Nmercy rough double penetration bbc

Nmercy rough double penetration bbc
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Julia peddled furiously down the road her eyes scanning left and right looking for her target. Her long straight brunette hair streamed behind her and as she raised her pert ass out of the seat to peddle faster, her 35b breasts pressed against the thin material of her top, showing off her hard nipples in absence of a bra. She knew that she would be drawing admiring glances from the men walking down the side of the road as well as they odd honk from passing cars, but Julia wasn't interested in men, nor women for that matter.

She had more than a few offers but had never been with another human, yet she was very much not a virgin, and as she cycled along the road Julia recalled how she lost her virginity to a dog on her 19th birthday. ***** Julia had a hard time growing up finding it difficult to relate to other children due to her heavy Polish accent meant she was teased and taunted so became very much a loner, spending hours cycling round every road and path where she lived. Just after her 18th birthday Julia had accidently found pictures online of women having sex with dogs and after reading numerous stories she had become totally besotted with the idea.

She had lost count of the number of times she had masturbated herself to a climax watching videos, reading stories or chatting about it online. She had even bought herself a doggy dildo which she used with great enthusiasm whenever she could, but the one thing that was lacking in her life was the real thing.

Julia had studied the challenge of getting a dog with the same methodical approach she had taken to her studies. She discounted meeting any of the numerous online offers from owners as she had no way of confirming the veracity of the offers. Local dog owners these days took great care of their dogs so would rarely be seen without a lead which made the opportunities there limited.

She asked her parents if they could get their own dog, a request that met with stout resistance and despite her pleading fell on deaf ears. Then she hit on a what seemed to be the perfect solution. strays. There were many stray dogs roaming the sprawling settlement they lived on, most found in the outlying woods and a few would venture into the more urban areas.

On her 19th birthday she had gone out on the brand-new road bike her parents had bought her with its triple crank set paired with a 9-speed cassette on the rear wheel allowing her to gain maximum efficiency with minimum of effort. Spotting a stray padding along rachel steele wunder woman vs mastermind mastermind road Julia stopped and approached the dog who eyed her warily. "Don't worry boy I won't hurt you," Julia lisped in her still strong Polish accent which she had never lost since moving to America a few years ago.

"I have a gift for you," she cooed as she knelt and ruffled the dog's shaggy head, "my virginity." The dog was a cross between many breeds though clearly there was a strong influence of collie in there as well as some Labrador, but intermingled was many other breeds. The dog was of medium size but against Julia's 5'2" frame they seemed almost the same size as she crouched down in front of him to reassure him. The dog decided that he could trust this girl and hoping she might have food started to sniff and poke with his nose, what he found instead was the delightful heady aroma of a bitch who was clearly in heat.

Julia looked round and knew that just up a nearby country lane was a ruined barn that stood next to a deserted farm building. Encouraging the dog with small sounds Julia wheeled her bike to the door and went inside with the dog following obediently at her heels. The barn was cold and musty and Julia remembered playing there as a child, though she hadn't visited for many years little seemed to have changed.

Leaning her bike carefully against the wall Julia started to strip, pulling off her top revealing her pert breasts and then easing her shorts over her hips and down her legs before placing them on her top. Looking at the dog who had laid on his belly and was watching her intently Julia hooked a thumb into either side of her white cotton panties and eased them over her thighs revealing a light covering of pubic hair.

Still with her sneakers on Julia knelt on all fours, not quite sure what to do next but spoke soft words of encouragement, "come on boy, take my virginity, it's yours to have." The dog rose to its feet and padded over sniffing deeply, burying his cold wet nose into Julia's ass from behind, making her squeal with pleasure.

Then wanting to taste more he started to lick with his long rough tongue. Julia had read deions about the tongue and watched it on videos but the feeling was so much more intense and she arched herself backwards and glanced under her armpit to watch the dog. To her joy the cock had started to emerge from the furry sheath and drip pre-cum, growing bigger by the second.

Julia found herself holding her breath as the licking became more intense and then she knew the moment had come when the huge titted maid fucks the virgin guy angela white tyler nixon stopped and the dog rose up on its own accord and started to hump.

Julia could feel the cock jabbing wildly, sliding across her ass and her pussy lips and she tried to move her ass to meet the thrusts but without success. A couple of times the dog dismounted and moved around agitatedly before licking a few times then trying again. Julia was almost weeping in frustration as the dog tried and failed for the sixth or seventh time and as he licked her she nerd babe kali dates a guy with big cock to accept that perhaps alexa grace sucks many bbcs at adult bookstore was not going to be her day, but then it happened.

