Step mom dpee during sex

Step mom dpee during sex
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Alice Is Pregnant 5 by Will Buster If you like any of my stories you can get my full length novels Enjoy! Lord Elton found that one of the great advantages of young teen lust is that his two bed sluts had plenty of energy and they were very easy to train in the most corrupt sexual practices that he could think of. He'd held off fucking Meg's virgin ass hole because in truth, he didn't want to injure the girl. He found that Alice's little anus was certainly more than sufficient for now and it gave him something to look forward to a little down the road, the carnal road that is.

He climbed back on top of Meg's youthful, pre teen shape and drove his thick manhood back into her pussy, making the young tart cry out in obvious delight.

Her sister wasn't feeling so good this morning so Meg was all too glad to provide her patron with all the sex he needed. She was getting very good at this. The youngster arched her small back and lunged into his penetrations, gripping and jerking hard on him with her most vicious vaginal gyrations.

He'd already taken her but a half hour earlier or else he would have shot his seed into her in mere seconds. As it was, his cock tingled and swelled as his tight little whore performed tricks like a twenty year old pro. He'd had the pair of lovely little tarts for four months now and the pleasant summer was gone.

In its place were the golden leaves of fall and the chilling air of cool crisp nights that kept him sensual blonde enjoys sucking on a huge schlong the covers, fucking his two squealing concubines until they were both sore from hours of constant pounding from his insatiable dick.

Meg raised her slender leg and squirmed her toes into his sucking mouth. The cute little fox giggled from the tickling sensations that swept down her arched foot and slender legs. "Oooooo! You dirty dog! Fuck my cunt like a man!" Meg learned a lot of florid language from her sister and beside she was a big girl now. She was going on eleven and she was using her cunt like a grown up. "Pound it into me. I like the way you fuck! Yeah! Bang it into me hard!" He moved her other foot to his mouth causing the hot chick to squeal out.

His hands gripped her little budding titties hard and his long bone drilled that tiny cunt that he'd become addicted to. He had to have Meg. Her small body was so innocent looking and yet her little carnal slit was capable of the most visceral and sinful sex acts imaginable. She was an excellent quality youthful whore who rivaled her older sister in the fanciest tricks of wanton bed sport.

His drilling dick sliced through her long since deflowered pussy.

It felt so lovely to stretch that little fuck hole to the outer limits. Each time he plowed hard into her little cervix he thought the pre teen slut would cum.

Her whimpers and shrieks hinted at the ecstasy that his young whore was experiencing. His moment came as joyous as it was unexpected. He didn't know he could come again that quickly. But sure enough, Meg's tiny hole could not be denied or escaped. With grunts and hissing sounds, he unleashed his pulsing prick into her vaginal utopia! "Yes Jamie! Fill me! Fuck a brat into me like Alice! Oooooo! It's so wet and hot! Yes! Please keep fucking me! I need your big cock inside me!

I'm your little whore Jamie so fuck the living be Jesus out of me!" HE strained and jolted teen pussy punishment xxx he gets out of the van into her box but even the wealthy and wise Lord had limits and once he was finished, he was finished for that morning.

He held the youngster against him, waiting for his breathing and heart rate to get back to a more usual level. "God Meg! You are such an insatiable creature. You're even more of a whore than Alice and that's saying something. It's funny but she hasn't been feeling so good lately." Meg giggled, "I bet I know why Jamie." He raised his eyebrows a bit at that. "Oh, and why is Alice a bit under the weather do you think?" Meg crawled up onto his hairy, well muscled chest until her sensuous mouth was but an inch from his lips.

"I think it is because you keep fucking her morning, noon and night. You've fucked a baby into her naughty little cunt. Of course she can't help it. She's such a shameless little whore." Lord Elton did all he could to avoid laughing at the little sprite that lay on him as bare as the day she'd been born. What made it even more hilarious was how Meg tried to act so grown up with that infantile sounding baby voice of hers. She continued after a few moments of expectant silence. "When I turn eleven next month, I'll be a big girl and I expect you to fuck my tiny ass hole just like you fuck Alice's.

When she is in confinement, you can fuck my two little holes or my mouth to relieve your tension. Take me as much as you want until Alice recovers.

After all she is my sister. I should help her out and I love your big cock when you push it so deep inside my little baby pussy hole." She gave him a very seductive kiss with her velvet tongue and soft, warm lips. Then she whispered, "Besides, my sweet Jim, I love it when you take me and fuck me for hours. Please Jamie! Fuck me again right now!

Pretty please? Don't you want to squirt off into my teensy weensy cunt some more? I'll squeeze you real hard this time! Stick it down my mouth and I'll suck it like a bad little girl should." Her giggle and her obvious enthusiasm for the task at hand were to compelling and it wasn't all that long redhead teen with curly hair dildoing pussy on webcam Lord Elton of Kingston Manor was nudging the satin softness of Meg's juicy, pre teen pussy with his thick cock.

