Karsonkush show from october from teens cam site

Karsonkush show from october from teens cam site
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Vengeance 19 "What do you want for your birthday?" she asked. We were sitting together on the futon on a Saturday night finishing off the last bit of Chinese food. "Well, what do you get a guy who already has everything?" She laughed and gave a playful shove, "you're so corny!" My birthday was in mid November, six why should i cook when i fuck great away in fact, and she still pretended to have no idea what to get me.

"A blowjob," she asked giggling and rubbing my dick through my pants. "How's that different from any other day?" I countered, setting the box down and kissing her. She put her own box of rice down on the round coffee table I'd 'borrowed' from the floor lounge and smiled.

She undid my zipper and slid my rapidly hardening dick out the slit. Laying down on her side, she started to give me a sideways blowjob, her tongue wrapping around my dick to hit the right spots. She couldn't quite deepthroat me because of the awkward position, but she got damn close, slowly sliding down then back up again. I played with her hair with one hand, and groped her breasts through her T-shirt with the other.

Hers worked rapidly and clumsily to undo her belt and slide her jeans down. Somehow, without breaking rhythm or losing her concentration, she was able to get her jeans and black thong all the way off and onto the floor. Now I reached down to finger her already glistening pussy. She made an appreciative little moan and sped up slightly as I slid a finger over her clit. Because she couldn't form that great of a seal, she was drooling all over my dick in a nice, wet, sloppy blowjob.

Her fantastic oral skills coupled with the soft muffled moans she made each time I brushed across her clit made me very horny, very fast. Not wanting to make a mess, she slowly slid off my dick and stood up.

Back arching, breasts jutting out, she slowly peeled the T-shirt over her head. The black bra she wore disappeared next as she stood naked before me. She put her hands behind her head and simply stood there for a few moments letting me enjoy the sight of her naked body. Finally I decided to return the favor, stood, and discarded my clothes as well.

She gently pushed me back onto the futon, then staring at me the whole way, spread her legs, and bent at the waist, lowering herself towards my cock.

Finally she was hovering an inch above it, holding onto the futon for support. She stuck out her tongue and lightly licked my tip before slowly impaling herself on me.

Staying all the way down, she began to bathe the base of my cock with her tongue, washing over and over the sensitive spot I have down there. I sat up slightly so I could enjoy her hanging full breasts, massaging them and pinching her nipples. She started to pull up, but my index and middle fingers closed around each nipple, effectively holding her all the way down on my cock. I pulled them down farther, making her want to go farther down than she physically could for a few seconds before letting her up.

Out of breath, she still pulled up slowly, letting me feel the full extent of her tongue and lips on my dick. Finally her lips closed as they slid off my head. She took a deep breath and grinned. She started to go down again, but I slid a hand behind her head to her frizzy wavy hair and stopped her. She gave me a sour look before standing obediently in front of me.

Quickly her fingers interlaced behind her head. She knew I loved the beautiful vulnerability of her naked form. We just watched each other for a while, watched each other until everything else fell away, until all that was left were my eyes and hers. Finally the moment broke, her eyes quickly flitted towards my cock and the world returned. I grinned and started taunting her by slowly stroking it. She stared; I thought she was going to start drooling, the girl was so entranced.

I brought her back to reality by sliding a finger in between her legs. She spread them wider to give me easier access, while keeping her hands behind her head.

I slipped one finger, then another into her wet pussy, slowly sliding them in and out. No one would have noticed it but me; the slight change in facial expression, the way her stare grew slightly more vacant, the subtle tensing of every muscle in her body as I brushed her g-spot.

I brought my other hand up to massage her clit and her reactions grew a bit more obvious. She shifted forwards and nearly fell over, clearly not expecting that. She moaned as I pressed my thumb harder into her clit while simultaneously stimulating her G-spot.

Her pussy dripped, ever wetter; I saw her eyes shut, and that lower lip again felt the wrath of her teeth. I chose that moment to stop. I slid my fingers out and licked her sweet juices off of them jennifer white takes an hard anal fuck session giving her clit a final rub.

She looked at me, not disappointed, because she knew I'd never leave her hanging, but puzzled at what was to come next.

I sat back in the futon, and enjoyed her nudity, and now horniness as I stroked myself some more. She wanted me, wanted me so bad, but admirably stayed put.

"I'm trying to figure out what to do with you. Why don't you find some stuff and help me out." She brought the bondage toys out and onto the table. Having outgrown the shoebox, they now occupied a larger container that we kept under the bed.

"Gag yourself." She held up two. I'd forgotten we'd gotten more than one. These things happen when you live a half hour away from a Porn Shop. "The ball-gag." Obviously disappointed, she put the ring-gag back in the box. She wrapped her lips around the red sphere and tightened faketaxi party girl gets fucked in taxi strap behind her head. I made sure to see that she did it under her hair, not over it, so it wasn't too loose. "Now put the remote control vibrator in your pussy." She reluctantly complied, pushing the small, but powerful device into herself.

