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Sex free old women and boy in bangalore
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Yawning softly in the early morning darkness, Dari rolled over and sat up. She was bleary eyed and tired as she grasped for her glasses on the bedside table.

She slipped them on as she stood up, stretching. She could hear Josh getting dressed in the room beside hers and flicked her CD player on, before lurching over to her closet to pick out an outfit, dancing slightly in her underwear. Just as she started to hum, she heard the click of her door and whirled around, clamping a pair of jeans over her body.

It was fat ass hoes giving bj and fucking hard assparade and hardcore Josh. He stood in the door frame and smiled at her. "I see you're up at last. Did you have a nice sleep?" He enquired. "It's 9am! Damnit, I wish you wouldn't DO that!" "Do what? It isn't like I haven't seen you naked before." "Just don't burst in on me like that. Can you get lost while I get dressed?" He rolled his eyes and went into the living room, sitting on the couch and waiting for her to get dressed.

She pulled on a pair of jeans and a skinny t-shirt and sauntered out, sitting beside him grumpily. "Now what do you want?" "I just wanted to see how you were, baby." Smiling at her again, she gave in.

She could never stay angry at him for very long. She leaned in and kissed his cheek gently. " What do you want to do today then? Just watch TV all day like last Saturday or." "Depends, does kitten want to see whats on TV. or is she thirsty for some of her milk?" He had that naughty look in his eyes again, the one she loved and feared at the same time. Her master like to play rough with her, which she didn't mind, but it was still early in the day.

"Kitten's still a little sleepy, master." She put her arms around him and lay on his chest, closing her eyes, feeling him rise and fall as he breathed beneath her.

"How sleepy?" He didn't give up. "Sleepy like I'm tired, that sleepy." "But master is wide awake." "And his kitten is not." She was too tired this morning, and hoped her master would let it drop, and let her wake up properly before playing any games. "That could work to my advantage." Still not giving in, he pushed further.

He didn't care if she was tired or not. She sighed loudly, making it clear that she wasn't in the mood. "It seems to me that kitten is forgetting she is here to please her master, and he may just have to show her how he gets what he wants." Reaching down, he started to unzip his black pants as Dari sat up, watching.

She knew she didn't have much of a choice, but she was only out of bed. "Master it's still early, please." "Does it seem like I care?

You do as I say." Before she could reply, he pushed i love cumming inside my girlfriends pussy creampie cumshot forcefully back onto the couch, pulling up her t-shirt, making her large breasts bounce as he undid the front opening clasp of her bra. Seconds later, he had her topless beneath him. God how he loved the sight of those tits, pale and milky white, just like the rest of her delicate body.

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He reached down and unzipped her jeans now, holding her throat with his other hand to keep her down. Roughly, he pulled off her jeans and underwear and slipped out of his own as she bucked beneath him, pushing him, urging him to get off her and stop this. "I want to hear you scream as I fuck your pussy, kitten, I want to know you don't like it when I rape you like this." "Master stop it!

You're going to hurt me, I'm not wet enough for you to fuck me yet!" He grinned as he forced her legs open, stroking his hard cock before pushing it into her, grunting as he fought his way into her cunt.

Xxx mmm story sex stories ebony fear made her tight. He liked that. "Good! You know it makes me harder when I hurt you, kitten." He reached down and groped at her breasts as he began to thrust his dick into her pussy as she yelped in pain.

As he pounded at her without mercy, she threw her weight against him, shoving him roughly onto the floor. Dari sat up and swung her legs back round to the front of the couch as her master scrambled to his feet.

She stood up and began to walk away when he caught her arm and brought it up behind her back. "Now why did you do that? You realise I'm going to make this worse for you now. Where do you think you were going? I'm not done fucking you yet, kitten." "Master I'm not in the mood." She tried to make herself believe that it made a difference.

"How many times do I have to hurt you before you learn that I don't care?" He pushed her against a wall savagely. "Are you going to try running off again?" Pushing her arm higher until she whimpered, he proved how serious he was. Hardx jada stevens in dp me 2 she didn't answer, he threw her to her knees and pinched her nose until she opened her mouth, pushing his throbbing cock between her lips as she grimaced.

"Be a good little kitten, I know you want your milk. Don't make me hurt you even more than I'm going to." She knew what she had to do and opened her mouth further to accomodate his thick cock. Josh thrusted his hips forward, going into her throat before pulling out and thrusting again, viciously. His kitten cried in pain and reeled backwards, taking his dick out of her mouth. He just laughed at her. "I want it to hurt, kitten, it pulls master closer to cumming.

