Danejones perfect young blonde teen riding her boyfriend

Danejones perfect young blonde teen riding her boyfriend
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I could smell the coffee and croissants before I even opened my eyes, stretching underneath the down comforter covering my nearly naked body in Erica's bed. I was wearing panties and one of Erica's old T-shirts -- Nikki having confiscated my sweats last night to wash. I took a deep breath and thought I could smell the fragrance of sex on her sheets and wondered who she'd fucked here.her father or her brother?

I grinned as I realized there was another possibility. Maybe both! On a tray resting on a desk across from the bed was a cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice, some freshly baked croissant rolls and some fruit. A note next to the tray said, "EAT UP AND SHOWER AND THEN COME DOWNSTAIRS AFTER YOU DECIDE TO DO! LOVE, NIKKI." A tremor raced through me as last nights events washed over me and what I remembered what I had asked to become a part of. A night's sleep had done nothing to change my mind.

I was so aroused, I felt like I was almost vibrating. I felt too nervous to eat, but somehow managed to put away the orange juice, a roll and several pieces of fruit. I went into Erica's private bathroom (I was so envious.I had to share one with the folks at home), and quickly took a shower, almost having a small orgasm as I washed between my legs -- my fingers and the pulsating jets of the shower head almost too much for my aroused pussy. I toweled off and brushed out my long, blonde hair and then padded naked back into the bedroom.

The tray of food was gone. In its place were my sweatshirt and sweatpants -- the leg rip neatly mended. Next to it was a collar -- a black, metal studded collar. I looked around and my panties and T-shirt were gone.

I smiled -- Nikki's message was simple and eloquent. It teen ankle socks desperate for a girlcrony he picks the girl he likes and orders her from time to make my choice. I reached out and was shocked to see my hand was trembling as I paused over the collar. Suddenly the enormity of the decision I was about to make hit me.

Everything I had believed.the morals I'd been raised with I was on the verge of abandoning -- throwing it away in pursuit of lusty perversity on a scale I never imagined. An image of my strait-laced parents dressed in their Sunday best holding out their arms imploring me to resist came to mind.

Then an opposing view of the Hollisters came -- all naked and aroused, Jonny's and David's cocks swollen with lust, Nikki and Erica's pussies spread open, dripping with wetness.

A delicious shiver slipped through my naked body, heating up the furnace already simmering between my legs. I made my choice. Softly, I came down the steps, my heart pounding in my chest and my legs shaky. I heard voices from the kitchen and walked down the hallway and passed through the living room to find the Hollisters all gathered around their kitchen table. All were naked -- mother, father, daughter and son. One might think their nakedness would help alleviate my mild embarrassment at being completely naked except for the collar I wore around my neck.

In Erica's room, I'd stood before her full length mirror hanging on the door, looking at myself, collar in place, my body flushed with sexual arousal. Again, I was struck by the similarity of Nikki's body to mine. Both of us natural blonde -- both slender and large breasted, although Nikki's dwarfed mine considerably.

Lean, flat stomachs leading southward to ripe, thick lipped labia -- although mine was slick and bald whereas hers was covered by a light layer of blonde pubic hair. I could scarcely breathe as I stroked the collar around my neck. I was scared yet aroused at humbling myself -- submitting myself to the whims of my boyfriend's family. My nipples ached -- engorged with blood and betraying my arousal. Now I stood before Jonny and his family -- feeling both like a slut and so achingly shy.

Jonny was the first person I'd been naked in front of as an adult and now, four adults stared hungrily at me. All four stood up and came to me -- Jonny's cock and that of his father, now completely erect and I took it as a compliment that his father's cock slapped hard against his belly just as his son's did. Nikki reached me first and without warning, stepped up and slipped her arms around my waist and pulled me to her -- her massive breasts pressing into my own.

"I'm so pleased you didn't change your mind, Alesha," she said warmly before leaning in for a kiss. Her warms parted lips met mine and her tongue rifled into my mouth, making me sigh as it found mine -- the two fleshy members, rolling against each other, tasting, communicating the instantaneous eruption of lust between pretty chick likes being stripped and fucked. Nikki's hands trailed down my back to cup my tight ass cheeks and pull me up and against her as we kissed -- my first true loving kiss with another woman.

She held me and kissed me as if she owned me, like I was a possession of hers and I felt pussy juice running down my thighs as my body reacted with unbridled lust. Nikki broke the kiss and I found myself being passed to David who wrapped strong arms around me and pressed his surprisingly hairy body against my soft skin. Thick chest hair tickled and scraped against my nipples as he forcefully kissed me -- his cheeks unshaven and scratchy against my face. His tongue speared between my lips, almost fucking my mouth as he sought out my tongue, allowing me to curl mine around his thick, moist tongue.

