Mom and sister fuch son

Mom and sister fuch son
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The leader of the demon guards, Cail, had successfully scared the girls into complete silence. He separated them into 6 cages by themselves, lining the now fully lit hallway they had seen the young unconscious blonde girl get carried down only moments ago. Six demons for the six remaining girls. They sat or stood quietly, awaiting the worst. Cail spoke to them like the slaves they were. "You will not struggle. You will not fight. Not if you value the precious soft skin on your bones, you wont.

If you try to fight, or escape, you will be whipped until blood is drawn." The demons paired up with their chosen girl. The first demon with dark green skin swung open the gate to the first girls cage. The girl was sitting on the ground, her knees pulled tight to her chest.

The demon grabbed both her ankles with one hand and pulled her out of the cage dragging her ass on the tough concrete ground.She yelped and closed her eyes, her whole body tensing. He pulled her beautiful woman nailed by nasty pawn man over her head and pushed her back against the ground. She stayed very still as he fondled her breasts with both hands. She looked so small underneath his hands.

He brought his mouth down to her nipple and bit softly with his sharpened teeth. She whimpered as quietly as she could and hoped he would not bite too hard and cut into her. He pulled his mouth away, smiling a small evil smile as he quickly pulled her up by one arm and flipped her over onto her stomach. He grabbed her wrists and extended her arms down by her side then rested his knees on top of the palms of her hands.

She winced at the weight of him, but didn't struggle. He pushed her legs up and open and met a little resistance from the girl. He smacked her across the back of the head roughly, physically telling her to stop it. She gave in to the warning and relaxed as much as her body would let her. He pushed up her legs and spread them until her pussy was pushed out and open to him.

He brought his hands up to her ass cheeks and spread them slowly. she tensed her legs hoping he would not stretch her further. He pulled his hands further away, pulling her skin tight sex xxx romantic storys download making her pussy open even more to him.

He pulled one hand away and used only one hand to spread her cheeks for him. He put his finger up against her soft pink opening and she started to pull away. "I'm only going to give you this one last chance to quit resisting before I beat the hell out of you" He whispered in her ear as he slowly pushed his finger up into her pussy.

Inch by inch he penetrated her as she tried to keep still. He felt no barriers so he pressed his forefinger forward, all the way inside her until he felt the base of her. "Not a virgin are we?" She just made small sobbing sounds in response. "Well that's fine with me, I'm sure you still have some bit of virginity left in you somewhere" He said, moving his finger up towards her other tiny hole.

She gasped and shut her eyes tight. He pulled away his hand away instead and removed his kilt. His cock was almost instantly hard. About the same size as the threshers only smoother and cleaner.He held his cock in one hand and and guided himself towards the smallest of her openings. He rested the head of his cock over her asshole and she jumped.

He was so big, there was no way he was going be able to fit inside her. She felt his cock become wet against her skin. He had made his own cock slick and slippery as he started to push against her.

He took both hands and wrapped them dessi gets dicked down by three hard cock her hips and down around each leg and wrenched her body back towards his while he lunged his cock forward, ripping through the poor girls asshole in one quick stroke.He ignored the screaming that followed, ignored the small struggles of her trying to crawl forward to get away from his violent thrusting.

He stopped his ryhthm mom and son desi adiesex stories to press in further, as only about a third of his cock was buried into her ass. She felt so full already, she wasn't sure she could handle anymore. He did not stop, just kept pushing further, slowly a few more inches deeper.

He pulled out for just a quick moment and then rushed forward again, drawing another scream from her mouth, muffled by being smashed up against the cold concrete floor.He sank his cock in even further, feeling her insides trying to accommodate his very large cock.

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His cock was almost halfway inside her, just a few more inches. He so badly wanted to feel his balls coming to rest against her warm wet opening. Cail was watching him sink himself as deep as he could into the girl. Pregnant amateur ebony babe fucking big tits couch brunette and busty knew the demon could not completely fill her tiny vessel under normal circumstances.

"Concentrate.use her body, control it, bend it to your will" He said softly to the greenish demon beside him. He closed his eyes and was still inside the girl for a moment.

She suddenly felt her insides cramming together. He was manipulating her body with his mind. He pressed himself further onto the girl, his cock sliding deeper still into the girls now gaping hole. He had made room for the rest of his massive cock with just his thoughts, she began to realize she was under his complete control. He began to fuck her hard and deep, each thrust forward sinking his throbbing dick into the limits of her body. Finally his balls came to rest up against her sloppy wet sex, he was satisfied.

So was Cail. "Very good.continue." He reached his hand down underneath her and felt her belly. He could feel the bulge through her skin where his cock was invading her body. The girl was almost limp.barely conscious just hoping this would all be over soon.Feeling her ass crammed up against him he knew he was as deep inside her as he could be.

He then began furiously thrusting in and out of her, pulling out almost past the huge bulbous head of his cock and then pushing back in until his balls slapped loudly against her pussy. She passed out somewhere in the midst of his violent thrusting which probably would make things easier for her. A few moments more and he was coming, hard and fast.deep into her insides. He pushed forward as deep as he could go and shot his sperm straight into her in one very long stream and under great pressure.

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He kept coming.kept filling her up. You could see a small bulge in her belly as he continued stuffing her with even more cum. The bulge below her bellybutton grew a little rounder as he sent the last of his load deep into her.

He pulled his cock out of her ass and she fell over, still unconscious.