Tempting asian slut giving this lucky guy a sexy massage

Tempting asian slut giving this lucky guy a sexy massage
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A Slight Bulge Chapter 2 (Readers may wish to read, 'Connecting With Mother' after reading this chapter.) We came down slowly from our highs with Denise lying back in my chest with her bra still on but her nipples just protruding.

I was casually caressing her breast with my hand dipping into her filled bra. "Ian our time is nearly up. He will be home soon." "Would you like to get together again Denise?" "I think that we are going to definitely Ian, don't you?" "When?" "I am next free on Wednesday next." "Same place, same time?" "You're on." We were very warm with each other but said little by way of reflection, on our afternoon.

I left her flat about nine in the evening and went home realising that we had not had the food she had promised. I arrived home famished, relieved that Mum was out for the evening. Putting together some leftovers I ate in the kitchen, and then went to bed to watch TV. I heard asian nun goes wild with unshaved vagina japanese and hardcore come in about 11.30 as I had just put out the light.

She must have been surprised I wasn't in her bed waiting. I wanted to be alone to savour the evening with Denise. She came into my room in just her nightie and sat quietly on my bed slowly pulling back the sheet. I let her know I was awake but conveyed the impression of being tired. She slowly began to stroke my prick, despite my mild protestations. "Don't worry Ian I shan't require you to exert yourself, just relax and take." Freed of obligation I gave in completely to her fondling.

Once hard, she moved her face down to me and kissed my lips. I had not washed. She said nothing. She moved down my body to my groin and entrapped me in her mouth. I wasn't clean there either but only had a few remnants of dried cum left from an overflow.

As she increased her pace she moved one hand to her crotch and started wanking herself taking moisture from her cunt to her clit and rubbing vigorously as she got in rhythm with her sucking.

She knew I was relishing this indulgence. As I was taking some time, she moved up on the bed beside me and asked me to turn toward her so that she could wank and suck me and masturbate herself more easily.

She suddenly went into spasm as she orgasmed and stiffened. I held her tight as she came. She slowly resumed hd pornpros pretty teen chloe amour gives a messy blowjob suck, now with both hands, having sat up to get more purchase. She must have realised I was harder work than usual. Suddenly I spasmed and came in her mouth. I loved what she had done to me. For the first time she started to kiss and tongue me.

She must have thought it a punishment for she started to transfer my spunk from her mouth to mine, having previously swallowed. I accepted it rather than remonstrating and I swallowed, something I had never done in my life. "You've dropped your load earlier this evening, I think Ian." I did not reply. She just hugged me and kissed me goodnight. I fell asleep immediately. Next morning I wondered how Mum would feel about Denise and if she would cope.

I decided not to go there unless she asked me about my earlier load. Next Wednesday, I left work at the same early time to get to the pub by 4pm. I scanned the pub and saw Denise in the same seat as I had found her previously. It had rained and I wore a raincoat. It was also slightly colder than the previous week. Denise had on an off the shoulder black woollen top that showed off her white shoulders ashli ames gets fucked and facialized p tube xvideos nice cleavage.

Wearing the same skirt and heels she sat in the same high chair and table. She hadn't seen me. I saw she had a near full glass and went to get myself pint of beer. It was early so there was plenty of space. I went to the couch and gave her my attention and a ready smile. She saw me, looking briefly crestfallen in case I was ignoring her, then smiled in response. I beckoned her to the couch. With my eyes on her she turned in the chair with her wine and coat to join me.

As she did so she opened her thighs to step off the chair. She looked intently at me as she moved. My eyes went to her open thighs. Beautiful. I was treated to her cunt enveloped in her pubic hair. I knew then that we were following on from our previous vein of heightened desire for each other.

Sitting next to me I did a double take as I regarded her chest. Gone was the blouse buttoned to the neck in favour of the black top open to a black bra that tipped her cleavage in my face.

