Wrestling lesbo fingers pussy and licks clit

Wrestling lesbo fingers pussy and licks clit
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Hello everyone, I am recovering from surgery at home and have lots of time right now, so here is something I read in the journal I kept, thought you may like it. I was very buxom, very developed and very horny as a 18 year old young woman could be.

My car was in the shop and Mommy dropped me off at school a lot. I was very very open about my sexuality and most of my adventures and so, Ms. Betts (yes her real name) was in one class I took for my last year.

She taught life skills and college prep. She was cute so that I almost died when I first saw her. 5'8", and a lovely buxom figure that was a perfect hour glass figure. She was balanced on top and bottom and had thick black hair down to her mid-back.

I stared at her and could not take my eys off of her and she noticed sine I did not try to hide my busty chick knows how to pay men at her. She usually smiled back at me and I melted when she did.

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I decided that I would see if she were really interested or if she spoke to me so much just because she was kind. I wore a pastel wrap around skirt on day and a thong. I had a button up blouse the same color that was a little too tight and a very transparent bra that let my hard nipples show off. I had the class next to last period and Ms. Betts stared at me the whole hour. I smiled when she was looking at me and stuck my chest out to show off my erect nipples that stayed hard all hour.

I was soaking wet and after class she asked me to come back after last period and I had a shiver go all over my body. "Of course I will Ms. Betts." I told her. She looked at black couple sex fantasy interracial and romantic and said in a very low sexy voice, "I hope so." and I left. The last hour was lost cause all I could think of was Ms.

Betts. I undressed her all hour in my mind and knew what I would do when I saw her. Finally the last bell rang and I almost ran to her room. She was waiting at the door and asked me to come in and close the door behind me. I did and as I did I undid the top two buttons of my blouse. I had taken off my thong before and so I actually had juices dripping down my legs.

She had a small office off the classroom and she motioned me to go in and I sat down in the chair offered to me. I sat and was waiting for whatever was going to happen. I was nervous bang gonzo european slut natalia starr horny raw amp exposed hoped that I was right on how she was going to act. She pulled a chair to the side of he desk a couple feet from me and faced me sitting down.

She had a dress on, light blue and buttoned up all the way from the hem to the neck. The top three buttons were undone and then I saw that the buttons from the hem at the bottom were undone all the way up to a couple inches below her pussy. She sat facing me and crossed her legs making her dress fall open but still very little was visible except her wonderful legs. I felt my hand go to the buttons on my blouse and another button was undone, now to below my bra.

She was smiling and I sat up and leaned forward. "Well, Ms. Betts, why did you want to see me?" I said boldly. She smiled and said, "Oh, I think that you know very well. You have been showing off since you came into class and I need to ask if you are doing it for my benefit or the horny boys in the class." I moved and my skirt fell open and I sat back reclining some in the chair. "Well, since you asked, I have been showing off only for you even if others have gotten something from it." I said.

"And what did you hope to accomplish?" she asked me. My legs came apart and now the skirt fell open exposing my clean shaved and very wet pussy. "I hope we can get to know more of each other, a lot more." I said. She stood and her dress was suddenly unbuttoned and fell to the floor. She reached around and freed her wonderful 38DDD breasts that had such perfect hard nipples now uncovered.

Her panties slid down and she kicked them aside. Slowly she knelt between my spread legs and began kissing them on the inside working her way from the knees to my lovely "Y" that was waiting and already dripping wet. "Oh we are excited aren't we?" she said and then her teeth began biting my pussy lips and clit softly.

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My hips jumped each time she touched my pussy. She stood and took my hands and stood me up and undressed me and tossed the clothes on the floor with her dress.

Her desk had several items on it, dildos and clips and such. She had laid a soft cushion on he floor and led me to it laying me down.

She laid with me sucking my nipples and fingering my pussy, teasing my hard clit. Over and over she teased my nipples and clit and stopped just as I was going to have a wonderful orgasm. She stopped and stood and lowered her pussy over my face and told me to lick her till she said to stop. "Oh, I can lick much longer than that." I said and her pussy covered my face.

Her taste was mind numbing and I could not get enough. She did not touch me at all but kept looking as if she was going to. Suddenly naughty chick craves for a long dick sprayed my face and kept soaking it, my face and hair and all over my neck was soaking wet with her juices. She finished and then stood and reached down, grabbing my nipples and pulling telling me to get up. I did and then she kissed me all over the face and chest, licking her tattooed girl sucks boyfriend and get load i off of me everywhere she could find it.

Then she was biting my nipples hard and her teeth made me moan as I felt my pussy gushing with orgasms. "Oh, we like some pain do we?" she laughed and I told her, "Oh yes, yes, very much so." She began sucking and biting and then her mouth was on my tummy and her fingers sank hard into my pussy.

"Oh fuck yes." I moaned and arched my hips and sprayed her hand. "Oh more, harder, deeper. Fist me, please fist me." I was moaning and she pushed her hand deep inside my pussy.

She began ramming hard and all the way in as she was biting and kissing me all over. Suddenly we were in a 69 again and eating each other like animals and spraying all over each other's face and hair and the scent of sex was overwhelming in her office.

We finished and then she got up, panting and I laid there waiting for more.

She got up and pulled a small tray about 4 inches deep and 12 inches by 12 inches. She got a pillow and told me to rest my neck on it with my head over the pan. "You huge black dick fucking huge breasts brunette babe want to close your eyes dear and open your mouth, I have to pee so bad." she said and as I did a stream of her piss began flowing, most into my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could.

The taste made me shiver with at least two orgasms as she moaned and pissed. She finished and kissed me deep and hard. After this she spread my legs and straddled my, pussy to pussy and began grinding hard against me and more orgasms came for both of us.

Somehow, we both fell asleep. It was late that evening and dark and we woke and dressed without cleaning up at all. She drove me home and we kissed in the car outside the front of my house and I finally got out, my blouse open, no bra and panties and my skirt blowing open in the breeze. "See you tomorrow" she said very sexy. "Will that be all you will do? See me?" I asked her. "Well, this weekend a hotel sounds nice." she said.

"Why not just come over and stay here in my house all weekend?" I said.

"That sounds even better." she said and she drove off. The rest of the year we were "an item" as they say.

Everyone knew but no one said anything at all about it." See you all later, love sue