Red head huge black dick plus ill make sure you have a joy time throughout

Red head huge black dick plus ill make sure you have a joy time throughout
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After a rape and forced sex on my husband Len and I, we awoke about noon on Saturday with a hangover but we both felt completely sexually satisfied. Len said that he hoped I wasn't upset with him for performing all the sex acts on Ely and Eric. I said certainly not as he seemed to be very turned on after they started on him and I did some things to them that was different than we normally do.

Len said that, as I knew, he always enjoyed anal intercourse from me with the strap on but this was the first time since he was young with his cousin that he had sucked a dick. I reassured him of my love and what ever we decided to do if it gave him pleasure, I was OK with it. Len gave me a deep kiss and said he loved me more than anything in the world and he wanted me far more sexually than anyone else, male or female.

We had a great weekend and discussed our experience homamde sex tape of hot teen couple times. I told Len that maybe in the future we could try it with another couple or someone that we both approved of, he agreed completely. He said just thinking about gave him stimulation, I secreted some pussy lubrication thinking about it as well but I didn't say so at that time.

Len left for his usual weekly business trip on Monday and I got back to my usual routine of calling friends, cleaning the house and shopping. It wasn't the exact same as I kept reliving the sex Friday night. I know we should have called the police in on the case but as we discussed, we weren't physically hurt or mistreated; besides we both really enjoyed it, so we will let it be our secret and not face all the publicity.

After getting through the day the incident was allowing few other thoughts to enter my mind, I sat down with one of our good bottles of wine, listening to some good music and proceeded to drink most of the wine, trying to bring on some normality to my thoughts. The door bell rang and locking through the door view I seen a female with what looked like a package. I opened the door and before I could close it again Eric, Ely and a beautiful, muscular fit female came in.

The female was introduced to me as Juliana, Ely's wife. I asked them to leave as Len was out and will be back later so I would call them to talk to him when he came in.

They didn't, then Ely picked me up and carried me like a doll and tossed me on our king size bed in the master bed room. He said Len could join in later as he seemed to enjoy the activity. I protested that they weren't to do this but it seemed to satisfy them more when I protested. They all were taking off their clothing and Juliana seemed to accomplish it first. My robe was thrown back reveling that I had nothing on under it and they said that it was an indication that I was expecting them. This statement was a little puzzling to me but with the present situation the thought passed over.

Juliana got on the bed with a knee on each side of my hips, held my arms and put her lips on mine. At first, fuck with my brother when my husbend sick I could think of was getting loose from her but I soon realized that the struggle would be fruitless as she was so strong.

Her lips were soft, warm, moist and she was moving her tongue around my lips, inserting it just through the outer lips. I was getting really turned on, because I had never had a romantic kiss from a female, I found it very satisfying. She sensed this and slipped her tongue into my mouth, touching my tongue.

I was so turned-on that I had forgotten all my inhibitions and returned the kiss as deeply and heavy as possible.

This seemed to be the main attraction for Ely and Eric as they were watching each move stroking their complete erections. She started to kiss me on the neck, under arms, breasts, worked her way down to my stomach, down each leg, sucking my toes and them back up to my vulva. As soon as she touched my clit with her tongue I reached a climax, I couldn't have held it back if my life depended on it.

This didn't satisfy her as she ran her tongue up and down each pussy lip, dipping into my vagina and them rolling the flat of it on my clit. Again she had brought me to near a climax but she then turned, dropping her vulva across my lips and said for me it give her the same as she had given me. As this was a first for me I had to feel my way hot amateur girlfriend asshole screwed and caught on cam but what surprised me most, I was enjoying it.

I made one pass and then I couldn't hold it back, this time I dropped a large load causing me to shake, want to scratch, scream and climb the wall. Juliana joined me and I got a mouthful of her pussy secretions, I never let a drop escape.

When she rolled off me and turned giving one of the tenderest and loving kisses I have ever had I noticed that Ely and Eric appeared to have not missed a movement.

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They were on each side of us on the bed. When Juliana rolled off me Eric took her and started to make very passionate love to her, even though she was Ely's wife. They seemed to be OK with it.

Ely moved to me and proceeded to give me the sensual sex that I remember so well from him. He had the largest dick of the two even though Eric's dick was large and near nine inches. It didn't take long for me to get in the mood again for Ely knew his business in how to have sex. I could already hear the sounds of fucking coming from Eric and Juliana. As fore-play we went into a 69 and I tried to get as much of his large dick into my mouth but it wasn't possible for me to get much more than half.

Ely was working on all areas of my vulva and anus. When we both were ready to explode he turned and socked his dick to the limit inside me, I felt it up near my navel, this only took a couple of strokes until I was gushing and I felt deep inside of me the squirting flow of hot semen. Eric and Juliana had reached their climax and were resting.

Ely moved to Eric's position and Eric moved to me. It appeared that they all were going to fuck me and this was great, I was in the mood now where I felt I could take on a dozen.

When we all had our rest we started in again, I took Eric's dick in my mouth and enjoyed the taste of his and Juliana's mixed secretions. Eric vintage interracial anal color climax enjoying trying to empty my pussy of Ely's cum. We went into the fucking mode just before the point of no return and were able to last for some time.

I had hit an orgasmic wave and every stroke was heaven. When Eric finally dropped his load deep inside me we fell off each other exhausted.

Ely and Juliana had finished and were doing the same. Juliana moved over to me and stood on the bed with a leg on each side of me. I wondered if she wanted to start again but I soon found out, she started pissing, the first stream hitting me right in the mouth, not expecting this, I had my mouth open and swallowed a lot before I was aware of it.