"Is it on your g-spot?" She nodded and set the remote control within my reach on the table. "Get out the big vibrator." She complied and tried to play it off like it was nothing, but her eyes and the color of her face betrayed her. "Bind your ankles together and tape that in place, and believe me, you better do it right." She started to sweat now as she pulled out a short length of rope and deftly immobilized her ankles. Moving upwards, she did the same to her knees, a bonus that I hadn't even asked for.

Finally she wedged the vibrator tight into her pussy between her thighs and began taping it in place. After a few minutes, it was trapped in a cocoon of bondage tape with only the control switch near the bottom available. I helped her to her feet and stood her by one of the bed/ladder posts. "I'd love to do you strappado, but I don't want you falling over. I pushed her back against the post and lifted her arms above her head.

They bent ninety degrees at the elbow behind her head, along either side of the post and running along the top rung of the ladder. I tied her wrists to the post that comprised the other ladder rail. Then, to ensure she wouldn't spasm herself into an uncomfortable position, I bound her to the post at her waist, thighs, ankles, and just below her breasts.

As a final touch I saddled her with a pair of nipple clamps, and tied a rope from the center of the chain to my former roommate's bed on the other side of the room. So there she stood, a completely immobilized package, hands being pulled back behind her head, breasts being pulled forward. Her eyes screamed and begged so to give her some comfort I kissed her over the gag. Then with the flick of two switches I took it all away. I saw her teeth bite down hard on the red rubber ball as both of her sensitive spots were assaulted by torturous vibrations.

The clamps completely left her mind as her breasts bobbed and bounced against them. I could see her body twitching minutely against the tight ropes that held her in place. Her eyes tearing up, she looked at me, begging for observe the wild group sex smalltits homemade pleasure to stop. In excess amounts, anything is bad, even arousal. She screamed into the gag as the two devices ripped an orgasm from her body and continued to build her up.

Every muscle in her body flexed as she took all the strength she had and pit it against the ropes. It was utterly, utterly futile, and still she fought. Her eyes squeezed shut, and another orgasm was taken from her. The machines worked on. She had struggled herself out of the clamps by now, they lay uselessly on the floor.

I approached her, and ran my hands slowly up her body. I doubt she noticed.

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Sliding them behind her head, I undid the ball-gag. Before she could scream, I kissed her. She attacked me with her tongue, getting more aggressive than I'd ever seen her with me. It was an epic battle in our mouths as she made every attempt to repay me for the torturous bliss I'd given her.

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While keeping my lips planted on hers, I reached back and managed to cut loose her wrists. I pulled away. "They stop as soon as you stop them." Grunting loudly with every breath, her hands began franticly scrabbling at her bonds. The rope that wrapped around just below her breasts was the first to go. Now she could bend over and work on her unfortunately immaculate tapejob. The rope that went over her thighs had to go first.

She disposed of it quickly, but then had to pause and bite her lip as yet another orgasm took control of her body. Finally she could reach the switch to the large vibrator.

She turned it off, but the one on her g-spot continued to hammer away. She released her waist and ankles from the post and fell to the ground. Drawing her legs in close, she removed her ankle and knee bindings first then went to work on the tape. A few minutes later, a pile of black bondage tape and large vibrator lay on the floor next to her.

Finally she slid the soaked, small vibrator out of her pussy, placed it on the table and turned it off. She lay back exhaustedly, but I was not done with her.

Seeing that she was close, I dropped down, wrapped my arms around her legs and pulled her pussy to my face. I licked her to a final orgasm, prompting a series of loud moans from her. Now she could finally lay back to rest. I sat down on the futon and let her lay there for a while, regaining some strength and some sanity.

Some time later I saw her start to stir on the ground. Rather than force her tired limbs to drag her up, I went to her, and lay on top of her, passionately kissing her. Wearily physically, but strong like never before emotionally she softly and gently returned my kiss.

After several minutes, we parted, and I slid up until I was kneeling over her chest. She parted her lips, smiling, inviting my cock inside. I slid it in, and slowly moved it in and out, down young attractive babe licks and rides old penis three inches and back up.

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Happily her tongue worked me over while her lips stayed tight and her eyes told me she wanted every last drop. With her tongue working overtime on my cock, she again made the blowjob nice and wet. Minutes later and her salacious lips had me close to cumming. I moved back to the futon, so she could kneel in front of me, take control, and enjoy it the way she wanted to. She held my head stationary in her mouth while her tongue moved back and for the over my sensitive spot and my tip.

I came in no time, oozing out all over her tongue. Pulling out, I rubbed the last little bit around her lips. She savored the taste for a moment before swallowing and licking them clean.

Her being exhausted, we decided it was time for bed. She'd come to enjoy sleeping while bound, and we mulled over how to do it tonight. Not feeling particularly creative, or in the mood, we decided to forego that new nightly tradition. She slept on her back, and I on top, enjoying the soft pillows of her breasts while she wrapped her arms around me.