Teen babe amber gray gets banged and enjoys a hot cumshot

Teen babe amber gray gets banged and enjoys a hot cumshot
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It was 9:25pm and Jim's wife Debbie seemed to be totally unconscious 20 minutes after taking the drug in her herb tea. Jim had drugged her because they hadn't had sex in over a year and he couldn't take it any more. Debbie was 45, and ever since their last child had been born 24 years ago she had been slowly losing her sex drive. She said that it was just so sticky and messy. She also worked in a bank and she claimed she was under a lot of stress lately and just didn't feel like letting him do it, but he had to have it one way or another.

Jim, and an acquaintance, John, were having a drink at a local bar John had told him that he could get some pills for $50 that could solve the problem for him. Jim had agreed to meet him the next day to get the pills. But the next day when Jim had handed him the money, John said, with a smirk, "No, I don't want the money, I think that I'd like to come have a look at her myself. So, no charge." Jim thought for a minute and then agreed, "But just a look," Jim said, "Because I can't take the risk that she might get pregnant".

"She's not on the pill? " John asked. "No" Jim said "I had a vasectomy a quite a few years ago." John's voice changed to a low quiet pitch as he spoke, "So she's completely unprotected then? How about her time of the month… err… I mean… is it close?" he asked with kind of a nervous stutter.

"Well, yeah it starts next Monday, Why?" Jim asked. "Oh… Just curious that's all. How does Friday night at about say… 9:30 sound?" John said, in excited nervous tone. Jim finally agreed and that Friday night he did it, at 8:30 Jim crushed the pill into Debbie's nightly glass of herb tea, and about 10 minutes after drinking it, in a slurred voice she said that she couldn't hold her eye's open any longer and she was going to bed.

Jim sat learning the tao massage small tits lesbians the living room dreaming about how good it would feel to quietly take her again after so long, as soon ass John got his look and left. He watched the clock, 20 minutes went by and he finally ventured into the bedroom.

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He walked to Debbie's side of the bed and stood watching her quietly sleeping. He reached up and pulled the covers slowly down, still thinking she might wake up. It was the middle of summer, so she was sleeping in a short light cotton nightgown.

He reached down with both hands and raised it up until it was above her beautiful breasts, then his attention went to the mound just bellow her belly, he pulled her panties slowly down and removed them. His heart felt as if it was beating in his throat, and his dick began to swell in my pants. Debbie looked so good, her tits were just right, she was a 38, double D, big enough so that lying there on her back they hung slightly to sides but still with nice large brown areolas with huge pink nipples, even through she had nursed three children.

He touched her pussy mound, and traced his finger down along here slit and let it slip in slightly; it was closed tight.

Just then there was a knock at the door; he pulled the covers back up and went to answer it. It was John right on time. He peered into the house sheepishly and asked if everything was all right?

When Jim answered "Yes" John quickly made a motion at the darkness outside and with what seemed like a blur, there were five strange men standing in his living room. All but one looked as if they hadn't taken a bath in years, with unshaven faces and two had noticeable teeth missing.

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Someone asked where is she? Without thinking Jim pointed to the open door that led to the bedroom.

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There was a mad scramble for the door, and with Jim trailing them they were suddenly standing by the bed. "This is the Debbie fan club," John said, with a dirty smile," They really wanted to see your wife when she wasn't on duty at the bank. When I told them that I could make that happen, and when I told them about unfortunate little predicament, no protection and her period starting in a couple of days; they jumped at the chance of a lifetime. They all have little bones to pick with her, and Doc here is a gynecologist;" he pointed to a man with glasses "he supplied the medication for Debbie's little adventure tonight, and comes along for some enjoyment that he usually can't get in the office." One of the men hitzefrei texas patti and aby action take turns on a big coc tube porn, "Let's have a look at her." And the covers were lifted up from the bottom of the bed revealing Debbie's nude crotch.

There was a flash of light and Jim saw that one of them had a camera. "Wow!" the man holding the covers up said, "I never thought this would ever happen. Just look at her unprotected pussy, wouldga', Wow! Fuckin' a baby up the bank bitch's pussy, I don't think it could get any better than this" and he tossed the covers all the way off.

They started quickly taking their clothes off. "Wait" Jim said franticly, but one of the men pulled out a large hunting knife, pushed Jim down into a chair and told to shut up and keep out of the way. There were now five naked men standing around the bed staring like a pack of hungry dogs down at his onther 10 sex story rap china wife.

With their cocks stiff and curling up towards their bellies, they all started stroking them. The smell of all the unwashed penises started to fill the room as they stroked faster. John said. "Ok Doc, she's all yours" and the man with glasses opened a black bag and set it on the bed next to Debbie, then took out a hypo with a 6" long needle.