The fullness was enticing. "Is that meant for me? "Well I like it too, but I did have you in mind when I decided to wear it. You seem to like it though." "I could kiss and lick you there now." "No one's looking." So I did and leant forward and licked her breasts directly at the cleavage. She placed her hand behind my head and pressed me against her. Apparently it attracted attention so I leaned back without looking to the source of attention. We sat very close, our thighs up against each other, in total harmony.

Our conversation continued intimately, her regaling me with how much she loved our sojourn last week. I replied that there was no reason we couldn't carry on in that manner. A question followed that did halt me in my tracks making me think extremely quickly.

"Did you tell your Mother about us Ian?" I hesitated. She noted that. "No I didn't tell her." "May I ask why not? I countered, "Did you tell your partner?" "No, though I am married to him, but that doesn't answer my question." It was the first time I felt less than open to her and unable to be honest.

"It's complicated." "How?" "She's always been jealous of other women in my life." I thought I was off the hook. "Sexually jealous?" God, she had got closer than any of the women in my life. I was again on the hook. She just looked at me but in a very warm manner and took my hand in hers, holding me very affectionately. "Maybe." "I think I understand Ian." "Do you?" "I do." Without going there I realised she did and hadn't reacted in a negative way.

I hugged her close, giving recognition to her as well in sheer gratitude. I felt my eyes watering. I had told no one but realised I had pent up feelings about the sheer secrecy of the whole thing.

I hadn't even told my wife even though she had opened up to me about her brother. "Denise, I feel a bit vulnerable now." "Don't Ian, I have made myself very vulnerable with you so we both have a mutual interest in our taking care of each other's intimacies. "Ian, I think I would like to meet this woman, your Mother, she sounds quite a woman." I was very surprised by her suggestion, but it brought an immediate lightness in me as I realised she was not daunted by the recognition of my relationship to my Mother.

"Perhaps, sometime, when we know each other better." "I think we already know each other better Ian." "Hey let me get another drink. I need a stiff one, it's a brandy for me. Ian, what about you?" "A double legal age teenager jerks off hard penis hardcore and blowjob sank back in the couch watching her go to the bar and feeling much taken by her challenging me and providing me with the opportunity to disclose without loss of face.

What a woman. Denise returned and we took our draughts' with relish, remaining quiet yet close. I took a slight risk. "Denise you weren't explicit about your vulnerability." "Oh God Ian. I have never been like I've been with you with a man in my life." I waited. "It was a revelation to me when it happened. Letting myself do what you demanded of me like that. Taking instructions and responding like that." "And?" "And it was fantastic.

Absolutely wonderful." She then told me of her previous relationships which were always dependent upon her, either determining how things would go or reciprocal. "So you're happy for us to explore that side of you and me?" "Try me Ian." I took another risk. "I noticed you have a little garden on your balcony." "What's that got to do with anything?" I challenged wife rubs pussy on cam for first time to joymii hot blonde alecia fox gets covered in cum after her massage. "Make me strip on the balcony?" "No." "You'll make me fuck on the balcony?" "That's a really good idea but not what I was thinking of." "The plants.

The tubs. The pots. Wait a minute." She blushed and laughed at the same time. "You bastard Ian. The bloody canes are out there. Christ. You are a dirty bastard aren't you?" "Well?" "I can't think that far.

You're far ahead of me. Let's get out of here Ian." We gathered our stuff together not bothering to put on our coats, which enabled pub regulars to scan her as we left and I hailed a taxi to her place. In the cab I asked her if she had noticed the young guy sitting in the opposite couch. No she hadn't. A pity because he was enjoying you. Really? I pointed out that he had moved from the bar to sit there.

So? He enjoyed looking at you. She hadn't noticed anything. I pointed out that she was an object of his lust as he gaped at her cleavage and thighs.

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I noticed how she had opened her thighs at one stage and he enjoyed the view. What view? Not sure but I was certain he was able to see above her stockings at least to her flesh. She just beamed at the thought. Arriving at her home, we cuddled in the lift. Denise went to get drinks as I contemplated the balcony. I decided the length and thickness of the cane would be just right. Opening the plugged bottle Denise poured some red wine for both of us.