She'd sucked it hard for him for almost a half an hour before he was ready to enter his sexy sprite. As her wet, minuscule passage engulfed and gripped on his shaft he cried out from the sizzling contact.

He couldn't help it. He had to have this little doxy as much as sweet little Alice. "You have a vice grip of such sinful vice, my little darling. You'll wear me out, I'm afraid.

Oh well, I see I must put my shoulder to the wheel and try to satisfy my cute she devil's fiery lusts. Ah well, into every life a little rain must fall, I suppose." He rolled her onto her back then and buried his long bone all the way to his slapping balls. He pushed those foxy little legs back to her ears and kept plowing into Meg who shrieked with delirious ecstasy.

Her young body responded as if fucking were as natural to her as breathing. Perhaps it was. James didn't know or care at this point.

All that mattered to him was that his fleshy shaft felt divine. Tingles and burning sensations were forcing him to slam into that little blazing box hard, deep and fast. Again she screamed out from a climax! "Yes Jamie! Fuck me! Keep fucking me al morning!

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Do I fuck cock nice for you?" "You're superb! Hold your legs further back! Yes! Like that! I'm gonna bang you to kingdom cccuuummmmm! Jesus! What a hot little cunt! Fuck bitch!" Suddenly Meg squirted her own lust out of her pulsing pussy, drenching the sheets and her pumping lord. She giggled and squealed as her body erupted with this special joy. "Fuck it harder! OooOOOo fuck! Jamie! Jamie!

Screw my baby cunt! Oh Jesus! I'm cccummming more! I can't stop! You're like a fucking horse! Eeeeaaaahhhhh! Eeeeee! Fuck my teensy slit! Fucking fill me!" James leaned down and grappled her body into a fierce embrace. Holding her small body tight he slammed his cock even harder into the squealing whore until he reached the perfection of bliss.

His own scream drowned out hers as he pile-drived an ocean of spermy spunk in spasmodic waves through her cunt, cervix and into that tiny womb. With greed Meg's little fuck hole, absorbed all he had to give her. It made squishing sucking sounds as his balls drained into her pre teen snatch.

There was no question that Jamie's cock knew for a certainty that Meg's little body was a precious treasure, even if his besotted mind hadn't quite comprehended it yet.

******** There was no doubt. Doctor Robinson finished his examination of Alice Cooper. He spoke to the youthful, virginal looking girl. He spoke to her with a clipped, Oxford accent.

"I must say Alice, you're definitely with child. You're not married so it's a pretty scandalous condition to be in. What I can't believe is you're three months along and you're just 13. You certainly got to an early start young lady.

Pray tell, who is the lucky father?" Alice didn't pick up on the underlying sarcasm of Doctor William Robinson's tone.

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The doctor was quite appalled actually. Alice was the youngest example of a knocked up tart he'd ever seen. He grimaced with obvious impatience. "You better tell me MISS Cooper! Your fancy man will have to help support the child once it arrives. I don't think your family will welcome a new addition to curvy brunette has her moist beaver drilled Cooper clan. So what say you?" Billings was out in the waiting room, ready to escort her back to the manor.

With a trembling voice she asked, "Do you promise to keep this strictly between us?" For long moments the doctor looked at his patient. At last he nodded. "I'll keep the confidence if you follow my advice little one." Alice hung her head down in shame. At this moment she realized that she was a worthless depraved whore who sold her sexual favors for money. Her eyes brimmed with tears and her torso shook with silent little sobs. At last she looked up with tears streaming down her flushed cheeks.

"It be Lord Jamie. Last winter was bad and I had to earn money for the family the only way I could. My sweet lord has been so kind and generous. Please don't be angry with him." Doctor Robinson felt like he was sixty rather than forty.

He motioned for his young patient to stay seated and he sat down beside her. With a gentle hand he raised her downcast face and looked her straight in the eyes. "Are you telling me Lassie that you lay with Lord Elton for money so you could help feed your family?" She whispered, "Yes." Moisture came to the doctors eyes.

"You've nothing to be ashamed of lass. You're a little angel of mercy. It's Lord Elton who should be thrown into the pits of hell, God rot his soul!" Alice's jaw dropped in shock. "How can you say that about Jamie?" "You're such a sweet little darling, dear Alice. You really don't understand do you?" She shook her head, making her long, honey blonde hair to swish around.

A look of profound sadness covered Robinson's face. "Perhaps some day you will understand. Lord Elton should have given your family food for very charity sake. I say he has his reward by God. I want you to rest as much as you can and look well to what you eat. I'll be discussing your condition with his lordship soon I warrant you.

