental evaluation if anyone were to find out.

But, regardless, I was so eager to do this. My body was tingling with the thought of being helpless. I put my mia scarlett jumps into a nearest car to suck big cock pornstars and blowjob on the floor and sat near it while I tied the rope to the rings in my ankle cuffs. I had a bit of a difficult time getting them tied because my hands were shaking from nerves, excitement and just a touch of worry.

I gave the rope an experimental pull and it seemed to hold up well enough, so I lay down. I squirmed and wiggled and rolled over for what seemed to be hours, even though I know it wasn't. I couldn't get comfortable and was starting to wonder why I'd even agreed to this. Also, I fought the urge to masturbate.

I felt the dampness against my upper thighs and knew that even though my brain may be nervous, my body was getting turned on. At long last, I fell asleep and slept fairly soundly considering the circumstances. I nearly yelled out when my doorbell rang hours later. I tried to stand up, but was forced to remember about the rope when I almost fell onto my hands and knees. I quickly untied my ankles and grabbed up my robe, yelling out through the apartment that I was coming.

I jerked the robe on and barely had time to close it when I fucking of moist pussy and gazoo hole the door open, breathless and pink with the sudden exertion. The guy handed the package to me and looked down at my wrists. My eyes followed his and I gasped lightly. His eyes met mine for a fraction of a second before I thanked him and quickly shut the door.

I think we were both equal shades of red. I held the box in one arm while I moved all the old ones off the table, and then set it down. When I opened the box, I gasped and shivered with anticipation. I took both items set them on the table before looking at the note. "Good morning. I hope you slept well. If you do well enough with today's challenges, perhaps you will earn a blanket for tonight's sleep. If you fail, you will, at the very least, lose the pillow.

Before you begin, you will complete your morning routine. Being well nourished, hydrated, and clean is a must. Set these instructions down now and return when you are done." I put the paper back on the table, resisting the urge to read the rest of it, and went about my morning as usual. I fixed a nice breakfast and ate it before washing up the few dirty dishes I'd created. After I showered, I only put the cuffs back on, leaving my robe hanging. I nervously went back to the table and continued the note where I'd left off at.

"Put the DVD in the player. Take the vibrator and kneel in front of your television. Insert the vibrator, turn it on and brace it against the floor. Position yourself how you were told to yesterday, including hooking the cuffs together.

You will stay like that for the entire DVD. You will not touch yourself. You are free to climax as often as you need; however, you are to clean the toy with your mouth after the movie is done. You may set the box outside the door if you wish to stop. You have two minutes to comply." Wait, what? I must have read that wrong. I thought to myself before I read the letter again. I picked up the vibrator, examining it. It wasn't overly large, but definitely on the verge of being too much for me.

I also looked a bit closer at the movie, but was again faced with a movie with no real markings. Oh my god, I don't know if I can do this. This is crazy, watching a movie with a vibrator inside me for someone I don't even know!

I thought it over a bit, and then decided to go for it. I put the DVD in and knelt on the floor. I loved how brunette anal woods xxx hot hardcore nymphs at college the goods felt when the vibrator slid into me, pressing my walls outward and pushing deep inside. I knew I was in for trouble as soon as the vibrations started coursing through me.

It was all I could do to concentrate long enough to hook my ankles and wrists shes a milf who loves big black dick as instructed.

I watched the television, moaning some as a girl on the movie was teased and tortured with an electric toy. I didn't think I'd be able to fight the rising urge I felt for too long. Soon, my body was moving awesome girl is riding on a thick one eyed monster hardcore and blowjob its own, as best as it could, being restrained as I was.

A familiar pulsing started slowly inside, pulling at the vibrator, building up quickly and washing over me before I knew what had happened. My mind became a blur of sensations as I knelt there, the vibrating toy lodged deep inside me, pressed against my womb and sending shockwaves of pleasure into my core. The scene on the tv changed, the girl now being tormented by a small wheel with thin metal points coming out of it.

It was being rolled across her flesh, not hard enough to draw blood, but enough for her to squeal and beg. I couldn't tell if she was begging for it to stop or begging for more.

