Sunny leon fuck by 2 men

Sunny leon fuck by 2 men
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Introduction The story has a lot to offer in terms of erotica where my husband Abhay and I playfully turn the heat on. My name is Swati I'm 27 with an Indian alpha structure being 5'9 and shaped as 36-30-36. I am married to Abhay who is 29, 6'0 and has an even structure as mine. This is a story of how I help Abhay to achieve his career goals by being his strict goddess. Chapter1 We were all dressed for the gym and jog, we have been working out together since 4 years now.

Fitness is an odd thing for a couple of Indian society. I always squatted with light weight lifts while he was more into lifting the high weights.

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We returned after a while, showered together. I gave him a sensational kiss while stroking his 8 inches & sucking on it later-on, he led my legs to the sink stage and entered me hard with lip eating. After an hour we got ready for our individual works. Abhay was all dressed like the Manager he was of a multinational co.

while I was in my traditional avatar in blue Kurti and grey leggings with heels on like a forensic doctor, carrying my apron and hand bag.

We left for our works later on in separate cars with a goodbye smooch. I had one fine day and got back home and Abhay arrived after half an hour.

I prepared the dinner and served to both of us. He told me how stressed he was from his job as his company wanted some extra qualifications to stay in the position. He would need to prepare for an exam which would take place next year. He was not always good at studying according to him and had all his qualifications due to severe luck, his company allowed him to take 9 months leave till the examinations but in order to return would have to pass.

He was so stressed following his job. I offered him a great smooch slided my leggings down placing myself on all the fours on the bed showing off my bare athletic ass to him. He had a hard on and in a minute entered me in doggy style followed by some hard stroking, I can clearly see his stress.

We slept after a while freak monster cocks gay anal him giving me several bites on my brown tits. I was in love with his bed skills. Chapter2 A month passed and Call of duty sex sound corporal green the best sucking cock stress was having a heat up which was unacceptable totally from me so I decided to talk to him.

An evening after work we were having our dinner while Abhay had his first words, "Baby, i need to ask you something" "Yes go on Abhay" "Should i take a break till the exam which would help me to focus on exams and stay out of stress?" "Is it my call?" "Yes as you would be the only earning member among us till I get my place back" "Do it then baby I want you to do whatever feels right for yourself and us" I answered easily but that was what I wanted.

"That is a theory shit and as you have been a bio student can help me well" Holding his hands "i would do all that it needs to help you Abhay" with a kiss on his forehead. A week later he left his job to study at home and we talked about his studies later that night.

"Okay so you have 24 chapters in total and 2 in a week to complete all of it by three months with weekly tests, clear?" "Okay mam", he said with a smile. "Don't hit on me stud I would be very hard on you" I giggled. "I would follow you mam don't worry" he returned "I also need you to do some household chores baby as you are the boss at home till 7 months from now" I exclaimed He tingled but agreed to it.

Next morning following our workout and breakfast I gave Abhay some topics to prepare and left for the work. He did as told and prepared all of it. I made him sit on the floor with me on the chair and asked whatever he prepared,he did not do very well which made me slap him thrice in anger. Later the night after turning his wife we had a great time in bed.

It was the weekend and we were all set for his first test. It lasted three hours and he did well. Later on after checking it i found him doing very well in it. I offered him a great sex that night. A month passed and Abhay progressed well in tests with me slapping him mercilessly at ocassions.

I was getting good at it.

After going like this I started to find some troublesome activities, he was getting poor and poor in grades while messing the bathroom floor with his sperm everyday. I was so furious of him that night I called out for Abhay for his daily readings.

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After failing on several questions i was furious of him "What is up with you, you moron?" Slapped him hard. He returned "I'm sorry Swati baby" "Oh fuck it you nonce you deserve something even worse,Get to the drawer you dirty shit I have a package waiting there" He headed to the closet to get the package.

It had a cock cage inside, before undoing it I announced "I quit being your teacher Abhay" he looked shocked while I added "you would be my slave from now-on, you would wear this cockcage while you are going to get my piss.

I would discipline you and you are going to study hard, any mistake and you would cause yourself trouble. We would start right now come take my piss we have a long day tomorrow slave. Chapter 3 I was up early that day and checked on his cock cage and woke him up, I made him follow to the toilet where I ordered him to lay his head back to the toilet seat a bit.

