Three babes have fun on the couch

Three babes have fun on the couch
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My name is Ashley,I am 21 and work literally 7 days a week.I have dark blue eyes and a model like figure,the modeling i did helped the figure.I'm 5'7 and well i'm not telling you my weight.Oh and i live with my boyfriend too.It's been about 2 years now.

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Even though i live with my boyfriend,We never see each other.Shit i almost forget the last time i got fucking laid.One morning i got up to get ready for work.I got up out of bed to take a shower,hot water always wakes me up.Realizing that it was about that time that i shaved everything,so i shaved my legs,and felt a sudden urge to go ahead and shave my pussy bald and smooth.When i was done,I then got dressed and went downstairs to make some coffee.

I went upstairs to kiss my boyfriend bye,and when i got up to the room,he was laying naked on his back passed out asleep,but the covers were completely kicked off,and his cock was standing at full attention,hard as a fucking rock.FUCK!!

i whispered to myself cause i had to leave in 5 minutes or else i was going to be late.this is not fair i thought to myself.I'm never gonna get laid.I was standing at the edge of the bed just staring at his beautiful cock.My pussy was soaked and i wanted to drop down my skirt and panties and sit on it so bad.But i really have to go.

I couldn't take it anymore atleast i can get him off before i have to go.He hasn't fucked any pussy as long as i remember.So i crawled toward his cock taking the massive meaty rock in my hand.I swallowed down his whole cock in my mouth watching him twitch in his sleep while i sucked hungrily on his bulbous head.i made saliva from my mouth fall on his cock gettig it nice and slippery,i slid my hand really fast up and ddown his cock,i could hear him moan in his sleep.i might have to change my thongs before i have to leave i thought to myself.

I sucked harder and faster with my mouth and with all my mouth,and within 5 minutes i could taste the pre cum in my mouth.he was getting ready to cum,i took it out of my mouth jacking his cock so fast now,i could see his head getting swollen,i put it back in my mouth sucking and jacking it with my hand at the same time.oh yea baby i whispered,give me your fucking cum.I sucked hungrily at it,his eyes were barely opening now and whispered to me.I'm gonna cum.OOOHHH GOD!!!

I can taste it as he started shooting spurt after spurt of hot magma cum down my throat.i drank it all down my throat,as i felt his cock in my hand,pulsating as he kept shooting gallons down my throat i could barely drink it all.OH YES BABY!! he let out a erotic moan.I drank all i could and then he kissed me and he fell back to sleep.i went into the bathroom to wipe off whatever cum didn't make it.I also took off my panties cause they were too soaked for me to wear,so i left the house with no panties on gorgeous girls enjoy an orgy in a weed party all and began to drive to work.

I was driving to work and on the way over there i could feel my clit throbbing.i wanted to touch it so bad,desperately badly.But dammit i was running so late already.So i was thinking you know what i think what i napalli xxx bf sex stories young lady is a massage to calm my relax me.yea!

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that's what i'll do.finally i got to work,not being able to concentrate on anything i was doing.Because the slightest breeze on my clit would bring me to an orgasm.i had to stay at my desk and try not to rub on my clit or slide my finger in my pussy.I had to make it.The massage will keep me calm.2 more hrs to go,i can do this.i can do this.

FINALLY!! it was time to go and i basically ran to my car waving to everybody on the way out.i was so excited to get this when i got there i went there to a receptionist desk with three girls that were very pretty.they asked if it was my first time there and i said yes.they were asking me who would you like to massage you?Male or a Female?

It really doesn't matter ,i said but today male is good i guess.Ok and you will get an hour and thirty minutes for free today since it is your first time here. i smiled step dad grounds associates daughter the suggestive swap and said thank you i need it.

i then sat on a big poofy white couch drinking some hot tea waiting for this mystery massuese.then this beautiful man,with gorgoues green eyes comes out.Ashley? I waved him down and he smiled at me.I got so wet just looking at him.he led me to a semi dark room with very soothing music,i felt at ease when i was there with him.he guided me in the room and very gently shut the door and locked was just him and me now and god i was so wet.HI Ashley my name is Jeremy,nice to meet you.OMG!!.I wanted to sit on his cock right there.and just feel my pussy stretch.

Ashley??.Ashley?? Are you ok?? Oh yes sorry i must have been day's ok he said. he then started asking me questions and i kept staring at his bulge under his sweat pants.and i think he noticed,because he kept smiling at me.He was asking so what hurts.what needs the most attention?I said with a cute smile.Honestly my pussy does badly. as i was chuckling very softly,i saw a little jump in his pants and bit my lower lip just wishing.hoping i could have that stuffed all the way in me.OK!!.OK!!

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i have a boyfriend,must get a grip.i thought to myself.Go ahead ask again i told him. with a little more serious look on my face. deep tissue? i said yes i definetly teen slut cheating on her boyfriend does porn that.he then asked what are the areas you would like me to work on the most? i then replied my lower back and my upper thighs need the most attention.Ok he sai d,I'm going to leave the room so you can get undressed.I asked is it ok if i was nude?

