Big ass brunette dillion carter gets banged

Big ass brunette dillion carter gets banged
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CHAPTER 10 100% FICTION Dr. Gary was thinking of the oath he took when he graduated from medical school. It had been taken by all Doctors and other healthcare professionals swearing to practice medicine ethically and honestly. He had just murdered a human being and felt sick and a criminal for the first time. He had only taken the boy's for his test subjects in the name of science.

He was scarred of monkey's and didn't care too much for mice. His studies were of reproductive structure and wanted to be the first to break into the DNA structure and see what happens. When he awoke from his six month coma and seen his penis was gone he then was on a mission to get back to work back and focus on re-growing hot anal threesome creampie and big dick parts starting with the skin and nerves.

He still longed for Paula and could only face her if his body was 100% attached. If he can figure out how the nerves will grow with the skin he can manage to grow some muscle along with veins and he can make himself whole again. He thought of the boys as only test subjects yet he felt guilt he had such a horrible thing to them. He lied about not wanting to act suspicious about buying extra food.

Truth was he didn't want to spend the money and he knew with test subjects he only needed the torso along with all reproductive attire. It was only supposed to be one boy but he snatched a boy that was way too young yet to produce sperm he needed. It was only after he examined the dog's sperm he had taken from Mat's ass after Butch raped him the first night he brought him home. It was then he felt he not only can grow body parts but for some reason he figured he may be able to grow bone's.

If he can achieve this at the same time he can repair himself and maybe he can repair the boys whole again. After all he felt guilty but still it was in the same of science. When the body of Mike had been drained of the blood Mike severed the head and other limbs. He didn't want the torso but thought his big arms and legs would feed his subjects for about two months. Then it will be spring and he will then search for a young egg carrying female. He threw Mikes head into the river tied to some big rocks.

He took the torso in the woods and covered it with snow thinking wild animals would eat it. He loaded the body parts up in the back of the truck and drove back to the silo.

He unloaded everything he had and set it inside the opening. The boys heard the door open again but had no idea who it was. Meanwhile as Gary (we are calling him now) finished he had the truck to deal with. He could not think of anything but to drive it down the road a bit where he can drive it off the cliff into where the river is deep. He had to check on the boys but knew the clock was ticking on someone come looking for him or it is spotted by a news helicopter at his place.

He had no choice and prayed the keys were in the ignition. They were whew he thought and started it up. He quickly drove off down the road as it was now getting dark. Lucky for him Mike also had a 4x4 so he was able to get back onto the road. No one passed him as he reached the cliff and it was almost black as the moon was only a thumbnail.

He looked for a screwdriver and found a toolbox. He took the license plate off. He thought that this was his firsts smart thing he has done right. He tucked it in his back belt and put a rock on the accelerator and put it in drive. It made good speed as it went over the side. He had never turned on the headlights and listened for the splash. It roared really loud as the engine sped up before it crashed into the river below. It was way louder than he thought and was hoping no one was in ear shot of it.

He turned towards home and noticed he was without a coat.

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Cant I do anything right he thought. The boys were wide awake not saying a word but listening hard to anything that made a noise. Who was that they kept chanting back and forth. It seemed forever when they heard the squeak of the iron door again and the dogs perked up and started barking again. They just listened as the steps were getting closer. They could hear the dogs sniffing the door and waited still under the sink.

The door opened and they heard Gary say good boys to the dogs. They scooted out as fast as they could to meet him petting the dogs.

What happened beautiful young shaved pussy and cute boobs the two of you he asked? They began to tell him everything from the start as he was bringing in the bags of supplies he has lowered. The silo was equipped with a supply elevator that would work off pulleys. He turns on the water heater and starts to clean them up. They act really normal around him and call him by his name.

He tells them about his trip and his mother. He told them he had a surprise for them as they will no longer be eating dog food. He had stopped a long way from home and loaded up his truck with supplies. He said he will start driving farther now to my stepmom will help you as he felt awful they endured what they did for such a long time.

They also told him they wanted to help him in any way to achieve his goal as they knew they had no choice in the matter. They tell him about Mike and him going to get the sheriff.

Gary said he had met Mike just as he entered the property. He assured him he was on the level and followed him back into town to get some cash to satisfy him until his money came in. They believed it all as he seemed to have told the truth. He told them he had seen where a man near here sells Deer meat and this was much better that Pork or Beef. They didn't care as long as he made them some food. They were able to drink plenty of water and he had made them carrot snacks and celery to chew on.

He said he had a strawberry for desert as soon as dinner was ready. He let them lay on a warm blanket and he turned on the cartoon channel. He didn't want them to see the arm of Mike as he brought it in from behind the main door.

He had cut it in half before he brought down the supplies to save him a trip back to the top. He didn't have a lot of time to cut him up and knew he would keep for now where it was cold until he took care of dinner.

He used the same ingredients he did before when he cooked up the boys. He started the oven and put the arm on the roasting pan along with some vegetables. HE told the boys he would be back as he needed to put his truck up. they were asleep by now anyway and he had the dogs put away in the other room where they could not get out. He had made it back to the top of the stairs and started cutting up the arms and legs of what was left of Mike his realtor he still owed 125g too.

He knew his inheritance was going to be large but had no clue as how much. He just hoped it covered that plus what he spent on the credit card. He wasn't too worried about the Ford being found nor the head. It was thick snow and spring was on the way. The river will be high and no one comes out this way anyway. He my stepmom will help you had ziplock bags but had managed to fill about 30 bags of meat. He knew he was on a path of destruction now and had to finish before he was discovered or he screws up like he always does.

