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Thai n black mixxed ho katt dylan banged by bbc romemajor nutzilla nut
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Author's note: This is a spin-off of "The Librarian" series. Please read that first, or this will make little sense. I am no longer willing to accept anonymous comments, since most have nothing to do with the story. It is offered as a one-time experiment in that regard.

If ratings are bad, then no more stories can be expected.

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If good, we'll see where this goes. It was six in the morning and, tired as he had been, Daniel awoke first. He felt refreshed, rid of the bus trip, and cuddled next to Carter's warm body. The sun was slowly rising, casting a dim morning light through the blinds. Basking in the glow, he still couldn't believe it. So many things had happened to him, yet his first love, Carter, was there next to him.

Daniel anal sex hardcore white outfit slut dominica smalltits and cumshots over and saw that Carter was still deeply asleep. He admired his gorgeous face, and chuckled to himself that he needed a shave, running a fingertip over the stubble.

Daniel didn't have to worry about that yet, but hoped it came some day. He gently kissed Carter's forehead and thought about how much he loved him. His stomach gurgled a bit, and Daniel realized that he was hungry. More than that, he was starving, and remembered Carter's offer of trying his lasagne the night before.

Daniel gently slipped out of bed and went to the small kitchen, where he opened the refrigerator and took out the pan of lasagne. Lighting the oven, he turned it to 350 degrees and put it inside. Setting the timer for 90 minutes, he crawled back into bed next to Carter. "Lasagne for breakfast?" Daniel asked himself. "Why not?" he concluded. Carter rolled slightly as Daniel nuzzled against him, pulling the blanket over their bodies. Carter wasn't awake, but Daniel began to slide his hand over his lover's body.

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He slowly moved his delicate fingers over Carter's chest, then down along his thighs, gently approaching Carter's groin, where he felt his stiff cock. Throbbing with the morning rush of blood that the heart sends to the body's extremities, Carter's dick was aching and hard as rock. Daniel wasn't sure how to deal with the beast. It wasn't giant, yet larger than he remembered. However, he knew that there was nothing better for any male than a morning release.

Not forgetting that Carter had satisfied him in the shower the night before, yet without asking for anything in return, Daniel ducked under the blanket and took the swollen rod into his mouth. Carter moaned as Daniel started to suck. He began slowly, sucking just the tip and licking up the morning ooze. Carter raised his hips slightly as Daniel began to suck in earnest, pulling the shaft into his mouth.

Slowly beginning to waken, Carter instinctively reached down and pulled Daniel's head onto his dick. It was an amazing surge of physical pleasure and love that coursed through Carter's mind and body. He threw the blanket aside, revealing the naked Daniel eagerly sucking his cock.

"Oh, yes, Daniel, suck it," he begged. His mind was torn, feeling the young mouth on his dick, yet wanting more than just a morning blow-job. Carter ripped Daniel from his cock and pulled him tightly against his body. Breathing heavily, he panted into his ear, "I love you, Daniel. Please let me show you how much, please let me," he groaned.

Daniel knew what that meant. Carter rolled him over and spread his legs. He rubbed his drooling cock against Daniel's tight hole, then entered him with full force. "Oh, please, Carter, make love to me!" Daniel gasped as Carter began to thrust into his smooth, hairless ass.

Morning wood had taken over his mind. Carter was lost in a world of mofos alexis and her bf have some fun, animal lust and wild love. He pounded Daniel's little ass, smothering him with kisses. He nibbled at his ears and gave him small bites, almost wanting to devour him as he thrust his bone into him.

"Oh, yes, Daniel, know how much I love you!" Carter moaned as he released his huge morning load into him. Seemingly endless flows of hot cum shot from Carter's dick into Daniel's tight hole. Hugging him tightly, Carter continued to blast his seed into his lover's body.

Completely out of control, they merged together, Daniel feeling his young ass filled with semen as Carter rammed into him, crushing his body against his own. There was no way to escape, nor did he want to.

Daniel basked in the heated love as they panted and writhed together, Daniel wrapping his legs around Carter's, until he finally pulled his softening cock out of him. Totally exhausted, Carter rolled onto his back. He couldn't see or stunning sultry blonde in fishnet stockings get a big cock straight, yet pulled Daniel's smooth body close to him.

"I've waited so long for this, Daniel," he slowly panted. Feeling his love, Daniel kissed him him gently, then barely touched his lips to Carter's. "Are you hungry, Carter?" he quipped with his teasing smile. "I know I am, and your lasagne is already baking. We'll see how well you can cook." Daniel smiled as he leaned down and kissed him.

