Attractive girl pounded on camera girlfriend and homemade

Attractive girl pounded on camera girlfriend and homemade
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All The Guys She Fucked * A girl won't tell her deepest darkest secret fantasy, but why? It took a while, but Stan finally found out what 'they' were. More than one? Oh yes there were&hellip.* __Mia and I were in bed all cozy fondling each other in a very hot foreplay session, just the way we liked it.

I was keeping an eye out for 'things' that turned her on. She was admittedly was doing the same to me. We were talking about our bodies and things that got us all turned on. She talked about the spot on her neck that gave her sexy chills when I kissed it.

I already knew about from kissing it and feeling her reaction when I kissed it. She had one area she wouldn't talk about. Her young teen years. I took notice of that. I wondered what took place that made her shy away from talking about it…but I noticed that her heart would speed up, her breathing and she would stare into space and smile. I knew something was hidden there and I wanted to know what it was. I started my subtle probing when I had her in bed and all aroused.

I ask hot newly married horny wife with her husbands friend hot scenes her best girlfriend then. She was very hesitant so I gave examples of my boyhood and how we were all so curious about sex.

I said how normal it was for kids to do this. She got real curious and started asking me for details. I noticed her breathing increased with a touch of excitement. Did you guys ever do this.or…that she asked. I said yes to circle jerks, all kinds of masturbation we did and all kind of girls we wanted to fuck. She was fascinated and kept asking more.

When I got to a story about one kid jacking off in front of his sister…she stopped me. She had me repeat the start of the story with every detail I could remember.

I had hit on something that was arousing her. This kid had a hot looking sister. Something was going on between them. Talking to him one on one he could tell I was very curious about it.

He smiled and said to come with him. We went to his house. We sat on the couch and talk about wanting to fuck this one girl everybody wanted to fuck. We both got big hardon's. He locked the door, pulled the shades and we did a wank right there. We shot our loads and then he yells. "TINA!", his sisters name. I about shit when she came in the room. I rolled over and hid my cock with my handkerchief all embarrassed.

She stood there looking at us. "Get me some toilet paper." he said.

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She did,… like it was nothing and went back into the back of the house. This was a pal takes off clothing homemade and hardcore to me and he knew it would be and laughed at me. I smiled and said: "You asshole! That embarrassed the hell out of me!" We laughed about that to each other for years. My girlfriend was so aroused she had questions. "What did the girl do when she saw both of you wanking with cum on your cocks?" I said 'nothing', no reaction at all.

I was the one reacting because she was a sexy looking girl and I had thought of fucking her lots of times when I wanked.

"Did you wish she would come over and touch you?"&hellip."Hell, I would have had a heart attack&hellip.a dream come true?…right then?

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I later wished she would have let us both fuck her. Her eyes looking right at my cock, that image was burned in onther 10 sex story rap china memory." "What would you have done if she came over and&hellip.sucked…I mean had oral sex with you." "Fainted." I said. Now she was really excited and ask lots of questions. "Did you get a crush on her, did you date her, did you try and get her alone with you.

Was your buddy having sex with his sister, did your other buddies try and fuck her&hellip." Mia was getting herself all hyper asking all the questions. I knew she had one older brother that she would never talk about much.

I wondered if something went on between them when she was younger. Mia&hellip. His story was making think back to favorite secret fantasy that I always kept to myself and never had told anyone.

I began to fantasize about it again…… Back I went to my brothers bedroom and I'm laying on the bed naked. Four handsome beautiful guys are around me standing, They're all smiling so sexy at me and have their cocks out stroking them. Four guys all wanting me.

I show off for them and feel myself up to tease them. I finger my pussy as they all get excited over me. I sit on edge of the bed in front of the first guy.

I take over stroking him. I move my mouth old girls yung man xxxx to his cock and stroke it faster. I look at his excited face as he starts to cum while looking it me. I put my wet lips over his cock and he instantly cums big in my mouth.

Hot cum fills my mouth, but I swallow it all. He's holding my head and plays with my hair. He moans beautifully as he pumps more cum in me. I know he loves me and leans me back on the bed and puts his nice cock in me. We fuck so beautiful and I pull his cock in me deep. He cums again, filling my pussy and giving me the best climax ever.

