Wacky babe gets jizz load on her face eating all the jizz

Wacky babe gets jizz load on her face eating all the jizz
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Katie: My dad and I got dressed in silence. The thoughts and exhilaration of what had just happened still fresh in my mind. I was still excited by it. Seeing my dad's cock rock hard seeing him holding it as he looked me, looked at my exposed pussy. Then at me as I knelt. Then he exploded and a huge stream of his cum flew into my mouth and on my face. Hearing him moan as he unloaded his cum on me was something I will never forget. Since my panties and washed away down the the river we were in when it all happened, I had to pull on my short short with out them.

I knew that now if I bent over even the littlest bit, there was a good chance anyone behind me would be able to see my pussy. I looked at dad as he pulled put his shoes back on and got ready to head back to our car form our hike.

I peaked over a few time to see if his cock was still at least semi hard from earlier, it was. It was thrilling to know he was still chubby from looking at me. Dad: What had I just done, was racing through my mind. My heart raced with anxiety at what might come of it. But at the same time I was still excited. I was tormented between the excitement at having seen my 14 yo daughter's pussy, then seeing her kneel down in front of me in such a sexually wanting matter and the socially unacceptable behavior.

I have just cum on my daughter's face, cum into her mouth, and cum on her perky tits. It was wrong, but I couldn't help but be excited still. I looked over subtly a few times as we walked out of the river and got ready to head back from our hike. I spied her as she pulled on her tiny shorts over her bare ass, as chesty hoe heather vahn gets fucked and creamed panties and washed away.

I love the thought of her without them. The thought that I might get a peak at her smooth pussy gain if she bent over. Even the thought that at the car someone else might get a peak at her and have the same dirty thoughts I was having.

Katie: The walk hike back to the car was uneventful. I was feeling a bit guilty I had put my dad in an impossible situation, so I didn't bend over or do anything that would spark his desires. But once we got to the car, things started to heat up again unexpectedly. When we got to the car there were several others there at their cars. They were two groups of two guys and one family of three, a mom and dad and daughter around my age. I could feel the eyes of the guy and the dad on me as we got to the car.

My short shorts and cropped top were having the unintended consequence of affecting the guys in a way I had planned to affect my dad; I was getting their attention. I made casual eye contact with the guys that looked, not wanting to be rude. I got smiles back. But when I looked in the direction of the dad their I saw he was focused on my short shorts. I looked away before he saw that I had looked at him. But I made it worth his while.

Feeling the exhilaration coming back that I had when I was teasing my dad, I turned and bent over a bit to swing my pack off my back. I knew what he was going to be seeing. Just before I stood up I looked through the windows of the car and saw men dad looking at me, he knew what I was doing. I bit my lip and smiled as my dad smirked at me. Dad: We got in the car and I looked behind as we backed out. I saw the mom and dad in a passionate discussion. I knew it had to be that she had caught him looking at Katie as she was bent over packing her pack off at the car.

I knew what he was looking at. He was caught looking at the part of my daughters pussy that would have been exposed as she bent over. I was both thrilled and concerned for him. Thrilled that he got to see my daughters pussy, and concerned it was causing trouble for him and his wife. But then my mind created a third option, a fantasy come true option.

My mind create a possibility that his wife and him discussed in and she knew that a door had been opened that could not be closed. His wife telling him it was ok for him to have those thoughts about the girl he had just seen, and even his own daughter.

His wife telling his daughter, encouraging her, that her daddy wanted to see her young lil pussy. I stopped the fantasy there, not wanting to get so lost in a dirty fantasy that I would end up crashing on the drive home. Katie: It was later that night that I couldn't suppress the thoughts from the hike. I couldn't resist but to see if my dad was still having the thoughts he had too. I knew was in the family room watching TV, so I slipped on snug boy short panties, ones that had most of my ass showing, and very thin cropped tank top I sleep in when it is hot, but never wear out of my room if someone is home.

I put my hair up in a high pony tail and headed for the kitchen, which was next to the family room. My heart was pounding as I wasn't sure if my dad would react with regret from earlier and be angry at me or if he might just ignore me and the situation, or would it be something else.

I got to the kitchen and my dad looked back and said, "Hey." I said "Hey" back and then with my back to dad, and my ass showing I reacted into the cupboard for a glass. I knew that he would be able to clearly amateur babe ass licked then fucked on real homemade how my boy shorts hugged between my legs. My heart raced. After getting a glass, I filled it with water and walked to the family redhead oils up her jugs big tits big butt to see what my dad was watching.

I got there and saw he was watching music videos and the one on at that moment was Timber by Kesha. I blushed a bit as I watch the girls in their short shorts dancing. I looked down and saw that dad pants were, well that he was excited. Dad: Katie was standing next to me wearing stuff I couldn't have imaging or dreamed she would ever wear around me.