I don't want you to feel badly about any of this. It's not your fault after all. I'll check you from time to time. Now be off with you, Billings will bring you back to the manor. " Once the girl and the butler departed, Doctor Robinson went outside to the woodpile that was beside his house for winter fuel.

He picked up and ax and spent the next quarter hour, savagely xxx hinda storys dowdloads saree main pani wali qurbani wali large pieces of wood into small pieces of wood. He always resorted to this technique when he needed to remove rage from his soul. ******** "I'm very sorry to disturb you sir but Doctor Robinson is here to speak with you.

Shall I say you are in sir?" Billing's voice was smooth and non committal. Only the slight frown betrayed the mild disgust that he hid so well. Lord Jim nodded, "I'll see him in the study, presently." Lord Elton's study was quite a sight with its cherry wood book shelves, impressive leather bound volumes and ornately carved mahogany desk. To most men, the opulent surroundings would have been intimidating.

However, none of this affluence had any effect on the redoubtable Doctor Robinson. He was from an upper crust family himself and he'd learned his trade in the army. If he wasn't afraid of bloody Wellington he sure as hell wasn't afraid of fucking James Elton lord babe shows off her beautiful body mavenhouse mighty!

James sat down behind the desk. "Well what is it, doctor?" His voice was bored and held just the faintest hint of annoyance. The doctor used his most condescending, professional tone possible. "I'm not positive what the precise term should be used in this case, but perhaps your servant would be apt? I speak of Alice Cooper and she is with child by you. So what in blazes are you going to do about it?" Elton leaned forward, "I don't' particularly like your tone doctor." William said nothing, waiting for an answer to his question.

The silence went on for several awkward seconds. At last Elton muttered, "What am I going to do about it. Well first of all, I'm paying you to take proper care of the girl. Has Billings paid you yet?" Robinson nodded but kept silent.

"My intention doctor is to arrange a proper marriage for the girl quite soon. Will that satisfy your concern?" The doctor nodded once more and spoke at last. "You know, I knew your father and it was a pity he lost his life at Waterloo. What is a greater pity is the abhorrent pit of moral depravity you have sunk to since your wonderful wife passed on. To take a whore is one thing but to take such a young innocent who doesn't know anything about life?

I thought you were a better man. Arranging a marriage for the girl is something I suppose but I'll tell you this straight away. Alice Cooper is three times the person you will ever be my lord. I bid you good day." big titted brunette ex gf teasing her pussy in pov style Before Doctor Robinson could get out of the room, Lord Elton moved in front of him and stared into Doctor Robinson's contemptuous gaze.

"How dare you sir! I love the girl in my own way. I don't wish to harm her! What do you take me for?" Robinson stood more erect and his voice was as cool as an Antarctic breeze. "Miss Cooper sold you her body to feed her family. There isn't a selfish bone in her young person.

But you couldn't wait for her to reach sixteen. Oh no, you had to sully the wench now because you thought it would be a lovely lark. It puts a new meaning to the definition of child labor and let me tell you something else. Because she is so physically young, she is at greater risk at the birthing. But I wouldn't expect you to care about that! You are a cad sir! Now please permit me to pass if you would be so kind?" When the doctor left, Elton started writing some letters.

James had been somewhat trouble by the doctor's blunt comments until later that night. He was slamming his cock inside Alice once again while Meg made sure he licked her cunt thoroughly.

He was lying on his side conveniently connected to Alice down below and eating Meg up above. His two young girls were squealing and moaning as each little body shuddered with the intense rapture of repetitive orgasm.

Once again he shot his wad into Alice and still the fun fucking went on. After the two wenches salaciously sucked him hard without even having to be instructed, he got on top of hot little Meg and blistered her little pussy with powerful cock strokes until she to was pumped full of his spraying seed. Then it was back to Alice for some fancy ass fucking. He tried to forget the doctor's words in sensuous forgetfulness.

Even after three hours of physical bliss, the physician's words still bothered him. Yes, he would make sure that Alice was properly married. Yet he would miss Alice. She was so winsome and so full of life and sexual power. How could he let her go? How would he be able to let either of the little wenches go? Would he be able to find others to replace lovely Alice and sweet little Meg?

The sad truth of it was that Lord James Elton needed those wriggling tiny holes and those gurgling sucking mouths. His cock tingled, just thinking about what those two juicy little tarts could do for the needs of his urgent flesh. What surprised him the most was that instead of gradually becoming jaded with them, he had to enter them more and more. He couldn't get enough of them. He'd even spent less time on his estate business because of his late morning romps with his two voluptuous little vixens.

But he was a man of honor. He'd promised Alice to find her a suitable husband and so he would. [b]