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I didn't cared what he thought or felt like it was about me. I sat on the seat and relaxed my rich golden shower to him. He took it all without any hesitation. After the water sports I asked him Abhay to get ready for hour workout and jog. I didn't wanted to loose this moment from our lives as I loved his company. He did found it hard to run with the cage on but that was not my problem. We cracked some jokes even in this situation.

We had a sweaty workout and left for home in an hour. After reaching home I was not comfortable as I was the goddess now and it didn't felt like my kingdom. I called for Abhay and he was there in a minute. I was furious at him and gave him a hard slap on his face with a kick on his caged groin. He felled to the ground moaning in pain. "Kutte you are not supposed to walk clothed towards me I'm not your wife anymore, I'm your mistress now" He returned struggling "I'm sorry mistress" "Help me with something two giant toys for a lusty blonde solo and anal the cabin" having said that I took him to the cabin behind the house.

I took the box along with me that consisted a small chain with a ring followed by a bigger one with the collar with pins on its frontal end. Abhay followed me naked to the cabin. He clamped the lower chain 1.5 feet ahead of the ground while clamped the other one hanging right from the ceiling and 3 feet away with 5 feet away from the wall.

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I knew how and exactly what to do with it. I placed a chair half a feet away from the ground while made Abhay to kneel on the floor. I locked his balls safely with the smaller chain while led his neck into the collared chain following applying the handcuffs. I sat on the chair which was half a feet away from Abhay. "Come here slave take me to the heaven." As he tried to come forward his balls experienced a stretch and he moaned in pain.

I shouted "COME HERE QUICKLY OR I WILL RIP YOUR BALLS APART" he came forward struggling with some real pain now. He directly attacked my cunt and gave a long 15 minutes licking leading me to several orgasms, while I held his hairs lane sisters outdoor threesome with bungee instructor. "Now lick clean me baby" he did as told and swallowed all the cum from my thighs and vagina.

I left my chair to set my tied husband free untied his collar and after a massive bite on his balls set them free. I was turned to a slut in no time but I loved to torture him though.

I led him to the bathroom where he bathe me clean after taking my urine again. I handled him the trimmer and asked him to swipe away all the hairs from his body followed by mine.

He did as told and both us were baby like clean in half an hour. He helped me to get in my Blue Kurti and flower printed leggings while i pinched my nails on his body in the mean time. After locking his cage well, I asked Abhay to get a chapter done till evening as he was about to give an oral test in the evening. Getting in my heels i left for my laboratory. I spent half the time at work while in other half read about all the necessary things online to stoop my husband more into the slavery.

I was back in my palace where my slave greeted me by kneeling before me. I kissed his forehead and made him kiss my ass through my leggings and left for the bedroom.

As I was about to change I called for Abhay as the mirror of the room was left with some stains. I was furious at him " is it the kind of cleaning you have been doing the whole day?" He looked scared but it was natural. "I'm sorry Mistress" "You won't learn bastard I want you to get your revision done and meet me in the cabin, one second late and I will insert my fucking hand in your asshole." I adjusted my chair one foot ahead of the collared chain with my magic box alongside me Having him kneeled on the floor I asked him to come forward and take my leggings and kurti out and lead me to an orgasm.

As he came a foot forward his balls experienced the massive stretch with his neck getting bruised from the pins inside the collar. He led my cunt to some orgasms while licking me clean after then. He was all done now, making him go to his initial position now I said "time for your test slave are you ready?" "Yes Mistress".

I undid the box and took out all the tools inside it. "Okay so I have prepared 5 different questions from the chapter, one wrong answer and you I will make you come forward a foot again, on the second I would apply these clamps on your nipples after tightening it at hardest, on the third wrong answer I would whip your ass with 10 strokes on each cheeks and balls, with strokes getting added by 10 on each wrong answer after then".

I started the questions he did better than expected in the first but was not accurate so I made him come forward a feet, he released a huge fuss and moan on it. I asked the second one, to my surprise he was perfect at it. I proceeded towards the third and he was again right but inaccurate. I applied the nipple clamps and tightening to the hardest, he cried in pain.

He successfully tackled the fourth one which drowned my excitement a bit as I would be able to whip only 10 on his bottom now. I was such a bitch. He struggled on the fifth which licensed me to whip his testicles and ass. I came down as heavily as I could with the first stroke, his breathe almost stopped but I didn't stopped I came down heavily with all the 20 whips that reddened his ass. I whipped his already blue balls as well. "Get your inaccurate answers done or this can get worse" by that I kissed his forehead and ended the night after our dinner.

Many works were still remaining and I couldn't wait to get it done.