Mom and son cum deep inside ass

Mom and son cum deep inside ass
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Well who would have thought that a quick walk through the forest would have led to this? Here I am sitting on my lounge watching my wife take on three men as a German tourist sucks my cock and her two friends lick cum out of their hard fucked cunts.

What a strange yet wonderful world. I'd had a bastard of a day and had decided to take the two dogs for a trot down to the river. The sun was belting down and it wasn't long before I had a sweat up. In my shitty red wap me babes com before I left home I neglected to pack some water. The river was still at least one kilometre away and I was seriously thinking about turning back when I heard a car 5 girl and 1boy xxx story rumbling down the dusty corrugated road.

It was an old ute with two passengers in the front and a shitload of gear in the back. I waved the obligatory hello wave and expected them to continue but the ute slowed down and pulled up a few metres down the road. This was my first glimpse at a couple that were about to change my life. In the passengers side was an absolutely shit hot petite young brunette wearing the skimpiest cheesecloth top I've ever seen and the shortest skirt in existence.

Her partner was a bloke in his mid 20's with blonde bleached hair. "G'day, hows things" I said. She smiled at me and replied "We are well, is there camping down here?" She had an accent that indicated that she was from Europe somewhere and my first guess was Germany.

"Yeah there is a nice spot down the river a bit but I would need to show you where." I said " If we give you a ride would you show us?" she asked.

I looked at her friend, who was also smiling, and said "Yeah sure" She unbuckled her seat belt and slid across to her mate and I shuffled in next to her. I gave the dogs a whistle and they both shot into the back of the ute "I hope you don't mind if the dogs come along as well' I said "They are trained to hop into the back of a ute if I'm in it.I'm a farmer." "Its OK if they are Ok" The bloke said.

"No worries, my name is Marcus" I said "I am Helena and this is Paul" She replied. "Do you walk down here often" " Yep every few days" I replied "Just turn down this track here on the left Paul and just follow it for a few hundred metres" It was time to get this couple to the beach for a cooling swim for themselves and also for me as I was getting hotter and hotter sitting next to this absolute spunk.

She was a bit like a younger Princess Stephanie. I gave Paul a few more directions and soon enough we entered the beach area which is right on the boundary of my property. The appreciative noises and the smiling faces of my two guests were fair indication that they were pleased with the location.

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"Very nice marcus, thank you" Helena said. "Its a pleasure, care for a swim?" "Is it cold?" she asked "Nah" I answered "Just right" It was a bit of a lie but the chance of seeing her nipples harden from the cold water was too great a temptation.alas I needn't have worried because she simply turned towards the river pulled her top, bra and shorts off and ran into the water wearing nothing more than a pair of panties.

Paul however had no qualms at all about getting his gear off and running madly into the river. I stripped down to my undies called the dogs and tied them to a tree and wandered down to the water. In the time it took me to do those quick few chores Helena and Paul were eating each others faces whilst kneeling in the water. Paul had his hand down Helena's knickers and was giving her a good rub whilst she was squeezing his arse with her japanese babes asami and karen takes an a kinky lesbian sex creampie licking hand and doing something with her left hand I couldn't quite see.

Paul broke away from the kiss smiled at me and waved me over. I was a bit unsure of what was happening but her arse was laceystarr leather clad granny gets interracial spitroast tube porn and the opportunity was too good to miss. My cock was doing little to help me stay calm as it gradually became more and more engorged the closer I got. Paul said "Helena thinks that we should thank you" Helena swung about and exposed her sensational pert tits and pulled Pauls hand out of her knickers.

"Its the least we could do" she said. She spun around towards me and I saw that she was pulling on Pauls cock with her left hand. I thought 'what the fuck' and walked up to Helena who was still on her knees.

She pulled the front of my undies down and whipped out my cock and hungrily sucked it into her mouth. Paul stood up and started to stroke his cock as she licked under the head of my cock and cupped my balls in her hand. Paul held his cock at her face and she turned and sucked his knob whilst she pulled on my slippery dick. Helena said something to Paul and he knelt behind her and pulled her panties down to he knees.

She went back to sucking my cock and started to force her tongue down my piss hole. She stopped for a moment whilst she struggled with her panties and resumed sucking when Paul lay on his back in the shallows and started to lick at her cunt. I looked down and Paul was staring up at Helena as she swallowed my cock down her throat. I grabbed her tits and started squeezing her nipples as she began to huff and puff in the familiar pre orgasm build up.

Her tits firmed up and her nipples shot out and she started an almost bovine mooing sound as she started grinding her cunt down on Pauls face. She let my cock pop out of her mouth as she started the first orgasm for the afternoon. Paul was making all sorts of noises as he lapped up her juices and the glassy expression in her eyes meant that that was one huge orgasm. Helena slowed her movements down and gradually slipped down Pauls body to his fair sized willy that poked like a periscope out of the water.

She pulled my dick along with her and once again I was to get a good sucking as she started a slow grind on Pauls cock. Paul started to massage her tits as she concentrated on really going to town on my old boy. She spat all over my cock and used it as lubricant as she wanked it whilst giving the head a real once over again with her tongue.

She was not a deep throat kind of a girl more of a wet, sloppy, soft, slobbery kind of blow job babe. Paul started to quicken the pace of his thrusting sending ripples across the river and waves of pleasure through Helena. She was now simply pulling at my pud with her mouth open and her tongue out almost begging for me to come in her mouth. However I was so amazingly hard that I was beyond coming just yet. In retrospect it was probably the hardest I had been since I was a teenager brimfull of hormones and inexperience.

I said to them both to come up onto the grass and they quickly leapt out of the water and followed me up to the soft green pasture. I did a quick scan for any snakes other than the one-eyed trouser variety and took control. "Lay down" I said to Paul and he obediently lay down. Helena went to sit on his cock again but I had other ideas. "Suck him" I said to her and she smiled obviously knowing what I had in mind.