She continued to piss on my chest and down to my vulva. I was really getting sexually stimulated as I had never had hot piss on me before. This caused Ely and Eric to start doing the same to me, I and the bed were soaked, it didn't matter because I was so hot I loved it.

They started dressing and sometime after, they left as I was passed out due to exhaustion When I awoke the next day it was such a wonderful smell, sexual seamen and the mixture of piss. I don't know why but the smell really turned me on so before I got up I masturbated. For some reason, thinking about being a whore, really turned me on. The sheets were stuck to me so I dragged them to the shower with me ebony ex gf blowjob missionary big white dick interracial and sucking let the water take them off me.

It took me an hour to get as clean as I wanted to be and then I cleared the bed, put it all in a bag and disposed of it in the garbage. We were lucky that we had a water proof sheet over the mattress and that would have been destroyed. All I had to do to that was wipe it off.

I didn't wipe too clean for I wanted a little of the smell to be there. I noticed a note on the bedside table and it appeared to be from Eric. He had written it to Len thanking him for what he said was the most wonderful couple of days he had ever spent.

He also stated that he had left a sum of money in the drawer. I checked and there was $4,500, fifteen hundred for each of them. Now the statement about expecting them made sense, my husband had set me up, made a prostitute of me. I thought about leaving him, or should I stay and take everything he has or should I return the favor and fuck everything and everyone I desire while he foots the bill, it felt exciting. I chick knows what to make with her hands almost ready to thank him as I had truly enjoyed the sexual experience of the forced sex.

We had planned a cruise many months ago, it is for two weeks and the sailing date is two weeks from now. I decided to go through with the cruise and I would take my prostitute earnings and purchase a new wardrobe for the trip.

When Len came home he realized something was wrong as he wasn't greeted as normal with sex on the immediate agenda. I think he must have guessed because I am sure he had been in contact with Eric.

When I told him of the note he turned very pale and asked where the note was. I said it was on the bedside table where Eric had left it. When he read the note I heard the bedside table drawer open.

Len said that he guessed they forgot to leave the money. I said they left money for my fucking, quite a lot, They must have thought I was a great fuck and by the way it was four thousand five hundred and I now have a new wardrobe for the cruise with some left over for the casino.

He asked me to tell him about their second visit and all I would tell him was that they had brought Ely's wife. She was certainly beautiful and made me do all sorts of things to her after she had done them to me, you should have seen how they left me, took a longtime to clean up Tuesday. Len begged me to tell what happened and all I would tell him was that even though I will go on the cruise, I am still contemplating what action I am going to take against you for this. Now that you have made me a whore, setting me up to sell my ass, I plan on having the great time because I found I really enjoy it.

Things were different for the next two weeks, we fucked when I wanted to, he did what I wanted him to do, and as he loved to suck a dick and get fucked in the ass, I made him take me il baise la femme de son voisin my strap-on and then suck it off.

I think I am going to enjoy our new status. I asked Len if it was Bob talking about a swingers group he had heard about. Len said Bob was talking about a person he worked with that told him about it When they were talking about it here that night they seemed a little more interested than just idle gossip and they asked us if you would ever consider anything like that and we said no.

Well, as they are going on the cruise with us I am going to invite them over to our house for dinner and cocktails. I want to find out more about that swingers group as I think they are involved more than just talking about it and now as you have made me a whore I am very interested. Bob and Lisa arrived the following Friday evening and even though most of the food I had brought in I still had to lay the table and get everything ready.

Ensuring we had plenty of booze that I remembered they liked. Every thing went well as planned and we all had pre-dinner drinks, dinner wine and after dinner drinks.

We were very plastered early in the evening. I brought up the subject of the swingers club that they had told us about and told them that now we were curious.

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Lisa started telling us about what went on at their parties, the membership requirements and conduct of all persons involved. Lisa had it all down pat and she admitted that they were members. I asked how we could check it out and she said that the five couples that were going on the cruise were all members.

After many more drinks and my imagination I really wanted to try it out so I started coming on to Bob, Lisa thought it amusing and did the same with Len. It wasn't long before we all were on our king sized bed putting our lips and all else all over each other.

Bob really knew his stuff; he gave me equal sexual satisfaction of my recent encounters. Len and Lisa were equally satisfied and then Lisa came on to me with Bob moving on Len. Needless to lesbian ebony scat porn storys the great after meal serving was enjoyed by all.

They stayed all night and we fucked, sucked and swapped most of the night. We had to sleep half the next day to gain our strength. I told Lisa about my recent experiences and how they all parted by soaking me with their piss. She said the thought made her wet her panties and she wished she could have been here even if Len had set it up without your knowledge and we would try that kind of action soon.

One of the rituals in the swap group is to celebrate each member's birthday by a born again party. We have a child's wadding pool that is padded on each use with foam and the celebrated one is placed on this. If it is a female all males anoint her by fucking her till they shoot their load inside. When this is finished each female stands straddling her and starts pissing on her head and upper body while each male stands back pissing into the much dilated pussy opening.

This turns most everyone on big time, and they have sex with the born again person or someone else. It is absolutely wonderful, looking up and feeling the hot piss hitting you, making you lose your mind in sexual ecstasy.

I can get near an orgasm just thinking about my turn two months from now. Bob said that on these two week cruises the first week consisted of swapping partners every night. The female stayed in their cabins and the males rotated each night. The second week all couples rotated with male/female, female/female and male/male action if it was desired as all couples in the brutally fisting her teen twat in bondage domination and extreme had to be bi-sexual.

I can hardly wait for the cruise now, and come to think of it, my birthday is coming up soon. Many adventures await us in our new role.