Sex goddess bridgette b gets fucked and facialized

Sex goddess bridgette b gets fucked and facialized
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It's best to read the first installment before this. Andy was tricked by Nick into taking a pill that turned him into a woman, Andi, but was told not to get pregnant because the pill to change her back would not work then, only to take Plan B and find that prevented her from changing back as well. Now she can't get any more of the pills and would sexy doctor jane douxxx gets nailed and facialized to be stuck as a woman.

Bill seduced Andi, bought her clothing, got her a job, and asked her to move in with him. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After Bill invited me to move in with him, I sat quietly for a while, before speaking.

"We just met a few days ago. Why are you asking me to move in with you already?" "Not long ago I broke up with my fiancée of five years. I found I like living with someone. This isn't something forever. I'm not asking you to marry me, but it feels comfortable for now." "I'm not necessarily the person you think I am. You might not like my background." "Are you a former prostitute?" "Hell, no." "Good. Look I am not the kind to sleep around.

You seem to like me, and slept with me, but were reluctant, which makes me think, you're not that much of a bed-hopper either. Let's take it as it goes, if something bothers me too much, I'll send you on your way." "I … okay." Bill told me that it wasn't good to take Plan B very often, not that I wanted to take it again anyhow.

He made a late afternoon appointment for me to get a contraceptive implant. I figured if I could get a blue pill to change me back and the implant was a problem, it would be easy to remove. Part of me still doesn't like having sex with a guy, but when we get back to his place, when he begins touching my boobs, caressing my ass, stroking my pussy, or fucking me, the rest of me either doesn't care or else flat out likes it.

What really scares me is the thought that I might get so used to it, that I like being this way. I called Nick and found out from him the name of the company Rob had been stealing the pills from. At lunch one day, I told Bill I needed to run some errands and went to the company. I walked in the building and found myself in a room with a receptionist behind glass, with a few closed doors with some kind of limited electronic access in the room. It took a lot or talking and threats of a lawsuit to get anyone to talk to me.

A man in a lab coat, entered the lobby from one of the doors, and walked over to me. "You are Miss Wilson?" "You can call me Andi." He led me to one of the doors and used a badge to open the door. It was a small meeting room, with one other door, which had a badge access on the inside of the room. We sat down at the table and talked. He put a small voice recorder on the table and turned it on. "All right, Miss Wilson Andi. Why do you think you have the basis for any sort of lawsuit?" "You have pills that can change a man into a woman and back again." "Even if we do, and I'm not saying that's true, there is nothing like that licensed for public sale or distribution.

In fact there is nothing like that licensed for human testing." "Those pills exist, and came from your company. I took one that changed sunny levine first time saxe story into a woman, but I took Plan B to keep from getting pregnant and that kept the blue pill from changing me back. Those are your pills and your company is responsible." "You did not receive those pills from our company, nor did you receive them from anyone authorized to distribute them on behalf of our company.

They would have to have been stolen." "I got them from someone who used to work for your company, through a mutual friend." "If that is true, then you are guilty of receiving stolen property. You are also guilty of taking a controlled substance without a preion. You could easily find yourself in prison for ten years or more, just for that.

To have a chance to successfully sue us, you'd have to get our former employee to testify on your behalf, which would make him liable to prison for theft and distribution busty teen joseline kelly loves an outdoor foreplay a controlled substance." "I don't want money. I want another blue pill and to find out when I could take it and have it work." "If, as you say, those pills came from us, assure yourself that there is no one who can authorize release of pills to you." "Look, please help me.

I'm desperate to change back to being a guy. I need this." "I don't even know of a timetable for human testing of that sort of product. Without government authorization for human testing, we could well be locked up if we gave you something like that." "When do you think you could do human testing?" "I can't imagine it would be within the next year even.

If we did, there would be very strict rules about participation. I doubt that you'd qualify." "What the fuck can I do then?" "Well, Miss Wilson, I advise you to learn to live as a woman. I suspect you'll be one for some time to come." "Isn't there anything else?" "If you have the desire and means, you could try female to male gender correction, hormones, and surgery." "You are no fucking help at all." "My hands are tied by the drug laws in this country.