She got down on all fours and hungrily started to suck him as I had my first feel of the pussy from heaven. Her cunt was soaking and it was her juice not the river water that coated my fingers. Her cunt was just right, not too tight, not too loose just perfect. Her pussy was untrimmed and unshaven, a completely natural cunt for completely natural scenery. I just loved sticking a few fingers into her cunt and rubbing her clit as she squirmed and wriggled in ecstacy. She started to join in the rubbing as she concentrated on her clit occassionally sticking her fingers in her honey pot to spread the juices.

I grabbed my cock and rubbed it into her labia (What a great word that is.labia.). She grabbed my cock and rubbed her slippery fingers all over the underside and placed it neatly into her cuntal opening and eased back onto it as I slipped forward into her warm insides.

As if on cue from a movie a flock of cockatoos flew screaming out of a tree as I entered her and revelled in the sensation of her silky smooth pussy. The urge to fuck like a mad man was upon me and I grabbed her hips and starteds to pound away like there was no tomorrow. She popped out Pauls dick and held onto it as though it was the only thing holding her to the ground. I was pistoning in and out and I could feel her fingers working on her clit.

Paul was watching her face in awe as she started moaning again and I felt her cunt tighten around my cock as her second orgasm pumped more cunt juice onto my cock. She fell over onto her side and gently rubbed her pussy. Her legs were wide open and she started to push some of the copious cunt juices down to her arse and rubbed it into her date.

I leant over her face and fed her my dick as she licked her juice off it. Paul crawled down and started to lick at her cunt and I could see that he was really getting stuck into her clit pushing his tongue hard into it as he pushed his fingers into her pussy.

She turned her head to the side and I could easily have stayed there forever until she pulled her knees back and I saw that Paul was actually sticking his fingers up her arse and sucking on her cunt. Thsi was too much and I could feel that ominous tickly dick and balls feeling we blokes get before we start totally losing all our faculties. Helena could taste my precum as she started to suck harder on the end of my dick.

I wanted to fuck her again and I pulled away and lay on my back. "Hop on" I said and she speedily hopped up onto my cock. At last I had the opportunity to suck on her tits and her wonderful small nipples were a joy. Helena was busy bouncing up and down on my cock when Paul said something to her in her native tongue and she smiled and started to dribble huge globs of spit all over his cock.

He rubbed it into his cock and then walked behind her, spat into his hand and rubbed it into her arsehole. She smiled again at me and leant forward resting her head against mine. Paul eased his cock into her arse and I could feel his cock through the thin layer of flesh. Helena started mooing again and began talking in a mixture of German and English. Her rhythm picked up and the intensity of the moment had become too much for me "I'm gonna cum" I screamed "Here I go" and the most intense mind blowing blast spewed forth into her cunt and my balls turned into a well tuned pump shooting load after load into her.

Pauls face was all screwed up and he pulled out of Helena and she slipped of me with a pop and knelt down with her knees apart and her hand furiously working her clit. Paul kept wanking his cock and she opened her mouth as she did for me in the river waiting for his sperm salvo.

It didn't dirty session by a adorable hottie with melons long before Pauls knees started to go wobbly and he shot a stream of cum into her mouth. Some of it splashed her face and nose and it went in her hair but she kept rubbing her cunt until she brought herself to another climax.

I stood near her with my recently fucked and sticky cock and she licked it clean. We all stood there looking like a trio of dumb fucks when I just started laughing.

Paul and Helena looked at me like I was a loonie but I just said. "Just wait to you meet my wife." And we all ran into the river for a clean up. And I thought having a beautiful Brunette suck on my cock whilst she bounced on her boyfriends cock on the edge of the Edwardes River was as good as it could get. How wrong can you be? Helena, Paul and I waded in the water for a while cooling off after our wanton threesome in the water and on the grass. We still had about 4 hours of light before the sun sets at about 9:30.

So I made a suggestion to them both. "How would you like to stay at my place tonight?" I asked "Of course we would love to?" replied Helena. Paul just nodded and smiled. "Let's go then" We threw on minimal clothing and piled into the Ute and quickly took off towards home.

Helena took the middle seat and was quick to place her left leg over my right, lift her skirt and started to rub her exposed pussy. She tilted her head back and was gently rubbing her clit and rubbing her hands all over her moist cunt without actually dipping them into her love hole. This chick really enjoyed having a rub. I grabbed her left tit through her top and gave it a gentle squeeze. My house was only about 5 minutes drive from the river and it was no point getting too carried away just now.

Anyway I had to introduce them to my wife. "Just right into the driveway here Paul" was the cue for Helena to stop her wanking and compose herself. My wife and I have been together for eight years and during that time we have had a few flings with other people. We are not swingers in a strict sense but we do enjoy a bit of variety if it comes our way. And boy was it ever coming our way. My wife Sandra was not expecting any visitors and I could here some splashing in the pool.

I knew that she would be naked because we both usually swim nude as the nearest house is 10 kilometres away.

I ushered both Paul and Helena into the pool area and sure enough here was Sharon in her birthday suit doing a few laps. Paul waved at her and Helena smiled. "Oh hello" she called "trust you to bring visitors when I am naked and defenceless" "Sorry mate, this is Helena and Paul, they've come for a feed and a few beers." "That's OK" she said as she pulled herself from the pool.

"Who wants a beer then?" "That'd be great" said Helena eyeing off Sharon "This is a great place you have" "Yep nice and private" Sharon said with that unmistakable glint of mischievous cunning in her eyes. Let me describe Sharon. She is about 5'10" and as thin as a rake with fairly large tits and great long light brown straight hair.

Her nipples are smallish and dark from continual exposure to the sun. She was still completely naked apart from a poorly placed towel that kept falling off her waist exposing her pussy to all concerned. We sat and chatted for a while and sunk a few more beers when a sudden thought struck me. I'd left the dogs tied up down at the river. In my excitement after the torrid threesome I had forgotten the poor buggers.

"Shit sorry guys could I be excused I left the frigging dogs down the river" I said strangers one eyed monster sucked girlfriend and homemade in and have a swim" I wandered over to Sharon and gave her a peck on the lips and surreptitiously slipped my hand under the towel to her bush.

