Teen rayna brings her bf at hom for sexy time and they get busted valentine and threesome

Teen rayna brings her bf at hom for sexy time and they get busted valentine and threesome
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Hi guys, I am Deepal,24, and after a lot of holding it inside I have finally found a place in here where I can lighten up my heart by sharing this real life experience of mine.

I always kept it inside my mind and couldn't share it with anybody, but with platform as this site, i find it the best to share my experience.

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I am 5'9" in height and around 65 kgs in weight and very fair complexion and by god's grace I have no hair on my body except my head of course and yes I am proud to say that I am sex siren katrina jade gets doggystyled by plumber guy even after this experience and have had a very dynamic experience with a very strong and masculine guy, who really changed the dimensions of my thinking.

It was somewhere around 1 week ago, during the winter time of January, I was going home from college and as I entered my society, and went towards the elevator (coz I live on the 6th floor),I saw a guy waiting there before me, he was an inch or 2 shorter than me, but he had a very masculine built for his height and very strong arms and that for the first time set my pulse racing and I noticed that something happened inside me after seeing this guy, it had happened for the very first time.

We didn't talk, as we were strangers, but when we stepped in the elevator, I noticed he lived a floor above mine ,i.e. the 7th floor.

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I stepped out of the elevator and for once nothing was on my mind besides him. Then I went home. Then I couldn't get to see him for a few days, and after some 3 weeks he rang our door bell and asked for a cloth that had fallen from his balcony to ours.

I went outside and fetched it for him. I enquired about him and that's when I got to know that he is a servant on the house just above mine, and that to a full time one. His strong manly built and big arms were my primary focal attention, and don't know why, but every alternate second I kept looking at them, which was liable to get noticed and he did notice that thing. For the moment, he didn't respond anything and went to his place.

Next day in the morning, I met him again while going down the escalator, he was wearing a striped t-shirt and I saw him and thought of making a move or else neither would he give in, nor would I get a start, but had a fear in my mind that what he dislikes this move and tells somebody, so I made a move for which I could say that it happened by mistake.

So as the escalator was about to reach the ground floor I moved forward and groped on his butt as if I had imbalanced, and my was that some hard butt, strong one it was. And then I thought that If I apologies he would take it as a natural mistake, so I started moving out of the lift and without saying anything. That was a Saturday morning, and since my parents are both working and colleges are off on Saturday, I was alone in house. So when I came back to my home at around 2 in the afternoon, I saw him standing at the front door, I enquired his presence at the door, he said a towel had dropped by mistake danny ds cock got simone garzas pussy on top his balcony to ours.

So this time I thought of giving him a signal and instead of asking him to wait outside the house like last time, I asked him to come in and sit on sofa and wished that he takes some advantage.

As I went outside, I saw the orange towel and fetched it, I brought it back and while getting up from the sofa, he held my waist in his arms and I gave him a shy look and thank goodness, he smiled back and winked at me.

Oh my was I excited and several ideas and positions of kamasutra started to flow in my head. He pulled me towards himself and asked me," You are very naughty", I was in his arms and for a second I blushed,"I then put my arms on his shoulders and we smooched, and after a pause, we started kissing deeply ,his tongue was mixing his saliva in my mouth and I was sucking his tongue hard and he kept mp3 sex story for school girl my buttocks while kissing, I was awestruck for the next minute and felt like my man has come and I am in his arms.

He was feeling my side body and waist from my shirt. Then suddenly I stopped him and thought that since in India, servants of other people are not considered equal to a guest and if my parents come and find him inside the house, then they would be angered and would create a scene.

I asked him to leave for the moment and plan something. He said he will call me on my phone and we exchanged numbers. Since in modern apartments ,a secluded servant quarter is built outside the house for the servant to live in, so he lived in that servant quarter of the floor above,& we also had an unused servant quarter outside our house, so he called me and told me that he would meet me on the gate of our servant quarter at 11:30 pm after everyone is asleep.

My night was approaching and I was excited and thrilled. When my folks were asleep, I quietly stepped out of the house at slipped into our servant room and waited for him. I got a missed call at 11:30 and I peeked outside, my man was standing, he rushed in and I bolted the door. Then he held me from the back and started to slide his hand inside my pajamas and grabbed my ass, his hands were huge, he nearly squeezed my ass, I put my hands around his neck and was almost feeling like a woman, that feeling came for the first time, I started to relax in his arms and he opened my shirt and removed it, he then held me by my waist and starting rubbing it up and down and since he was so strong he almost uplifted me and seated me on the small table placed in the room, and pressed my nipples and bit them with his teeth he then started kissing my neck and held a finger inside my mouth and then we kissed deeply and I almost sucked his black lady gets fucked hard from behind by big white cock. I wanted to be his bitch teen slut megan rain gets impaled and facialized and then I heard a ripping sound and I saw that he pulled my pajama down and was so passionate that he was almost about to tear my underwear I whispered "tear everything you put your hands on" and he got more excited and literally tore my undy and made me lie on that table, I was purely naked in front of him and my fantasy of getting kissed while me being naked and my man in full clothes was fulfilled.

I put my feet on his shoes he was wearing and got up and he started kissing me over my chest and my stomach then he moved his tongue down to my belly button and licked it, I was almost mad with excitement at that moment and he spanked my ass suddenly he said, "I am going to make you my woman tonight And pulled me down on the floor and asked me to lay down on my stomach and then he pulled my hips upwards and licked my asshole and "ooooohhhh sharad…",aaaoooohhh sharad" was my only sound, he then planned to put his dick inside me and I must say for his height, his dick was extremely fat and around 7 to 8 inches long.

He then thwarted it trying to put inside my asshole but I struck out a loud shout and he stopped and looked for something, he then took out something and rubbed on my ass and on his dick ass well, Till today I don't know what he used because there was a very dim light in the room, but at that moment I didn't cared whatever he used, I just wanted to be ass-fucked and with the pace he slid his dick inside, oooohhh, it almost felt as if someone has torn my ass and he pounded it inside more harder everytime,"ah ah ah ah ah", i was moaning like a girl and then he grabbed my ass and said "ab dekh and I felt he was filling me with his cum inside my madelyn marie preparing tfuck her best friend, hot cum was felt inside flowing in my arteries.

I felt like a slut at that time and he kept banging me even after that, I was feeling pure pain, but I wanted to bear that pain, because there was a feeling of a boy turned into woman was taking over it, I kept saying "ah ah ah ah ah ah",he put his hand inside my mouth and banged me with more thrust and pace for the night.

He put his hand on my lower back and kept pumping and i felt his pace slow down with a slow "aah" from his mouth and then I felt some more liquid(his cum) in my ass. He then lied down and laid beside me and I was motionless, he said" I am putting an alarm on my phone for 1 hour so that even if I fall asleep I could wake him"He laid down and I was feeling shivers and different vibrations after all that hardcore drilling, after one hour he asked me to get up and dressed back and started for his room on the upper floor, he kissed me and promised to make a plan for 10th Feb.

He left, and I went into my house, and the very next day which was thankfully a Sunday, I couldn't get up from the bed for almost till 8 in the evening, I kept making excuses to my mom but that banging I will never forget.

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