All I know is that my body was taken over, orgasm after orgasm racking me with tremors. Soon, I was nothing but a whimpering mass of gooeyness.

The scenes changed, but my over-stimulated brain could not keep up. My thighs were soaked from my climaxes and the toy had somehow worked itself even deeper into me. By the time the movie ended, I felt like I was being held up only by the toy, the rest of me was wet and limp. I could barely move enough to unhook my cuffs. I whimpered as I removed the vibrator, the wet sounds making me blush as I slid it out. My arms felt like spaghetti as I lifted the toy to my mouth, slipping my tongue along it once to see what it was like.

Then, I slipped the vibrator into my mouth, running my tongue along it as I cleaned it. I guess I fell asleep on the floor because the next thing I knew, the doorbell rang again. I grabbed my robe again and answered the door. "Yes?" I ask the guy. "I'm to wait for a reply to this," he said as he handed me a letter. I opened the door a bit wider and started to step to the side to let him in, but then my eyes fell on the toy lying on the floor.

I reddened a bit, "Um, give me just a few minutes." He nodded and stepped away from the door as I closed it and hid the toy back in the box I'd gotten it from. I sat at the table and opened the letter. "You've done very well. You have earned two questions to ask of me. They can be anything, from a typical question to a favor. But, be warned, I may not reply. Once you have written your questions, you will pass them to the messenger, and then kneel in the middle of your living room in the manner you've been prescribed to before.

You will stay kneeling until the doorbell rings again. As usual, you can simply send the messenger away if you opt to stop now. You have two minutes to decide and act accordingly." Two minutes to think of two questions? I had a ton of questions. But, I also knew that silly ones were not likely to get answered. I'd have to choose wisely. I gathered pen and paper and sat back down. I came up with a number of questions and wrote them down before changing my mind, ripping off the paper, wadding them up and tossing them into the trash.

"Are you male or female?" "Are you watching me?" "Do I know you?" "How do you know what I am?" "Where are you?" "Do you live in my building?" "Why are you doing this?" "Are you a psycho?" "How long will this go on?" I finally settled on "May I see you?" and "May I hear you?" I knew I only had two minutes and that my time was quickly running out.

I passed the messenger the note quickly, looking up at the clock and seeing I'd barely made it in time. Then I removed my robe and knelt down on the floor, waiting for the mystery person's reply. I couldn't help but think of the person as male. I knew that I may be way off base, but I couldn't help hoping they were male, since I wasn't into females like that. I kept thinking about all of the questions I could have asked, maybe even should have asked.

I squirmed nervously as I waited, wondering how long I'd be kneeling here and if he or she would even answer my questions. When the doorbell rang, I quickly tossed my robe on and answered the door, eager to see what the reply was. I was a bit surprised when I was handed a box. I settled into my spot at the table and opened it, pulling out the letter and reading it. "Inside the box you will find the items needed for your next task; razor, mirror, and shaving cream.

You will take all items to the bathroom, mount the mirror on the wall of your tub, and remove your pubic hair. Once done, you will spend some time looking at your freshly shaven mound in the mirror and exploring how it now feels to touch yourself. Once you have thoroughly examined yourself, you are free to continue about your day. As before, you can set the box outside if you wish to stop now.

You have two minutes to comply." Confused, I flipped the paper over. This can't be all. Where's the reply? Surely I didn't offend them with my questions. I read over the note again, lost as to why I'd not gotten a reply. Feeling a bit disappointed, I grabbed the items and headed to the bathroom to do my next task. As I set about putting everything in place, I started to wonder why I was even bothering doing any of this.

I'd done everything so far that had been asked of me, when my own two simple questions had gone unanswered. I know that they'd said in the letter that they may not reply, but still… why have me ask a question if you have no intention of answering? Though I was a bit saddened that I'd not gotten a reply, it never really occurred to me to stop following the orders.

I removed my robe and settled onto the edge of the tub, lathering my pubic hairs with the lavender shaving cream. I took a nervous swipe across the hairs with the razor, not having done this before. I was afraid I'd cut myself. I carefully shaved the hairs off, double checking I'd done a good job. As my fingers lid along the now smooth flesh, I marveled at indian sexy delhi girl sex with bf slick it all felt.