"Enjoy the company" I winked and moved to head off but Sharon grabbed me by the back of my head and drove her tongue down my throat. "Down Girl" I said, "Settle" "Hurry back" She said. The three had stripped off and leapt into the pool as I jumped into my Ute and took off to the river.

The dogs were lying dutifully waiting for their owner but I couldn't help thinking that they thought that I was going to future possibilites of teen dna cloning are amazing them there. I took them to the water and let them have a swim and a drink before calling them back into the rear of the Ute.

On the way back I noticed that a few of my recently planted trees needed a drink so I grabbed the shovel, hopped out of the Ute and did a quick five minutes of shoveling as I released some water from the channel down to the plantation.

When I got back home, about 30 minutes after I had left, the pool was empty and a trail of water ran into the house and down the hall to our bedroom. I quietly pushed the door open and snuck down the hall and instantly I could hear the unmistakable sound of fucking coming out of the room. Now it was decision time. Do I join in whatever was happening or do I go out and watch? I decided on .both. I would go out and watch a while and then join in.

The best of both worlds. I slipped outside and bolted around to the side of the house and as quietly as possible walked over to our bedroom window. I looked in to see an image that still turns me on even today. Here was my wife riding the cock of another man whilst Helena knelt behind her licking at Paul's balls and Sharon's cunt lips and arse.

Sharon was pumping up and down as fast as was possible and Helena was having a hard time getting her tongue near Sharon's cunt. Paul was squeezing Sharon's tits for all they were worth and she was starting to take on the shaking quaking furious appearance of some one about to cum. Sure enough as soon as Helena slipped a finger up Sharon's arse she slowed right down and let out a familiar groan as an orgasm swept over her body. She lay on top of Paul slowly grinding her cunt down on him.

Helena was busy lapping up her juice when Sharon threw herself off Paul and landed on her back on the bed. Helena climbed up onto Paul and quickly stuffed her cunt full of his cock. Sharon lay still on the bed gently rubbing her clit and squeezing her left tit as Helena leant back and took to squatting over Paul so that all that came into contact was cock and cunt.

She bounced up and down, up and down, up and down and her calf and thigh muscles were as tight as rope. Sharon had recovered and was kneeling up with her back to me rubbing her cunt whilst watching the action. She leant forward and started to kiss Paul and her arse and cunt glistened at me as she continued to rub her juice all over.

I just wanted to ram my solid cock right into her slot right then and there. Sharon started kissing Paul's chest and slowly worked her way down to his groin and was trying to get at his cock that was still getting a pounding from Helena.

Helena had other ideas and she quickly pulled off Paul's dick and grabbing Sharon's head shoved her wide-open juicy cunt into Sharon's face. Sharon was taken aback and was making a grab for Paul's cock when he slipped out off the bed and came around to near where I was and quickly shoved his cock into Sharon's pussy.

Sharon was really going for it as she licked at her first ever pussy and copped Paul's cock from behind. My cock was almost splitting like an over-ripe fruit and I knew I had to be relieved soon. Paul pulled out after a while and deftly flipped Sharon onto her back.

Helena sat on Sharon's face and pulled her cunt lips apart allowing easy access for Sharon's tongue. Paul continued his drilling into her cunt. Sharon's legs were wide apart and Paul was really giving it to her when he stood up and jumped up onto the bed offering his cock to Helena. She turned and took it into her mouth savouring the taste of Sharon's cunt.

Helena placed one hand on her clit and was rubbing it hard when another orgasm hit her and she slowly pumped her juice into my wife's mouth. Sharon took to sticking three fingers of her right hand into her cunt and was gently inserting another two from her left into her arse.

Helena let go of Paul's cock and fell forward kierra winters and nikki daniels horny threesome action my wife's slippery cunt and started licking and sucking at her clit and slit.

Paul stood wanking at his cock and stepped off the bed and stood behind Helena and shoved his cock into her. I couldn't quite see well enough but I am sure that Sharon was really enjoying the cock and cunt at her disposal.

She must have been doing an excellent job on Paul's cock because he quickly pulled out and ran around the bed to Helena's face and plopped his cock into her mouth and quickly started to shoot string after string of cum into her mouth. Helena kept it in her mouth and slipped off Sharon and turned towards her face.

Hovering over Sharon's mouth she opened her mouth and dropped Paul's come into her mouth. They both kissed as they spat and slopped his cum between them. This was my queue to enter. I ran back around the front of the house and bolted down the hall. the first thing I saw was Helena's cunt beckoning me as she was still kissing Sharon. Paul just smiled as he moved to Sharon and fed his still firm cock to her.

I grabbed Helena's arse and quickly shoved into her juicy cunt. She quickly glanced at me, smiled and nudged Sharon who looked up at me with a glazed expression on her face. She quickly gained composure and slipped under Helena and was soon licking at the underside of my cock as it firmly forced its way into Helena's snatch. ned composure and slipped under Helena and was soon licking at the underside of my cock as it firmly forced its way into Helena's snatch.

Paul moved to feed his dong into Helena's mouth and Sharon kept licking at my balls when that oh so wonderful feeling of impending orgasm swept over Helena and I also started to shoot my load into her hot pussy. I pulled out and splashed a bit onto my wife's face and she pushed it into her mouth with her fingers.

She kept licking at Helena's cunt sucking the cum out and alternated with a quick suck of my cock. Paul still had some in reserve and he just stood above my wife's cunt wanking his cock while Helena did her usual open mouth stunt and waited for his cum. Sure enough he let fly with a lesser amount of cum onto Helena's face and horny chick leila severine taking on a large dick my wife's cunt.

The two girls just lay there sucking cock and licking each other's cunt when Paul said. "Would you mind if some friends came to stay?" I just smiled a big YES. After our mad sexcapade we threw some sarongs around ourselves and took a much needed break and sat down for a quick meal of some energy enhancing pasta. During the meal we all discussed our favourite Paul and Helena really spun us out when they revealed their past places of employment and how they met.