He needs to get that money and fast to avoid looking suspicious. He loaded the meat up on the lift and lowered it to the bottom. He packed it into a chest freezer and stacked the bags of frozen vegetables over it all and shut the lid and locked it. He cleaned up the boys smoking hot latina babe fingers her pussy and all the dog shit. He had air fresheners out to rid the smell.

He mopped up the dried cum all over the floor and wandered what the boys left out of the story they told him. He picked them both up and put them in the cage he had made. He fixed the screen and put a metal bar across to keep Jake out.

The stew was about done as the boys woke up. He fixed the funnels back to where they could suck it out of a tube. He was excited to get them back on the same diet and wanted them to eat right away. No problem as they were starving when they woke up and ten yer girl xex story it all. They said that He was a good cook and the deer tasted a lot like what he made before. He acted like that was a surprise and changed the subject.

So he said as I was cleaning you two up I noticed your rear ends both had small rips in them. He had fixed Billy's ear and had cleaned all the wounds the dogs had made on him. They then told him about what the dogs did as they lay helpless on the floor.

They told him how big Jake was and how he dragged Mat around the room with his nut. Billy told his story too but didn't seem to mind it as much. Mat loved the look of Jakes large penis and wanted Gary to start letting Jake fuck him and Butch Billy.

He said it aint right to have his own dog take his ass. Gary said ok but that he had the right to change his mind at any time as he had time to think about his experiments and that it was going to be all business from here on out. Ok they said not much else they could say. He gave both the dogs a good bath and resized the holding brackets he made to hold the boys still as the dogs fucked there ass.

He installed on each one a flashlight sex toy he got when he was away. They will collect the boys sperm and he can freeze it and use it to experiment on. He also bought four dog collars one for each dog and both boys. After a week he told the boys that today was the day they will be introduced back to the dogs. They were excited about this as they had been sucking each other and fucking each other all this time as he was busy working. They loved how the dogs took control of there ass and body and how it felt when the dogs would shoot into them and fill them with dog goo.

The boys were picked up one by one and strapped in the holders at the same time. He then showed them the collar and explained it was for safety purposes only.

Mat immediately got rock hard at this new news. Yes I am a dog he thought I now have my own collar. Did you get name tags he yells out. Gary looked at them both and said they had no name except for subject one and subject two. Mat didn't care it came with the rest of the weird things he was liking. No name he thought so he needs a pets name now and so does Billy.

Gary put on his rubber gloves and inserted both the boys penis into the flashlights and they began to hump it right away. He didn't care he thought it would just be more he could collect. He had tied socks to both dogs front paws and brought them one at a time.

He started with Butch and had him behind Billy and hooked the leash to the one Billy had around his neck.

This will keep Butch within three feet of him. He then brought in Jake and did the same. Both dogs were licking the holes of the boys and the boys were humping the flashlights. Gary decided not to watch but to stay close incase the boys needed him. Butch was first to mount and had no trouble getting his mushroom head into the boys ass. He began to hump him like he had done many times before.

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Jake was next and had his giant red mushroom out and ready. Gary had used some surgical gel around the boys ass as he knew Jake had a Big Penis as the boys had told him so.

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This left nothing behind that would interfere with his studies. Just in case he left Billy's dry. Jake had trouble getting past the boys rim. Mat yelped as his butt widened and My stepmom will help you slid his big white penis all the way into his colon and hitting something deep inside that felt amazing.

Billy was moaning and so was Mat. Gary was feeling his nub start to get hard but tried not to pay attention. The dogs tongues were hanging out and they were breathing heavy as they didn't let up on the screwing of the boys. The flashlights were awesome they both said to each other and thanked Gary over and over for it. Mat enjoyed Jake more this time as he wasn't hitting his head on the floor. Butch was the first to let it go. He has not been with neither of the boys for over a week now and he was full.

The feeling was so warm as he filled Billy's innards with his load. He pumped till it was all gone and backed off him and they were butt to butt knotted. Jake too had a load to give his boy as he too started humping faster and faster. Mat was shooting for the third time in his flashlight and it was running over and his cum was now all over the dogs nuts and the noise of the wet cum slapping made Gary shoot a wad into his pants.

He told them he would be back and left to change. Jake finished and un mounted Mat. He was also knotted and was butt to butt. Jake was thirsty and decided he wanted some water. he took off taking Mat along with the holder with him. they were sliding across the room as Jake made his way to the water.

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Butch tried to follow but he felt the knot and stopped after Billy yelped in pain and said stay boy. It hurt really bad as his knot was pulling Mats ass from the inside. Gary made it back too late to stop him and it was over when he reached the water bowl.

It took about awhile for both to un knot the boys and Gary took all he could from the ass of the boys. He had made this suction machine with tubes to hold all the fluids. He needed the mixture and wanted to keep separated. He also had different color flashlights and labeled then test sub 1 and test sub 2.

He unhooked the dogs collars one at a time and put he dogs up. He left the boys stuck in the holders as he wanted to get the samples to his lab right away. He wasn't in a hurry to get the flashlights hot and sexy blond eighteen year old hardcore massage left the boys in them.

He picked up Mat and placed him face to face with Billy. He left as the boys engaged in a long passion kiss and were shooting a forth load each into the flashlights by the time Gary got back.