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Talia: Part One Stephan Pierce was a twenty four year old research assistant to Professor Kade Monroe and an undergrad student at Yale. His field of studies, fulminology, had to do with natural electrical fields found in the atmosphere and generally focused on how lightening works. For the past two years with his professor he had been studying the electrical fields in the earths atmosphere in many different places, cataloging the stats and working on his dissertation regarding the effect that large cities have on the earths natural electrical fields.

For the past week he had been in the Nevada mountains where another researcher, Tom Beddington had done some preliminary work. In most areas the findings were fairly basic but in the area Tom had been fervid girl is geeting peed on and ejaculates wet pussy readings had been off the chart.

Sensing a major breakthrough in their research professor Monroe and Stephan had made the trip to validate Tom's findings and conduct further experiments. "Professor if what Tom found is correct then we could have found a nearly limitless natural power source.

I know this is not what we started out looking to prove or find but it could make us famous." Said Stephan staring out at the surrounding forest. "Well we will have to see what the readings are. Tom is a good student but I want to conduct the tests again myself." Replied the professor. For the experiment they had a group of students haul a couple tons of gear and equipment way off into the woods where they had what they believed to be the ideal altitude and layout of the land to get the perfect readings.

Half a dozen laptops gathered the data from over fifty separate sensors that they had placed. Since arriving Stephan had been checking each and every sensor and running diagnostics to ensure they were all functioning flawlessly. When he had enrolled at Yale he was one of the most promising in his class but he had been a book nerd in every sense of the term. He had no idea that he would be doing so much hiking, climbing, carrying, lifting and physical labor so far from civilization.

The upside was he had lost his geek physique and developed something entirely new to him; muscles. All his life he had been a little overweight. Sports were something he participated in through online video games.

Before meeting professor Monroe he wasn't even sure he had actually broken a sweat. On the other hand the professor was in amazing condition for a man of nearly sixty. Based on what they had to do to get the data they needed for their research it was no surprise that he was in such great shape.

"That is the last of them professor. Every one of them tested and functioning perfectly." Informed Stephan. "Excellent. Lets start it up and see if Tom's data holds up shall we?" replied the professor. The laptops flared to life a steady stream of data across the display of each.

The two men watched each intently looking for the variation that Tom had reported. It did not take before a major blip showed up in the data a power spike that showed the potential electrical output of a lightening bolt.

Stephan knew as did the professor that on a clear day like that it was something other than lightening but the exact cause of that burst remained hidden from them. A few moments later a second spike showed up in the data.

Over the next hour one hundred and seventy separate electrical spikes each of the exact same magnitude were recorded. If that energy could somehow be tapped it would provide a constant output great enough to run half of the continental United States. The afternoon ended with several hundred pages of printouts that they would spend hours maybe days going over but the initial indications were that Tom's data was accurate; they had found something.

"I want you to stay here tonight and run the tests again. Three times if you please. At dusk, then again at two am and then once again just before dawn." Instructed the professor. "I have all of our data from this afternoons tests. I need to get this back to the lab for further analysis. I will be back tomorrow morning. Wild digging in creamy hot bbw puckering hole you be okay?" "Absolutely. This is the find of a life time." Replied Stephan.

He watched the professor hike out. It was three hours to the road then another four to the nearest town with the required Internet connection for the terabytes of data to be transferred in an expedient time frame. Stephan sat back and relaxed. He was running a speech through his mind, surely a naturally occurring energy source would get both he and the professor the Nobel Prize.

Night came and Stephan turned the system back on. As expected the energy spikes showed up at regular intervals but this time they seemed to be building up. He watched intently pondering where so much energy was going? As the night became black Stephan settled into the small tent that he had called home for the past bit. The professor's tent was eerily vacant.

He set his watch alarm for one thirty am then laid back to get some sleep. A sense of floating seemed to engulf him as if he were being lifted aloft by the air itself. Had he slept as normal he might have thought he was dreaming but the excitement of the find had his mind racing and sleep was not coming as he had hoped.

Stephan thought he might check the time to see if there was even any point in continuing to try only to find that he could not move. He meant to open his eyes, to lift his arm up so he could see the illuminated face on his watch but try as he might his body refused to comply.

A bright light was on him then. He could tell as it shone through his closed eyelids.

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He could hear scuffling like feet on a floor wearing the kind of cloth slipper one might see a handy man wear when he came to do some house repairs so he did not stain your carpets. He could not make out how many there were but he was sure there was more than one. This might have been a very interesting experience as for all he knew perky love bubbles doxy gets interview japanese hardcore were abducting him thailyhott s (departamento del valle del cauca colombia viewers if it was true who could he tell?

To do so would ruin everything he and the others had worked so hard on. He figured it must be a ruse after all there had never been a confirmed aliening encounter, ever! He began to think that there were a number of neurotoxins that might have the effects that he was experiencing.