The dog rose majestically, his front paws grabbing, his hips thrusting but this time his cock found Julia's puffy pussy lips and with a great heave he drove as much of his cock as he could into student baby girlls xxx story body.

The pain was intense and blinding for a moment as Julia's virginity went forever as her hymen was ruptured by the dog cock but the pleasure that flooded over her was worth that moment of pain. Julia was in heaven as the dog drove deeper and deeper forcing his cock inside, pounding Julia with such intensity she knew she was hooked on dog cock forever. The fucking seemed to go on in her brain for far longer than it actually did and Julia could feel something pressing against her pussy and she knew this must be the knot.

"Oh yes knot me doggy make me a complete bitch," Julia moaned loudly but it was not too be. Julia was too tight and the dog had swelled too much for the act to be completed however the dog did manage to pump a few jets of seed into her before dismounting and sending a couple of final jets across Julia's white ass cheeks leaving trails of sticky dog cum. The dog sat a few feet away licking itself as Julia remained in position trembling with pure excitement as she felt the sticky seed drip down onto the floor of the barn.

In her heart and soul, she was now devoted to dog cock and determined to fuck as many dogs as she could on every occasion she could. ***** Julia could feel the dampness between her thighs as she recalled vividly the day of losing her virginity and consequently nearly missed the stray that was just entering an alley behind the local bar/grill. Spinning her bike round Julia headed into the alley after the dog mentally calculating that with this dog that would mean she had been fucked by over 100 different strays in the last 6 months.

Julia had become quite proficient in her technique since the first encounter in the barn and always carried a back pack loaded with small treats for the dog to encourage him to make contact.

Also, in the pack she had a change of clothes as more than once she had found herself semi-naked with ripped and stained clothes which she couldn't wear home, though she normally tried to get naked to avoid having to explain the 'lost' clothes to her parents. Her final item in her pack was a tub of peanut butter which she would spread on her pussy as this got a fairly instant response from 99% of dogs.

Sure enough the dog was sniffing round a dumpster trying to see if there was any food so when Julia stooped and fished out the treats the dog didn't hesitate in coming over.

Making sure her bike was concealed behind the dumpster Julia crouched and fed the dog with one hand while quickly checking under the dog with adele cherry controlling two men pornstars and cumshots hand.

To her joy she found the dog was still intact as she had been disappointed in the past to find a neutered dog who was eager but incapable of performing, though this wasn't always the case. This dog had a good set of balls and by the heavy feel of them hadn't been emptied in a while.

Kneeling on the cold concrete Julia bent under the dog and could see that the red tip had just started to emerge and leaning forward she started to suck on it carefully.

Julia had become addicted to the taste of dog cum and loved sucking a dog until she had a full mouthful of the watery precum which she would swill round her mouth and swallow. This dog was no disappointment as his pre-cum started to flow copiously into her mouth. Still with her mouth clamped round the dog cock Julia wriggled out of her shorts so she was naked from the waist down. She never bothered with panties these days as she would use a sanitary pad to keep the seed in afterwards rather than let it go to waste by oozing out.

More than once she had got home still full and used her dog dildo, coating it with the cum left inside her before sucking it clean. Taking a scoop of the peanut butter Julia smeared it across her pussy before releasing the dog from her mouth and assuming the position.

For a moment the dog paused then catching the scent of the peanut butter started to snuffle and lick, his tongue sending waves of pleasure though Julia's body. As the dog tasted Julia's juices this sparked a signal in his brain to breed and rising up he started to thrust his cock seeking Julia's pussy.

With a deft movement Julia reached between her legs and guided the dog cock to her pussy with her fingertips and let out a long slow moan as the dog buried itself in her. It was at that exact same moment the back door to the bar marked staff swung open casting a bright light into the alley. Luckily for Julia she was concealed in the shadow of the dumpster, not that the dog cared as he continued to fuck, being oblivious to anything else.

A man in dirty chef's whites came into view and wrapped around him was a large busty woman in a waitress overall, their mouths locked together in a passionate kiss. Julia could only lift her head and watch the tableau before her quite clearly as although she could see them, they could not see her. "Please babes," whined the school class cute anl story trying to push the woman downwards on her shoulders.

The woman protested and then said in a resigned voice, "OK but I am not swallowing the fucking stuff." and with that knelt before the man and unzipped his trousers. She sucked the man into her mouth, her red lipstick bright against his cock, and started to move her head back and forward while working the base of his cock with her other hand. Julia was trapped and spellbound, she had seen 'normal' porn online and had just skipped past with no real interest, seeking the dog sex sections but this was different.

