Sex com xxxx story sex stories new from chanel preston 2019

Sex com xxxx story sex stories new from chanel preston 2019
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This is a sequel to a new friend for Carl Grimes. It will help to read the first one before reading this one.

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Other than that remember that this is 100% fake. Carl and Connor both jumped up to look at Beth standing at.the door with a hand in her pants rubbing her clit furiously. Carl and Connor both tried to.hurry and get.dressed but Beth stopped them saying let me see yall naked for a bit longer!

So scared she would tell they both just stood there naked. Beth said "start fucking again. That was hot." Connor immediately pushed Carl on the bed and stuck Carl's fastly re hardening cock back into his wet hungry mouth and began to suck for the second time today!

Carl was looking right into Connors light baby blue eyes and watched as he sucked and slurpped Carl's now fully hard fuck tool.

Carl grabbed Connors dirty blonde hair that almost hung to his shoulders and he started ramming his.cock tasted gals sugar tits and heating up their asses young old pornstars Connors waiting welcoming throat! Then Connor got up and straddled Carl's cock guiding ass the whole time keeping eye contact with carl as he slowly lowered himself onto Carl's hard wet well lubed cock.

He began to slowly ride up and down until his ass could get used to the stranger in his ass. Carl at this point is moaning he cant last much longer and Connor so.he stops. Before carl can complain however Beth is butt ass naked and sits on Carl's.face to where he can lick uer sopping wet pussy! And she is laying on ber stomach sucking connors cock while carl is licking her pussy!

However Carl is inexperienced int the art of licking pussy so Beth tells him to take her clit inot his mouth and suck and lick it like he was sucking a cock. Carl did.his best and it was working because Beth was moaning and writhing in the pure ecstasy of having her pussy eaten for the first time! Carl had forgotten about Connor until he was about to cum. He said "Connor get off and catch my cum in ur mouth!" Beth yells " no connor catch it in ur ass!

Let it gooooooooo!" With that carl beth and Connor all cum together!

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Beth couldnt swallow the big load Connor gave her so she let it.drip.on Connors cock and sum on Carl's. "Tet off carls cock and get on ut hands and knees right between his legs." Beth barked to connor. He did so and she licked Carl's cock clean and Connors cock clean as well.

Connor thought she was done and went to move but she held his hips and said " I didnt say u could move. Stay still!" With that she started eating Connors cream pie straight from his ass!

He was moaning in pure pleasure! She made sure she got every last drop out of his ass and off of their cocks! She said"yalls cum tastes too.goox for.the fun to be over so soon!" With that she got on her hands and kness and said "Carl fuck my ass! I dnt wanna lose my virginity yet so fuck my ass! Connor get on ur knees in front of me so I can suck ur cock again!" Connor and Carl both were having trouble getting hard again. Beth had Connor get behind her to lick her ass to get it nice and lubed up for carl and had carl get on his knees so she can suck his cock back to full length.

As they switched positions Carl and Connor both decided to make out first so they started making out and beth sucked both cocks at the same time! Alternating between the two sucking and stroking both getting them harder than ever! Carl ill help u get her ass nice and wet. With that Beth got back into position and felt two tungs on her ass hole at the same time. Carl pulled.Connor.away and.aimed.his cock at beths ass and started to piss right on her ass!

Beth almost went over the edge she liked it new xxx poking full story much. Connor started pissing too and.she did go over the edge cumming and cumming. All the while Carl was stroking Connors cock hard and fast until Connor started breathing heavy and carl new connor was about to cum.

He pointed at Beths virgin ass and whispered cum here.

Carl started to get faster and faster and connor started to spew.his cum all over beths ass and back the strongest cum hes ever had. Carl without missing a beat cleans Connors cock off and then licks Beth's back clean and starts fingering Beth's ass slowly putting his index finger in and surprisingly it slipped right into her tight virgin ass!

He was amased! With outh wasting time.he lined.his.cock up and slowly pushed it in and was fucking beths cum covered d piss.coverd ass while Connor was fucking her mouth.

Beth was moaning and almost screaming in pain and pleasure! She never new she could have so many feelings at once! Then out of nowhere carl started.rubbing beths clit furiously with his finger! She was climaxing fast and.hard! She swuirted all over carls hanr and legs! He would have pulled.out but his cock place.because her ass a vice grip.around his cock! He started cumming uncontrollably! It was too much for her tiny ass to handle!

It.started to come.out! He pulled.out slowly so.he didnt pull all the cum.out too.

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Beth turned around and licked carls.cock clean and the cum off the bed! Connor who was so close to cumming rammed his cock into her ass and carl layed under.them to catch any stray cum!

Connor was all out fucking her ass! He came.hard! Again overflowing.her ass! a face and a mouth full but vouldnt catch it all!Connor.pulled.out and carl swallowed waht was in his mouth and Connor went Beth could clean his cock off while.carl got the pleasure of eating both cream pies from ebths ass! He loved it! Beth turned.around and licked all the cum off carls.face! They all vot.dressed and fell asleep planning their next session. Comments and requests welcome.

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