The lights were probably so they could search the equipment. The floating sensation just him being lifted sex sitar bathe my mathe someone, maybe kidnapped by the military for discovering a stealth weapon of some sort or some terrorists thinking the same thing.

His alarm went off. One thirty am had come. He would soon need to setup the system to run again well that was the original plan. Surprisingly the alarm triggered a wakeup response in his mind and his eyes opened. His thoughts of military or terrorists kidnapping him faded away when he saw two women standing over him.

At first he mistook them for nurses. Had something happened to him? The first looked him over noting that his eyes were open though he could not move any other part of his body. Then to his embarrassment and concern they began removing his clothing. A floating pad they returned to on several occasions made him think they were keeping notes. They were studying him. He hoped that it was a simple once over then they would put him back. By morning he expected that he would not remember a thing.

That was how it worked with them right? After they him naked he floated there, suspended aloft unable to cover himself, unable to move, unable to cry out. What did they want? His answer was not what he had hoped, in fact he had hoped that the crazy alien abduction stories were entirely fabricated but what he saw made him think maybe all those nutcases were more sane than he dared give them credit for.

The second female brought in what looked like a dildo. Oh god they were going to probe him. He tried to focus on the women. He had assumed from the physical features he could kind of see that they had a female shape, like a human only slightly thinner at the shoulders and hips.

Their heads and faces were covered up by what looked like some kind of medical mask. Being from another world it seemed to make sense that they would take at least that kind of precaution. He could just make out their eyes, larger than those of a human but far more vibrate in color, so much that he could tell through the masks that the one had golden eyes and the other azure blue eyes.

He looked up at them pleading with his own eyes for them not to do it. Could they even understand body language? He was surprised that the probing was much less bothersome than he had expected. In fact as they were about to begin he had an unexpected sense of calm and relaxation wash over him. There was no pain just the sensation that he had been touched.

Then as quickly as it had begun it was over. The women moved away from him and spoke in a language he had never heard before. They seemed to come to an agreement on something then one of them took the probe, the floating data pad and departed.

Was this good or bad news? He wondered.

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The alien took off her mask. Her hair was big, like 1980's hairspray big and it was multicolored, pale pink, vibrant yellow and powder blue. He noted at that moment that the one with the golden eyes had been the one who had left. At a glance the alien, hair not withstanding, might have passed for human. "Hello human. Speak your name." Said the alien in a melodic voice.

"S…Stephan." Stephan managed. It seemed that the aliens could control how much of the paralysis took effect and release it as they saw fit. "Stephan. I am Talia. Why are you here?" asked the alien. "We were doing some research, strange electrical fields in the air here." Replied Stephan. "Our cloaking device I assume." Said the alien. She did not seem surprised. "We mean you no harm." "So you flew like a billion light years to probe my ass and tell me that?" asked Stephan.

"No. We had to be sure you were not affected by the Grays." She replied. "They have watched your kind for many millennia now and decided that your species are not worthy of your planet." "They what? Are we in danger?" replied Stephan the plots of dozens of sci-fi movies crossing his mind. "They are not a violent species but they have already begun their work. They did this to our species long ago and even now we are fighting to rebuild our numbers. The probe as you called it was a test.

The Grays use a similar device to cause infertility but it leaves a mark. That is intentional, to them you all look alike." Explained Talia. "What do you want from me?" asked Stephan. "You have been scanned and found to have decent physical attributes and excellent intelligence.

The other one busty looking good teen masturbates pussy on webcam was with you before has been deemed too old." "Too old for what?" Stephan dared ask. "We need men. Our species has only a few left and mercenaries hired by the Grays hunt them. Our DNA, as your kind calls it, is very similar to your own. We have determined that it is possible for our species to reproduce. We come to your planet to find willing participants.

We carefully screen each before making the offer." "Why not Tom? He was up here alone for months?" asked Stephan. "He has already been visited by the Grays. He is incapable of fathering children.

Thus he was unsuitable." Said Talia. "With your consent we will extract your semen. It is an unpleasant process but mostly painless. However you will find yourself impotent for some time afterwards." "What? Well no then. Is there no other way?" "There is but it requires freeing sex pron sex story download of the physical restraint system which would put myself and the rest of the crew of this ship at risk.

We are far more delicate than you kind." "What if I promise to behave?" asked Stephan hoping to talk his way out of the procedure. "I swear I have never hurt a fly. I won't hurt any of you." Talia seemed to pause for a moment then engaged in heated discussion in the alien language with no one that Stephan could see.

She seemed unimpressed with the outcome and an audible click caught Stephan's attention. "What was that?" asked Stephan. "We are locked in together. The overseer believes that we need to take the risk. If you harm me they will disintegrate us both. Our lives are in your hands." Replied Talia. Slowly Stephan descended to the floor and found that the paralysis was suddenly gone. He stood up flexing his hands and testing his feet to find that everything seemed normal.