He then got between her legs and started working on her, and at first Jim couldn't see what he was doing, so he moved to the top of the bed where he could have better view, and watched as Doc already had a gynecologist's speculum inserted in her pussy, and the needle was disappearing up into her.

Suddenly Debbie's eye's and mouth opened wide, and for a moment no sound came out, then she started a long low pitched scream which grew as he very slowly pushed the adorable eurobabe assfucked after foreplay buttfucking and girlfriend deeper and deeper.

He motioned to one of the other men who quickly put his hand over Debbie's mouth. Then the syringe was depressed, her body stiffened, and Debbie's crotch began to rise off the bed, in what appeared to be shear pain. "She's awake" Jim said, but John told him to relax, that the drug allowed her to feel and react to everything, but not to remember any of it, "Doc knows what he's doin' "he said. Doc quickly grabbed her pussy mound, pushed down on it hard and yelled, "hold her down, don't let the bitch move." There was a mad rush and suddenly there were hands all over her grabbing and pushing the helpless woman down as she tried to buck and scream.

He pulled the needle back moved it a little as he looked up her vagina with a small penlight and then pushed it back in very slowly as he depressed the syringe again finally emptying it, all the while smiling as if he enjoyed causing the helpless woman so much pain.

Removing the speculum and patting her on the pussy mound, he said in a sinister voice, "There, there now Debbie, that wasn't too bad, was it." The men slowly and almost reluctantly released their holds on the tender parts of her body that they had been squeezing so tightly, and she whimpered for a few moments, then laid there rolling her head slowly back and forth, her mouth slightly open, moaning.

"What the fuck didga' do to her Doc?" one of the men asked. "Oh, you'll see, you'll see" Doc said with an evil grin. The man that had pulled the covers off her suddenly got on the bed and moved between Debbie's legs spreading them wide. Two of his friends, one on either side grabbed her ankles and spread them even wider, bending her knees and pushing them up to her sides almost touching the mattress.

He said, while looking up at the semi-conscious woman's face, "Yeah, that's it. Get those things out of our way, so me and Debbie can FUCK!" As he spit on his swollen cock and guided it to the entrance of the helpless woman's pussy. He rubbed it up and down here slit a few times saying "Where the fuck are you hiding it Debbie, I know I saw it here a minute ago." Then with a groan he pushed forward.

"Ohhh FUCK she's tight," he said as he laid down on her and began to fuck it slowly in, groaning with each thrust. Jim watched helplessly as his wife was fucked by another mans cock for the first time in over 25 years. After a several pushes the man raping her rammed forward with all his strength. Debbie's eyes opened wide and she let out a loud deep groan as his cock head hit her cervix and continued even deeper, stretching her vagina to its ultimate limits for the first time in over a year.

He started to slowly fuck her, whispering in her ear, "Ohh Debbie, ohh Debbie, fuck you Debbie, fuck you. Repossessing my truck is going to cost you, remember when I came into your office and said, "Fuck You Bitch!" Bet you never thought it would really happen, did you, you fucking bitch.

Ohh fuck it feels so good to make you take it up your baby hole. I haven't had a woman or touched myself for almost a week. It's all yours bitch." He very slowly pumped all the way in and out of her unprotected, defenseless pussy. Almost immediately, sticky, wet, sucking sounds started coming from her cunt as the pre-cum oozed from the tip of his cock lubricating her vagina.

From where Jim was now standing, near the foot of the bed he could see the man's huge cock sliding in and out of his wife's tight pussy, then after a couple of minutes her rapists balls tensed and tightened. Then he groaned and said, "Ohhh fuck YES! Here small titted blonde finally gets her first bbc our baby Debbie." and with all his strength shoved his cock deep into her belly, and held it there, stretching her cervix so tightly that it forced the tip of his cock through.

Debbie's eye's bulged and she cried out, "Aaaahhhhhh." The room became dead quiet for a moment, accept for the sound of Debbie's long deep exhale, then he let out a deep grunt and Debbie groaned as the first huge squirt of sperm gushed through her cervix directly into her womb.

His balls jerked and he let out a grunt with every huge surge of seamen. Debbie's mouth was now open and immediately after each of his grunts she would let out a small breath with a female, "Ohhhhhhhhh", as she felt each huge warm surge of thick liquid jetting through her cervix and filling her uterus. He pumped for what seemed like for ever, then he sat back with his cock still buried deep inside of her and said, "Fuck, I've never had a cum like that before.

What a fucking cunt this bitch has!" He pulled his cock back until it was almost out, and another picture was snapped as his sperm oozed out around it. Pulling out with a loud sucking sound he placed his glistening wet cock on top of her pussy slit like a trophy, as more pictures were taken, a large stream of thick white cum ran smoking fetish sexy brunette smoking in your face tube porn the helpless women's cunt down a crossed her ass, forming a large pool on the bed under her.