This was a live show and Julia found herself getting strangely aroused by the scene. Pushing back to the dog she had to bite on her bottom lip to stop from crying out as the dog forced his knot inside and began to breed her, his knot throbbing as it pulsed cum deep inside. At the same moment the man clearly started to cum as he grunted and grabbed the woman's bleach blonde hair to hold her in position as her face fucked her before groaning as he shot his load into her mouth.

Releasing her hair, the man leant back against the wall making noises of pleasure. The woman stood in a rage and spat a huge mouthful of seed onto the concrete just feet away from Julia's screwed up face and screamed at the man, "you fucking bastard I said I wasn't swallowing," and with that stormed back into the bar, followed by the man trying to plead his innocence that he didn't realise he was cumming.

Julia gaze was fixated on the dog cum which was a small gleaming puddle lit by the dim light left in the alley and shuffling forward manged to manoeuvre herself with the dog still locked inside until it was directly below her head.

Then bending her head Julia poked out her tongue and gingerly tasted human cum for the first time. The taste was different to normal dog cum, not as intense but still not unpleasant.

The dog behind had finished and pulled away and padded off having lost interest so Julia decided she would compare the taste. Pushing two fingers deep into her open pussy she removed a generous dollop and started to lick her fingers. After dressing and riding home Julia licked her lips and thought to herself, "I think I still prefer the real thing," and started to scour the sidewalks for her next target.

***** The light was fading as the sun started to set as Julia approached the outskirts of town where her house was.

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Almost about to give up hope she squeaked with joy as she spotted the tail of a large dog disappearing into the bushes near a pull in for cars by the side of the road. Pushing her bike into the bushes to make sure it was concealed Julia approached the dog which she could see had stopped and was rooting around a bush exploring what was there. Conscious she was still near the road Julia crouched and whistled softly to get the dog's attention.

The dog looked up from his exploring and recognised Julia as a bitch he had covered before who always had treats for him and padded over happily. Julia was overjoyed when she recognised the dog as she knew she would have no problems with this one as they had fucked on more than one occasion. Stripping quickly Julia decided that she wanted to be as naked as possible as she knelt on the damp grass and wiggled her ass at the dog. This dog was much bigger than the last one and its fur was matted and covered in bits of grass and twigs adding to his shaggy look.

His angry red cock appeared quickly from its sheath as he caught the scent of Julia and his cock hardened when he smelt that another had covered his bitch. The primeval message in his brain demanded that he replace the previous dog's seed with his own and he bounded over pushing Julia over.

"Hey hang on," Julia laughed as she rolled into position with a little difficulty as the dog was already trying to mount her. Another push from the dog sent her head first into a bush and before she could free herself the dog was on her back and thrusting wildly. Julia ignored the small branches pressing against her face and breasts and braced herself to allow the rampant dog to find its mark.

Her hopes were soon rewarded as the heavy dog slammed his cock home making Julia groan with pure pleasure as the dog cock slid deep inside her. Pushing back to avoid being impaled further on the twigs Julia panted with lust as the dog fucked with a ferocity and intensity that she loved.

With a loud yelp the dog forced his knot inside and swelled further locking with Julia and allowing himself to start filling her with seed. Julia was in heaven as the second load of dog cum pumped into her swollen belly and reaching between her legs rubbed her clit as the dog pulsed and jetted deep inside.

The dog lay on her back, his soft warm underbelly fur on her back and his head resting on her shoulder as he panted in her ear and pulsed inside. Julia heard the car stop and the car door open and slam followed by the crash of someone walking quickly into the bushes. She heard the unzipping and the relieved sigh as the sound of urine started to hit the leaves of the bush in front of her face. In the evening dim light Julia could just see the man's heavy cock pulsing as the stream of urine arced into the bushes near her face.

It was at that moment the dog was alerted by the sound and smell that he decided to poke his head up, still embedded deep in Julia. The man let out a sharp yell as the shaggy black head appeared and then laughed as he said, "You gave me a bit of a fright there boy," and then seeing he hadn't moved went on, "you got yourself a bitch in there boy?" Julia's heart was pounding inside her chest as she heard the man wondering if she was moments away from being discovered.

The light had faded almost completely now and the dog pulled away letting a gush of seed flow from her body and as the dog ran towards the man it started to bark. The man backed away trying to calm the dog and Julia took the opportunity to scuttle bent over deeper into the undergrowth and away from the noise.

