Momma katie giving head to stress relieve

Momma katie giving head to stress relieve
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This is a true story, my first written on here. Well it was summer break, myself being 14 at the time.

Some friends had mentioned to me that our mutual buddy had rumors about him being gay. I never thought about it but a few weeks passed and Dustin the so called gay buddy came by my house and told me that a girlfriend of his was attracted to me. We called her on the phone flirting, being shy, and all that while trying to get me a date with her, I was so excited to mess with her that I didnt think anything about Dustin.

We hung around the rest of the day and the next day he invited me over to swim at his house. I arrived there to find his older brother Rusty who was 17 and his friend swimming and there younger sister Gail who was 11 swimming.

We hung out and ate, as i was about to leave he asked if i wanted to stay over night, I called home and got permission.

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We played games for awhile and went to get ready for bed when I noticed him taking all his clothes off, I had never seen another man or boy naked before, he crawled into bed and I got down into my underwear and crawled in. I did freak a bit knowing he was naked next to me, he explained that they all sleep nude.

His brother went to his room and Gail to her room, we talked a bit about how hot his friend was, she had started getting boobs and we were just talking guy stuff, making ourselfs horny, which later on I wish we wouldnt have.

After a bit i fell asleep and woke up feeling a hand go into my shorts, I kept my eyes closed pretending to real czech chick sucks dick during interview asleep, knowing it was wrong but my 5 inch cock started getting hard again, his hands were rubbing me and touching my balls, it felt good having another person touch me, his hand started stroking my cock making me more excited, feeling scared at the same time, but it felt so good, I pretended to stay asleep while he started jacking me off, I started to call him Angela, his friends name and i reached over to grab his ass, i just rubbed it and tried to pull him to me.

After a bit of him stroking me, I felt him kiss my chest working kisses down my belly to my cock, thats when I felt his toungue lick the tip of my cock, I felt my hairs stand up, then he started sucking me, I could here the saliva squishing with each bob of his head, i freaked out, all 5 inches of my dick in his mouth, he made me cum so quick.

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He swallowed every drop that I had even licking me clean, when he finnished he slid up and I turned teeny lovers kate rich exquisite sex with teen beauty from him thinking what the hell, was i Gay, no, I didnt do anything, I liked girls, but I liked it and it felt so damn good, thinking all these thoughts i fell asleep. In the morning I woke up with him spooning me, I didnt know what I should do, I could feel his hardness against my ass, I know he was awake because his hand was in my underwear again playing with my dick.

So I reached around behind me to move his cock from the crack of my ass and holy shit, I could not believe the size of his dick, like I said earlier that mine was around 5 inches but his was thicker and longer by at least 3 inches, It was huge, He wrapped his arms around me holding me tight, and to my amazement he was stronger than me, I couldnt pull away, I started to get scared, thinking what the hell did I get into, hoping I didnt lead him on in any way, was I suppose to suck him to pay him back.

In my mind there was no way I was gonna put that thing in my mouth. But I felt him start to pull my underwear to the side, feeling his dick touching my skin, poking and prodding at my asshole. While this asshole trying to enter me I heard the bedroom door open and in walks his brother Rusty, naked and watching us, this family had some big cocks because I looked up and his looked like a soda can, now im really scared, I had never been with anybody until last nights blowjob, and now there are 2 guys with hard ons looking at me like im a bitch in heat.

All of a sudden Rusty grabs my arms and pulls them down so im stretched face down and I feel Dustin pulling my shorts off, I tell them not to almost crying, when Dustin shoved my underwear in my mouth, I could barely breath with Rusty wrapping some duct tape around my wrists, now Rusty is sitting on my arms, his balls and cock on them, with his hands on my shoulders, I didnt know what to think, I wanted to scream, feeling tears running down my cheeks, and then I felt the cold oil or lube hit my ass, Dustins hand working my ass, rubbing my cheeks playing with my balls, not believing that my cock is hard under these circumstances, and then I felt it, a finger forced in my little brown hole, I tried to look back but Rusty was holding my head now, his dick and balls just about rubbing my face.

I turned and saw Gail standing there smiling at me, when I felt Dustin climb on me putting the head of his monster at my hole, feeling him put the head of cock at my puckered tight virgin hole, It was the most horrible pain I had ever felt as he pushed the tip in, I could feel the tears running down my face, he just stayed like that forever when I felt Rusty pull my underwear out of my mouth and Gail holding his cock trying to put it in my mouth, what the hell was happening to me, Dustin pushed a little bit more in making me holler, and as my mouth opened Gail put that monster in my mouth, the smell and the taste were something I will never forget, Dustin then shoved his entire cock in me with a thrust of power, not able to yell and barely able to breath, he started to pull almost out and bamm shoved it in again, the pain still there, he started to fuck me family unit and tv phone sex what a mess you made, long strokes, with ease, I did notice it wasnt hurting as bad but I felt horrible, ashamed as to what was happening.

I felt Dustin shove 1 last time and I felt the cum squirt in my ass, filling me with his seed.

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Thats when I thought it was over, hoping Rusty would pull his dick out of my mouth, god I sure didnt want him to cum in my mouth, but maybe I should have sucked him off, thats when Rusty got up and Dustin moved around to hold me down, Rusty then started to lick my cum filled ass, darting his toungue in me, licking kissing, I didnt know what was happening, it felt good and at the same time i was so sore, thinking he was gonna make me feel better he stopped licking and pulled my hips up with my ass up in the air, Gail got in front of me and kissed me saying it was gonna be okay.

While she is saying that I felt Rusty line up behind me and forced his meat stick in me, I felt like I had been split open, he didnt even go slow hot sexy mom xxxxxxx sex stories Dustin did, the pain was way more than Dustin, I felt like I had been split open, he started fucking me like a rabbit, thats when I felt Gail crawl under me and put my dick in her mouth, as he is ramming my tore up ass Gail is giving me a blowjob, I felt him start to cum and I ended up cumming in Gails mouth, Rusty then pulled out of me and started to lick his own cum from me, I felt used like a whore, embarrassed, they untied me and I noticed Gail give Rusty a kiss spitting my cum in his mouth.

W e got dressed and didnt mention any thing. It was weird because we went outside to swim, I could barely walk, my ass was so sore I think I was walking bulllegged for days. Well this is probably the first time I have ever mentioned it since it happened, and I think about it all the time now, with what I know now, It could have been a nice summer, i do think about it, I have fantasies of something like that happening to me again, what do you think.

Hey thanks for the feedback, It is my first story on here, whatever feedback I get will help in future stories