Paul and Helena both worked for Harry.S. Morgan the European porn director who makes some of the horniest xxx videos in the world. He specialises in videos of teens and some of the more different sides of sexuality such as bondage etc.

His series of videos 'Lil' Women' was a favourite of mine. Paul worked as a sound recordist and Helena was in the make up department.

Paul told us how during one of the scenes where two men were double teaming this young spunk in the back of a truck Helena got a bit carried away and started to grab at Paul's cock whilst he was working. "I couldn't concentrate on the job" he said " she had my cock out in about two seconds and that wasn't enough for her, she wanted what the actress was having.two cocks" "So I grabbed the cameraman" She laughed "He almost dropped the camera" "She was relentless so I leant the mic up against the wall of the truck and fed her my prick which she feasted on.

Charlie the cameraman tightened the screws on the tripod and whipped his cock out of his pants and gave it to Helena." Paul said "Harry the director grabbed the spare camera and started filming it all" Helena said "Here I was sucking on two cocks I'd never seen before whilst another girl was getting fucked in the arse and cunt, all in the back of a truck." "The scene was fantastic" Paul continued, "Helena stood up and pulled off her short dress and underwear and was completely naked.

She lay down and spread her legs real wide and started to plough her fingers into her cunt." I felt a hand rest on my thigh as Helena, who was next to me, started to get aroused, again.

Paul continued, "Charlie leant down and quite roughly shoved his cock into Helena" "I loved it" interrupted Helena as she grabbed my cock through the sarong I was wearing. "I leant over her face and she took my cock way down her throat." Paul said "The other three were almost over and were preparing for the cum shot.

Harry was still filming all six of us and another extra was using the main camera." "I wanted to have two cocks in me so I pushed Charlie of and forced Paul onto the floor" Helena continued "His was the biggest so I wanted his cock in my cunt.

I got the special anal mix of lube and mild anaesthetic and applied some to my arse." "Charlie got the idea and rubbed some on to his cock." Paul said, "He was now a bit more settled and he forced his cock in" Helena was firmly pulling on my newly hardened cock when she said " It hurt a bit at first but after a while it was magic".

Helena leant over and started to give me one of her super blowjobs. I pushed the chair back and smiled at Sharon who, from what I could see, was also pulling on Pauls cock. "I looked over to the actors" said Paul "and the two men were cumming all over this young girl. It was in her hair, on her face, she really licked it up." Sharon also started to suck on Paul. She moved the chair away and knelt on the floor next to him.

All I could see was her head bobbing up and down. Wrestling lesbo fingers pussy and licks clit really knew how to give good head. She used plenty of spit and really worked her tongue about. "That scene set me off" Paul groaned as Sharon went to work on him.

"That girl sucking cum was too much so I shot a load into Helena. I also noticed the cameraman had stopped filming the actors and had his cock in his hand giving it a good pounding. The fluffer came over and dropped to her knees and started to blow him." I had almost lost it into the mouth of Helena when Paul stopped talking and moved his dinner plate off the table and onto the floor.

He moved the wine and glasses to one side and stood up and moved to the lounge room. Sharon sat up on the chair and gave me a quizzical look. I just shrugged. Helena stopped blowing me and stood up and whipped her sarong off. What a sensational body. Paul came back into the room with a pillow and Helena moved her chair right up against mine. "Sit in the middle" She directed and I shuffled over between the seats. Paul placed the pillow on the table next to me and said to Sharon "I'm still hungry.

lie down" Sharon quickly lay on the table and placed her head on the pillow. She spread her legs out and gently rubbed her clit. Helena gave Sharon a quick kiss and then turned her back to me and stood up on the chair. Her perfect arse was right in front of me so I licked, kissed and nibbled her bum cheeks. I ran my hands up her inside leg and parted her pussy lips. She leant forward onto the table and I moved forward and tasted the great saltiness of her pussy.

A gentle moan from Sharon meant that she was getting a delightful licking from Paul who, for obvious reasons, had stopped telling the story. "So what happened next " I said to Helena as I smacked her on the arse. She pushed her self back and ever so slowly slid her arse and spit laden cunt down towards my cock that was bobbing away waiting for relief.

"After Paul came in me Charlie soon filled me up with cum" She moaned and then holding my cock by the base slid down onto it filling her cunt. She was squatting with a foot on either seat and was using her thighs and calves to move up and down. Her hands were busy rubbing her clit and my balls.

I reached around and squeezed her tits. "Fuck me, fuck my cunt" said Sharon as Paul stood up, rubbed his cock on her labia, and then slowly entered my wife.

Helena was muttering something in German and was in another world as she continued to bounce away. "Oh fuck yeah" said Sharon as she squeezed her nipples "Rub my clit, rub my fucking clit" Paul did just that and Sharon closed her eyes as an orgasm of gigantic proportions swept over her.

I moved my right hand down to Helena's clit and started to work my fingers around her beautiful nub. My left hand went down to her arse and I quickly placed my middle finger against her anus. "After Charlie pulled out " Paul, at last, was going to continue the tale "Helena slid off but hadn't come yet. The actress hadn't either so they both went down on each other, sucking clits and licking cum. Helena was on the bottom." Helena was going berserk and I stuck my finger into her bum hole.

This sent her into an orgasm that almost broke the chairs. She was euphoric and was saying "fuck, fuck, fuck" over and over again. "The extra cameraman who had been with the fluffer came over to them indian cam teen shows juicy pussy and masturbates full version on took the actress from behind and Helena was licking at his balls.

Her legs were wide open and the actress was going all out on her pussy" Helena was now slowly grinding her cunt down and around on my cock. Sharon had turned her head towards us and was happily watching this beautiful German lass fuck her happy husband.

"The fluffer came over and started to suck me off and I was hard again in no time. So I moved back over to the three on the floor and offered my cock to the actress" Paul continued.

"And of course she said yes" interrupted a recovered Helena. "He then stuck his cock back into me and that and the tongue on my clit was enough to send me screaming" Paul pulled out of Sharon and said "We fucked some more and I came down the throat of the fluffer. the whole thing is on tape, would you like to see it?" "Oh yeah" both Sharon and I said.