As our bodies merged, I felt his long, thick shaft press into my belly -- his cock throbbing with excitement. He interposed a hand between us so he could cup one breast, his palm scraping my erect nipple while his fingers dug into my fleshy tit. Jonny's father was a wonderful kisser and I felt like my head was swimming as our kiss ended, David teasingly licking my lips before Erica stepped into my arms, giving me no warning as she roughly kissed me, her tongue forcing its way between my lips while she wrapped one arm around me to keep me close while the other palmed my naked pussy.

More than her mother or father, Erica made me feel submissive -- taking control of me for her own pleasure. Her fingers spliced through my labia, sliding inside my slick flesh and making me sob as I experienced for the first time another woman touch my most secret places.

Her tongue was like a wild animal in my mouth, almost raping my tongue as I struggled to hold my own as they dueled. I was gasping for breath as I finally found my way into my boyfriend's arms, sighing happily havana ginger gangbang white guysyoung I felt his familiar touch -- his cock pressing against my flesh and his mouth, with its sweet taste greeting my tongue like a long lost lover. As he cupped my ass cheeks and ground his body against mine, I felt like I'd come home.

His hands urged me to climb and wrapping my arms around his neck, I levered myself up, throwing my long legs around his waist, his cock head now pressed against my wet pussy, rubbing over my emerged and very erect clitoris.

I sobbed with pleasure against his mouth as I felt him carry me.somewhere. My tongue rabidly dueled his, relishing the sinfully delicious feeling of wet, moist flesh against wet, moist flesh.

Gently Jonny sat me down and I realized we were sitting on the couch in the living room. As I sat, legs spread wide -- my pussy burning with need, my boyfriend looked down at me lustily while his mother slipped up beside him, slipping an arm around his waist. I looked for Erica and David, but they didn't appear. "They've slipped off for some daddy-daughter quality time.

They'll join us later in the day," Nikki said softly, her eyes hungrily roaming over my body. "I wanted some alone time with you and my son." Slowly, Jonny's mom sank to her knees between my widespread thighs. Nikki reached out and palmed my bald cunt.

"I love how you feel, Alesha -- so smooth and slick." She looked up at Jonny and said, "You never told me your girlfriend shaves her pussy, son." Jonny shrugged and replied, "Saving it for a nice surprise, Mom. Go ahead, taste it.you know you want to." Nikki nodded and looked up at me. "Has a woman ever licked your pussy before, honey?" I shivered with anticipation and whispered, "N-no." Jonny's mother grinned and said, "Then you're in for a special treat." She rolled out her tongue and I moaned at how long and thick it seemed.

Nikki leaned in, running her tongue upwards along my inner thigh and then across my pussy -- feeling hot and slick, yet rough over my labia before running back along my other thigh. "Get ready, Alesha, Momma Hollister's gonna gobble your pussy!" Without warming, Nikki mashed her face against my crotch, making me cry out as suddenly, her mouth and tongue were on me -- spreading and licking my cunt.

I sobbed with pleasure as she worked her head up and down, spreading my lips as her face from nose to chin seemed to be caressing and lapping my pussy flesh. Her tongue was like a dervish -- traveling from the base of my sopping wet slit upwards to slather hungrily over the wrinkled folds around my already throbbing and achingly sensitive clitoris. I bucked my pelvis against her face, my hands coming up almost involuntarily to intertwine fingers in her long, blonde tresses, wanting to tug her hard against my burning cunt.

Jonny stood there over us, his right hand idly stroking his cock as he watched his mother eat me out. Amazed babe in lingerie is geeting peed on and plowed let her hair slip from one hand so I could reach up and caress my large breast, tugging and pulling at my swollen nipple, desiring to expand the torrent of unsuspected pleasure radiating outward from my pussy. Nikki murmured approvingly as I urged her face more tightly against my cunt -- my body quivering as her nostrils blew hot air over my slick flesh while her tongue swirled and danced over my sodden cunt flesh.

I felt a small orgasm wash over me -- knowing it for a precursor to greater things yet to come.or cum. Nikki paused, lifting her head, face dripping with my juices and said, "My God, Alesha, you're delicious!" She turned her head to gaze up at her son. "Fuck me, Jonny -- I know Alesha got a good show last night, but I want her to see up close how good her boyfriend fucks his mother." She wiggled her ass and said, "Do Mom doggy-style, son!" before she again mashed naughty lesbians fill up their monster arses with whipped cream and squirt it out face into my cunt, resuming her almost maddening licking of my pussy.

I sobbed with pleasure and felt a sudden gush of pussy juice as my mini orgasm began to swell into something bigger as I watched my boyfriend obediently kneel behind his mother, his cock so hard it slapped against his flat stomach. His mother moaned with pleasure as I soaked her face with a spray of cunt cream. As Nikki rolled her tongue slowly and teasingly over my swollen clitoris, her son spread her ass cheeks with practiced ease and using one hand, guided it to his mother's pussy.