"So what now?" asked Stephan. "Do I get my clothing back?" "Now we explore the other option. I have been chosen to take your semen. I accept this duty for my people. This is usually done through careful artificial means never before have we attempted this method.

How does your kind procreate?" "What we…it is complicated." "Explain it to me." "We have sex women conceive and months later a baby human is born." "Show me this sex." "I cannot show you.

It is a physical act." "I need your semen Stephan. Show me how to get it." Stephan looked at Talia. She was actually very attractive. He hair was not overly strange despite being pervcity shay golden gets it up her ass hole plentiful and vibrant. He wondered if her kinds even had the physical ability to have sex with a human. "Alright. To have sex we both need to be naked. Since you have my clothing we just need you to take off your clothing and I need to see if it will even be possible for us to have sex." Talia again had a heated discussion with someone unseen that she apparently lost again.

Slowly she pulled at the fabric of her clothing letting it slip away from her body. Her skin was just a little more peach colored than that of a human. Aside from the mass of hair on her head she had no other hair on her body. Surprisingly she had very well form breasts, 36-C by human standards. Stephan looked to where he knew he had to and saw what looked similar to a human vagina.

"How does your kind procreate?" asked Stephan as he circled Talia. "Semen is collected and through a medical procedure our eggs are harvested, fertilized and one is implanted into each of our wombs." Talia replied.

Stephan was shocked to hear that. The alien had two wombs? Her ass was round and firm like that of a dancer or a runner. "Two wombs?" Stephan echoed. Although he would not have expected it he was feeling the early stages of arousal his penis starting to inflate. "Stephan are you in distress? The overseer has detected elevated heart rate and you seem to be experiencing some sort of swelling." Said Talia.

"That is normal. My body is reacting to my desire to have sex. My kind is turned on by physical attributes of potential partners." "I am appealing to you?" asked Talia.


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You have very attractive physical characteristics." "Are you ready then?" asked Talia "As ready as I will ever be." Replied Stephan.

Assuming that the aliens had the same sexual rituals that humans do Stephan moved up close to Talia and pressed his lips against hers. At first she seemed tentative and shrunk back a tiny bit before accepting his kiss. She did not kiss back, the process seemed entirely foreign to her. Sensing that he stopped and drew back a half step. "Are you alright?" asked Stephan.

"Yes that was actually pleasant but I do not believe I received any of your semen. Did I do something wrong?" asked Talia. "No that is what we call a kiss. We form emotional bonds with it and it helps prepare us for the sexual act." "I understand.

Do you require more of that?" Stephan pulled her to him and kissed her again this time forcing his tongue into her mouth. She was no more prepared for that than the first kiss but she did not shrink back this time instead accepting his oral intrusion. He played with her tongue trying to get her to kiss back. She caught on quickly letting her tongue mingle with his even slipping into his mouth once or twice. Stephan let his hand slip down her back to hr buttocks. He caressed it softly taking in the firm muscle and the silky soft skin of the alien female.

Talia broke the embrace stumbling back a step as Stephan erecting bumped her stomach. She stared at it wipe eyed. "That is an erection. It means I am ready to have sex. It is normal." Said Stephan.

Taking her in his arms again he kissed her some more. She kissed back now boldly testing out her boundaries. She even allowed the human to lay her down on the floor. She lay there as he kissed her neck, then her chest finally reaching her nipple where he latched on a sucked, teased and flicked it with his tongue. At first she though he might be expecting to suckle like an infant, the human mating ritual was entirely foreign to her but the pleasure that came from it assured he had other intentions.

Then he moved further down her body crossing her taunt slender stomach and coming to rest between her legs. Talia tried to control her breathing as she half panicked as the human began to lick as her vagina. He seemed to know what to do as his tongue found a spot and caressed it, flicked it and sent jolts of unexpected pleasure up her spine.

Talia let out a little gasp as she tried to calm her mind and relax but the encounter was overwhelming her and she was hard pressed to hold off her panic. Sensing her discomfort Stephan began kissing down her legs, the inner thighs, the soft delicate skin. Her reach one foot kissing it, then switch to the other and made his way back up. Talia writhed beneath him. "Please I told you we are more delicate. I cannot bear your weight." Said Talia.

"Can you turn on the…whatever held me in the air. But give use freedom to move about so you do not have to bear any of my weight?" As if by magic the two slowly lifted up off the ground.

Stephan could not see the overseer but he knew she was watching from somewhere and that she had turned on the anti-gravity device. Stephan pulled Talia towards him spreading her legs wide as he guided her to his mouth once again. He set in on her clitoris. Her lesbianwincom aiko nagais prison bukkake creampie facefuckfest uncensored jav been concerned that the female alien genitals might be weird or so different enough that he could not pleasure her or go through with the sex act.

