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Darkskinned chocolate ambitious booty fucked by bbc macana man
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Sister Klara Wiese,was no pushover and she stood her ground firmly. The Obersturmbannfuhrer was growing weary of the nun.''Dear Sister,you seem incapable of understanding that you have no choice in the matter.There orders come from as high up as Reichsfuhrer Himmler himself.For the final time read the letter again and do what is ordered !'' There was no need for her to read it again.She had understood it's content the first time she had perused it.Halfway through the old ladys hands had begun to shake.Sister Klara sat facing the tall blonde man in his immaculate black uniform with the SS lightning strikes on his collar.

She pulled her face in disdain at the horrible looking deathshead on his cap.Sister Klara Wiese grasped the crucifix at her neck and closed her eyes.

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''Sister you must understand there is a war on.To the East we are facing difficult times.Of course under the leadership of our Fuhrer the situation will change in the summer.Moscow will fall and victory in Russia will be ours.Rations are short.An army marches on it's stomach !You should be hot vixen bridgette b has her pussy pounded hard that the state supplies you with food to feed your orphans.Who knows,someone may just forget about your rations and the children would starve.OR (He emphasized the word).One night you could possibly all be rounded up and sent off to a camp.I'm sure you have heard rumours about the camps,Sister?.Not the most fashionable of places to be.In times of war.Anything is possible,Dear Sister'' Sister Klara Wiese,stared at the man through her thick lenses as if the devil himself was sitting across from her.Her stare made him smile wryly.Obersturmbannfuhrer Helmut Schneider,clicked his tongue.He was not renown for his patience.He slammed his blackgloved fist down on the desk.''Now Sister !Wake up your girls and let me inspect them !''A fine spray of spittle flew across the desk and drizzled down on the elderly nun's face.

Sister Klara,maintaining her dignity,opened the top draw and handed him the file.''Thank you Sister.Your compliance will not go unrewarded !I will inform the relevant authorities that you need cows to provide your orphans with milk.Now,let me see.Ummm,how many girls do you have here? (The nun didn't reply)With his gloved finger he counted the list of names.Sooo. I get a tally of seventy-two.Now sister,get them up so I can see what we have here'' ''Herr Officer,may I remind you it's past midnight and the children are sleeping !'' The man gave her an icy glare that sent shivers down her spine.

The building was a three storey,old and decrepit .The children had their rooms on the second and third floors.Living three to a room.He allowed the nuns ten minutes to awaken them. They stood at the doors to their bedrooms,sleepyeyed and wearing nightgowns.The first three were of no intrest to him.Helmut gave them each a sweet and a pat on the head.Motioning them back to bedThe three young girls looked pettrified. His jackboots were loud on the polished tiles as he made his way down the corridor.Echoing loudly in the still night horny step bro fed hime marie his large cock the young womens hushed whispers.Two of the second lot,were too young ,barely ten.The 16yr old was big built and ugly.

He smiled broadly when he reached the third door.Sister Klara,a few paces behind him smiled at the girls reassuringly.The young lady he was staring at grew nervous.Her hand came to her mouth and she chewed at her nails.''Name Angel?'' Her big brown eyes widened.''Charlotte,Herr Officer.Charlotte Bruin''Helmut ate her with his eyes-MAGNIFICENT!.''Age?''The girl gulped.''Fourteen,Herr Officer''He grinned at her.''Excellent !''.He found and placed a tick next to her name.

The following two rooms yielded no return.He sent the youngsters back to their beds clutching sweets.He hit the jackpot at the sixth room.They would all do just fine.''Names ladies?'' ''Anke Straub,Herr Officer''She was gorgeous !Tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes.A true Germanic beauty,Helmut thought to himself.She would be his favourite.''Age?'' The girl looked at him startled.''Um,aah sixteen,Herr Officer'' Obersturmbannfuhrer Helmut Schneider,had picked out twelve girls.Ranging in age from 13 to 18.Wearing their winter coats and holding their humble belongings they were loaded into the awaiting truck.Helmut,greeted Sister Klara with a smug grin and a click of his heels.The small convoy sped off into the cold night.It was 1:10am and 72yr old,Sister Klara Wiese stood in the dark of the steps of the century old building and wept.

Helmut,disliked Baron Karl Von Treskow intensely.The man however had friends in high places.In his study the Baron had a photograph of himself shaking hands with the Fuhrer from the early thirties.Scrawled across the bottom were the words.'To a good friend and host.Regards,Adolf Hitler' Helmut stared at the photo as the Baron,spoke.''Herr Obersturmbannfuhrer from what I have heard you have done a superb job !Apparently,you have an eye for livestock.Good !These young woman don't know how lucky they are.The hierachy of the Third Reich also have needs.