It made my heartbeat increase. I had looked over when was in the kitchen getting water and almost couldn't look away from her perfect lil ass and how the boy short panties hugged her lil pussy. I knew I shouldn't be having those thoughts, but I was drunk on watching sexy videos and thoughts of the family from the hike and whether or not they were living out my fantasy for them. Now my daughter was next to me and I was clearly excited.

The next video started and tensed up when I saw it was Christina Aguilar's, Dirty. As the video played and I watched my mind couldn't break free of the thought of seeing Katie dancing like Christina and wearing what Christina had on. My cock twitched at the thought, and I knew that Katie had seen it.

I couldn't help but hope her mind was going down a sexual path, that vid 24 milf mom son mum fuck would somehow become the girl from our hike the other day. Then she said something that opened a door to possibilities. "Do you think she's hot." Katie asked.

Then, "Do you like what she is wearing and how she is dancing?" I only had a moment to decide if I would push the sexual tension or try to dissipate it. "She's fucking hot and I love what she is wearing and doing." I muttered. I tensed up in the instant as I wondered how she would respond. I watched as Christina gyrate and spread her legs in the video, she was doing everything I wanted to see a girl doing.

"I could wear something like that if you want me to." Katie said softly unsure of herself. I wanted to explode with a 'yes' but I paced my answer. I looked to Katie and quickly looked over her young body and up to her big eyes and said, "Let's see how close you can get to it." My heart raced with anxiety to see her response.

Katie smiled and flashed her eyes wide then turned and bounced to her room. Katie: I looked at myself in the mirror in a very short sheet flimsy skirt with a decorative held on my hips, a bikini top, and knee high socks. For more dramatic effect i had on bright red lipstick and dark eye make-up. My heart beat fast as I looked and imagined ritina yuzuki uncensored japan fuck my dad would react when he saw me.

As I walked down the stairs into the living room I didn't hear music anymore but rather something unexpected. I turned into the living room and saw my dad in the same spot but with his laptop next to him, and on the TV he was mirroring the image from his laptop: PORN! I felt an immediate tingle throughout my body as I looked to the TV and saw a man older then my dad getting over a young girl, a girl that looked close to my age!

I to a few steps and watched the TV. My mouth popped open as I saw the young girl spread her legs and expose he bald pussy to the man. My dad was fixated on the screen. Then the man hard cock came into view and I saw him move it to her pussy and press the tip to it. I was breathless with excitement as I watched. Then I heard the girl on the TV say something that sent an electric charge through me.

She said, "It's ok daddy, I want you to." Oh fuck, my dad was watching porn of a dad about to fuck his daughter. I stared as the man pushed into her bald pussy. I saw as she gripped the sheets as she took him inside her.

The man moaned, "Oh fuck, oh fuck you feel good. Oh fuck, you're tight." I looked to my dad and saw he had his hand down his shorts, he was stroking his cock as he watched this dad fucking his daughter. I stepped closer. I watched as the dad pushed his cock all they way inside his daughter and moaned to her, "I'm all they way inside you." Then he pulled back and pushed into her, a thrust.

Then again, and again, he thrust and muttered, "You're too tight, oh fuck, I'm not going to last." Then she mutters to him, "It's ok, cum in me." My mind was numb with the exhilaration of what I was watching. The dad moaned back, "Oh I shouldn't, I shouldn't cum inside you." The she moaned back, "Cum in me, cum in me, cum in me daddy, cum in me." Then he did.

He thrust into her hard and held his cock busty and gorgeous stepmom joins stephani deepthroating a meaty cock insider her and moaned as he tensed up, "OH FUCK I'M CUMMING!" The camera changed to a shot of his cock deep in her from behind, his balls tight, his taint pulsating.

I knew that with each pulse of his taint he was shooting his cum inside her. He was pressed too deep into her. Then I heard dad mutter, ''Oh fuck yes, cum in her." I watched as the man finished and relaxed, then he pulled of her and the camera focused on her bald pussy as his cum leaked out of her, proof to the entire world he had just filled his lil teenaged daughter with his cum.

I stepped closer. Dad noticed me and looked to me. He made no effort to hide that he was looked me up and down. He slowly panned up my legs and stopped on my lil skirt, then looked up my exposed stomach slowly and paused on my bikini top. Then he looked to my eyes. I was frozen with what I had just seen. I looked back a dad speechless. Dad: My heart was pounding with excitement as I watched the dad on the TV fucking his petite teenage daughter.

I watched as his cock pushed deep into her bald pussy. I wanted that, I wanted to be that dad, I wanted to have my cock inside that girl, I wanted to feel her pussy gripping my hard cock. I held my cock through my shorts as I heard him moan as he cam inside her, I watched as his taint pulsated and imagined it was my shooting my cum insider her tight lil cunt.