He said that would be fine it is completely up to you.he then left the room and i started to get undressed until i was completely nude.i got onto the bed,laying flat on my belly and covered myself with the sheets and waited for him to return.

I then heard a gentle knock and told him to come in.Are you ready he asked.oh yea i replied i need this sooo badly.He smirked and said ok let's get started then shall we?i put my head in like a head rest thing and all i could was see the floor.I then closed my eyes as he began.I felt the very bottom of the sheets lift off my feet up to the bottom of my butt.He took my foot and started making me feel some things.

He was hitting spots i never knew existed. He was slowly moving up massaging my calves up to my my inner thighs,i started moaning very softly,but loud enough where only he could hear me,he asked me are you ok? still moaning very low i said oh yes pls dont stop.without me even noticing i parted my legs open more so he could rub farther up.he was now rubbing my inner thigh.i said to him please don't stop keep going up more.he said nervously we are not supposed to go any further than where the towel is placed.and i can get into alot of trouble.

Without thinking i grabbed the sheet and lifted it up so my entire ass was out now.And being the smartass i am,told him now you aren't going passed the towel are you?

He chuckled and replied no.i guess im not.He rubbed up further as i opened big natural boobs blonde games for a pearl necklace legs more,he could see my bald pussy now.he said if you don't mind me saying you have a beautiful body and a great pussy.Thank you i said she hasn't had any attention in a long while.Well i'll take care of all your needs if you'll allow it.he said.I started spreading my legs open as far as i could without them falling off the massage table i told him do whatever you want just please don't stop.

He continued to massage my inner thighs to the point where i could feel his fingers brush on my pussy lips.every time i felt him slightly touch my pussy,i would thrust my butt and pussy towards the air trying to follow his touch.then he heard me moaning and asked me how are you doing?,so turned on at this point,i completely forgot i had a boyfriend and responded to him.Oh my god my pussy is so wet right now,please don't stop please don't stop,he started caressing my assckeeks massaging very thouroghly,sliding his finger and pressing on my asshole.oh god oh god yes i said.he then asked me to go ahead and turn over,he held the sheets for me,and took a peek at my body.

as i laid on my back he said your very beautiful,would you like me massage your breasts.With a huge smile on my face.i said yes he lifted the sheets down exposing my breasts.I lifted up the sheets up to my stomach,lifted up my legs and opened them wildly,he just stared in amazement as i said out loud i cant take it anymore and started rubbing my clit in circles. He really got into the mood with me and began kissing me tongue and all,while playing with my nipples and genlty squeezing my tits.Yes i said take me please.he slowly started kissing down my tits and and stomach down to my belly button,i begged him to not stop and as he started licking my pubic area with his tongue.knock knock knock.FUUUUCCCKKKK!!!

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I was so pissed,i had to cover up my now ready to get fucked pussy and he walked towards the door to answer it, i could see his big throbbing cock in his pants.i was so pissed and thought to myself,i'm a beautiful 21 year old girl with a fantastic body,so why is it that i can't get fucked!!!

As he open the door a guy was at the door talking to him.well just his head i guess because he didn't want the guy to see that he was breaking a HUGE rule and the massive hard on in his pants.he was about to hopefully fill up my pussy with that nice peice of hung meat between his legs.Weirdly the younger guy walked in with him and again he locked the door.They both walked up to me and jeremy said to me Ashley this is Kent.Hi ashley kent said.Hi kent.Jeremy said to me.Kent is my trainee,and he is a bit nervous.and i explained to him that your a special client of mine and then i told him the rules.I said looking at kent.

Kent would you like to fuck me??he looked at me like it was a dream.Um Yeah!!.I then took off the blanket completely off me exposing everything now.Come get me boys i said.Jeremy quickly As well As kent took off their sweat pants before i could blink.Kent between my legs and slowly inhaled my pussy in his mouth.JESUS you are so wet.And you taste so good.Eat my pussy baby dude bangs ebony gf while she studying moaned,and at the time Jeremy guided his fat cock right to my hungry mouth.I inhaled it taking it all the way down my throat.I kept moaning.Kent started slowly sucking on my clit and licking on it.Within the first three minutes i was having my first orgasm.i jacked off jeremy's cock,looking down telling kent oh my god I'm gonna cum don't that pussy baby.he licked at it faster.I started sucking faster and deeper now.My clit was swollen.I'M CUMMING.FUCK BABY DON'T STOP PLEASE GOD OH FUCK YEA YEA YEA YEA AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH.i started cumming hard all over his face.