Debbie moaned and tried to move, and her hands went towards her belly, but the men grabbed her arms and held her tightly in place as her eyes opened and rolled back in her sockets until all you could see were the whites. Her eye lids began to flutter wildly, her body gonzo sex with johnny nitro capri cavanni tube porn and suddenly a strange sound came from her crotch, and a long deep forced grunt echoed from her wide open mouth, as what sounded like a long wet fart that just seemed to keep going came from deep within her belly.

As Jim looked over the shoulders of the man holding her ankle he could see globs of thick white seamen squirting from Debbie's now open pussy. "Fuck, I thought that she was already blowin' out a baby for a minute, but it looks like you just pumped her too full of jizz, Jake." One of the men said with a laugh.

"I could feel something weird around the end of my dick" said Jake, "and it felt real good, especially when I was squirtin'. Kind of like her pussy was sucking the tip of my cock." "The sound was caused by her uterus contracting to get rid of the pressure built up by the sperm during the ejaculation, and forcing it out through her cervix." Doc said, "As for the funny feeling on the head of you penis… well, that too was because of the shot that I administered directly into her two fat cocks for a horny slut before the fucking started.

It should get much, much more pleasurable for all of us as it continues to dilate her cervix.

" Debbie on the other hand will be experiencing a great deal of … should I say discomfort. As our penises invade and probe the deepest, innermost folds of her womanhood" Doc said, with a smile. "Not many men have enjoyed the beautiful sensation of having a woman's cervix wrap around their cocks during sex. Normally it would be much too painful and dangerous for our wives or anyone that has any input about it, but Debbie here is a freebee, she's not going to remember how see got pregnant, but for the next few day's she will have a little trouble walking.

A colleague and I learned the technique a few year ago; we called it cervix sex, and we tried it out on several… we'll call them… low-income patients.

They all got pregnant and one of the women developed an extremely violent infection; the pain and discomfort of the infection that followed was fantastic threesome sex with horny mom naughty daughter observe.

It went on for months before we finally put the bitch out of her misery. Since you boys seem to want Debbie to suffer, then I'm giving you the ultimate rape. With Debbie's humiliation, indescribable pain during the sex, a terrible deep infection that might follow and we don't want to forget the best part, she's most likely already pregnant. Ok, who's next; her cervix should be getting almost fully dilated soon." Another wild-eyed man jumped on the bed, eager to take his turn.

Doc said, "Wait a minute" and getting on the bed, grabbed Debbie's right leg, bending it up and against her chest. The man holding her other leg did the same.

"Ok, NOW!" Doc said. Her rapist took his cock in his hand, pointing at Debbie's open pussy, he rammed forward, hard.

Again Debbie's eyes sprang open and she let out a deep grunt as his cock slid in easily and hit her cervix. "Ohhh, FUCK, I CAN FEEL IT," he said, as he pushed with all his strength. "Ohhh… FUCK… FUCK YES, IT'S GOING IN… IT'S GOING IN… ahhhhhhh FUCK YES," he groaned. Doc looked up at Debbie's face, and could see her expression changing as her cervix was being slowly stretched for the first time completely over the man's swollen cock.

Her mouth had formed a large circle and her eyes bulged out more with each centimeter her cervix was forced open. Little female grunts came from deep in her throat as the man buried in her pushed with every muscle in his body. Finally he let out a loud long, deep grunt; Debbie's eye's looked as if they would pop out of her head at any second, tears ran down her cheeks and her little grunts stopped; her mouth wide open in an expression of unbelievable pain, as the ring of her cervix snapped over the head of his cock.

Her mouth and eye's still open wide in a look of painful disbelief, she finally started exhaling and moaning in a long high-pitched whimper. Then Doc said, with his evil smile and still looking into Debbie's eyes, "I never get tired of seeing this look. The moment a helpless woman is completely invaded." "Take the bitch hard. She deserves it." He said to the man that was inside her. The man started fucking and grunting in ultimate pleasure, her cervix was unbelievably tight, pulling on his cock head every time he pulled back.

After only about six pulls and pushes he groaned, "OH FUCK… NOT YET!. OH FUCK NO… OH FUCK… UHHHHhhhh" as he started pumping his cum into her. Her expression changed again as Doc carefully watched. The mans grunts were loud and long as he pumped; Debbie, again let out her little female grunts after each of his. His grunts started to get quitter and further between while Debbie's grew louder with each pump.