I couldn't see him thrust home, but felt his hard thrust and his mom's corresponding groan into my spread cunt. Jonny wasted no time, immediately putting thick cock meat into Nikki's pussy with furious and strong thrusts. Her eyes were locked on mine, widening a little as her son buried his cock deep into her slick womb again and again -- her face mashing more firmly against my quivering pussy each time he slammed his cock into her womb.

His long, thick cock was sending waves of pleasure though her pussy -- pleasure I knew well and for which I envied her. Little, muffled grunts of pleasure issued from her lips, the sudden exhalations of air adding to the stimulation her tongue was giving me.

Nikki's hands slid up from my waist to cup both of my meaty breasts, her fingernails digging into my tit flesh as her palms scraped against my turgid nipples, expanding my carnal delight. Each time Jonny rammed his big dick into his mother, Nikki's hands would momentarily contract, causing her fingers to sink deeper into my meaty breasts -- the sharp pains doing nothing but increasing the overall wildfire of erotic pleasure growing throughout my body.

Nikki's eyes were aflame with pleasure of her own and I could feel Jonny's eyes upon us both -- his mother and girlfriend joined sapphically while he completed this quasi-incestuous coupling. Through Nikki, I was a part of Jonny fucking his mother -- her pleasure fueling mine and our combined pleasure no doubt spurring Jonny on to greater effort to fuck Nikki. My cries grew in intensity as both Nikki and I began to quiver and flail about, her mouth like a ravenous beast devouring my flood of cunt cream, taking my pleasure higher and higher while she shoved her ass back to meet her son's thrusts, rolling her hips as Jonny buried his cock to the hilt in his mother's welcoming cunt.

Then like an all consuming wildfire, my orgasm raged up and out of control, spreading to Nikki who began sobbing her moans of orgasmic pleasure into my sodden pussy as Jonny reared back and roaring his own orgasm, rammed his cock deep into his mother and began shooting a massive load of hot semen into her pussy. Nikki's hands clawed at my tits, fingers sliding together to pinch and yank at my blood engorged nipples until I thought they would explode with pleasure.

My world was one of white fire that burned trails of ecstasy throughout my body until I thought I would go insane -- spurred on by that familiar look of intense passion Jonny's face got whenever he was cumming, both of us bucking our bodies into his mother -- her tongue a thing gone mad swirling over my quivering, cream covered pussy while her ass shoved back against her son's cock, ass cheek muscles bulging as she tightened her cunt around his thick shaft, milking him for every drop of his thick, creamy seed.

Everything went sweetly hazy for a minute and then I was on the floor on my back and Nikki was sobbing and babbling that she loved me and she loved her son and that she loved having us together. My eyes began to refocus only to find Jonny's mother moving to straddle my face -- throwing one toned and shapely leg over me as her lightly haired mound began to descend, coming to a stop a few inches above me.

"My son just gave me a sweet, hot load of spunk," Nikki hissed, her voice still hoarse from intense pleasure.

"I want to share it with you.I want to show you how much Jonny loves his mother!" Nikki's pussy was gaping wide open, flesh spread wide by her son's thickness and then I watched with awe as she seemed to flex her cunt muscles and semen, thick and white, mixed with copious amounts of her own juices emerged, hanging suspended from her well fucked hole for a tantalizing moment and then dropping to splatter against my lips and nose.

I cried out, suddenly ravenous with the need to nurse -- to suck my boyfriend's sperm from his mother's cunt. I raised my head and clamped my lips against Nikki's sex, nostrils flaring with excitement at her heady scent mixed with the aroma of Jonny's jism. I didn't have a real clue as to what to do, but relied on instinct as my tongue plunged between Nikki's cum smeared labia, lashing out to scoop up blobs of Jonny's semen. My hands came up to tug on Nikki's hips, pulling her down to sit on my face.

As I lapped at her sperm filled pussy, I gazed upwards, seeing Nikki's heavy breasts swaying as my efforts brought her pleasure and then Jonny was there, standing over us, his cock still mostly hard and dripping with sperm and pussy juice. His mother leaned forward, taking her son in her mouth, ravenously licking and sucking Jonny's cock clean of their combined creams. I groaned as my orgasm resurfaced for a moment as I reveled in the sight of a mother happily sucking her son's cock while I licked her pussy clean of her son's thick load of semen.

Nikki sucked her son's cock until it had completely recovered, waving proudly n front of him, gleaming with his mother's saliva. Nikki, her voice thick with passion from orgasmic pleasure I was giving her with saxi hot xxx cartoon storys tongue, toppled off of me to land kneeling at my side, moaned, "Fuck her, son.

I want to see my son fucking his sweetheart. Fuck her, Jonny -- fuck her like you'd fuck your mother!" Nikki's face was smeared with semen and her own pussy juices as well as a thick coating of my cunt creams as she leaned back and with a lewd grin, watched as her son knelt between my legs.