I looked at jeremy and said fuck my pussy please.He smiled at me and switched places as kent shoved in his cock in my mouth,omg i couldn't believe how good that felt.Ireally hope nobody heard me.Jeremy looked at me with his sexy green eyes and said are you ready?Oh god baby yes!! He then grabbed my legs and slid me to the edge of the massage table and put my feet on his shoulders.then he slowly starting sliding in his bulbous head in my pussy.I could feel how big he was.Omg that's big.i was so wet lovely ela bed toy at nubiles slid his head in my pussy.finally!!!

I thought to myself. I kept staring at his face as he was sliding his fat cock in and out of my pussy.You feel soo he said moaning.kent was thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth.moaning too.He had alot of precum that i was constantly swallowing.Jeremy was going in as deep as he could,I could his balls touching my asshole.He would go all the way in and stay for a second or two before sliding back out again.that's it baby fuck that tight little pink pussy.He kept sliding in and out rubbing on my my g spot.

I sucked harder moaning that i was gonna cum again.long strides in and out of my pussy.fucking the shit out of my pussy so deep.I felt my pussy grip his cock tighter.I started cumming again.OH GOD FUCK HER BABY FUCK THAT TIGHT HOLE.OH GOD DEEPER DEEPER.YES YES FUCK FUCK FUCK THAT DIRTY LITTLE PUSSY.YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS FUCKING CUMMIIIIING.AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH.

i was starting to lose count of my orgasms,the boys switched again stella daniels in stockings gets a bbc i told Kent lay down on the table,he said ok.i then climbed on top of him kissing him deeply.guiding his cock in my pussy.and i began sliding my pussy up and down his shaft thrusting my hips back and forth keeping his cock deep in me.Jeremy then used some massage oil and rubbed it in my asshole and got behind me slowly sliding his cock in my ass.Sliding.Sliding.Going all the way in.Kent kept kissing me and whispering to me.that's it bitch take both these cocks.I AM BABY i moaned.they began thrusting together fucking both my a sea saw.cock going in my pussy as the other one was sliding out of my ass.and vice versa.

Fuck me boys fuck my holes i kept moaning and i couldn't stop.Jeremy grabbed me by hips and starting fucking the shit out of my ass.It took everything in my power not to scream at the pleasure i was recieving.I could feel kent's cock grow bigger inside making me cum again.i told him cum in my pussy baby.shoot it all in my pussy.yes baby YES CUM IN MY PUSSY!!!!.he started shooting sunny leon jackpot movie songstory in mobile download load after load of cum in me.His eyes were rolling in the back of his head as he came in my pussy squeezed tighter making sure she got all of that cum that she desrved.AAAGGGGHHHHH OOOOHHHH GGOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!cumming in my i felt every single throb of his cock.Jeremy pulled out of my ass and we let Kent get down and clean up.I jokingly asked him.How is your first day at work so far??He started laughing and said memorable babe.

I then got down on all fours on the floor as Jeremy got behind me and slid it back in my ass again.gripping my hips with his manly hands he pushed his cock all the way in deep in my and out.over and over.oh yes baby fuck my dirty asshole.pound it baby.pound face and tits were on the floor and my ass and pussy were up in the air and belonged to him at that very moment.he kept ramming in and out.i kept moaning out YES BABY FUCK IT.TAKE MY ASS IT'S ALL YOURS.pounding away at my ass i shoved 2 fingers in my i could feel his balls smacking my pussy hole.

I want feel your cock in my pussy jeremy.he took it out of my ass and grabbing my assheeks his hard cock just found it's own way in my pussy.Sliding right in he immediatly starting pounding away at my twat.he kept going in deeper with faster paces,squeezing my ass he started fucking me harder and as i was moaning louder FUCK IT BABY OH MY GOD FUCK THIS PUSSY.TAKE IT BABY.TAKE THIS PUSSY.OH MYYYYY GOOODDDD.he was getting close as i felt his cock swelling up inside me.he started asking me WHO'S PUSSY IS THIS??

WHO'S PUSSY Devouring beautys luscious fuck holes smalltits and homemade THIS BITCH??!! so i told him the truth for that moment.IT'S ALL YOURS BABY.WHAT I CAN'T HEAR YOU!! IT'S YOUR PUSSY!!!OMG IT'S YOUR FUCKING PUSSY.I'M CUMMING I YELLED.DON'T STOP OH GOD PLEASE DON'T STOOOOOOOOOOOOP.OOOHHHHH GOD!! my pussy was squeezing around his fat tightly.YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!! I'M GONNA CUM HE YELLED OUT.GIVE ME THAT CUM I SAID.where do you want it baby.cummming with him this time.SHOOT THAT HOT CUM IN YOUR PUSSY I YELLED.IT'S ALL YOURS.OH GOD HE SAID.he starting fucking the shit out of my bald pussy OOOHH GOOODDDD I'M CUMMING.he shot load after load of hot cum filling up my walls.going in my pussy as far as he could.we all lay there together for bout 5 min before they left.BUT BEFORE I LEFT I GAVE HIM A 100.00 TIP AND MY PHONE NUMBER.god what a massage!!!

I must have had atleast twelve orgasms.