Naked apart from her sneakers with dog cum oozing down her thighs and branches whipping at her naked body Julia stumbled forward blindly before losing her footing and rolling down an embankment where she hit her head and was knocked unconscious. ***** It was a bright light in her eyes that woke her and Julia shook her head trying to get rid of the headache that splitting her skull in two.

The flashlight didn't wavier as the voice behind the light said sharply, in what Julia thought sounded like a female English accent, "You do realise you are on private property lexi has huge knockers a thick pussy and a juicy fat ass you?" Then not waiting for a reply she went on with more amusement in her voice as she played the light over Julia's body, "let's see naked.

scratches on your back and legs. dried cum on your thighs. I think you have been fucking dogs." busty babe kelly in a threesome sex striptease and pornstars Before Julia could move or protest her innocence the woman stepped forward and clipped a collar round her neck which was attached to a pole allowing her to manipulate Julia without letting her get too close or run away.

The woman pulled and pushed Julia through the undergrowth, ignoring Julia's protests until they came to a large cage. "This is where you can spend the night," said the woman pushing her inside before locking the door after her. Julia looked round in the darkness as the woman's flash light faded into the distance trying to work mom step my boy son her surroundings.

Julia inhaled deeply and she knew at once she was in the presence of an alpha male dog and as that sank into her brain she heard the snuffling coming from the back of the cage.

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There was only the pale light of the moon that fell into the cage and it spotlighted the large black dog that padded into view. Julia had said dog to herself but it was wolf like in its appearance, its head huge and its eyes shone like red hot coals deep in the darkest pits you had ever seen.

The wolf dog looked at Julia trying to decide whether this was a snack his mistress had given him or something else. Julia was rooted to the spot and couldn't help but let out a little squeak as a second equally as large and ferocious looking dog padded into view and stood next to the first dog. The first dog bared its teeth that gleamed white in the moonlight and Julia felt a little trickle of urine flow down her inner thighs. The two dogs studied her intently, silently appraising their prey, as one padded round behind her and sniffed at her ass.

The sniff was more of a snort as Julia could feel the wind whistle round her buttock as the dog inhaled and exhaled slowly. Then the silence was broken with a sharp loud single bark from behind her and without any thought Julia threw herself onto all fours, pressing her face and breasts against the dirt on the floor with her ass high in the air.

The first dog had moved to stand very close to her face and opening her eyes, which she had previously screwed tightly shut in fear, she could see the huge angry red cock hanging down. The cock was enormous and still not fully hard and it just dangled, dripping with a steady stream of pre-cum and every so often twitching menacingly. Julia opened her mouth, not to speak but to allow her to catch the drops of pre-cum that oozed from the dog cock and lifting her head further she opened her mouth to try to suck the cock.

The blunt tip was so large Julia had difficulty in opening her mouth wide enough and felt her teen couple cam show stealing for the fuck of it ache as she eventually managed to engulf part of the cock. The wolf dog stood patiently allowing the human bitch to work on his cock enjoying the sensations. Julia heard the snort behind as the other dog snuffled at her pussy and Julia tried to arch up higher to please this savage beast.

Deciding the bitch was ready the dog mounted, or more accurately stepped over Julia and thrust forward burying half his cock in one swift movement. Had Julia's mouth not been crammed full of dog cock she would have screamed, such was the size of the sock invading her body, instead it was a muffled yelp.

The dog was unconcerned and with a series of thrusts buried his full 12" of dog cock in Julia's tiny body and began to fuck with gusto. Julia was delirious as the dog pounded her and found herself moaning with pleasure as the orgasms tore through her despite the pain.

The dog had pulled free of her mouth allowing her to pant in pleasure as the first dog pumped her full of his seed despite not knotting. The dog pulled away and was quickly replaced by the second dog who found his entry much easier as the first dog had prepared her fully. On the first thrust the whole of his 12" buried itself in allowing the knot to actually bang against Julia's pussy lips. Julia felt on fire and as she tried to breath as she felt the dog thrust savagely and finally push his knot inside.

It was at that moment Julia passed out as she felt the first few spurts of seed so deep she though it must be in her throat. ***** The first rays of the morning sun peeked through the bars as Julia yawned and stretched her bruised and battered body and snuggled closer to the warmth of the two huge dogs that were both curled round her. The two dogs were both snoring soundly as Julia took in her surroundings and then smiling took one dog in hand as she bent to suck in the other to wake them both to a wonderful new day with their new bitch.