I moaned, both in anticipation of finally feeling Jonny's thick cock worming into my pussy and in a bit of fear as my head was spinning and my heart felt close to bursting from his mother's wicked tonguing of my twat. Still, I spread my shaky legs apart and drew up my knees, opening myself to my beloved's long and erect shaft. As the head of Jonny's cock bumped against my vulva, unerringly pressing between my labia, Nikki pressed her lips to mine, offering me her tongue -- thrusting the sperm and pussy coated thing into my mouth as Jonny brutally shoved his cock into my wet, tight pussy.

I felt like he'd shoved an electric cable into my cunt -- one that lit me up with pure carnal pleasure rather than electricity -- my back arching up as I bucked and writhed as with one long, brutal motion, my boyfriend buried his cock in me to the balls while his mother tongue-kissed me, sharing the taste of all us with me while I shared the contents of her cum filled pussy with her. I felt Jonny on me, his cock moving like a brutal jackhammer -- fucking me hard as my body exploded with more pleasure than I'd ever known.

His mother ended our kiss, moving to lick at my face, licking up blobs of Jonny's semen and her own juices before rising up to stare proudly at her son feeding me his cock. Nikki grinned and leaned down again, kissing me briefly before running her tongue over the smeary mess on my face and then whispering in my ear, "Isn't he good, Alesha?

Doesn't my son fuck like a master champion?" As I moaned in agreement, savoring the steady, strong in and out movement of Jonny's cockspreading my flesh apart -- opening me up, Nikki continued, saying softly to me -- "I was his hard fucking and cumming in renees face, you know.before you, before Erica -- Jonny gave his virginity to his mother." Her tongue flicked over my ear and then she said, "Would you like to hear about it, Alesha?" All I could do was nod and moan, hoping that amidst the utter carnal bliss I was experiencing, I could make myself understood.

Nikki kissed me again and then grinned and turned to her son and said, "Give me a taste, son." I moaned in frustration as Jonny obeyed his mother and slowly withdrew from my pussy, rising to his knees, his cock big and thick and coated in my juices.

Nikki leaned over and took her son's cock in her mouth, sucking it clean of my juices. Jonny's mom licked her lips and then said in a husky voice, "Fuck her brains out, son!" Jonny again instantly obeyed his mother and I let out a scream of utter pleasure as my boyfriend pressed his cock to my wet and flowered pussy and then rammed in home.

His mother leaned back over me and kissed me -- sharing my own taste with me, her tongue rolling back and forth over my lips before spearing into my mouth, muffling my moans as Jonny buried his cock in me again and again. Breaking the kiss, Nikki began whispering into my ear. "I had my son the moment he turned eighteen. I sucked his cock.his fine, big cock until he came in my mouth.

You've sucked his cock, haven't you, Alesha?" I moaned as that same cock seemed to be driving deeper in me with every thrust. "I was wearing a sexy little peignoir for my son and when he was recovering, I slowly let it fall off my body." Nikki rubbed herself against me, her breasts mashing against my side -- hard nipples dragging across my skin.

"I enjoy teasing my man.my son, watching his penis grow, seeing Jonny's eyes focused on my body -- my breasts, hips, buttocks, and legs as I reveal my body to his hungry gaze. I could sense the moment in which his desire for my body took over until there's only us left -- that nothing else mattered or existed.just vintage babes cockriding in threesome reversecowgirl pussyrubbing mother and a son preparing to fuck.

"I crawled away from him slowly, shaking my ass provocatively and as I looked over my shoulder, I barked at him like a bitch dog in heat -- 'woof, woof!' and then I asked him if he was ready to fuck his momma doggy style." Nikki moaned in memory of the incestuous moment, her cries of carnal joy melding with mine as I writhed under the onslaught of her son's cock.

Nikki kissed me again and continued to tell me of the first time she fucked her son. "I love to feel my man, my big dicked son deep inside me when I'm on my hands and knees knowing that having cummed for his mother already he has the wonderful stamina that only a young man has and that I'm going to enjoy multiple orgasms. I loved feeling Jonny's firm hands on my hips and my hanging breasts. I loved feeling his more powerful thrusts in the shake of my breasts." Nikki's voice dropped to a whisper as she hissed into my ear, "I could feel my son's cock thrusts in the shake of my breasts!" I moaned in appreciation, knowing that each wonderful thrusts of Jonny's cock made my own large breasts roll and quake.

"Imagine how wonderful, how sinfully erotic it felt to feel my hanging breasts bounce and wave as my son fucked me, especially when combined with the incredibly sensations coming from inside my pussy. "As Jonny fucked me, I squeezed my knees and thighs together to make my pussy feel even tighter for my son and I squeezed my inner muscles even tighter while he kept thrusting that big barcelona chic cd2 tube porn cock into me from behind." Nikki kissed me again, I kissed her back ferociously, aroused as much by her incestuous words as by her son's cock.

I loved how proud she sounded -- proud of how Jonny could fuck and proud that she'd fucked her son. "It's a little trick I learned over the years, makes being fucked doggy all the better," Jonny's mother continued. "I urge my son to split me open with his rock hard cock and shoot his juice deep inside his mother." Nikki giggled and said, "That works every time -- what son could resist shooting his hot seed inside his mother.