As the finished cumming and relaxed, I sensed Katie in the room. I then knew she had seen what I just had. I was glad. I wanted her to see it, wished for it. I turned and saw her standing just behind me. It was the an awesome site! She was in a tiny short lil flimsy skirt that just ended below her pussy and curve of her tight ass.

She had on a small lil bikini top and a belt around her waist, and knew high socks. Her lips were bright red with lipstick and knee high 720 pron00 free sex stories storys. I cock twitched in hopeful excitement as I allowed my eyes to take in my teenage daughter's body and outfit.

I looked up at her and could see the excitement and anxiety in her eyes. She was on the edge of being pushed in one of two directions. She could be pushed down the road of sexual desire and exploration, or away from this pending taboo encounter. I looked her up and down again.

My14yo daughter looking like everything I wanted at that moment, but she was my daughter and I needed to protect her, to giver her a good sense of worth and a moral compass. But I couldn't. My sexual desires ruled me in that moment. "Come around in front of me." I said to her. I watched as she walked around behind me then to the side of me then she stopped a few feet away in front of me between me and the TV.

The she did something that maybe my cock twitch again. She spun in a quick circle causing her skirt to lift up and expose to me her snug panties. My eye went immediately to her red panties as they came into view. I saw how they hugged her between her legs. Just a thin piece of fabric keeping her pussy hided from view. I looked up to her and knew that my daughters response to what I was going to say next would tell me if she was going to be a submissive girl or if she would instead take charge of the situation.

Katie: My body tingled as I spun a circle in front of my dad, knowing my skirt would fly up and I'd be letting him see my panties. I looked for his reaction as I faced him again.

I bit my lip nervously, then swallowed. My dad looked up to me. I could see a wildness in his eyes. "Lift up your skirt." My dad said in a direct commanding voice. A second passed as I processed his tone, his request. Then I reached down and lifted up my skirt. I lifted it up high so he could see all of my panties and waist. I felt like I was trembling as I stood there watching my dad stare right at my panties.

My heart pounding as I watched my dad staring at me, looking right at how my panties hugged my pussy as he rubbed his cock. I knew I was blushing and a smile crept onto my face. I turned a slow circle so he could see all of how my panties fit me. Dad reached for his phone and tapped away until Christina's Dirty began. He looked back to me and I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to dance similar to her. I started by rolling my hips as I let down my skirt.

Swaying and moving my hips more and more in beat to the music until I was as close as I could to her moves. Gyrating my hips shaking my ass as I turned. Then I as on the cute babe screwed while another woman twerking her ass in front of dad and spread my legs wide.

I leaned back and lifted them up and gyrated. "Oh fuck." I heard my dad mutter. I looked to my dad. He stood up and looked down at me as I opened and closed my legs and gyrated. My skirt flipping up, my panties exposed. My eyes grew wide as I saw what my dad did next, he stared undoing his pants. Dad: I couldn't believe my eyes. My 14yo daughter was dancing like a stripper for me. When she sat on the table in front of me and spread her young legs exposing her panties again then laid back and started to gyrate broke any thoughts that my have been left that might back away from my taboo sexual desires.

I stood up and looked down at her as he gyrated and opened closed her young legs. I started to undo my pants.

I wanted her to see how hard she had made me. I wanted to see so so many things. I wanted to see the look on her face as I thrust my hard cock into her little fucking pussy! "Did you know Christina let every dancer in that video fuck her." I said to my 14yo daughter as I undid my pants. Katie's response couldn't have been better. She answered, "I would have too." Then she stopped gyrating and just laid back on the table and spread her legs wide.

I opened my pants and pushed them down exposing my hard cock to my 14yo daughter. I stepped out of my pants and pulled my shirt off. I was now naked standing over her. Katie: I stared at my dad's hard cock as he looked down at me. I was crazy with hormones running wild in me. I didn't care it was my dad, I didn't care I was a virgin, I only cared about cumming. I bit my lip seductively. Dad saw and ava adams sex full story down between my legs.

I watched as he looked at my panties then grabbed them. "Lift up your hips." He said. I closed my legs and lifted my hips. He pulled my panties off. He let out a moan as he saw my bald pussy. He ran his hands up the sides of my legs to my hips. He looked me in the eyes and said "Spread your legs as wide as you can." I did. I thought I might feint from lightheadedness as I spread my legs on my dad's command. I looked at him fixated on my pussy as it became exposed. I looked to my dad's cock, inches away, hard, glistening with precum at the tip.

Dad move between my legs, his cock hanging over my pussy. The front of his thighs touching the insides of mine. My dad then reached up and undid my top. He said, "You don't need this anymore." He pulled it off and exposed my young tits. He looked at them. "Oh fuck." He muttered. Other then my thin flimsy skirt and belt around my waist, I was naked laying on our living room coffee table with my legs spread wide and my naked dad kneeling between them.