With the hair out of the way I could feel each and every ridge on my fingerprint as it caressed over my super sensitive skin. I shivered and quietly sighed with pleasure at this new, bare skin. I decided that I would continue shaving and keep myself smooth and sensitive.

I cleaned mom and daughter go naked for a dirty some my mess in the bathroom before heading back out into the living room to read for a few minutes. I relaxed on the couch and brought myself to orgasm once again before going about my chores, straightening up the place and throwing away all the boxes from the deliveries. I took all the letters and stacked them inside a folder, alana and missy have some lesbian fun boobs oral as I read over some of them, not the least bit surprised to find my fingers wandering over my wrist cuffs.

I nearly dropped the folder when the doorbell rang again. I slipped into my robe and answered the door, thanking the delivery guy before sitting at the table with my new package. I peeked inside the box and grinned before reading my instructions. "You may not see me yet. That is dependent upon your behavior. Should you behave properly, you may eventually get what you've asked for.

However, I will allow you to hear me. You will not engage me in conversation. You will answer "yes" or "no" when asked a question.

You will confirm if you do or do not understand directions given. You will keep the phone on you at all times. If I call, you will answer. I am the only one you will talk to on this phone. If you wish to stop, set the box outside the door. You have two minutes to sunny leoun pran sax vidieo eagerly picked up the phone and looked it over. It was a flip-type cell phone. Small, discreet, and perfectly sized for my hand.

I was overjoyed that I would get to hear my mystery person at last. I wiggled nervously as I wondered when the first call would come. I didn't have to wait very long. "Hel… yes?" I stuttered around some, nearly forgetting that I was only allowed to say yes or no. "Good. Disrobe." His voice was clear and concise. He sounded strict, yet caring.

And more importantly, male! "Yes," I replied, wondering if he could hear that I had the jitters. "Kneel. You don't have to put both hands behind your back this time." He spoke his order to me and I followed "Yes," I say to him, really wanting to say so much more. "Good. Have you liked your weekend so far?" He casually asked "Yes," I answer honestly. I've loved this weekend, and I can't wait to see if there is more of it. But I dared not say more than the simple yes. "I see.

Do you want to know what's next?" His voice lifted in a soft teasing manner. "Yes, please," I barely choke out my response. "Very well.

You will put your nipple jewelry back on and retrieve your new toy. Then, you will go to the center of the living room and smoking hot mintra blows a long dong brunette big tits again.

Do this now." His voice leave no room for arguing, so I set about to do sex xxx kalyan sex com told.

"Yes," I say to let him know I understood his directions. I shivered as I placed the jewelry back on my nipples. Once I got the vibrator and knelt down, I stumbled around trying to find a way to let him know I was done before finally just going with one of my two allowed words, "yes?" "Ah, good. Next, you will take the vibrator, turn it on, and fuck yourself with it… While I listen." I gasp some and turn a deep red as I realize what he's going to have me do.

He chuckles, "Yes, that's what you will do or our conversation is over. Understand?" "Yes," I squeak out as I fidget. "Good," His voice softens. "Begin." I squirm as I turn on the vibrator and move it along my newly bared flesh, the sensations even more intense than before I'd shaved. "Legs wider," He barked. I instantly spread my knees apart even more, wondering if he just knew to say that of if he was somehow watching.

I frantically looked around, nervous, but could see no one. It felt so good when the vibrator pushed through my opening. My body trembled as the toy pressed my walls apart. Once it was fully lodged inside, natural instincts took over and I started working myself up and down the shaft. "That's good. Do you like how that vibrator feels inside you?" He crooned. "Yes," my voice barely above a whisper as I replied. I could hardly stand the sensations of riding the vibrating toy, my breathing sped up and my moans deepened.

My eyes closed and my mind floated away, as if filled with helium. All that mattered in the world was him and the toy inside me. "That's it, feel it deep inside you. I bet you like that. Yes? Can you feel yourself getting closer? Feel your breathing quickening, pulse out of control, body quivering with need?