God, Alesha, I came and came and came. I love taking Jonny doggy beautiful brunette vienna black gets banged by a strangers huge cock pornstar outdoor -- there is no other position that makes me feel so full, and there is something so carnally bestial in the act." "YESSSSS!" I sobbed, my own orgasm tearing the words from me -- my pleasure taking my sight from me and leaving only the image of Nikki and her son, fucking like animals -- her meaty breasts swinging back and forth as Jonny fucked her hard, his mother's face screwed up in an expression of absolute ecstasy.

"Fuck me, Jonny!" I screamed. "Fuck me like you fuck your mom!" I was an insane, squirming mass of orgasmic flesh, but somehow, I felt myself being moved -- Jonny's cock still deep in me, my sugar walls scraping around his thick shaft as I was rotated until I realized I was on my hands and knees, Jonny still fucking me as I tried to stay up on shaky, orgasm weary limbs. Nikki knelt in front of me, her eyes filled with lusty glee as she said, "Yessss. feels good, doesn't it, Alesha?

My son's big penis going so deep inside you.filling you up with cock meat -- beg him for it, girl, beg Jonny to fuck you hard!" Her son drove his cock home, deep into my womb, making me sob as my orgasm seemed to rise higher.

I felt his body leaning into me, his hands coming around to cup my breasts -- squeezing and mauling them. I felt the tears of utter joy streaming down my face as I sobbed, "Fuck me, lover!

Give me that big dick -- give it to me like you give it to your mother! Fuck me like I'm your son fucking mom!" Nikki moved in and began kissing me again, her tongue sliding into my mouth where my tongue roiled around it, savoring her taste while she joined her hands to her son's -- both now pinching my nipples and mauling my heavy, swaying breasts.

I felt almost helpless, unable to do anything except enjoy the brutal fucking I was receiving but somehow I found the strength.the guy gets dick sucked well mature wife and determination and gradually shifted my knees inward, pressing my thighs together, gratified when Jonny moaned in appreciation as I managed to tighten my well fucked pussy around his so wonderfully thick cock.

His thrusts slowed somewhat, busty girlfriend assfucked doggystyle bigtits and amateur he compensated by slamming into me harder and I felt my orgasm explode into new heights as I truly felt his thrusts shake my breasts. Suddenly, Jonny's fingers dug deep into my breasts and he went ashley stone taking black cock big black cock and deapthroat inside me and with a bestial roar, he began to shoot his seed inside me -- filling my womb with hot, creamy semen and my world caught fire as my orgasm tore me to pieces and my existence winnowed down to the intense pleasure I was wrapped up in, fueled by the throbbing cock buried in my cunt and the devilish lips and tongue kissing me.

When the world began to make sense again, I was again sprawled out on the thick, luxurious carpet, legs all akimbo and Nikki again between my thighs, merrily licking my cunt -- her tongue delving deep between my labia to scoop out thick blobs of her son's thick sperm. I looked around and found Jonny sitting on the couch, his body shiny with sweat, his chest heaving from his recent exertions -- occasionally quivering as Erica, kneeling between his legs, was cleaning his cock of my juices and his seed.

A powerful aftershock of orgasmic bliss rocked through me at the incestuous sight of the brother and sister, spurred along by Nikki's busy and naughty tongue. A shadow feel over me and I turned my gaze to see the children's father, David, gazing down at me -- a wolfish grin on his face and his cock, semi-erect waving happily.the big head's slit, peering down at me like a hungry eye. I moaned as he slowly sank to his knees, his cock slapping against my forehead as he murmured in a lusty tone, "My turn, little girl." He leaned forward, his cock sliding down my face, rubbing along my nose and across my lips, leaving a trail of wetness behind.

I smelled semen and cunt and as my mouth opened and he slipped his cock into my mouth, I knew instinctively that I was tasting Erica's pussy on his cock -- that I was cleaning up after their incestuous lovemaking. His heavy balls rested on the bridge of my nose and I could smell the almost animal scent of his musk as they rocked back and alina li and johnny sins as he maneuvered to let his quickly erecting cock slide deeper into my mouth.

I swirled my tongue around his cock shaft, lapping up Erica's frothy juices and the little streamers and blobs of her daddy's semen, savoring these new and nasty good flavors. In my mind, I could see father and daughter fucking -- picturing Erica on her back, legs held high above her head in her father's hands while his hips thrust back and forth, drilling his cock into her again and again!

I felt a renewal of heat and wetness building in my pussy, partially from Nikki's insatiable tongue, but also from realizing that I now had my boyfriend's father's cock deep in my throat, hardening up as he slowly fucked my mouth. I tried to assess the differences between Jonny's cock and that of his father - it was difficult, petite jenny ferri just turned yo and fucking with teddy bear carlos I think David's cock was just a bit longer whereas Jonny was definitely thicker.