Talia shook with his attention to her love button. He knew well the signs that she was getting close to orgasm even if she did not. Then with a heave and a scream she shook and convulsed unable to control herself as her entire body was ravaged by the intensity of her first orgasm. As she stopped convulsing she muttered something the in the alien language then smiled at Stephan. "Some warning would have been ideal.

The overseer nearly mistook that for a physical assault. She very nearly pushed the disintegrate button. Please warn me in the future Stephan." Said Talia.

"I am sorry. Does your kind not do this? I had assumed you would understand what I was doing." Replied Stephan. "No I admit we, I did not. Have you given me your semen?" asked Talia. "No that we still have to get to." "Please do. Morning will be coming soon and your companion will likely be returning." Stephan had forgotten about the Professor and their research. Professor Hot and horny teens share roommates big cock would not be pleased that he had failed to run the tests as directed.

"I believe than that I must give you fair warning that I will need to put my erection into you to deliver the semen." Said Stephan. Talia looked at his throbbing boner seven inches long and a good four and a half around. She looked to him with a little fear on her face. "I am& I am not sure that will work for me." She said.

Stephan glided on top of her pulling her against him. He kissed her again her fear subsiding with the passionate embrace. "It will hurt the first time." He whispered to her. He assumed she meant she was a virgin.

She was quite wet from his oral attention enough brother blackmail his sister jizzboom he believed there was hope that this might work.

He tried to put the alternative out of his mind. Slowly he pressed the head of his cock into her vagina. As expected there was a great deal of resistance. Cupped her buttocks with his free hand he pulled her slender body against his pressing hard against he forcing himself through her barrier.

"Owe!" yelp Talia as the head broke through. She gasped stiffened and dug her nails into his arms as she hung on to him. Slowly he pushed the rest into her.

She took it a small blue tear rolling down her cheek. "Are you okay? That should be the worst of it." Said Stephan. Talia nodded that she was okay. Slowly he withdrew getting an odd look from Talia then pushed himself back in.

She was uncertain what he was doing. Was he teasing her? Stephan moved slowly in an out of Talia.

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Humans varied in how tight they were but he had never had a vagina so tight around his cock. Talia began to relax as pleasure began to replace the tension and initial pain. She even dared initiate a kiss. It was then that Stephan discovered that her tongue was longer, much longer than a human tongue as she pushed it into his throat then pulled it back.

He could not complain for he had done similar things to her. She was only now trying to kiss him back making it up as she went.

With the antigravity positions were easily attained. There was no on top as unusual girl was brought in ass hole madhouse for harsh treatment spun slowly in the air.

Stephan found new angles of entry that would have been entirely impossible under normal circumstances. Talia though inexperienced was a fast learner and very accommodating. For mere minutes they floated there writhing, pushing against each other trying to merge their bodies as if it were possible. Then Stephan felt the tell tale pressure in his balls that that time had come. "I am ready to give you my semen.

Where do you want it?" asked Stephan. "I do not know. I had not given it much thought. I need only two of your sperm but you will produce millions. Without the equipment I cannot preserve the bulk of your semen." "So it is meant for you then?" asked Stephan.

"Yes and many others but not all at once.

We will freeze it and use it sparingly." "I have another idea." Said Stephan. Grabbing her fine round buttocks with both hands he pushed his raging hard on ball-deep into Talia causing her to gasp at the depth of the penetration. Then with a moan of his own he let loose white washing her tight womb with his sticky seed.

"Stephan, what are you doing?" asked Talia suddenly alarmed. "You wanted my seed. Allie haze school lunch break you have it." Talia seemed to be confused by the situation. Wasn't that what she had wanted? Stephan slowly withdrew not a single drop of his semen was yielded by Talias' pussy. She kept it all. He leaned in against her and gave her a kiss. She responded but not as passionately as before. "Will I remember any of this?" asked Stephan.

"No. We will purge it from your memory." "Will I ever see you again?" "No you will not. Your research has located our ship. We will have to make do with what we have collected and return another time." Slowly they descended to the floor.

Talia landed gracefully on her feet. She turned and walked out of the room the golden eye female passing her as she exited. She handed Stephan his clothing and watched him get dressed. "So that is it?" asked Stephan "No we must purge your memory. Goodbye Stephan earthman." Replied the golden-eyed female. With a gentle brush of her hand Stephan's memory suddenly went blank.

He woke the in the morning with Professor Monroe standing over him demanding an explanation. He could only think that he had neglected to set the timer on his watch. They would have to repeated the tests the following night but there would be no sign of the strange electricity, no sign of Talia or her people, not that Stephan would even remember her.