Dad: I had to see her tits. I had to have the full experience. I pulled her top off and saw them. Perfect perky b-cups. My cock throbbed. I felt her inner thighs touching the front of mine. My mind race and I had to hear more from Katie. I had to hear her want it. "Would you really let all those men from the video fuck you?" I asked as I looked from my daughter's pussy up to her tits then her face.

"As many times as they wanted and for as long as they wanted." Katie answered. I knew it was inevitable now. I was going to fuck rushes punished and licked each twats with the sisters group sex fingering daughter.

I was going to be her first. I was going to be the first to feel her little pussy. The first to hear her moan as a man took her.

I didn't care that I didn't have a condom.

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Even if I did, I wasn't going to wear it. I was going to feel my daughter's pussy bareback. I wanted to cum inside her. But first she had to be completely naked. I reached down and grabbed her belt and skirt the was up around her hips, I pulled them down and off. and looked down at my now naked 14yo daughter. Katie: My dad grabbed my hips and lifted me up a bit off the table. I let a gasp out. The I felt the tip of his cock touch my pussy.

Kelly madison latin bimbo victoria june filled with jizz eyes flared.

I looked down a watched. My dad was looking also as he gripped my hips tight and moved the tip of his cock around on my pussy, smearing his precum all over until he parted me just enough that he knew he was lined up just right.

Then he pushed his cock forward and pulled my hips towards him. "OH FUCK." He moaned as he pressed and my pussy resisted.

"Oh fuck, Katie." He moaned again as he eased up for a second then pushed again and forced the tip inside me. He looked at me right in the eyes and pushed more. I flinched with a twinge of pain as he broke my hyman. Then he pushed all they way inside. He took it. I wasn't a virgin.

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He looked at me as he pushed in all they way. His mouth hung open and he moaned low. "OH fuck, your lil pussy is tight baby." He muttered. I gripped the edge of the table as he entered all of me. He filled me up. He pushed as far as he could inside me until the tip of his cock pushed against my cervix. I looked from his face down to my pussy. He was in me and I had to see.

He pulled back a bit then pushed in and moaned, "OH fuck, oh fuck, you're so fucking tight Katie." I loved hearing my dad mutter in so much pleasure. Brunette cutie shoves a dildo up her twat felt so alive knowing he felt so much pleasure inside me.

I lifted my hips up a bit then, like the girl in porno had done. Dad moaned his approval. I encouraged him now. I gave him permission to what I somehow knew he wanted to do. "It's ok daddy. You can fuck me like you've dreamed about fucking Christina, or the girl in the porn, or how you've always wanted to fuck me." Dad: They were magical words.

I looked from my cock buried in my 14yo daughters pussy to her tits then to her face. I pulled out a bit and held the just the tip in side her. I paused then thrust into he hard. Katie groaned in pleasure and discomfort as I pushed deep into her and against her young cervix.

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"This is how I'd fuck Christina, and that girl from the porn, and it's how I've always wanted to fuck you." I said as I pulled back and thrust into my daughter's tight pussy again.

It was too much pleasure and I knew it. I wasn't going to last long. I needed to get as much in as I could before I finished. My mind was now full of things I wanted to tell my daughter, thing I wanted her to do, things I wanted to do to her.

I pulled back again and thrust into her. I wouldn't last much longer. I bend over on top over my daughter so I could feel her young tits against me, her stomach against mine. I put my head next to hers and grabbed her hair as I thrust into her again. I whispered with pleasure in my voice into her ear as I thrust again into her lil 14yo pussy. "I'm going to cum in your lil pussy, just hot sunny xn storys fuck I'd cum in Christina pussy, and all your girl friends' pussies." Katie: I knew my dad was never going to pull out of me once he was inside.

I knew he was going to be the first person to cum in me. But when he said it, it pushed me over the edge. I cam. I tensed up and moaned. I grabbed my dad's back as I cam and held him against me. I trembled. It felt amazing. Kerry cherry and roxy dee in sapphic shower lesbians by sapphix young teen I couldn't stop.

Feeling Katie cumming, feeling her young body tense up under me in orgasm was the last straw.

Just when I felt her relax the slightest, I pulled myself up and grabbed her little hips again. I had to see her body when cam. I pulled back one last time an thrust into her. I exploded. My entire body tensed up. My cock erupted inside Katie's pussy. I couldn't help but announce it. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming in you." I trembled as I held my cock as deep inside Katie's pussy as I could.

I looked right into her eyes as I finished pulsating and sending the last few streams of my cum inside her pussy. Katie: "You cam in me daddy." I muttered and smiled.

+++ More to follow.