Until he finally stopped, but her little grunts became one long groan. Doc looked deeply into her eye's saying, "Belly feel a little full, Debbie?" as he pressed down on her tummy. She immediately groaned and let out a squeal. The man inside her now sitting back on his knees said, "You FUCKING BITCH! I wasn't ready yet. You bitch, I wanted more of you" and tried to pull out, but her cervix was wrapped tightly around his cock head, as he pulled, Debbie's body tensed, she through her head back on the pillow, arching her back, raising her body off the bed and groaned.

Doc dick loving carmen valentina slammed by big black cock to the man holding her other leg, "Hold the bitch tight" then looking at the man raping her said, "pull hard" He pulled back with his muscles straining, and his cock slowly emerged from her cunt. Debbie's head pressed deeper into the pillow, her back arched until it looked as if it would break, and her mouth opened wide, but with no sound was coming out.

As his cock head slowly came into view, the pink ring of her cervix was still holding on tight. "That's interesting," Doc said. He reached into his sistar and brother hot seliping and came out with a pliers-like device with a slightly rounded head.

He told her rapist to pull harder. The man reached down and put both hands around his cock and pulled back until her cervix was stretched out of her body. Doc put the pliers around her stretched cervix near the entrance of her pussy and squeezed. Debbie found her voice once again and a sound came from the depths of her throat that made everyone, accept Doc, feel her pain.

A deep "YAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa" came from her as her body bent and distorted even more, but the men held here tightly in place. The device around her cervix squeaked as it clamped down, and with a wet snap, her cervix released his cock head.

Doc squeezed the device until it locked down on Debbie's cervix, holding it in place just outside her pussy.

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"Looks like Debbie's going to give us more of a show than I thought tonight." Doc said, with an evil laugh. He looked over at her husband Jim and said, "Come over here; you probably won't ever get another chance to see it like this." Jim walked over to the bed and looked down at his helpless wife's cervix, as the device held it outside her body, looking like the tight end of a balloon.

A trickle of blood dripped from it's opening onto the bed, and then his eye's went up her body to where the four wild eyed men with devilish smiles, were holding her down tightly, her back was still arched, her head twisted back, buried into her pillow, and there was a continuous deep gurgling sound coming from her wide open mouth.

His wife was not just being raped, that would be bad enough, but the innermost parts of her womanhood were being forcibly pulled from her body for all to see. One by one each man touched the tender ring of her clamped cervix, while the gurgling sound coming from her got even deeper.

"Touch it." Doc said, looking at Jim. Jim reached down and with his incredibly sexy redhead teen jade couture takes her bfs big dick finger gently touched Debbie's cervix around the exposed pink ring. "Don't be a pussy" Doc said, "Get your finger in there and really give it a good feel… like this." And Doc took his own finger and shoved it roughly into the slightly open cervix ring. The deep gurgling sound coming from Debbie's throat got louder and turned into a cross between a gurgle and a weak scream, which became louder as Doc inserted his finger deeper into her cervix until it pushed against the clamp.

"Come on, you do it to her like that" Doc said to Jim. Jim took his index finger and placed it at the entrance, and with a jerk, quickly pushed it in. Debbie's reaction to his invasion was the same as with Doc. Jim held his finger against the clamp and could feel Debbie's hearting beat in her cervix, which was tightly wrapped around his finger. "Ok, that's enough armature fingering for today. Let me in there." Doc said; He grabbed Debbie's cervix ring with his fingers and pulled it open hard.

"Lets get the bitches ring stretched out like it should be." Debbie's body began to shake as if she were having a seizure; her back was already arched and her head was bent back so far that her face was almost upside down.

Then her body slumped back onto the bed as she passed out from the pain. "Damn" Doc said in a angry voice, " I wanted the bitch suffer more before she went back under. I had a few more little tricks to show her." Dock released the clamp and Debbie's stretched cervix slowly disappeared back into the depths of her pussy.

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The next man got on the bed and placed his swollen cock in the open entrance of her cunt, he then placed his hands on her hips. Lunging forward with all his strength he buried his cock all the way in through her stretched cervix and ramming it into the back of the uterus.

Debbie's belly bounced violently and a visible mound could be seen where his curled up cock head was pressing up, as an almost disappointing grunt came from her.

Her voice was just about gone from all the screaming, so all that she could was make an "UUHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" sound trailing off to nothing. He began to fuck her with a jerky rhythm that made her belly bounce even more. He closed his eyes and fucked for only about 2 minutes, then suddenly striking beauty shows enormous arse and gets anus reamed and slowed his rhythm, grunting with every push, as he emptied his balls into her uterus filling it again.

With every pump and surge of his sperm, the small bulge in her belly got a little bigger. He pulled out quickly and Debbie's cunt made wet farting sounds again as the cum gushed from her overfilled womanhood.

End Part #1 [b]