To service these needs is an honour,wouldn't you say?.Herr Obersturmbannfuhrer?''Helmut looked at the rotund little man.''Yes,of course Herr Baron'' He smiled at Helmut wickedly and entwined his podgy fingers.Even with his manicured nails they reminded Helmut of thick pork sausages. ''Herr Obersturmbannfuhrer,these young delights need to be broken in.Pick one and take her home for the weekend as your toy.You may have the one who teens love big cock xxx the dual cronys daughter agreement catches your fancy''The Baron winked and laughed.Resulting in his hanging jowls shaking.

Helmut drove from the Barons vast estate with the girl sitting apprehensively beside him.Her nervousness excited him and as they drove through the gate.Ubersturmbannfuhrer Helmut Schneider,possessed a huge erection. Anke Straub stared straight ahead.Her mind raced and she was afraid of the man.Something about the way he had smiled at her at the orphanage terrified her.She glanced at the fields as they flashed by,thick with snow.Anke's coat was threadbare and her teeth chattered.She felt his eyes leave the road on occasion and study her intently.He made her body shiver even more when he looked at her.

Helmut turned off the road and down a country lane,parking next to a snow drenched hedge.Leaving the motor running to keep them warm.He turned to the girl who was clasping and unclasping her boney hands.Helmut could smell her perspiration in the cab and he breathed in deeply.It was the smell of fear.

Removing his cap he tossed it on the back seat and then slowly unbuttoned his trenchcoat.The girls eyes darted about in her skull.''So,Anke.How did you end up at the orphanage?'' Anke,grudgingly turned and faced him for the first time.''My parents were killed in a bombing raid.with my younger sister and brother.I had gone to get vegetables and ran to a shelter.I arrived shortly after the bombers had left.The apartment it had,ummm.

been flattened'' She had stammered as she spoke and Helmut could tell the memories were still fresh and vivid.She had a beautiful mouth and white teeth.He wanted her mouth. ''You sixteen right?Ever had a boyfriend or been with a man?''.She felt her cheeks grow red and swallowed audibly.Anke suddenly felt hot and felt her sweat dripping down her sides.Feeling uncomforatable she fidgeted with her coat.She took awhile and then answered him.''Is that not a private matter,Herr Officer?'' Helmut laughed he was feeling anything but a gentleman.Her answer angered him and he slapped her hard.The blondes head knocked solidly against the window.As he watched the side of her face turned an angry red.Anke in lp officer plow jessica jones pussy doggystyle motion raised her hand to her jaw and turned her head to face him,fearing another blow.Shocked she felt tears brimming in her eyes.Helmut lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply,ignoring her.He sat quietly for half a minute allowing her to gather herself.''SOOO?'' he asked sharply as he exhaled.Anke hated him.She could tell life had been easy for him.He had never tasted the deepths of sorrow and despair like she had.Beside everything the SS man terrified her to her wits end.Anke licked her dry lips.''The answer is NO'' Helmut casually stubbed out his fag,reaching down he unzipped his trousers.Feeling around he took his manhood and freed it,exposing it to the girl.Anke stared down at his penis open mouthed.She looked comical and Helmut laughed aloud.''Suck and play with it or you die and get buried here''Helmut rasped as his organ began to fill and flower.

Anke struggled to fight back her stinging tears she had a swelling tender bump on her head from the window.His dick alarmed her,bulging and growing right before her eyes.Her basic instincts rang out a warning not to disobey.With a heavy sexy lexxxi rides a massive meat pole straight lockhart she reached out her hand and enshrouded his thing.The organ felt hot,twitchy and large.As she held him the man closed his eyes and moaned.

Helmut savoured the moment.The power was delicious !It was all encompassing.He held the girls life in his hands the way she held his cock.The thought made it twitch violently and the girl gasped.He looked down at the little hand that held him.''Put it in your mouth,Anke.I want you to suck me dry'' Anke groaned dispairingly and bent over.It was a horrid looking thing,hard and ugly !

The head peeped out of it's thick foreskin at her like a one eyed tormentor,it was the most unsavoury thing she had ever laid eyes on.Anke forced herself to do it but as his crown touched her lips.Her tongue involuntarily recoiled violently.Inadvertently swipeing his knob erotically and wetly.Helmut raised his butt off the seat with the sensation,mashing his knob against her lips.Anke cried out ''Naaaah !''He grabbed her by the hair,viciously twisting her blonde locks in his hand.Ignoring her protests he shoved her head down into his lap.Anke breathed heavily through her nose as his prick banged against the back of her throat.The girl felt her bile rising,he tasted vile and sweaty.Helmut pulled her head back,fearful she was going to hurl all over his groin.Anke's body spasmed and she started to sob again.