Closeso close… Feel the sweat starting to bead up on your flesh as you strain to hold back?" His voice was intense, zeroing my focus in on my rising need. I was a mess, I could only utter, "yes, yes" over and over to him as he questioned me and guided me ever closer to climax. I nearly forgot my orders, nearly pleaded with him. Please, please, I need to feel release so badly.

Oh my god, please, may I go faster? Please may I see you, touch you, taste you? I couldn't even get myself together enough to break the rules though, shuddering with need, in mumbled incoherently a string of yeses, pleading with him through that single word.

I felt sweat soaking me, my thighs trembling as I pumped along the vibrator, and my body tensed as if ready for a fight.

I didn't think I could hold on much longer. "Now," his voice nearly caressed me as he spoke. In that instant, my body lit on fire, stiffening almost painfully before wave after wave of release swept through me.

I moaned wildly and shuddered violently as my climax racked my body. I don't know if I said anything or not, but my brain was searing with jumbled words and phrases. At that moment, I'd have promised him anything if he'd let me feel this way forever; sweet abandon.

"Very good. You may stop," his voice was calm and soothing. A soft sound came from my throat as I removed the toy and gazed at the coated surface. "Yes," I said so he'd know I'd followed his direction. "I'm waiting," he stated quietly. With hardly any hesitation at all, I slipped the toy between my lips and licked away the moisture clinging to it. I could feel myself starting to enjoy this part and blushed at the realization. "That's a good girl. When you are done, you are to clean up and return to your normal day.

I'll be in contact," he said before he unceremoniously ended the call. I looked at the phone, dumbfounded, before I finally closed it and proceeded to head to the bathroom to clean myself. I almost called him to ask why he'd just ended the call like that.

I felt a bit … used and discarded and I wasn't sure I was completely okay with that. I kept the phone right on me and would check it from time to time.

The more time that past, the less likely I thought it was that he'd call again soon. So, I did as he'd told me to do and went about my normal routine. I showered, dressed, and headed out to do some grocery shopping, making sure to take the phone in case he called. Once I got back to the apartment, the first thing I did was to undress and put my cuffs back on.

I felt more at home like that than I did in even my robe. I put away groceries and toiletries, and then settled on the couch to read for a bit before time for bed, feeling slightly disillusioned that he'd not called me again.

Just as I was about to give up, the phone rang. I quickly picked it up from beside the couch and answered with my single word, "Yes?" "Have you enjoyed your day?" He asked me. "Yes," I replied as I got comfy in my couch, curling up some and setting the book to the side.

"Good. You have 10 minutes to take care of your night time routine. Once you are in bed, you are not to get up. I'll be in touch," he instructed before he hung the call. I rose immediately to take care of my pre-bed routine. I made sure the kitchen was fairly in order. Then I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and my hair. Finally, I crawled into bed and fell asleep, worn out from the full weekend.

The next day at work was almost more risky than I cared to be involved with, but I couldn't help myself. I looked around before heading to the restroom, but could not see that one maintenance guy anywhere. Relieved that he'd not told on me, I headed to the restroom to masturbate in private.

I lowered my pants and underwear just enough to give me room to get to my pre-dampened folds and began to rub myself silently. Suddenly, my phone rang. I gasped and jumped, causing my elbow to hit the toilet paper dispenser. I choked back a cry of discomfort as I struggled to find the phone.

Yanking it from my pocket, I whispered into the phone, "Yes?" "Are you at work?" His voice questioned me. "Yes," I answered, still whispering, confused. "Good. Are you in private?" He asked. "Yes?" I was growing more uncomfortable by the second.

"I see. And are you… pleasuring yourself?" His voice asked me teasingly. "Yes," I answered as I felt my face redden at having been caught. "Perfect. Continue," He said before falling silent. I really wasn't sure how to respond to that. I was nervous, scared of getting caught. Being caught masturbating at work is bad enough, but to be caught while masturbating and talking on the phone to a stranger would be even worse!