I don't make the laws, but neither do I intend to break them on your behalf." "That sucks, you suck, and your whole fucking company sucks." With that, the man got up, walked to the door to the lobby, and opened it. "I think our discussion here is done. Miss Wilson, I'm sorry I could not be of more assistance to you." "You think I'm just going to walk out of this fucking place?" "Either you will leave on your own, or I'll have people remove you.

If you return here under any circumstances, I'll have you arrested for trespassing." I sat there for a minute, angry and frustrated, but knowing I didn't have any cards to play in this game.

"Leave now, Miss Wilson, before I have you removed." I was crying as I got up and walked from the room. I left and went back to work, washing my face and touching up my makeup in the bathroom when I got back. I was trapped, or seemed to be. Could I even find any other way out? Bill and I went to dinner, hung out with some of his friends at a very nice bar and had a few drinks, then went back home to his place I still found it hard to think of it as 'our place' even if I did live there with him.

At his slightest whim, my ass would be out on the street, and possibly unemployed as well. I don't know that I'd lose my job if he dumped me, but I didn't want to chance it.

Outside of the office, Bill always had his arm around me as we walked. It had the benefit of keeping men from catcalling me or hitting on me. I'd faced that when I was out at lunch without him. That wasn't often, but happened occasionally. Some of the women in the office were friendly, others were cool, and I found out from some of the others that several women there had their eye on Bill and were jealous.

They had no idea what I'd give to be a guy again and let them take their chances. At home, unless we had company, Bill liked me to only wear one of his long shirts, and nothing else when I wore anything at all. Bill had someone come in once a week to do heavy cleaning, but I picked up around the place. If we got takeout, I'd clean off the dishes and put them in the dishwasher, run it when it needed and put up dishes. I was no one's idea of a wonderful housewife, but felt I was getting closer by the day.

I couldn't cook much, but that didn't seem to bother Bill. All this scared the shit out of me, in some ways, but my alternative was being cut loose on my own as a woman, which was even scarier. Once or twice asian emo teen babe dp and cum on ass evening, more on weekends, Bill would come up behind me put his hands on my waist, and kiss my neck.

He'd then bring one hand over to my pussy, slip it under the hem of the shirt, and take thumb and index finger and rub my clit, as he ran his other fingers down my slit. His other hand would quickly be on a boob, tugging at and stroking the nipple and boob. In no time at all, I'd be wet as hell between my legs and my knees would get weak.

More than once, I remember being in the kitchen, and him turning me around and pulling off my shirt. He kissed me as he kept playing with my boobs and pussy. He liked kissing and sucking on my boobs, and it felt so good, I sure had no objections.

He usually kissed, caressed, and stroked me until I had my first orgasm. Then he lifted me so my ass was mostly on the counter, and spread my legs wide, so I was totally open to him. He took off his pants he usually didn't wear a shirt when we were alone together and he eased his prick into my pussy. It was quite nice in some ways, he could kiss me and play with my boobs as he moved his dick back and forth in me. In that position, he hit spots inside me that he normally didn't hit while fucking me on the bed, regardless of which of us was on top.

I often wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, and fucked him back just as hard as he fucked me. Before long, my ass was completely off the counter and I fucked myself on his dick as he stood there holding me. I usually came with a great orgasm just before he came inside me. Weird shit was, part of the time, I still thought of myself as a man, but when we started fucking, somehow I became all woman.

Not only was I a woman, but I liked it and liked having Bill fuck me. Whether Son fuck rape her slipping mom liked it or not, my hormones and my pussy seemed to drive me, and at Bill's slightest touch, I was ready for him to stick his dick in me. When the sexual glow wore off, I'd sometimes sit there or lie there and wonder who this other person was that seemed to be such a three hot teens sharing one big dick on webcam part of me now.

One day at work, this tall, beautiful, and very stylish woman walked up to the reception desk. She was probably 5' 9" with c-cup boobs, blonde hair, a wonderfully trim figure, and an imperious manner.

"How may I help you?" "Tell Bill, his fiancée is here to see him." I think my eyes bugged out of my head and my mouth gaped open. "Is he … expecting you." "No, but he'll see me." "Yes, ma'am. Please … have a seat, and I'll call him for you." I picked up the phone and called Bill's extension.

"There's a woman here to see you.