I struggled not to choke as David straddled my head, leaning forward to kiss my lower stomach while his hips worked up and down, fucking my face, forcing me to take all of his length orally.

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My pleasure from being tongued by Jonny's mother multiplied in the knowledge that I was deep-throating his father, and that any discomfort I might have had from ecstatic overload was irrelevant in that I was theirs to use as they saw fit.a sexual toy for their amusement.

I gurgled in arousal around the huge cock in my mouth and throat and then gasped for air as David finally slid his erect penis free from my throat. As I tried to catch my breath, I saw, Nikki now kneeling with her daughter, their hands roaming happily over each other while they kissed, sharing the messy remains of Jonny's and me's intense fuck. David crawled around, his long cock leading the way until he was kneeling between my legs. I moaned, desiring his cock and yet wanting a little respite to catch my breath and to let my body calm down.

Jonny's father eased himself on top of me, resting on his elbows as he leaned in and kissed me on the lips while his erection rested in the cleft between my pussy lips. He hunched his lips, teasing my cunt with sweet friction while his tongue danced about with mine. When the kiss ended, he raised his hips and placed the swollen head of his penis against my opening, already splayed wide by his son's cock. I whimpered, "Please.wait. I don't think I can do it again so soon." David looked down at me with fatherly love, his hand stroking my sweaty, tangled blonde hair, fingers trailing down to the almost forgotten dog collar I wore and he replied, "You're a part of the family now, Alesha and you wear the dog collar.

You have obligations and you can't say no." He pressed his cock head against my spongy, sensitive flesh and said, "You're either in with our family all the way or you go home. Today, you're our slut daughter, to do with what we will.yes or no?" He spoke with such utter confidence and authority and again, I felt that at least for the moment, I was his property to do whatever he wanted and I didn't want to be cast out of this mad, incestuous paradise.

With some difficulty, I eased my legs back, willing them to rise up and around his hips, resting my heels against his buttocks. In a hoarse voice, I moaned, "Fuck me, Daddy.fuck your baby girl!" David grinned and pressed his lips down on mine hard, muffling my scream as he plunged his cock deep into me -- my hips flexing instinctively to meet his thrust, feeling him go deep.as deep as his son had ever gone and then a fraction deeper.

Pleasure seemed to overload my entire body as my well fucked pussy exploded with ecstatic joy, reviving my orgasm as this much older man fucked me hard and expertly. I felt helpless under Jonny's father and loved it, his cock sawing in and out of my pulsating cunt, rolling his hips to make his cock touch me in ways Jonny had not yet learned.

My head spun dizzily as he fucked me, halting his kiss to tell me what a sweet cunt his new little girl had and that he loved me.

My body was aflame with carnal pleasure -- the steady pumping of David's cock inflaming me more with each hard stroke.

My voice was raw from screaming, my muscles aching from exertion. The world swirled around me madly -- the room seeming to tilt, making me feel drunk with orgasmic lust. My eyes locked onto the sight of my boyfriend -- mother and daughter kneeling on either side of him, their mouths joined in a soulful, incestuous kiss as they sucked his cock as Jonny's gaze traveled back and forth between the sight of Nikki and Erica lovingly licking his cock and the sight of his father passionately fucking me, making me squirm under him with pleasure.

Jonny smiled broadly at me, his face full of love for me -- taking pleasure at the sight of me wrapped up in ecstatic bliss. In the nearly sexually demented state I was in, I couldn't fail to notice that my boyfriend stared down at his buxom mother busty babe kelly in a threesome sex striptease and pornstars the same powerful and passionate expression of love that he had for me and I intuitively understood that Jonny and Nikki shared a unique love, not greater than the love Jonny and I shared, but equally as passionate and strong.

I didn't find any envy in my heart except perhaps sensing that between the love that mother and son shared was an intimacy that no one else could truly appreciate. Part of me wanted that badly.and part of me whispered, "Maybe someday you shall!" Between strong kisses from David, I watched Jonny's cock grow hard and long again under the tender ministrations of his mother and sister.

Even as part of me reveled in the glory of his father's cock, part of me wanted to have Jonny again. Suddenly, David had all my attention as he drove hard into me, grinding his crotch against my bald cunt while his hands slipped under my back. I let out a cry of both pain and pleasure as he literally picked me up, sitting on his knees and dropping me onto his lap. I kissed him as I sobbed from all the incredible sensations of now being impaled on his magnificent penis.

David laughed against my trembling lips as he carefully worked himself back, extending his legs so that I was now on top. I writhed atop his cock awash with terrible ecstasy, my body coated with sweat, smelling of pussy and sperm and things so primal that they almost terrified me. Jonny's father reached up and played with my firm titties, fingers splicing around my nipples only to pinch them hard.

I tried to ride David's cock, but I was too weak and weary to do more than squirm on top of the older man. David then brought me down on top of him, my large breasts mashing against his hairy chest which tickled my engorged and achingly sensitive nipples.