"Our friends Henri and Liz have it. Can I call them?" "Definitely" I said "I can't wait to meet them." After our quick story fuelled session on the dining table we took a quick dip in the pool to wash the summer sweat off us. As I hadn't cum at the table I had the overwhelming urge to just cum wherever I could. My cock fluctuated from semi-hard to iron-bar every five minutes. Paul had hopped out and gone in to make a call to his friends who had a video of their shag session.

I jumped up onto the airbed and lay back enjoying story seks budak sekolah menengah rendah clear stars up above and thanked the big fellow upstairs for organising these two visitors to drive down the road when they did.

The girls also climbed out and dried themselves off. The site of them rubbing themselves got the old boy going again and I laughed at myself as it pointed at Venus the planet of Love. After about 10 minutes of watching shooting stars and satellites crossing the sky the mosquitoes had descended in the evenings cool and I headed inside.

I wandered into the games room to see Paul standing next to the phone talking in German to someone whilst Helena and Sharon knelt next to him licking in sync up and down the side of his cock. His conversation was obviously sexual and I heard my name carne del mercado pickup fuck with alternative colombian amateur blue maria he saw me enter the room.

The girls were really enjoying giving Paul his double header and needless to say my cock was ready for action and my balls needing to be emptied. Helena and Sharon were rubbing each other's pussies and Paul started to get a rhythm going gliding his meat between their lips. I saw some pre-cum seep out of his pisshole and Sharon deftly licked it up. On occasion he would pull all the way back and the girls would meet and kiss. I grabbed my engorged weapon and walked over to the three sexpots.

Sharon took my cock in her hand and quickly whacked it in her mouth. Helena took Paul in her mouth and releasing This mature loves big black cock up her pussy pussy grabbed and kneaded his balls. I was watching my wife expertly suck my cock and enjoyed the site of her tits pointing firmly out as she bobbed away.

She was busy rubbing her cunt and clit with her left hand and pulling on my cock with her right. Paul was now holding the phone near his cock as Helena became more and more noisy as she slobbered spit all over his cock.

Her hands were dripping spit and Paul grabbed the back of her head and started pumping faster as his orgasm obviously approached. Sharon pulled her hand from her cunt and moved her sticky fingers to Paul's cock that sent him off and he shot a string of cum into Helena's mouth.

Another glob hit her chin and the rest went down her gullet. This was too much for me so I took hold of Sharon's head with two hands and shot my load straight down her throat. She looked up at me and squeezed my balls as I lost myself in the intensity of this unbelievable blowjob and my legs nearly collapsed. The girls moved closer and kept kissing and Sharon licked Paul's cum off Helena's chin.

A very horny scene indeed. " Maria needs instructions" said Paul as he handed the phone to me and went and collapsed on the lounge.

Sharon and Helena started to lick me clean and kissed each other as they did so. "Hello" I said "How are you?" The accent again was European although not distinctly German.

"Hi" She said "We hope you enjoyed yourselves?" "We certainly have." I said "We will be in town tomorrow and need to know how to get too where you are." I started to give her instructions and watched the girls crawl over to the lounge, their arses gently wobbling and their pussy lips open and inviting as they did.

Sharon sprung up onto the lounge, pushed Paul's head back, lifted her left leg onto the head rest of the lounge, pulled her cunt lips apart and kind of leant forward onto his face.

She started sliding slowly back and forth working her cunt over Paul's tongue. Helena was on her knees busy licking at his balls and pulling on his cock trying to get some life back into it. It didn't take long and sure enough his meat was hard and ready for another battering. I sat in the spare lounge chair and stroked my cock and watched the real life porn scene in front of me.

Sharon was kneading her tits and Paul was really sucking hard on her cunt lips. Helena's beautiful arse and pussy was beckoning and tempting me. Paul had stuck about 4 fingers of his right hand into Sharon's cunt and was working them in and out when Sharon moved her left hand down to her arse and stuck a finger right up her back door.

With the double action of finger and tongue working at her pussy and her own finger up her date she started to quiver and shake as another orgasm rocked her body. She fell forward onto the wall as all energy was directed to her genitalia and she slid back down to the lounge, she sat with her legs wide open and her cunt was open, wet and red from the flogging it had just received.

Helena was still sucking away at Paul and I moved off the chair onto the floor and gently rubbed and caressed Helena's cunt and arse. She subtly moved her legs apart allowing me better access to her insides and I deftly slid three fingers inside her sopping cunt.

I alternated the pace from slow to fast continuously rubbing her clit with my thumb as I entered. Sharon had moved and was resting on the lounge with her head on Paul's hot phoenix marie wants his hard shaft and was content to watch Helena at work.

I knelt up and really went to work on Helena's cunt ploughing my fingers, which now totalled four, into her delicious snatch. I kissed and nibbled at her arse and occasionally smacked her cheeks leaving a handprint. I dribbled some spit down her bum crack and slid two fingers into her arse hole.

I gave her a good solid digital double penetration and Sharon was also renewed gently rubbing her cunt and licking at Paul's cock whenever it came close to her face. Helena moved her right hand up kneading and squeezing Sharon's tits. My cock was back to full vigour and I pulled out my sticky fingers and prepared to through my living sausage down the hairy corridor when Helena stood up and moved up onto Paul. Sharon moved out of the way to watch and Helena kissed Paul as she slipped down onto his cock.

Her beautiful pussy was shining with juice as she slid up and aki sora episode 1 english dubbed keeping a steady pace. Helena reached back and placed two of her fingers into her arse hole. "Wait on mate" Sharon said as she leapt from the lounge and ran into the bathroom. I sat back down and waited for her return enjoying the show.

She ran back in with a bottle of baby oil and some candles. She turned the lights off and flamed up two candles. For me sex under candlelight is just the ultimate in decadence. I love it. The light adds a surreal mix to the proceedings. Sharon flipped the lid off the oil, poured some into her hands and knelt behind me.