But, it's like I was driven by an unseen force to obey him. My body was aching to comply with his demands. Giving in to him, I whimpered softly, "Yes." I closed my eyes as I held the phone with one hand, the other hand quickly rubbing my clit. Maybe it was knowing what I was doing was wrong on some level, but I was so incredibly turned on that it only took a couple of minutes smoking hot girl rides a long dong my orgasm to push to the surface.

I was trying to figure out how to let him know when suddenly his voice rang out in my ear, "Now." I gasped loudly as the first of my climax shook me, then reduced to small moans as the rest seeped through me.

My orgasm wasn't even completely finished when I moaned to him, "Yes." He said, "Good. I'll be in touch," then hung up. I was left standing there, dazed and glowing, surprised at what had just occurred and my willing participation.

Once I gathered my wits about me, I put myself back in order and left the stall, peeking out to make sure the coast was clear. The rest of the work day went well, but I was eager to get home.

I was hoping he'd call me again that night. Once I got home, I shed my clothing and left my robe lie on the bed, donning the cuffs. I'd barely finished when my phone rang again and I rushed to pick it up, "Yes?" "Did you enjoy your day?" He asked in a teasing voice. "Yes," I smiled happily. "Good. You only have one order for the rest of the night. You are to crawl for the rest of the evening.

You are not allowed to sit on furniture. You may stand to cook, but you may not sit at the table and eat. Understand?" "Yes," I stated, though I was wondering why in the world he'd want me to do that. I almost asked him, but knew I really wasn't supposed to say anything other than yes or no.

"Good. I'll be in touch," He stated before he ended the call. So, for the rest of the night, I crawled around my apartment. At first, I felt very self-conscious; looking over my shoulder all the time to make sure no one could see me and trying to hurry past the windows to lessen the chance of being seen.

I did stand to fix my food, but sat on the floor, holding my plate in my lap as I ate. I had to stand to do dishes, but otherwise, my evening was spent on my hand and knees.

I settled onto the floor in front of my couch and leaned back against it as I read. I stood to brush my teeth before bed, and then crawled blonde hot mama watching porn while her step son watching her naughty my room. I remembered what he'd said about how to sleep if I had work the next day, so I climbed delia gets fucked by a black guy into bed and fell fast asleep.

The next day at work, I eagerly snuck off to the restroom hoping that he'd call again. And he did. "Yes?" I answered on the first ring. "Are you in private?" He asked. "Yes," I answered, my breathing already changing with excitement. "Good. Begin," he ordered me. "Yes," I eagerly whispered as I lowered my pants and panties, baring my wet slit for better access.

My fingers pressed against my clit, rubbing in hard circles, pausing every now and then to pump my fingers inside me. Soon, I was whimpering with each breath. "Now," came his command, and my body reacted instantly, my inner muscles pulling at my fingers. "Yes!" I cried out softly as I climaxed, shuddering with passion at his order.

"Good. I'll be in touch," he finished once my orgasm had passed. I cleaned my wet fingers, then got myself together and went back to work. Once I got home, I stripped off and put on my cuffs and carried the phone with me. I'd just settled in on the couch when he called. "Yes?" I grinned as I answered the phone.

"Tonight I want to change things up a bit. I want you to be my mannequin. Listen to your instructions first. I'll hand the call when I'm done explaining. I want you to lie on the floor, on your stomach. Arch up like you're reading a magazine, feet in the air as well. You will stay like that until I call. When I do, you are free to move and get the phone. Do you understand?" He explained carefully. "Yes," I replied though I was a bit confused as to why he wanted me to do this.

"Good. Begin when the call ends. I'll be in touch," he stated before ending the call. I set the phone down on the floor next to the couch and moved to the middle of the floor where I lay as he'd directed. The first couples of minutes wasn't all that bad, but by the time the ten minutes were nearly up, my legs were starting to ache a bit from the immobility. I sighed with relief as the phone rang and I hurried to it, "Yes?" "Good. Now, I want you to sit with your back facing the tv, knees up and legs spread wide.

You should lean back some, using one hand behind you on the floor to prop yourself up. Toss your head back and drape your forearm across your forehead. Do you understand?" he inquired. "Yes," I said, nervously. I wasn't sure if I liked the idea of exposing myself to the window like that, but my body sure liked the thought of it.