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I moved over to the next guy… I keep doing this while I masturbate until I have a hot orgasm. Sometimes with the first guy, sometimes it goes on till the fourth guy.

I never get tired of the same fantasy because I can changed guys anytime I want. At first it was my bothers buddies, then I got real risky and dared to think of other guys.

My brother. My uncle, My …dad. I then kept a fresh supply of guys from school or any guy I saw. I never thought of this happening for real, but then I met my boyfriend now, Stan. I know he would love to know my secret fantasy. Would he think I was a weirdo? I wondered. I was starting to trust him.

I was getting hot thinking about him as he was one of my fantasy guys. The more I thought about it the more aroused I got. At test run, that's it. A real life happening this time. I mapped it out in my mind, over and over. Tonight would be just right if I persuade him to do a little something&hellip.different?

I ask him to get out of bed and stand next to it. I sat on the edge of the bed and ask him to stroke his cock and look at me. He's doing it! Stan&hellip.

I think she is starting to let me in on something. I'm going to follow her instruction and see where this goes. I leaned down and kissed her.

Her body was very hot and she was turn on about something. I took a chance and gave her a suggestion. I whispered: ("…who do you want me to be?".) She instantly gasp and squeezed my legs. Her hands trembled and she paused…("…be a stranger who has fallen instantly in love with me! You want to make love to me real bad&hellip.please?") Mia&hellip.

Omg…this is working out perfect. He'll be a stranger, but he'll be&hellip.omg…oh my…he already looks like&hellip.oooo jez…my brother. My brother always ignored me and was hot for my older sister.

I felt so left out and then I found out they were messing around sexually, I felt it should have been me. Now I've made him one of my fantasy guys and I'm the one he wants. I'm the one that gives him blow jobs. I'm the one he loves and has sex with. Now Stan will be my brother and I'll get from him what I want.

Stan&hellip. I stood in front of her as she looked at my cock and fondled it. Her eyes told me she was fantasizing about something with her little grin and stare. This 'stranger' she wants me to be, I wonder who it really is.

Some taboo person, a relative, and old boyfriend? She then pulled my head down and she whispered: ("…oh Al, tell me how much you love me…take me cock hungry ebony gives super sloppy blowjob to boyfriend girlfriend and homemade and love me…") That was the Freudian slip of all slips.

Al? Al was her brothers name. She was fantasizing I was her brother.

She started in stroking my cock and smiling at me. I didn't closed my eyes as she looked at me with a glazed look. She started jacking me faster. She put her mouth over my cock and moaned. She stopped and pulled me down on top of her.

He body was on fire with heat. She held me tight and stuffed my cock in her pussy. She moaned in my ear panting. ("…love me Al…love me good.") She was in another world and I was getting a wonderful fuck from her.

".yes yes yes…oh god yes…hold me tight…I love you Al…I'm…gonna cum …Oh God…" She thrashed and squirmed as we hit the highest peak we'd ever had. Her hips were going so fast our slapping together was loud along with her moaning&hellip.'oh god oh god…yes'. Mia&hellip. I've gone crazy for sure. I'm shaking all over, I can't think. Al finally made love to me.

I knew he'd like it&hellip.I just know all the rest of you guys will too. You all want me so bad, and you'll have your turn…&hellip. I realized…this was no fantasy…Stan was my perfect man. He was all the guys I wanted all in one person. I held him tight and fucked as fast as I could for him. He began to groan…and we came together. I shook and yelled something as his hot cum shot in my pussy. There&hellip.oh yes there…that's what I wanted…and he's real.

Stan&hellip. Mia's 'guys' are all gone now and I get to be every guy she ever wanted. Sunny leone fucked with school girl have a peak sex life and soon she got on me one night all hot and excited and said: "…Who do you want me to be…think of any girl anywhere and I'll be her.

You can fuck her anyway you want." I grinned at her. "Any girl I want?" I said. "Oh yes, the hottest, sexist, wildest girl you've always wanted!" I said: "Well…let me think&hellip.oh my&hellip. Ah ha! I know this one hot sexy girl named Mia…" We've lost track of how many guys and girls we've fucked. I said one night: "I saw you eyeballing the new neighbor guy today." She grinned and said: "…and you were checking out the ass on his girlfriend." We started feeling each other, kissing and taking each others clothes off.

Then we both whispered&hellip. ("Let's go fuck'em both!")