She reached around my body and started to oil up my cock and balls. The oil felt fantastic as she continuously wanked my cock whilst watching the other pair bounce away. "Fuck her arse" she said as she moved away from me and poured some oil naughty teen gets her tight pink pussy fucked hard brunette and titties Helena's back letting it run down into her crack. Sharon massaged the oil into her back and her arse cheeks and I stood up pulling on my cock rubbing the oil in well.

Helena leant right forward onto Paul and the oil that had dripped down onto their joined genitals shimmered in the candlelight. Paul slowed down the action and Helena seemed to brace herself for my entry. I don't know why I was worried about hurting her as I had already been the cunt filler in a DP with her and Paul earlier. I placed my near splitting cock at her oily crack and it slid in surprisingly easy.

This woman was a seasoned anal expert and knew how to relax her sphincter for easy penetration. Sharon hopped off the lounge and knelt behind us no doubt enjoying the view. Paul and I took turns in forcing our cocks into Helena as she yelled out obscenities in a mixture of her native tongue and English.

From what I could tell Helena was having yet another orgasm and Sharon was busily rubbing the oil into the three conjoined genitals that were pumping away about 10 centimetres away from her face. Having shot my load earlier I was in for the long haul and I really started to give it to Helena. I was able to hold the full length of my cock right in as Paul took the opportunity for some rapid thrusting. I looked around and Sharon was rubbing oil into her pussy and on her tits as she watched.

Helena reached back and gently pushed me off her back and then climbed off Paul. She stood up on the lounge and spun around with her back to Paul and then slid down his torso inserting his cock into her arse as she reached the bottom. She leant back and spread her legs wide revealing her red oily cunt. Sharon leapt up and kissed Helena on her cunt lips and clit, sucking and rubbing the mound with her tongue and lips. I moved her out of the way because I had the urge to cum again and I wanted to spray it all over the girls.

As Helena gently moved up and down on Paul I leant forward and slipped my cock into her slippery hole. Sharon hopped up on the lounge and started sucking on Helena's perfect hardened tits. Helena responded by placing a hand on Sharon's snatch and started rubbing it. This was getting to be too much and I felt that familiar urge in my balls and I quickly pulled out of Helena and aimed it up at her tits.

Sharon saw what was happening and grabbed my Willy pulling on it as I shot an intense but short-lived spray of watery cum all over Helena's tits and belly. Sharon licked up the remains of my balls off Helena who had stopped rocking and was enjoying the oily cummy sensation on her body. Helena then crawled off Paul and knelt on the floor to clean the cum off my cock.

Paul got up and stood next to me and Helena had no hesitation in also taking him into her mouth. Sharon was standing by awaiting the cum blast into Helena's throat. I went to her and kissed her like I had never kissed her before. The taste of cum oil and decadence was on our breath. I heard Paul moan and I turned to watch him spray a load onto Helena's face as she lapped him up. We were all completely rooted by this stage so we lay there for a short while and then went our separate ways to sleep for the next day proved to be just as big.

That night I slept like a King. The incredible shagging that had occurred the night before had completely worn me out and as I lay in bed snuggled up to my Queen Sharon I listened to three fantastic sounds. One was the tapping of rain on the tin roof, which of course, meant a lazy day for me. The rain must have swept in overnight and the smell of wet grass permeated the air. Lying in bed with a gorgeous woman asleep next to you and the second sound of the gentle rumble of thunder out on the Plains is a truly relaxing experience.

I knew that I wouldn't need to spend xxxxxxsex wow xxxxxxsex mom sex stories day out on the farm watering stock and crops and I could spend the day pursuing other activities. The other sound was that old familiar observe the wild group sex smalltits homemade noise coming from the adjacent bedroom.

I had a morning horn and I needed to take a slash desperately. I gently slid out of bed, rearranged the doona and entered the ensuite bathroom. I aimed my piddle at the side of the bowl to reduce the noise and flushed the loo. I have always been an early riser and once I am awake I can't go back to sleep. I got my shaving brush and lathered up for my morning ritual. Have any of you blokes ever noticed how you always start shaving at sex goddess bridgette b gets fucked and facialized same place on your face?

Try doing it differently one day. Most disconcerting. I was going to slip back into bed for a cuddle but the noise from the bedroom drew my attention. Helena was panting away and I could hear the bed rhythmically creaking away. Even though on the night before I had had my cock up her arse I crept slowly over to the door and snuck the door open.

Why I was been so coy I don't know. I peaked around the corner to see Helena bouncing away on Paul's cock. The view was slightly concealed by the mosquito net that hung from above.

Her back was facing me and a blanket obscured Paul's vision. Helena had her hands on Paul's chest and Paul was kneading her tits. Helena constantly changed the tempo of her thrusts and would occasionally lift her arse into the air when Paul would then pump furiously into her.

The old Cast Iron bed was creaking away and the mozzie net hanging from above was swinging and billowing when Helena hopped off Paul with a plop and crawled up his body.

Paul placed his arms under her arse and lifted her up onto his face. She held onto the bed head and with legs spread wide went to town on his face. His angry dick stood proudly in the air and I could see his tongue diving upwards into her cunt. My cock was fully hardened and I was wondering whether or not to join in when I heard a noise from our bedroom.

The thumping on our wall and the thunderstorm that was getting closer every minute had woken Sharon. She opened the door of our bedroom and stumbled out in her black nightie. I put my finger to my mouth to shoosh her and she smiled grabbing me around the waist and took a peak into the room. She let loose a low groan and reached around and grabbed my cock.

Sharon cream pie zoe zane hardcore and granny wanked at my dick and I slid a hand under her nightie and gently rubbed her pussy as we watched. Paul's cock was too much of a temptation for Sharon and she snuck very quietly across to the bed and quickly hopped up onto the bed engulfing Paul's cock in her mouth.

Paul and Helena looked back and smiled at the interloper and I took a quick hop, skip and jump over to the bed. Sharon was on all fours sucking away and her beautiful arse was poking out from under her black nightie.