Carter watched as Daniel slowly released him and walked away, deliberately turning his firm, smooth ass toward him. It made him crazy. He slowly crawled out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. Looking at himself in the mirror, he saw that he was a wreck; bed-head, scruffy face, soft cock still dripping cum. Daniel was already in the shower, where Carter joined him, watching him release the mega-load of sperm he had deposited into that perfect ass.

Daniel left first, leaving Carter to bathe himself, who finally climbed out and lathered his face. Looking into the mirror, he slowly scraped away the whiskers, as Daniel poked his head in and said, "breakfast is ready!" Daniel had the small table set, much as he had remembered from home, still thinking of his mother.

Everything was ready. Having taken the lasagne pan from the oven, he had also added a small loaf of garlic bread wrapped in foil. Carter entered the kitchen, which was filled with the aroma of lasagne and bread. He was wearing a pair of jockey shorts, while Daniel flitted about tending to his chores, clad only in his typical white briefs.

Carter wanted to rip those little-boy undies away and fuck him again, right there in the kitchen, yet managed to restrain himself.

Daniel portioned out the servings onto two plates, then added a piece of garlic bread. He sat down and began to eat, savoring the first bites. "Not bad, but you could have added a little more basil, and backed off on the oregano," Daniel critically said.

Carter took note of his comments as he watched Daniel eat as if he had been on a desert island, then get up and help himself to another portion. Carter ate slowly, taking more time to admire his lover. He knew that an unfamiliar adventure awaited him; one that would be filled with things no one could predict.

Daniel would be cast into a realm he could never imagine, but Carter was determined to help him. Collecting the dishes, as he was brother and sister xxxx sleeping to at home, Daniel noted that Carter's plate was barely clean.

"Did I offend you with my comments?" he asked, afraid that his critique of the lasagne may have hurt his feelings. Carter stood up slowly, took the plate away, and set it on the table. "No, Daniel," he softly said, looking deeply into his blue eyes. "I just need some dessert. I think a Twinkie would be nice." Daniel smiled and felt Carter embrace him, then turn his body around.

Daniel put his hands on the table, closing his eyes. Carter knelt down, stripped off those white briefs, and began kissing his smooth ass.

Slowly, carefully, he licked and kissed Daniel's soft butt. Every inch of that cake was sweet and delicious. Carter ran his tongue over the firm cheeks, then spread the sweet buns and buried into him. Daniel moaned as the hot tongue entered him and continued to probe, teasing him with laps and flicks around his little hole. "Carter, stop it, you're driving me wild," Daniel gasped. It wasn't that simple. Carter reached around and grabbed Daniel's hard cock, stroking it furiously as he tickled his bung.

"No, I'm going to cum," Daniel warned him, panting as his sponge-cake ass was being eaten alive. It was the most outrageous orgasm Daniel had ever experienced. His cock exploded, shooting jets of hot goo across the table as Carter relentlessly wormed his tongue into him, jerking his cock at the same time.

"Oooohhhh!" Daniel moaned, unable to control himself. He grunted with each rocket jettisoned from his own young morning wood. Carter stood up and pulled Daniel closely against him, watching in amazement as Daniel continued to spew jizz across the table as he stroked his cock.

Daniel collapsed onto the table, panting like a wild beast. Carter pulled him up and took him into his arms, carrying him into the living room, where they fell together onto the couch. Holding each other tightly, they gently touched their lips together as Daniel regained his breath.

"I still have contacts at home," Carter said between sweet kisses. "Peter went away but, unless I miss my guess, you still love him, don't you, Daniel?" "Yes, Carter, you know I do," Daniel replied. "Please don't be angry with me," he whispered, still reeling from the incredible orgasm he had just experienced.

"I could never be angry with you, Daniel. You have moist mother id like to fuck is obsessed with sex hardcore blowjob great capacity for love, and is something only you could have taught me for the first time in my life. However, with that comes pain and confusion, and be prepared for that." Daniel didn't fully understand his words, which made him anxious.

"Today, I'm going to show you around the campus, so you know where things are. However, come Monday morning, you'll face thousands of other freshmen. It will be like high school, but magnified that much more.

Can you handle it?" Carter asked, almost pushing him. Daniel thought for a moment, suddenly afraid of his new adventure, then asked, "what are you telling me, Carter?" He pulled Daniel's soft body close to him, and asked, "don't you think that one of those 5,000 people will interest you?" He let the thought sink in as Daniel pondered, yet never actually gave him a chance to answer.

"Don't you think that one out of those 5,000 people won't find you interesting?" There skinny awesome nymph is amazed with sexy sex a difficult silence between them, as Daniel's mind began to spin.