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She says she's your fiancée." "That's Rachel my former fiancée. I'll be down in a few minutes." I turned to the woman, who was sitting nearby and watching me carefully.

"He says he'll be with you shortly." She got out her phone and began checking things on that and it appeared she was e-mailing, texting or messaging people, while she waited. I had more than enough work to do, between phones and clerical duties, but could not help stealing glances at her as she waited.

In about five minutes Bill appeared in the lobby and walked over to her. She opened her body as though ready to give asian beauty has sex outside after a massage receive a hug, but Bill held out his hand to shake hers. Her mouth twisted in a weird half frown. "So that's the way it is. I see." She glanced over at me and smirked, before turning back to Bill. "Shall we?" He gestured toward the door he'd come out of, then opened it for her, avoiding actually touching the woman.

She was cool and gracious as she went in to talk with Bill. Half an hour later, I saw her walk back out that door, with Bill holding the door for her. He nodded to her, but did not kiss, hug, or even touch her. He went back inside, and she walked over to my desk and leaned over.

She spoke sunny leone xxxx amazing story a low voice, so no one else could overhear her. "You must be Andi, the little slut that Bill picked up and took in. Enjoy it while you can, bitch. Eventually he'll want something more than just someone to fuck." With that, she turned on her heel and walked briskly from the lobby and left.

I sat there shaken, not even knowing what to think. Normally I'd have talked to Bill at lunch, but he had a business meeting at lunch that day, so I went off with Susan, one of my female friends there in the office. Several of the guys in the place were more than friendly, but I was smart enough to know that nothing good would come of spending any time with them.

Susan and I sat at a table in the cafeteria, in the corner, well away from most everyone else, which was how I preferred it. Susan was a few years older than me, still attractive, but perhaps with a few extra pounds on her. She knew some of the guys liked her, but she played them pretty well. "So I see you met the queen." "You mean Rachel?" "Yeah. She used to be over here a lot, and made it real clear that Bill was her property and she'd rip the throat out of any woman she thought was trying to make moves on him." "What happened?" "The bitch is smart, sexy, and a damned good businesswoman.

She knew and made sure everyone else did too. Bill was head over heels for her and wanted to marry her." "Why didn't they marry?" "She kept putting him off. Said there was no hurry. Besides, her business kept getting in the way. She was offered a big promotion on the other side of the country." "She left him?" "You bet. He wanted her to turn down the promotion, marry him, and have babies." "She said, no." "She said, hell no. She accepted the promotion, packed up and left.

Bill ended the relationship and seemed to spend more time going out to bars in the evening and drinking at least until he met you." "I still don't know what he sees in me." "He sees someone who is still pretty, but more reserved, and very much NOT Rachel." I sat there stunned for a minute, then had a thought, and shuddered, bit my lip and looked at Susan. "So you think he's going to want me to have his babies?" "If the two of you stay together, it's pretty damned certain." I sat there, not saying much as Susan turned the conversation to more general office gossip.

I liked Bill, and I even seemed to enjoy fucking him, even if I had my occasional reservations. I was not ready to even think about getting pregnant and having a baby. I was afraid to bring up children with Bill, and he seemed not to bring it up. I guessed he didn't feel like the relationship was at that stage yet.

At least that was some small consolation. I knew though that eventually either he'd dump me or he'd expect me to have his babies. I made an appointment to go back to the doctor for a follow up. He checked my implant, which still seemed to be fine. "Doctor, if I … didn't have the implant, could I … would I get pregnant?" "I've done some scans. Your ovaries seem fine, as does your uterus. There's no way to be completely sure, but I'd say that you could. In most cases if busty milf reagan foxx joins with teen couple fucking way couple wants to get pregnant and can't, it's the man's sterility or low sperm count that's the problem." "I … was just wondering." "Have you and Bill talked about having children?

Do you think you're ready for that?" "We haven't talked about it, and I'm sure I'm not ready." "When you are, it's easy enough to remove the implant." "Thank you. I'll keep that in mind." I guess the pink pill really had done its work. I was fully, functionally female. I couldn't bring myself to think about getting pregnant. I was still getting used to being female and fucking Bill nearly every day, often more than once.

As I sat at my desk in the office, I realized that my birth certificate, driver's license, work history, all my ID in fact showed me as a male. I'd held off driving anywhere, which seldom mattered since Bill drove us everywhere we went together. What if I drove and was stopped by the police?

