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Vintage babes cockriding in threesome reversecowgirl pussyrubbing
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The rest of the terrorists were becoming rather spooked by the turn of events, as those who were sent to check the cause of the commotion on the upper floors never came back. Yet strangely, they heard female moans from above, which made them consider the possibility that the attacker was a female who was defeated by the armed men.

They never bothered to report in because they were having too much fun with her, perhaps? In any case, the remaining 7 terrorists locked all doors and placed themselves into positions that they thought of as unassailable. However, they were not counting on the female actually being Wonder Woman, a superheroine.well, up until some 35 minutes ago. Their lives were sealed, because she now sought to actually kill men, for her own sexual pleasure.

Sneaking down the stairs, she found no signs of anyone patrolling the hallways- she pinpointed the room where the terrorists were- a small dining space.

It was cramped, and the three had an equal number of hostages tied up and at gunpoint. Entering would not be easy- the room had a glass surface, which would allow the enemies to see anyone walking up to the door, if they looked to the side.

Diana had to crawl to stay undetected and take a look at the situation. But she came up with a plan. By coming at the door from an angle that would minimize her chances of being seen early enough by the terrorists, she could run at it and deliver a hard kick which would knock the door out. The tight space of the room was to her advantage, as the flying door could incapacitate at least one, if not two of the guarding men.

Moving away quietly from the door, she reached the point from where she would charge at the door. Silently getting into a crouch, she waited for a second before getting up and running. One of the hostage scientists saw her, and her eyes bulged out in shock. Unaware of this, Diana simply went at the door, kicking at it with her left foot. The master tactician had planned out well.

The kick sent the door falling, as it even went a bit into the air. The guard nearest to the exit was incapacitated completely by the falling door, with the added effect of hitting his head on a chair. He was possibly even dead. The other one was stunned and out of balance from the glancing blow of the door, something which Wonder Woman took advantage of by quickly leaping up and knocking him out with a flying knee. The panicked man turned his automatic rifle towards her, but soon found himself wailing in agony, as her other foot rose to hit him straight in the genitals.

Doubling over, he dropped the rifle, as the shocked hostages watched on. She did a handstand then, wrapping her legs around his neck. After a sexy ladies get happy to max smalltits and homemade struggle, a neck snap mixed with a moan of pleasure ended the fight.

Upon leaping back to her feet, Diana surveyed the hostages. All unharmed, but clearly astounded and even scared by what had happened mere seconds ago.

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In a heated state of predatory sexual need, she untied first the balding male in his 50-s, and pushed him on the floor. Ignoring any protests, she sat on his face, her knees pinning his arms so he was unable to resist. Without delay, she pushed his face into her crotch, riding him violently. As she slammed her pelvic bones down onto the man's face every now and then, the Amazon moaned and groaned in morbid pleasure, as she was acting with full awareness of the damage inflicted to the man by constant impacts of his head against the floor.

amazing jamie has her tight asshole drilled facial and toys old perv.yeah.go deep on my vagina.serve me, limp-dick.˝ As she humiliated the male, the warrior turned around, to smile lustfully at a female captive, who looked on in shock. ˝Watch true pleasure.˝ The young blonde trembled in fascination at the act of rape of a man by a woman. The rapist's beauty was unparalleled, too. The lady had not considered herself lesbian before, but she would now most likely be severely tested in that aspect.

As the Princess of Themyscira felt the man underneath her accumulate brain damage from her abusive face-ride, she took a more controlling role- literally. By pinching and pressing certain locations on the man's head, she made him lick faster.then she made the semi-dead human doll suck on her clit.

As the pleasure from the sensation in her vagina spiked, it mixed with the awareness of her having a male under direct control- he was a robot to please her orally, now. Screaming in triumphant pleasure, the Amazon squirted all over the victim as she got up, then slammed down on his face from some height.

Then again, and again, while her pussy continued to expel fluids.

With each slam, a deep moan would come. At one point, the man was killed, as the fragments of his cartilage flew from his nose into his brain. When her orgasm subsided at long last, Diana turned towards the female scientist, and quickly noticed her face was sweaty. Her skirt was.wet. Smiling, she untied the woman, and swiftly stripped her, enjoying the slightly panicked gasps coming from the blonde.

As the male watched, trembling, the Amazon ignored him, pushing the naked blonde to the ground.

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Assuming the 69 position within seconds, she pushed the other's head into her crotch, while starting to lap at her pussy. Screaming into the deadly woman's pussy, the scientist licked and kissed it, prompting the horny Wonder Woman to do the same to her. Soon, both were cumming and squirting hard, rolling on the floor as passion and sensation of pure female unity coursed through them. The lesbian sex scene left the male spectator exhausted as he came multiple times, with the same applying for the scientist, whom Diana finished off by tightening her legs around her, to simply knock her out- she wouldn't die.