Super pretty blonde horny student screaming p high def

Super pretty blonde horny student screaming p high def
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He wakes to the smell of crisp fried bacon, with warm, soft lips pressed to his. He opens his eyes fucking the brunette angel dark in a leather suit is sure satisfying, smiling up at his Mistress as she serves him breakfast in bed, nude save for another apron and her neck, wrist and ankle bands, her hands gently caressing his sleepy body.

He savors the home-cooked breakfast, idly petting his Mistress as he chews, fingertips tracing the deeper marks as she hisses in delicious pain, her heartbeat quickening with every gentle, painful caress. She restrains herself just until he sets the tray aside before pouncing on him, kissing him passionately, her tongue wrestling with his as their bodies entwine. He scratches down her back as she mounts him, her curvaceous body sliding smoothly against his, a whimper of delightful pain escaping her lips as she clenches his cock hard within her tight, wet pussy.

She rides him slow but hard, letting out a shuddering gasp with every thrust, moaning and whimpering as she pulls his face into her cleavage, nearly suffocating him with her awesome breasts. He cries out as he climaxes, shooting his load deep inside her as she spasms with delight, coming herself a moment later, purring as she draws out their shared pleasure, savoring every moment with her master. She dismounts him gingerly, little rivulets of blood trickling down her back from reopened wounds, smiling at the delicious pain as she climbs slowly down his legs, kissing down his chest to lick his cock clean.

He moans, remaining erect under her tender, expert ministrations, looking down at her fondly as she dutifully cleans her Master.

"Mm, good to see you haven't forgotten Your lessons." "Never, Master. But now I do not need to be compelled to serve; I do this freely." He purrs a little, smiling that her training had such a pleasant side effect.

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"Well, shall we see to our newest acquisition's lessons?" She lies trembling on the jagged grass, shivvering in the cool morning air, covered in a spray of dew from the overhanging this business party ends in such wild way, grateful for the relative heat of an early spring but fearing hypothermia nonetheless.

She feels the warmth of the rising sun on her exposed flesh and tries once more to writhe one leg over the other, the jangling chains taunting her feeble efforts. With a start she hears a rustling in the grass.

"Who's there?" she calls in a panicked voice, clamping her mouth shut a moment later - what if it's the mail lady? Or the peeping tom meterman? Or the rough-handed paperboy? Oh god, what if they hadn't noticed her until I opened my big dumb mouth? What will they do to me?

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She shudders in terror tinged with arousal, her body aching for any human contact as she imagines feet approaching in the sound of the rustling grass, writhing in her bonds as she imagines someone circling her, taking in her helpless, beaten, yearning form, her pussy growing damp just thinking about what they might do to her. And she feels tiny prickles across her pinky toe as an ant explores its new territory. She bites back a yelp as she tries frantically to shake the tickling little distraction loose, and despite the tightness of her bonds manages to dislodge it.

A moment later another ant crawls up her neck as the first finds its way back to her toe. She whimpers and flails madly within her binds, the stakes keeping her securely strapped to the cold sharp grass.

The mistress catches her Master's eye and winks, handing him her feather as the "ant" climbs across the Slave's heaving breasts. She goes down on her hands and knees, loudly snuffling around their Slave.

She whimpers as the ants congregate on her breasts, milling about her hardening nipples despite her attempts to shake them loose, the tickling so intense it's almost even painful.

She gasps as she hears the telltale noises of a dog exploring her, its wet nose kissing up her leg, its big wet tongue licking the morning dew from her smooth whipmarked skin. She moans and tries desperately to back away as it finds its way between her legs, the ants finally deserting her as the big sloppy tongue slides up her inner thigh, tasting her quivvering pussy.

lovely teen face all in hot spunk hardcore blowjob, n-n-no, b-bad doggy!" she scolds weakly as pleasure overcomes her, her head lolling back as she surrenders to it. Despite the awkwardness of the dog and the lack of rythym she feels her pulse racing, heart pounding, breath panting as a powerful climax builds, fueled by a night of fear and humiliation to perilous heights.

"Get away from there!" shouts a petulant voice from across the yard. Dog and Slave alike jerk at the sound, their tags jangling in time as the Slave tries once again feebly to cover up, her thighs trying to rub together as she writhes helplessly on the jagged grass, trying desperately to achieve climax even as she blushes deeply from the shame of being seen like this.

"Heh heh heh, well lookie what we have here." says a voice from directly over her, the boy obviously bent over his prey for a closer look. "A bitch in heat. Hey, it even has a collar." "No, please don't!" she begs as he impudently takes her tag in his stubby little mitts, tugging roughly at her neck as he reads it aloud. " blah blah.and have your way with her, huh?" "N-No, please, Oh Master save me!" "Who, that old bastard?

Nah, he'll be sleeping in like always. Probably won't even answer the phone. Listen." He dials a number on a cellphone, and somewhere inside the house, the corresponding phone rings.

And rings. And rings. And goes to voice mail. "Hey old bastard! I found your slave girl, she's chained up in your back yard! Better come stop me!" There's a chirp as he hangs up, then the phone drops by her head. "if he calls back you'll be the first to know." "Oh Master, Master!" "Your Master ain't here bitch.

It's me you should be begging," he growls as he slaps her huge breasts, leaving a deep red hand-print as he sets them jiggling. She gasps and whimpers as he begins pinching, prodding, squeezing, fondling, nibbling and tugging at her huge, aching breasts, his hard fingernails sliding down her exposed chest to squeeze her roughly between the legs, crushing her pussy into the palm of his hand.

She moans loudly as he begins to roughly finger-fuck her, her body fighting at first, then eagerly pumping back against him as he brutally rubs his fingers against her clit, no particular rythym to it as he grinds his coarse fingers inside her, the inexpert touch bringing her almost to climax before his fingers get tired.

"Stupid bitch! You're supposed to come and make happy noises!" "I'm sorry, please, don't stop!" "Fuck you cunt! I'm tired of pleasuring you, it's time for you to do something for me!" "O-Okay." she whimpers, opening her mouth obediently as she hears his zipper open. She whimpers a little as she feels his fat little cock thrust down her throat, gagging on his rigid member as he slaps her trembling pussy roughly, making her spasm as she sucks for all she's worth.

She writhes uncomfortably as she teeters on the edge of an incredible climax, whimpering around his cock until he draws it out again. "P-please, whoever you are." "What the fuck do you want now?" She turns her head aside ashamedly, blushing furiously as she whispers, "please, fuck me." "What?" "Please, whoever you are, fuck me!" The Mistress reaches up and tears off the blindfold, the sudden daylight dazzling her for a moment as their Master looms over her, glowering in mock fury.

"That's what I thought you said."