If they asked for my license, I'd pull out one that had my old picture and said I was a guy. My ass would sure end up in jail the only question being whether they threw me in a cell with women or men. If someone got digging in my work history or my past in any way, all they'd come up with prior to about two months before was a guy.

Bill paid for most everything, so I had money in the bank, under my male name. I could pay for and apply for a name change, and apply to have my birth certificate changed. What are the odds of me doing that without anyone finding out? While I was trying to decide what to do, Bill took me off on a great vacation week. I didn't have any vacation accumulated, but he got the company to give me some anyhow. When you're a senior VP, you have pull, and Bill was and he did.

We took a company jet and flew to a Florida vacation resort. I was concerned about flying since that would require ID, if I was on a commercial airline. Not on the company plane though. It was a fantastic resort, luxurious, and Bill and I were treated like we were really important. He really was, but I only was because I was with Bill. Back home, Stiff dick moving between shaved nub lips began to accept that, there was no chance of me going back to being a guy, but being a woman had its own set of problems.

I figured I might be able to deal with them, but if I blindsided Bill, he'd be really pissed. He'd probably be pissed anyhow, but I didn't figure I'd be able to hide it as I got things changed.

One night right after the vacation, when we'd just fucked, and were lying in bed naked with Bill still stroking my boobs and pussy, I decided to talk to him. "Bill, love, I told you there were things about me that you might not like if you found out." "I remember. What about it?" "You need to know I used to be a guy." "Interesting. Doc says you have a full set of female parts. Trans women don't have those things." "I'm not trans not like that anyhow." "How then?" "An experimental drug that completely changed me even all my internal organs." "Why did you change?

You wanted to be a woman?" "No, not at all. I was tricked by my roommate the woman you saw me with that night. She took it also, but she took another pill that changed her back to a man." "But you didn't?" "I did. But it didn't work. The Plan B you gave me interfered with the pill." "Permanently?" "Not as far as I know, but the person who got us the pills can't get any more." Tears began to roll down my face.

I was on my side facing Bill, who was on his side also. He still had his hand on my tit, and was very slowly stroking it as we talked. "So why tell me now?" "I'm planning to change my name and my ID to female. There's a chance you'd find out what I was anyhow. I'd rather you hear it from me." "So you have no way to change back." "No way." "And if you could change back?" "I don't know." "I don't think you really care for me.

You don't love me. You can't change back so you cling to me in desperation. You young attractive babe licks and rides old penis to me for what I can give you and what I do for you.

That's all you care about." "That's not true." "It is. And if you could change back to being a guy, you'd do it and leave me cold." "I'm torn." "I guess you thought I wouldn't find out about your background. I didn't get where I am by being stupid." "I know you're not stupid, you're smart and one of the best men I've ever met." "I started checking out your background about the time I let you move in here. You were a no account loser as a guy.

No money, dead end jobs, when you could find work. No future and no education. Your idea of a big date with a girl was cheap beer, takeout pizza and a red box movie at home. Not a lot of girls who'll hang around long ass and bawdy cleft lanced with ramrod hardcore russian that.

Not many did, did they?" "You've known?" "For a long time. Just wondering if you'd ever be honest enough to tell me." "I never lied to you." "Just didn't tell me the truth." "I was afraid." "You have a choice. You can go back to being a guy have your loser life. Or you can stay a woman and stay with me." "I can't change back. I can't get the pill to do it." "You can't because you don't have any pull.

I have very powerful friends, and I can get a lot of things you can't." With that, Bill reached into the drawer of the night stand on his side of the bed, and pulled out a bottle. The bottle had one blue pill, unmarked like the pill I'd taken before.

I barely remembered the pills, but I thought it looked the same. Bill handed me the bottle. "This pill can change me back?" "It can. And I checked on the contraceptive implant, it won't interfere with the pill, though you'd want to have the implant removed after you change back." "And you'll let me take it and change back to a guy?" "And you'll move out immediately.

You'll have to find a new job, we won't have the male you as our receptionist. You can try to get another fast food job, or maybe stock boy at some cheap discount store." "And I don't imagine I'll ever see you again." "I'm not going to be the lover of a man in a man's body.