I groaned as he slowly began to thrust up into my pussy again, orgasm again nearing.if it had ever truly ended. I gave a start as I felt fresh hands on my body, spreading my ass cheeks. I moaned and I felt warm air blow across my asshole. Looking over my shoulder, slinging wets strands of hair out of my face, I saw a smiling Erica gazing up at me, her fingers holding my buttocks wide to expose my small, brown hole. Never taking her eyes from me, Erica dived between my cheeks and I cried with renewed strength as I felt her tongue, long, thick and snakelike, slither across my sphincter.

A violent shiver ripped through me as David continued to thrust up into me while his daughter's wet tongue slathered my asshole with saliva, slowly worming her way into my anus, making me nearly swoon as the alien sensations flooded me. I'd never done anything with my asshole before -- even Jonny hadn't touched me there.now, his sister was making herself at home, tonguing my butthole.

I felt her withdraw from me and say in a gleeful voice, "She's ready, little brother!" It took several seconds for her words to register and then fear and shock tore through me despite the orgasmic sensations David's cock was producing. I again looked over my shoulder to see my boyfriend kneeling behind me, aiming his erect cock at my ass while his mother and sister, now on each side of me, each grabbed one of my butt cheeks and spread me open.

"OH GOD, NO!" I moaned, the fear evident in my voice while I tried to lift myself off David's cock, but my legs didn't seem to be working. Jonny's father wrapped his arms around me and chuckled into my ear, "Remember, baby girl, you chose to wear the collar." I sobbed as Jonny's cock pressed against my slick and lubricated butthole, my body tensing up as I blak mail mum stup boob to ready myself to get fucked in the ass.something I had never done or even considered doing.

"Relax, Alesha," whispered Nikki. "It's like losing your virginity.it won't hurt for long and then, well.MMMMMMM!" David pulled me down against him and thrust upwards, filling my cunt with his long pole and lifting my hips slightly in the process. As I moved into a more favorable position, Jonny pressed firmly against my sphincter with his cock, his hands gripping my hips firmly for leverage. Pain flared through my backside as my asshole grudgingly yielded to his spongy but firm cock head -- the flared tip worming its way into me until suddenly, my sphincter relaxed and as I screamed in pain, Jonny shoved part of his massive cock into my anus.

My body convulsed atop Jonny's father, my fingers scrabbling at carpet and David's shoulders as orgasm competed with pain, melding into something new.

It felt like someone had rammed a phone pole up my backside -- one that just kept steadily moving into my ass as Jonny sank inch after inch into my ass. Fingers intertwined in my hair and my head was pulled back slightly and I heard Nikki whisper, "It's okay, we love you.we just want to show you new worlds of pleasure," before her mouth covered mine and her tongue began intertwining with mine.

I whimpered into her mouth while her son continued to worm his way into my tight ass, the overwhelming sensations of blended pain and pleasure tearing my mind apart, rendering me incapable of coherent thinking. I was a creature of pure sensation onil ethiopian sex vidfrre douwnlod on two long cocks making me feel things I wasn't sure I liked or wanted, but.even as I felt Jonny's pubic hairs scratch my ass cheeks.even as I felt myself completely filled ass and cunt with two large cocks.even through the pain, there was something more.something primal building in me.

The two men together worked together to raise sexy client services juicy pussy of masseuse up from my sprawled position atop Jonny's father until I was more or less sitting up -- serving to force both cocks a little deeper inside me.

I could feel them both, their cocks so close together, separated only by a thin sheath of my flesh, feeling so big, feeling so tight inside me.so tight that through the morass of pain and pleasure I could feel their cocks throb powerfully against my sensitive flesh. Something began to bubble up inside me.something that hurt, but that was unmistakably GOOD! I mewled like a helpless kitten as Nikki finished kissing me and her daughter continued the kiss.

My body was trembling, the shivers growing stronger as the something GOOD built up inside me. I was scared and I hurt, but God, I liked what was coming.this something GOOD. I wanted more of it. Somewhere I found the strength to roll my hips, making the men impaling me shift and ever so slightly begin to thrust. The GOOD began to increase exponentially! Abruptly the GOOD exploded into an orgasm unlike anything I had ever known and I squalled like a baby as carnal pleasure enveloped me and consumed me, losing all control of my body and now nothing more than a lewd and naked rag doll, suspended between father and son as they began to fuck me.

I sobbed with hard fuck brother or sister pushing boobs as all the Hollister family surrounded me, taking turns kissing me and touching me -- Nikki's lips on mine, our tongues becoming as one while Erica and her father nibbled and kissed on my breasts and Jonny kissed and licked my shoulders and the nape of my neck -- all adding to the almost indescribable pleasures rocketing through me as I was filled and fuck with wonderful cock.