"No!" Daniel protested. "I won't allow it to happen," he said with unusual force, sitting up and looking Carter directly in the eyes. "Never!" he said. Carter simply looked at him and smiled.

"We'll see," he softly said, then gently kissed him. Together, they cleaned up the mess on the table, washed the dishes and then got dressed. Carter walked Daniel through the campus. It was amazing. So many buildings, so many people, so big, yet there were only three places that interested him.

"Where's the library?" Daniel asked. Carter walked with him to the huge building, slowly entering together. Daniel gazed in amazement as Carter thought to himself, remembering the small library at home. "Yes, Daniel, it's for real," Carter said. Number one place had been found. Daniel never thought that a library this size actually existed.

Rows upon rows of books faced him; endless reading ahead. Not only that, but you could take a book from the shelf to a carrel and read it in private; not just one book, but as many as you wanted.

"Carter, this can't be true," Daniel whispered as he looked around. They walked through the aisles together, Carter showing him the over-sized manuscripts, which had to be checked out by name. "That's enough for now, Daniel. You can explore it yourself later," he quietly said. They left the library, Daniel looking back with yearning eyes, then strolled through the campus to the athletic facility.

It was enormous, but Carter guided him to the swimming pool. There, he first showed him the locker room. Daniel was in awe. It seemed like miles of lockers, benches and showers stood before him, yet he could hot ass blonde endures rough sex in dungeon the familiar chlorine of the pool.

Eagerly running through the door marked "POOL," Daniel stopped in his tracks, unable to do anything but stare. An Olympic-sized pool awaited him. He thought of his high school swimming days, using what looked to him as fantastic then, yet now as a kiddie wading pond.

"Carter," he barely mouthed, "this is where the swim team actually competes?" Carter let only a few moments pass, relishing the amazement. He walked up behind Daniel, and put his arms around him, gently pulling him against his body. "Yes, Daniel. Can you imagine yourself in that pool? I know I can," he said, already picturing Daniel in his tight swim suit. Number two requirement had been met.

Daniel walked with Carter as he almost dragged him across the campus.

There was only one thing left. Requirement number three; skating. They slowly approached the rink, now overgrown with grass. It was surrounded by white-washed boards. "That's a practice rink for the 'wanna-be' hockey players. Don't ever go there with your girlie-skates," Carter warned.

"They'll kick your ass, and I mean that literally." Daniel took note of the advice, and could already see himself being pounded into oblivion by the jocks for ruining their surface with the tips of his figure skates. They walked a bit longer until coming upon a large pond in the campus quadrangle. "Now, this is where we have fun with girlie-skates," Carter said.

It wasn't nearly as large as Lake George, yet Daniel could already imagine himself there, sailing along the surface, surrounded by large buildings and dim lights. Daniel pictured himself alone, gliding slowly as he sorted out his problems, yet Carter sliding up beside him to share his help and love. Daniel's mind began to stray, and couldn't help but remember Lake George, his mother, and .Peter.

Recalling the crash on Lake George, Daniel quietly asked himself, "pecker-eater, are you alright?" somehow fearing that he might be in trouble. The reply came instantly, as if in a distant voice.

He heard Peter reply, "it's okay, dick-licker, I'm still with you." Carter could tell that Daniel's mind had been overloaded. He walked with him back to the small apartment, where he deliberately left him alone to sit on the couch while reheating the lasagne. Daniel sat there like a zombie, gazing into nothingness.

"It's going to be okay, Daniel," Carter said, sitting next to him and wrapping his arms tightly around his body, pulling him close. "You've already warned me that I might fall in love with someone else. I don't want that to happen, but what if it does?

I'm afraid of that, Carter," Daniel said in a timid voice, somehow being able to predict the future. "Slowly we go, Daniel, slowly we go. I dumped too much on you at once, and that's my fault," Carter said apologetically.

"Let's just eat a little now, and we can talk about it tomorrow." Sitting together naughty lovely bitch takes large sex toy the table in complete silence, they ate a bit of Carter's lasagne, which apparently wasn't that good as a leftover.

Daniel put his fork down and slowly crept away from the table, stripped off his clothes, and crawled into bed. It was highly unusual for him not to help with the dishes, and Carter knew that he was troubled, yet left him alone. Carter cleaned up the kitchen, showered and slipped into bed, expecting Daniel to be asleep. Instead, Daniel grabbed Carter in an unusual clutch, wrapping himself around him with an intensity he had never felt before.

"You're right, Carter. The more I love, the more it hurts," he mumbled. Daniel then whispered, as if telling a secret, "I thought of Peter today." "It's alright, kiddo," Carter whispered, and held him tightly as they finally drifted off to sleep.