It will be over completely." "If I don't take it?" "No promises. I want a woman who will stay with me, be happy with me and have my children. I'm not sure you could ever be that woman, even if you didn't take the pill." I lay there on the bed, looking at the bottle, and the pill in it for a while before looking back at Bill. Tears were coming down my face again. "Do I have to decide right now tonight? Can I sleep on it?" Bill looked at me and had a single silent laugh. I held the pill bottle out to him.

"Keep this. I don't know if I want to change back, but I can't make that decision tonight." "Why would you not want to change back? Don't you miss being a man?" "I do, but I also care for you. Either way I have to give something up." "Life is like that. Rachel had that choice and gave up me rather than give up advancement in her career." "I'm not Rachel." "If you were, you wouldn't be here right now." Bill reached over and put the bottle back in the drawer and closed it.

"It'll stay there a while. After a while you give up the chance to change back, even if you and I don't stay together." "You might dump me, even if I stay a woman?" "If you aren't what I need in a woman, it won't last, even if you stay a woman. That's a gamble you take, just like I'm taking a gamble by letting you stay." "How long will that pill stay in the drawer?" "I'll promise it will be there for at least a week.

How much beyond that, who knows?" "Okay." "If you're staying, I want you to go down on me now." I think he knew I'm not that fond of sucking his dick.

I never do it iris rose gets fucked in hardcore fashion he specifically asked me, and not very enthusiastically even then. I guess it was his way of testing whether I would stay a woman, and be the lover he wants. I looked at him, took a deep breath and slid down his body. I had a choice for the first time since I met him. I could be a guy, or I could be his woman on his terms. I grabbed his dick and put the head in my mouth.

Bill laid back on the bed as I began to suck his dick like my life depended on it. My actual life didn't, but my life as I knew it did. His dick started getting harder almost immediately. I could taste my pussy on ate o talo tube porn dick along with his cum from when we fucked earlier.

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I slowly worked it deeper and deeper into my mouth, until I had it about as far in as it would go. I fucked his dick with my mouth, slowly picking up speed, as Bill moaned.

I could tell he was close to coming, but for once he didn't grab my head and pull it close. As he began to come, I got his dick as far down my throat as I could manage, holding it there until it stopped throbbing. I swallowed his load and worked his dick a little more before pulling it out of my mouth altogether and sliding up to lie beside Bill.

I rested my head policewoman on a fake taxi his shoulder and cried as we went to sleep. Bill never mentioned the pill again, and neither did I. I didn't check the drawer to see if it was there. I put through the legal name change to Andrea and had my birth certificate changed to show me as female.

I went to the DMV and got a new driver's license with the name change and a photo as I was now. At Bill's request, I also got a passport as Andrea.

Bill took me on a wonderful vacation to Europe, and saw things I never thought I'd get the chance to see. I don't know that I ever really decided to remain a woman. I didn't decide one way or the other, so I stayed as I was, which was as a woman. Bill was right. I had nothing to look forward to by changing back to being a guy. Six months after, he told me he wanted me to have the implant removed and to have his baby.

He told me right before he left on a business trip that he didn't take me on. I thought about it for a few days. I cried several times. I talked to Susan at work, and she said she couldn't make my decision for me, but if it was her, she'd have his baby. By the time Bill got back from his trip, my implant was removed.

I told the doctor to call Bill and tell him. It took almost two months for me to get pregnant. The morning sickness for the first few months was a real pain, but it was then followed by strange food cravings, along with being quite turned off by foods I normally liked.

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As that eased up, my belly was big enough that I felt and walked like a rhino. Bill made me feel as comfortable and wanted as he possibly could, but I really hated being pregnant. I had drugs for the birth, but it was still painful, but luckily the baby came quick. Bill wanted me to breast feed the baby, so I did, which while it was a nuisance, was in some ways also a turnon. Having my baby suck on my boobs felt good at least until she started to get teeth.

We got married shortly after Samantha was born. I'm not working full time any longer, except as a mother, and am pregnant with my second. Bill says that two is enough, which I'm happy about. I want him to be happy, but jeez enough with being knocked up.

If I had the chance to go back and decide again whether to take that damned pink pill, knowing what I know now, I don't know what I'd do.

I'm happy with how it all turned out, but don't know if I could go through all that again.