All our bodies seemed to meld, sweaty, slick and sticky skin merging, rubbing becoming this writhing mass of sexual flesh -- a single being with me in the center, the wonderful sensations of cocks slowly sliding in and out of me never ceasing. Ecstatic pleasure became all and I was lost in it as I seemed to enter a world where I was neither conscious or unconscious, but adrift -- wrapped in a fleshy womb of sheer erotic delight.

My orgasm rose and rose to unsuspected heights and then when I could not imagine anything greater, David shoved his cock deep and began to cum inside me -- his seed filling my well fucked womb and I screamed as my orgasm expanded even more, my sphincter clamping down around my boyfriend's cock as he drilled it deep into my anus and with a groan began to unload another huge load of his semen, scalding my bowels like liquid, flaming pleasure and my screams went higher in pitch and then simply posh sinless teen showing off in front of the camera away and I convulsed helplessly between all my lovers, unable to speak or move as my mind seemed to empty out and all I knew was sheer, carnal filled pleasure.

I came to myself still lost in a fog of sheer lust and ecstasy, floating on erotic bliss and barely registering the slow withdrawal of softening cock from my cum filled holes.

Pleasure never ceased as I felt tongues caressing my well worn pussy and ass -- touches that were somehow knowing in a feminine way, occasionally bringing my never ceasing orgasm to higher points -- ebbing and flowing with the sweet loving from Jonny's mother and sister, pleasure that seemed to never cease as my body slowly dissipated until I was simply became one with the universe and the darkness claimed me.

# I awoke in a bed, recognizing in the dim light of the room that it was Jonny's bedroom. The fading light of dusk was hinted at through his west facing window. I wouldn't know until later that he had tenderly gathered my aching body in his arms and carried me upstairs where I had slept the sleep of the incredibly well fucked. As I came back to myself, several things registered.

My body ached in that way that one gets after a days hard work -- a mostly pleasurable sensation, although I knew I would feel more than sore in certain parts of my body before too long. I also had coursing through my body a low grade current of pleasure -- aftershocks of my intense bout of orgasms.my nipples tingled and throbbed in the nicest way. As I awakened further I realized that people were in bed beside me making love. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I realized it was Jonny and his mother, Nikki.

I watched in wonder as they made love and that's exactly what it was brother and sister xxxx sleeping opposed to pure, lustful fucking. Nikki was on her back with Jonny on top of her, their bodies wrapped tightly around each other.

Nikki's long, shapely legs were crossed behind Jonny's back -- her arms wrapped around his neck, the two of them gazing lovingly into each other's eyes as they gently rocked together -- Nikki's mouth opening slightly wider and issuing a happy little grunt each time her son slowly and firmly thrust into her pussy -- his hips doing a little hitch after each thrust as if trying to get a little deeper into her womb.

I'm not sure how long I watched them make love -- whispering "I love you" to each other between the lazy sighs of pleasure -- Nikki's immense breasts rolling slowly as her son fucked her lovingly, flexing her hips to meet his thrusts. I couldn't speak being in awe of the obvious love and intimacy shared by mother and son.

Not for the first time in the last twenty-four hours did I feel just the slightest tinge of jealousy, understanding that no matter how long Jonny and I were together.how much we loved each other, that I would never know Jonny or be loved by him the same way he and his mother knew and loved each other. Tears that were both of joy and regret ran down my face as I gazed on the purity of their incestuous love. In time, both mother and son became aware that I was awake and watching.

Neither said a word to me, but Nikki did reach out and find my hand, wrapping it in her own, making me connected to the mother and son lovers. I squeezed her hand to convey my love for her and Jonny and my joy at their erotic union.

Gradually, the pace of their lovemaking began to pick up as Jonny brought his mother closer and closer to orgasm, her hand clenching mine tighter college girl and her boy friend tighter as her son-cock induced pleasure grew. Nikki suddenly arched her back and cried out, "I love you, son," her legs flying upward and stiffening as her son thrust deep and joined his orgasm to hers, filling her pussy with his wonderful sperm.

Mother and son seemed to be almost suspended in the perfect sexual moment as they rode out their mutual incestuous orgasm together -- the ultimate intimate moment.

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As their orgasm subsided, Jonny lowering himself, utterly exhausted onto his mother's sweat covered body, both sighing with happiness, I broke my silence and said to my boyfriend. "Give me a baby, Jonny. Give me a son so I can have.so I can know what you and your mother have. I want it.I need it. Jonny smiled at me and nodded, his cheek rubbing against his mother's huge and silky smooth breast.

"Yes, I will, Alesha, my love." He closed his eyes and fell asleep in his mother's loving embrace.

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Nikki squeezed my hand and said, "You'll never regret it, Alesha. Family is the greatest gift.the greatest possession a mother can have.

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In the end, it's not an obligation, it's a privilege with benefits you've yet to imagine. Jonny's mother sighed happily and closed her eyes. I laid there beside the naked mother and son, still joined cock and pussy, reveling in the perfect union that they were for a long time before falling asleep and dreaming of the day I would be the mother knowing the joys that only a son can bring.

They were good dreams. The End