I sat behind her and ever so gently played with her open wet cunt lips. I pulled them apart and licked her insides. I put four fingers in her. I sucked her clit. I put three fingers in her pussy and two in her arse. I love playing with a pussy.

I needed to dip my wick so I knelt before her and whilst keeping two fingers in her arse I plugged away at her moist love hole. She really seemed to be enjoying the anal attention so I pulled my cock out of her pussy and spat on it a bit. I noticed some KY on the bedside table so I squeezed some onto my hand and rubbed that in. I placed my cock at her arse hole and gently pushed the head in. Sharon stopped sucking and I could feel her pushing back slowly.

I knew that she would want to regulate the procedure so I let her gently push her arse onto my cock. I held my position and when I was in far enough for her she withdrew a bit and then started rocking. All the time she did this it was total silence from her.

Not a sound. When Sharon went back to sucking Paul I started up the tempo and slowly pumped my cock in and out. Helena hopped off Paul's face, lay down next to Sharon, slid under her and started to suck on her tits. Helena then began to rub Sharon's pussy and grab my balls. Paul had started fingering Helena's slit and was furiously ploughing his fingers into her. Helena moved her head down between Sharon's legs and commenced sucking on her clit.

She squeezed my balls and I could feel her shoving a few fingers into Sharon's slit. Paul was out of reach of Helena's pussy so he got up and lined himself up to Helena's dripping snatch. Sharon spun around slightly and started to lick Helena's cunt as Paul began to wank himself over her pussy. Sharon alternated between sucking his cock and licking Helena's pussy. I pulled my cock out of Sharon's arse and replaced it with two fingers and shoved my cock into her sloppy cunt.

Paul started to shoot his cum all over Helena's pussy and onto Sharon's face. I could no longer resist and I pulled my cock out spraying my cum all over Sharon's arse and Helena's face. I pushed some of the cum into Helena's mouth with my cock and manoeuvred a few more droplets off Sharon's arse and into Helena's mouth.

"Well who's for breakfast?" I asked. "I'm having sausages." Sharon said with a laugh and a quick suck of Paul's dick. "I'm having cream pie." Laughed Helena. After brunch I took advantage of some free labour and hijacked Paul for a tour of the property. We spent about four hours digging ditches, chasing stock and cutting wood. At about 3.30 we headed back to home. As I came around the corner behind the woolshed I saw a Holden wagon parked in the drive.

Our visitors had arrived. Paul and I looked and smiled at each other. "Do you think they would have started without us?" I asked. "Possibly" Paul answered. "There is only one way to find out. Let's go" We half walked, half sprinted to the house. Neither of us wanted to seem over keen. I noticed a huge amount of baggage in the back of the wagon and thought for back packers they sure didn't travel lightly.

"Hello all" I called as I entered "Anyone home?" "In the Lounge Room" answered Sharon. I could here the unmistakeable sound of a Porn movie being played. Doubtless it was the one in which Helena had starred. I turned the corner into the Lounge and was greeted by not four people but six. "Marcus meet Maria and John and Abby and Julian" Sharon said with a smile as big as the Simpson. "Hello to you all" I said shaking their hands. "I see that you have all settled in easily." I added pointing with my head at the beer bottles and bong sitting on the table.

"Very comfortable" Said Maria a very stunning and tall Asian woman who I discovered later was half Chinese and half Portuguese. Abby looked barely old enough to be travelling. She was a slip of a thing with short untidy blonde hair and very small breasts and as I discovered later the perfect cunt. Tim was a big bloke with legs like tree trunks with a distinct Germanic look about him.

Julian had a more bohemian look with lanky dark hair and a cool style. None of them were in any way unattractive. "The movie looks interesting" I said watching Helena being fucked on the television.

"It's much better in real life" She said adding "As you already know" Everyone laughed. Helena pulled up her skirt revealing her knickerless slit and began rubbing it with glee. Sharon had also been nude from the waist down and she threw the blanket off her lap and also proceeded to have a quite rub as she watched the movie. Helena and Sharon were right next to each other on the lounge and crossed legs over each other and started to fondle each other's pussies.

"I love this country" Tim said as he whipped his pants down revealing one of the widest cocks I had ever seen. It wasn't overly long just fucking thick.

Maria slid down and started sucking on his knob. She slipped a hand down the leg of her shorts and was rubbing her pussy.

I whipped my cock out and stood at the side of the lounge offering it to Sharon who sucked it down. Paul went over to Abby and Julian pulling his shorts down as he went. Sharon was doing a fantastic job on my cock as she watched Paul and Julian both undressing on either side of Abby. Abby unbuttoned her jeans and whipped them off showing us her trimmed cunt. Helena said "I've missed that big cock of yours Tim." And she stood up removing all the rest of her clothes. She walked over to Tim and with her back to him squatted down on his cock.

She smiled broadly as his cock filled her every hole. Abby was meanwhile sucking one cock after another and her legs were wide apart as she did so. I just had to lick that pussy before some bastard shot his load into it. "Excuse me mate," I said to Sharon as I got down on my knees and crawled over to Abby's gaping wet cunt.

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Abby spread her legs even further apart opening her delectable pussy to my waiting tongue. Her lips were soft and moist and the mild salty taste was extremely arousing. I looked up at her as she alternately sucked on Paul and Julian's meat. Paul leant her forward and reefed her top off exposing her flawless, small nippled breasts. I licked all over her cunt. She was so wide open I could send my tongue right down into her hole.

I rubbed my nose onto her clit sending her squirming. I sucked hard on her clit which sent shocks down her spine. I loved it and so did she.

Maria had moved over to Sharon and they were both 69ing each other. Helena was still bouncing away on Tim and I needed to give my tongue a rest and I could think of no better way than to start to fuck Abby.

Paul and Julian moved away as I pulled Abby forward on the lounge. She reached down hot masturbation session with a ravishing redhead jayden gonzo dipped her fingers into her cunt and then smeared her nipples with her juices. I rested my cock on her lips and gently shoved my bone home.