Now fucking suck." Pulling her hair tight, she screamed. Not for long though, as he filled her mouth with his dick again and pulled her hair towards him, pushing mouth onto it once more. Tears ran down her face as he raped her mouth, using her hair to pull her back and forth. "Yeah baby, cry for your master, you know he loves it when you cry. Waiting to cum all over your mouth." She knew the only way to make him stop was to make him cum, so as he fucked her face, she began to suck him hard and lick gently.

Close to blowing his load, he pulled out quickly and began to jerk off, cumming all over her face and grunting in pleasure.

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"Now that wasn't so bad, was it baby?" He wiped his dick on her lips and went to clean off. Sobbing, she threw on a bathrobe and walked into the kitchen. She turned on the water to clean herself up and soaked a cloth, wiping off his cum. She felt a hand on her back as she finished, Josh having dressed again.

He leant close to her, rubbing her back. "Is your throat feeling better, kitten?" "A little." She flinched at his touch. "I'd give you a kiss, but." Dari got finished washing, and turned to face him. "You know I'm kidding." He grinned and flung his arms around her, they locked in a passionate kiss. She did love him, and she pulled him with her as she led him into the living room again, his lips never once leaving hers. They stopped and she reached down, grabbing his ass playfully. She might as well enjoy herself now.

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"And what does master want to do now?" "I thought kitten wasn't in the mood. You want to have some more fun?" "Kitten's feeling playful now, master." She was getting wet and couldn't help it, it happened every time her master came.

Josh raised his hand up, cupping her breast gently. "Oh are you now?

Lets see how we" He smiled at her as he placed a finger to her lips and gently sat her back on the couch. "I'll just be a minute kitten, I'm going to get the box of toys and then I'll be back." She smiled widely when he returned, excitement filling her mind and her cunt.

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"Shall we see what we have to play with?" The box was always filled with toys. Painful, glorious toys. Dari stood up and took off her bathrobe, dropping it to the floor.

"Kitten wants to play in her room, if that's alright. Does master?" Staring at her naked body for a while, he confirmed that yes, he did, and picked her up over his shoulder.

He could smell her wet slit and inhaled deeply, picking up the box and walking to her bedroom, where he lay her out on her bed. She began to finger herself slowly as she watched him rummage in the box, slipping her middle finger in and out of her wet hole. She loved the thought of him cumming, even his rough treatment couldn't stop her getting horny over that. He stood up and took her hand, and led her over to a bench he had made especially for her.

He sat her down and strapped her ankles to it, before blindfolding her. She grinned. Josh pushed her forwards and strapped her hands down too, now she was lying face down over the bench. He loved seeing her helpless like this.

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He forced a vibrator into her pussy and pushed it in deep, thrusting it in and out for a while before deciding to add a little pain to her pleasure. Pulling a studded paddle from the box, he began to spank her with it roughly, her thighs turning pink within seconds. He smiled and hit her harder, the pink turning to red, as he felt himself getting hard again.

She moaned, pulling against her restraints as he thrust the vibrator harder into her. "Oh God master. you're hurting me. " She wasn't in too much pain at all, she just wanted him horny enough to fuck her. She was longing for his 9" dick perky amateur renee teasing in shiny silver panties striptease and spandex her cunt. Growing bored, he slipped the vibrator into her ass and panted as she yelped in pain, her ass getting slowly used to having it there.

He spanked her one more time. "How are we, my kitten?" She simply moaned her reply. He selected an even bigger vibrator and rammed it in her cunt, setting it on high before he walked round to face her. He got down on his knees and brought his rock hard dick out to brush against her lips, teasing her.

She licked the tip of his penis carefully, straining forward to take it into her mouth. Her master let her have it, and started to slide himself in there as she licked and began to suck on him.

Impatient, he thrust his hips, giving her more to suck on. She sucked him harder, urging him deeper, and her master again gave her what she wanted, and forced his entire dick into her mouth and down her throat, groaning with delight at how his kitten sucked and licked him so well. The vibrators were driving her towards orgasm and she threw her energy into making him cum, which he soon did, loudly. He leant his head back and shot his loud in her mouth with a moan.

He loved the way she swallowed every drop of his cum as it filled her mouth. She groaned happily and he rushed behind her again, putting both hands to work as he rammed the dildos in and out of both her holes hard and fast, laughing as she began to scream, working herself into an orgasm.

She shuddered and convulsed, crying his name out as she came violently. Waiting for a while, he took her hands out of her restraints and allowed her to release her ankles. She took her blindfold off and rubbed her wrists. "I love you, master." "I love you too, kitten." He held her close, and stroked her smooth skin. They would go to sleep, but when they woke up, master would have more fun with his little kitten, his pet.

His slave.