I could tell by the instant dampness that formed between my legs. "Good. I'll be in touch," he said simply before he ended the call. I assumed the position he'd told me to, blushing deeply as my exposed and damp crotch pointed towards the window.

This position wasn't as difficult to hold as the previous one, so I simply relaxed into it, fighting the urge to wiggle a bit as a touch of moisture dribbled slowly from between my legs. Finally, he called again. I grabbed up the phone, "Yes?" "Face the tv and kneel on all fours. Make sure you spread you knees apart. Arch your back so your ass sticks up in the air. Toss your head back proudly. Do you understand?" He questioned. "Yes," I answered, squirming and blushing just a bit at how exposed I'd be.

"Good. I'll be in touch" I quickly moved back to the middle of the room and got on all fours. I checked to make sure my knees were spread a good distance apart and then flung my head back as he'd ordered. I stayed like that for what seemed an eternity before he called again, all of my private regions exposed for anyone to see, if they bothered to look.

"Yes?" I grabbed the phone on the second ring. "Take the phone with you. Grab the vibrator. Stand in middle of the room, facing the tv. Turn the vibrator on and insert it. You will then put your feet a little more than shoulder width apart. Set the phone at your feet. Next, you will bend over and grab your ankles. You will stay like that until I call. When I call, stay in that position, but answer the phone. Do you understand?" His voice had a slight teasing tone to it.

"Yes," I replied a bit nervously. The toy was going to add an unexpected edge to his orders. "Good. I'll be in touch." I did exactly as he ordered, whimpering softly as the vibrator slid into me. I bent over and grabbed my ankles and immediately wished he'd let me kneel for this. The toy kept feeling like it was going to push out of me while it vibrated my core.

Soon, I was barely able to stand still and was wavering unsteadily on my feet, my need rising. I moaned with relief when the phone rang, "Yes?" "I bet you would like to cum right about now, wouldn't you?" He asked without preamble. "Yes," I nearly gasp the word out. "Ah, but not yet. I want to hear the desperation in your voice. Move one hand to your clit and start rubbing yourself." I groaned at his order, afraid that either the toy would slip from me if I didn't concentrate on keeping it in, or I'd not be able to hold back my orgasm.

But, I didn't voice any of this, I simply replied, "Yes." I began to rub gently at my clit, trying not to stimulate myself to where I could not keep from climaxing. "Harder. Rub that clit hard and fast. I want to hear you pant and moan." His words tumbled through me and I had no choice but to obey. My fingers pressed hard at my clit and rubbed furiously.

I squirmed and fought to keep my balance as I moaned and soft squeaks of need coming from me. "Yes, that's much better. I can hear how badly you need release. Do you want to cum?" He teased with his words.

"Yes!" I nearly cried out, not caring who heard me. "Now," his order came firmly. A my wife donna provided with cum meals deep moan erupted from me as my body trembled in release. I had to let go of my ankle and place my hand on the floor to keep me from tipping over.

My walls pulsed and pulled at the vibrator as I whimpered and wiggled. Soon, I was weak kneed and trying to catch my breath, my orgasm having wasted me. "Good, good. Turn off and remove the vibrator. You did very well. I'm proud digitalplayground flixxx cat burglar chaturbate and xhamster you," his voice nearly beamed through the phone at me.

"Once you clean up, you may relax until bedtime. I'll be in touch." I nearly collapsed onto the floor as I removed the toy. I lay there and cleaned it with my mouth. It wasn't long before I went ahead and went to bed. He'd exhausted me.

The next day at work went like the previous two. He called while Yennefer and ciri the best fuck big dick d cartoon play free was in the stall and listened to me masturbate, telling me when I was allowed to climax.

It didn't take long for me to be ready; I was wet with anticipation before even dropping my pants and underwear. At home, he called after I'd removed my clothing and put on my cuffs. This time he told me that I was only allowed to eat or drink things from bowls that were on the floor. At first I was a touch confused, but quickly realized that he meant like animals do, that he didn't want me to crawl around this time.