Greatest anal sex so he decided to keep an additional close eye on her

She went tense and started to really squeeze at her nipples that were rock hard. I reached up and gave them a squeeze as well and she reached down to rub her clit and around her pussy. She collected more juice on her fingers and rubbed them into her tits. Paul and Julian were now over on either side of Helena who was still enjoying bouncing up and down on Tim. Paul and Julian seemed to work as a team moving form mouth to mouth looking for a sucking.

"Fuck yeah" said Helena as she grabbed hold of both cocks and licked the knobs.

"Suck me baby, fuck his cock" Paul said. Helena took Paul as far as she could down her throat and reached down to squeeze Tim's balls and rub her clit. Julian decided to move over to the two 69ing girls and he started to lick Maria's arse hole as Sharon went to work on her cunt. Abby leant sideways to watch the action behind me and was furiously rubbing her clit as I plucked at her nipples. "Cum, cum, cum" she repeated "Cum in her Tim.

I want, I want&hellip." she trailed off as she herself started to cum all over my rigid rod spilling her juice all over my matted pubes. "Fuck, fuck, fuck" is what I heard next from Tim who was having his balls pummelled by Helena who was also working on Paul's cock in her mouth.

"Ah shit" he cried "Oh fuck I'm cumming" and his balls tightened and his body shook as he shot a load of jizz up into her cunt. "Your turn cunt" Abby surprised me by saying "Cum in my cunt, fuck me, lick me" This chick was going sick and she reached around and grabbed my balls with her left hand monicamilf in a dirty carwash norsk porno grabbed the base of my cock with her right.

Sharon moved away from Maria and came over to us. "Do as the lady says" she said as she lay down on the floor and slid up between my legs and started to suck my balls. It did the trick and I felt the sensation of impending orgasm build. "Fill me" Abby said as she pulled me roughly to her tits. That was enough for me so I relaxed and shot the largest load I have ever had into her quim.

I could sense Sharon licking at my cum as it oozed out of Abby's pussy and ran down her arse. I pulled my cock out and swung around and Sharon quickly sucked and licked the coating of cum and cunt juice off it. "Ready Abby" Helena asked as she pulled herself off Tim's still hard cock with a pop. "Oh yeah" Abby replied.

Like Paul and Julian these two worked as a team and Helena lay down on the floor with her legs splayed apart. Abby hopped off the lounge and squatted over Helena's face and let a glob of my cum fall down into Helena's mouth. They then both joined into a fearsome 69 sucking furiously at each other's cunts.

Maria and Julian were sitting on the lounge wanking each other as they watched the show when Sharon moved over to Tim and Paul. Julian stood up and went to Sharon also.

"All three of you?" She asked with a mischievous gleam. "Oh fuck yeah" I said walking over to Maria who opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

I stood on the lounge and fed the Asiatic spunk my cock. "Let me see" said Sharon "which cock will go where?" Julian had the smallest and Tim the largest with Paul just right. "Tim, lay down" She instructed as she stood up. "Julian you can fuck my arse and Paul can fuck my mouth." I lay down on the lounge and Maria lay her head down on my hips and continued watching and sucking.

Sharon knelt down onto Tim's cock and moaned as she did so. "Fuck that's thick" she said before Step son slip mom sex story shoved his cock into her mouth. Julian spat a few gobs of spit onto his cock and knelt behind Sharon lining up her arse. She stopped sucking Paul as he gently slid into her tight arse. Sharon exploded into a wild frenzy as she was totally filled in all holes for the first time.

She sucked and was being fucked in both holes and her body shook with an electricity that was sending her wild. Maria stood and turned around with her back to me and squatted on my cock. She watched the show ahead of us whilst rubbing her cunt and my balls. I reached around and kneaded her breasts. The two girls sexy webcam girl does foot fetish show with stockings the floor stopped and watched as my wife enjoyed her first 4some.

"Fuck her, fuck her" Abby called out. "Yeah fill her up with cum" called Helena The goading on from the crowd sent Tim over the edge again and he called out he was cumming and he sent his second load for the day into Sharon. "Lets all fill her" said Julian as he pulled out of her arse. "Hop up" he said, "We are going to fill your cunt with cum". What happened next was unbelievable. Maria hopped off me and grabbed Sharon, who was in a bit of a daze, by the hand and told her to lie on the floor.

She got Sharon to lift her arse into the air so her pussy was sticking up and with her legs spread apart her gaping pussy was dripping with juice and Tim's cum. Maria gave her pussy a quick lick and then grabbed some cushions to prop Sharon's back up.

Paul was first and he stood behind Sharon and started to fuck her sopping cunt. Maria and Abby held her legs for support and would reach down rubbing her clit and cunt.

Helena was blowing Julian as he waited his turn. Paul alternated between her pussy with a few plugs into her arse. "Cum baby, cum" Abby said "Fill that pussy" Paul grabbed his cock and pumped a few quick strokes and sprayed her cunt lips and arse with his jism. He placed his cock back into her cunt and stood their filling her up.

Julian moved away from Helena and took his place. Abby smeared some of the cum all over his cock and rubbed it onto Sharon's clit.

Paul had Helena lick his cock dry and I went over to Abby and started to feel her delicious pussy again. She reached around and started to pull on my cock. Julian's pace increased and he shot a long stream of cum up Sharon's leg and then blew the rest of his load into her brimming pussy. Helena crawled over to Julian and Sharon and licked his cock and sucked and licked at Sharon's cum filled snatch. Abby let go of her leg and went over to Sharon's pussy and buried her face into it.

With a face full of cum and cunt juice she got down on all fours and started to kiss Sharon. Abby's arse was pitched perfectly into the air so I knelt behind her and ploughed my cock into her. Maria was now licking Sharon's cunt and Helena was having her pussy licked by Paul as Julian fed her his cock.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck" Sharon called as she orgasmed again. I too had reached my peak and I shot another load over Abby's back and onto her arse hole.

All I have to say after these wild times is that sometimes it really does pay to help strangers.