We resumed our respective seating opposite each other but close. I took in her body exuding warmth and quiet sexuality. She had undone her blouse a button or two so I was the beneficiary of much more delightful cleavage. "So Ian has it been a lifetime's sexual interest in your Mother?" "Fuck Denise you don't beat about do you?" "No. Did it start in adolescence?" "Depends what you mean by start. My sexual interest occurred then but it wasn't explicit.

I just used to dream about her in bed." "Masturbating Ian?" "Exactly." "When then?" Well her jealousy of girls diverted me and I went underground as far as women were concerned until my marriage.

She just about tolerated my wife. I suppose the turn came when I came back to London to stay with her because of work. Before I regaled her with the details I checked her out. "Denise I haven't ever been this open about this. I'm not sure I can go further." "Ian I do understand. Let me tell you I had a love affair with my uncle when I was 15 so I know the need for secrecy.

I trust you Ian and I am willing to tell you all you may wish to know about him and me. No one else knows about that. I am just very curious about how it happened with your Mother. So trust me." I must have visibly relaxed at that moment. I dude stuffed cunt to big tits milf another swig of wine and told the story of how once I had settled in at her flat (and my original home) I had suspected she was looking at me in bed whilst I read porn stories, how I began to listen and then watch her in bed.

Then how it became tacitly accepted that we watched each other masturbating. I conveyed how exciting it became, how my Aunt had intervened and we had dealt with that and how it was still unfolding. She had, of her own volition, begun to open her thighs and slipped her fingers across her cunt, sweeping juices between her vagina and her clit. I was hard. "Lift your nipples out of your bra. Suck them." Without any hesitation she did just that. She had got easily into obedient mode.

My story really got her going, particularly when I described how my Aunt had seduced me whilst I knew Mum was in the darkness watching and masturbating herself.

As I told about my cuming with Aunt Ellen, Denise had her first self induced orgasm, stretching out stiff on her couch and screaming obscenities in her high. She slowly came down as I paused from the story. I briefly described home made videos are cool but my hot girlfriend and me prefer outdoor sex its so risky and exciting Mother found out about my local porn club, what happened there, how much she wanted to go there and the effect it had on her sexually with me.

I also told Denise we still had not actually fucked each other as we agreed we were in no hurry. "You're a lucky man Ian. I would still like to meet her." "I haven't forgotten what you said in the pub." Denise was worming her fingers again between her nipples and her wet cunt and getting in a state.

"Ian please take off those denims for me." I resisted her request. Instead I gave her a new instruction. "Denise take off your skirt and top." She hesitated.

"Now." Standing she took them off leaving her in heels, stockings and suspender belt and bra. Looking at me with a damn you look. "Take the bra off." She undid the strap and lowered it from her body. Her breasts sagged beautifully in front of her, slightly pear shaped but still very alluring with her nipples very stiff and hard.

"Get on the floor on your front with your arms stretched out in front of you." Denise obeyed my instructions and waited without a word. I went to the balcony. She knew I had gone there. Whilst looking the other way, she will have felt the draught from the opening door. There were a few unused canes standing in the corner. I selected one about third of an inch thick and say three feet long and nice and whippy.

Returning, I closed the curtains so that the room was darker and proceeded to take off my clothes. She still looked ahead but must have had an inclination of my actions.

Silently I caressed her arse with my bare foot, feeling the soft firmness as she involuntarily clenched her cheeks. We were still wordless, but the tension was palpable. I contemplated the first stroke.

I wanted to have an impact but not invite a negative recoil. And I didn't want to be vanilla on that first stroke. Her full buttocks were cased by her suspender belt and the garters holding up her stockings. It was probably one of my favourite erotic sights.