I was free to walk as I wished, I only had to eat my meals and drink my drinks from bowls I'd set on the floor. I wanted to tell him I wasn't comfortable with it, but for some reason I seemed unable to do so.

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Maybe part of it was because I was allowed only the two words, yes and no. He never asked if I wanted to do something, only if I understood. Anyway, I followed his orders that night as well.

I was very embarrassed to drink and eat like that. I made a bit of as mess, too. It really wasn't very simple to do, since us humans don't have muzzles shaped for eating like that.

I got so frustrated that I only ate about half of my supper. And though I wasn't worn out, I headed to bed early just to get out of drinking any more like that. Again, the next day at work went as the previous days had gone. He would call and I'd masturbate for him, climaxing as quietly as I could, going back to work with the taste of myself on my lips.

This time he didn't call me right away when I got home, but waited until half legal age teenager adorable gal is nailed well smalltits hardcore the evening had passed. When he finally did call, he had me grab my toy and take it to my bedroom. I was to lie in bed and use the toy on myself, climaxing whenever the need arose. I wasn't to stop until he let me. He didn't stay on the call with me, xxx nnnn xx the best desi sexx full sex stories would call me every five to ten minutes, I guess, and see how I was doing.

He had me keep going for over an hour. I was sore, sweaty, and had climaxed so much that I was actually dry instead of wet. I was begging him the best I could with my two simple words when he finally allowed me to orgasm.

Afterwards, I fell straight asleep and woke in the morning with my labia sore and swollen. Once again, the day at work went quite well. I took my phone call in the restroom and climaxed for him before finishing out my day.

That night, though, things took an even more interesting turn. I answered his call in my normal, one word way, "Yes?" "You have a package outside your door. Go get it," he informed me. "Yes," I turned to get my robe. "No," he interrupted me. "Naked." I was shocked into a moment of silence. I could say no.

But, if I did, then I knew things ended where they were. I didn't want that. So, I complied with a quiet response, "Yes." I looked through the peephole to make sure the hallway was empty and opened the door just enough for my arm to sneak out and grab the small package. Quickly standing, I shut and locked the door. "Good enough," he replied as I sat at the table.

"Open it." I gasped when I opened the package, my fingers reaching out to touch the object, but pulling back uncertainly at the last moment. I gazed at the necklace, awed and amazed at the sentiment. "You can touch it. Take it out," he told me. So I did, I lifted it gently from the box and held the delicate chain against my fingers. "Look it over. At first glance, you will see what appears to be a normal looking clasp.

Look closer. It actually locks with a special key. It is a tiny, but sturdy, lock. It will not lock automatically. You can either put it on as it is or set the box outside the door. You have two minutes to decide. I'll be in touch," his voice had just a hint of nervousness to it, but barely enough to even notice. I looked down at the phone before setting it on the table next to me.

I let the links fall gently along my fingers as I pulled the necklace through my hand. I had to see what it would look like, so I went to the bathroom to look at it in the mirror, holding it up against my neck and seeing where it would fall to. I nibbled my lip, trying to decide what to do.

On the one hand, this was absolutely insane. I knew what he was suggesting with a locking necklace. Was I ready for that with him? Did I even want that at all with anyone? On the other hand, I couldn't think of a time I'd ever been happier in my adult life. It was like I now had a purpose, whereas before I'd just simply been living. I picked up the phone when he called, "Yes?" "Have you decided?" "Yes." My voice shook a bit from nerves and excitement.

"Are you going to set the box outside?" He asked of me. "No." I felt myself warm from the inside. "You will wear it then?" He asked, "You do bella donnas big booty is like my favorite sports show what this symbolizes?" "Yes," I replied to both questions. "Yes." "Very well. Put it on." He was silent as I struggled a bit with the clasp. Once it was on, the most amazing sense of calm came over me.

I closed my eyes, inhaling and exhaling once deeply as I sunk into the sensation. "Do you like how it feels?" "Yes," I whispered. How could I even begin to explain what he'd just made me feel? In one fell swoop, he'd managed to not only put his claim on me, but grab my heart as well.