''Shut up bitch !Suck on it,NOW !''.His tone was full of menace.Scaring Anke so badly that she farted loudly.Resulting in the SS officer bursting out with laughter.Having never experienced oral sex,Anke tried her best but her mom halp son ass mom was clumsy.Helmut shouted out ''SHIT !'' when she knicked him with her teeth.It was enough of a warning for her not to do it again.Anke encircled the Obersturmbannfuhrer's knob with her lips and went to work.Her cheeks were flating and deflating with the effort.Anke imagined that his organ was one of the big round rainbow coloured candys the nuns sometimes gave the girls as a treat.Helmut held onto her hair,basking at being the subject of her first sexual encounter.

After about ten minutes just as Anke's jaw started to ache.The man spurted violently,raising his hips and forcing his penis even deeper down her oral cavity.His crown twitched sharply between her lips.Then all hell broke loose.His cock slammed against her already bruised palate and then moved to the back of her throat.The next thing Anke knew it was spraying hotly.She was forced to swallow the jets or choke.She gulped it down and the jism burnt her throat.She pulled back when he released her head and the awful thing exited her mouth.Still shooting it's final salvos.She raced to open the door and without a moment to spare,hurled her bile mixed with semen into the snow.

Helmut arrived at the villa just before dark.It was his familys country retreat.At this time of year he was the only one in residence besides the servants.His family were in the steel business and one of the wealthiest in Germany.They had been ardent Nazis since the early days of National Socialism.His fathers connections kept him away from the front and for that Helmut was thankful.

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His butler took his coat whilst Olga,who had served the family for years lead the young lady off to a hot bath.She would find Anke some warm clothes and Helmut watched the girl walk up the stairs.The night held much promise. The study was adorned with hunting trophies and Anke found the staring dead eyes of the animals eerie.A fire raged in the huge fireplace.It's light flickered over the Officers face,making him look even more cruel and evil.She was huddled in the chair wearing longjohns,lengthy socks and a thick furry coat.Anke had smelt the man's scent on the longjohns,they were obviously his and miles to big for her.Helmut sat with his tunic unbuttoned and his boots on the antique desk.If the old man were here he would have a fit at those boots.

Helmut filled the two small glasses with schnapps and motioned her to take one.''I don't drink'' the girl said without emotion.Helmut eyed her xxx soni leone full sex stories looked exquisite.''You are a rare beauty Anke.Undoubtedly the most gorgeous young lady I have ever seen.Believe me I don't give compliments often.Under that coat I'm sure is hidden the most perfect female anatomy.Right now Anke,you drink !'It made her eyes bulge and stung her mouth.Anke fought to get her breath back,wipeing the strong remnants of the alcohol from her lips.

''Silly,girl !Don't keep it in your mouth and savour it.Swallow it down quickly,here have another !'' Helmut puffed on the cigar and blew a cloud of smoke at her.Anke was unsteady in her chair.Helmut clicked his tongue and looked up at the mural adorned ceiling as he exhaled.He chuckled and turned in his chair.''Six glasses of schnapps and you my dear,are dead drunk !'' Anke felt so warm and was finding it difficult to focus.She hadn't understood what he had said.''Huh?'' she asked dazed.

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Helmut went to the study door and yelled.''Kommen,Max !''He heard the German Shephard's approach by his nails clicking against the floor.Max the 4yr old,greeted his master with a doleful look and a waging tail.''Sit Max,sit!''The dog dutifully sat down panting and watching his master.

The room was snug and cosy and he felt no chill when he undressed.He helped the girl to her feet.Anke battled to keep her balance and leaned on him.Helmut laid her out on the thick mat near the fire.Anke moved her head from side to side,feeling so lightheaded.Squinting at the man she noted he was naked.For some strange reason instead of finding the spectacle frightning she thought it was rather funny and giggled loudly.''Ha,ha,HA !''Helmut mimicked her laughter,he knelt down his cock dangling between his legs.

Helmut took one of her socked feet and held up her covered foot.He hastily stripped the sock,revealing a slender size four.He studied it intently.''Beautiful !''He moaned and licked the heel.He lingered on her instep and bit at the ball of it.Taking her toes in his mouth he sucked hard.Anke struggled to free her appendage from the man's suckling mouth.He held her easily and he roamed over her foot.

''Hey !What you doing !''she whispered as Helmut manouvered her body to the side and got the coat off.She saw his eyes misty with lust.This was the moment then?She thought.Did God hate her so much?What had she done?.As he peeled the longjohns from her she felt selfpity and a tear flowed splashing on her bare shoulder.