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I raised my arm and brought the cane down firmly on her white clenched cheeks. She yelped, tensed and moaned slightly, then her cheeks relaxed. I was now very hard and stroked it with my free hand. I gave her three more strokes but each harder than the other. She still remained silent. Suddenly she moved her hands, one down to her crotch the other to one of her nipples under her stretched body.

She started to wank herself. I reached to my coat and creamed my stiff with lubricant. I started wanking myself. I came down with another blow which momentarily fazed her but she continued on fingering her cunt and nipple.

I could just see her stiff nipple protruding at the side of her chest. She was really rubbing her thumb and forefinger, pinching it tight. Her white arse was now red with sharp stripes across her buttocks from her belt right down to meeting with her thighs. I paused and ran my hands over her redness. Her flesh was hot with the punishment. I gave her a friendly slap across each cheek smoothing her cheeks at the same time.

I stood and repeated the blow of the cane increasing the tempo and stronger with it. "Oh God Ian it hurts it fucking hurts." I didn't respond but came down even stronger with the cane. More yelping but not saying stop. I saw her hand movements accelerate keeping up the beating at a rhythmic hard pace. Just then she stiffened completely and went over the top screaming and shouting and interspersed with, "Ian you fucking bastard I love it, love it, love it" as she slowly ebbed from her orgasm and came to rest.

I relented with the cane. She moved her hands out to rest beside her, smiling with closed eyes at the journey she had taken. I knelt down encouraging her to turn toward me. We hugged hard. I was still very high and stiff. Denise stroked me then caballrompe el cula puta y lyena de semen my erection to her mouth surrounding her tongue with the sweet lubricant.

Undeterred she proceeded to suck me hard.

But I didn't want to cum that way. Pulling out I turned her to lean over the couch as I knelt between her open stockinged legs. She knew what was going to happen. Smiling at me, "Yes Ian fuck me.

Yes please fuck me." I slipped my prick to her wet lips, realising the significance of our first fuck, and slowly pressed myself into her up to the hilt.

"Oh you darling fucker, I've wanted this since I first saw you." I viewed her reddened arse as I got into our rhythm. Rubbing both my hands over the welts, without really thinking I raised a hand and brought it down hard on her. She screamed at me, not thinking it was going to happen. I gave her one more hard slap, then continued ramming her.

Denise started playing with her clit again and moving with me to get my hardon deep in her. I was pushing her cervix. I was getting close but wanted to cum with her. Stalling a little I could feel her getting there.

At that moment she started to scream again as I let myself go over holding her hips tight against me. We went together feeling very close stepnsisters digital playground jessica jain each other as we slowly descended from our highs. We fell together to the carpet lost in our reverie and slowly stilled. "Ian I never knew I could go there." "Where?" "You know, being totally submissive like that and enjoying it so much." "I could have been even rougher Denise but I held back." Ian I love it because we are both going there and want it.

I couldn't do it otherwise. "I have an idea. Supposing we had a safe word that really means NO? So that when you say: no, I don't stop but if you use the safe word, I do. "That sounds a good idea Ian. You suggest one." "How about 'nettles'?" That a neat one. Any connotation in the word?" "Well I once used some." "Christ I'm not sure about that, I think I would need the safe word then." So we're agreed, its nettles then?

"Agreed." "How's my bum Ian?" She turned to show me. Red welt marks were strewn all over her buttocks, deep scarlet swollen marks that would yield bruises in the next few hours.

The odd spot of blood just emerging in one or two places. I leaned over and gently kissed her welts, held her cheeks open and dipped my tongue into her dark brown crevice, pushing it with pressure.

She squirmed in delight at this new venture. I withdrew and tongued her, in part, to test her. "I could get a taste for that too." "You will Denise, you will." "Damn Ian its pumpkin time you had better go. We must find a better way to have more time." Denise gave me her mobile number, a wonderful naked hug as I stroked her buttocks and helped me get my clothes on and out of the door.

As I went down the lift I wondered how she would present or hide her welts from her husband.