"Good. You have made me very proud. Thank you." He paused. I could nearly imagine his joy radiating through the phone. "Now, it is time to sleep. Yes, it's early yet, but that's because you will sleep on the floor at the foot of your bed. Not because you have done anything wrong. It's quite the opposite, in fact. I am having you sleep there because I can. Would you like that? "Yes?" In truth I wasn't quite sure I would like it. "You can say no if you'd like.

Just keep in mind you might not like the alternative. Would you like to change your answer?" "No," I said resolutely. Sleeping on the floor was much better than an unknown, possibly worse, scenario. "Then you have ten minutes to complete your before bed routine.

You may use both pillow and blanket if you so desire. I'll be in touch." I quickly got ready for bed, pausing every now and then to touch the necklace at my throat. I placed my pillow on the floor and tethered my ankles into place before lying down to sleep. In the morning, I woke feeling new and refreshed. I wasn't sure what he'd done to me the night before, but I knew I was a different person now than I had been.

I got ready as normal, except I left my panties and bra off. And, I put on my ankle cuffs. I hid them as best as I could with my socks and pants legs.

Looking them over in the mirror, the seemed well hidden to me. I eagerly awaited lunchtime. I kept looking at the clock seeing how much longer until I'd get to hear from him again. I caught myself reaching up and touching the necklace every once in a while, staring off dreamily into space. Finally, lunch time came and I discreetly headed to the restroom and locked myself in a stall.

"Yes?" I asked as I answer the phone. I knew it was him and I know he was going let me masturbate for him and I could not wait! "Begin," he said without delay.

"Yes," I said as I lowered my pants and began to rub against my clit. I nibble on my lip as I try to keep silent. "Are you getting close? Do you like playing with yourself for me at work?" "Yes, yes," I moaned.

I knew I'd not be able to last long, especially if he kept talking like that to me. "Do you want more?" He asked with a hint of seriousness. "Yes, please," I barely managed to reply, desire building up nearly to peak. "Shall I use the key?" His question was nearly a whisper itself I gasped and moaned quietly as my thighs dampen with desire for him, for the lock, for the orgasm, for it all. "Yes, please, please." "Open the door." My brain can't comprehend.

What? Wait… open the door? Unable to deny an order from him, but clueless as to where this will lead, I slowly turn the lock, praying he's not going to have me run through the factory with my pants down.

I open the door just a crack when I suddenly see movement. Before I can even scream, the door pushes open and he steps in… the maintenance guy, the one that lives on my street, the one that bumped into me, the same one that had been in the restroom when I'd masturbated before.

Immediately, fingers from one of his hands press against my clit. He tangles his other fingers in my hair and pulls my head back, horny college teens fucking in the kitchen after dinner pornstar and footjob voice a hot growl in my ear, "Now!" Without hesitation, my body recognizes his command, my sweet horny couple having great passionate sex snake around his neck as if he were my anchor, keeping me from floating away.

My hips jerk and buck as I climax hard and fast, my juices spilling out into his hand, soaking my pants and even dripping onto the floor.

My cries of ecstasy echoed off the walls, bouncing back at me. I'd never felt more alive and free in my life, like I'd lifted clear out of my body and was filled with pure undiluted pleasure. If the lights had been off, I'd likely have radiated a deep, passionate, violet light; sparks of sexual bliss shooting out from my very pores.

The next few minutes are quite a blur. I remember hearing shouting, but not my own. I remember Ed and Mack, the security guards, yelling and trying to pull my non-mystery man away from me, even as I was begging them to let him be. And then he was on the floor, jerking and twitching like he was having a seizure because Ed and Mack tased him! Now, I find myself here, trying to explain to you that he did not attack me. Quite the opposite, really.

I'm not sure how I can explain to you the difference he's made in my life. I know you may fire me for what went on, but I ask you to please think about it before you decide. Think about how wonderful it would be to feel complete freedom from all of your worries, if only for a few minutes. Think about how amazing it would be to feel completely protected, knowing that no harm would come to you.

Think about how amazing it would be to know that you serve a purpose, something beyond yourself… that you help to make someone else's day better. Think about it deeply and maybe you'll find within yourself that you too want to feel those things.