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Helmut stared in wonderment.Whistling through his teeth softly.He gulped so hard he felt a tinge of pain in his throat.She was so young,wholesome and fresh a artists masterpiece.Pale breasts,firm and perked,they didn't skyla novea grinding her tight asshole on top move when he tried to make them wobble.He took one in each hand and squeezed experimentally,pinching her rubberlike nipples.She groaned.''No,don't touch me.I don't want you to !''Helmut took in her taut tummy and little navel.He moaned in appreciation of what the 16yr old had to offer.Her pubes were light brown.A skintight hood leading down to a tightlipped fanny.He placed a hand on her warm upper thigh and traversed her leg down to her ankle.''Your legs reach right up to your ass'' Knowing it was inevitable,Anke murmured defeatedly .''Just,don't.Okay'' Helmut slowly eased her legs apart his hands on her inner thighs.He groaned audibly and excitedly as his nose touched her labia.He breathed her in,musky with a hint of body soap.He lashed her with his tongue.

The tip just managing to open her petals and taste her.He dug his mouth into her near the hood and took her clit between his tongue and top teeth. ''NAAAAAH !Hey.NO ! the spreadeagled teen gasped.Anke beat her fists against the mat as the man devoured her and made her wet.Helmut rubbed his hands up her body and took her tits.Over and over she said it .''No,nooooo !'' as he teased her between the legs.Against her will,Anke's young pussy was responding to the sensation of his working mouth.A mixture of her juice and his saliva ran down and collected in her anus.

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Big black dick for a skinny white chick face smeared with their fluids,Helmut took up position to fuck her.He placed a foot on each of his shoulders,opening her even wider.He felt her heels against his skin and the whole picture took him to dizzy heights of arousal.He placed his madly twitching dick spout against her wetness.''They will put you on a contraceptive before they make you their whore.

However tonight you are going to take the spewing of an officer of the SS in your body !'' Anke squeeled as he entered her sodden puss and slid home.She raised her hands drunkedly and tried to push him off.Helmut Schneider buried his wick with a guttural groan.He tore her hymen asunder with ease and invaded her canal.Helmut kept his body dead still as the girl thrashed under him.He let her spasming moving inner walls milk him.Her face was animated and her eyes showed her pain of being raped by him.His power over her and her cunt made his cock expand inside her and burst forth his seed.It fairly blasted out of him and inundated the young womb with thick milky jism.

Anke kicked against his shoulders and scratched at the mat as she felt him hoseing her down.She felt every throb and spurt. Helmut withdrew.His orgasm had been so overwhelming that he had a headache.Max had been patient panting as he watched.The dog charged forward when beckoned by his master.Humping a women was not new to Max.Helmut had partaken in animal sex before with one of the servant girls and found it invigorating and erotic.Helmut felt his heart drumming in his chest with excitement.Anke started screaming in unbridled terror as he got her on all fours.She sensed she was going to be the subject of some perverted outrage.She fought with all her strength but it didn't take much effort for him to hold her.Helmut pushed her cunt up so that her ass was raised high.Max mounted her with his doggycock unsheathed and searching.She felt his cock thunder against her ass and thighs.The probeing member made her beg Helmut for mercy.''Nooooooo.How can you?A dog dammit!'' Max found her wet box and yelped as he humped with vigour.Anke stiffened markedly when she sexy babes making love on sofa hd herself being taken.''OH SHIT !

Noooooo his fucking me.'' Her squeals and racking sob made Helmut hard.He felt as if his cock was about to burst as he watched,absobed.'.'Owwwwwww.Herr,heeeelp me it's sore.OUCH!''She intoned in a helpless whimper as Max thrusted like only a horny dog can.Anke's eyes rolled when he attacked her with his knot.She cried in absolute defeat when the red ball was forced into her by her ravisher.Swellling inside her and putting her vaginal walls under stretched pressure.

Max suddenly growled deeply from inside his throat.The beasts body shivered and jerked,withers rippling under his skin.The dogs hindlegs lifted off the mat and beat crazily at the air.His grip on Anke tightened and he orgasmed mightly.Max moaned and groaned when he saw the dogs jism drip from Anke's puss where the two of them were connected.It rained down on the mat .Anke opened her mouth in a silent cry and froze as she felt her depths flooded.Fountaining inside her and rocketing against her canal.The girls ass strained as Max withdrew.Helmut reached out his hand and placed it under her drenched fanny.Collecting some of the jism that streamed from her.He noticed her pubic hair was matted and glistened with droplets.Helmut smeared it all over her puckered and winking anus and then climbed aboard.The more the girl struggled below him the more rabid became his desire to fuck her butt.

Sheer bliss as he entered her rearend,feeling her cunt still dripping against his legs.Helmut punished Anke's rectum.Anke thought she must surely pass out,she had never felt such a gut wrenching fiery pain.''Oh.You hurting me inside !'' Helmut dominated her as she wept.Ignoring her intensefying pleas for respite from the pain.Using her degradingly to get his rocks off.He untangled from her and forced the traumatised girl to take him in her mouth.Making her swallow the gory mess down.

End of Part 1