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Raunchy threesome action with foxy mira sunset pornstars cumshot
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---- Several hours later ---- "Huh. Huh. Huh" Piggy panted, trying not to move his tongue. He wanted to watch the stairs, to catch a glimpse of his next owner, but it was hard to hold his eyes in that direction while keeping his head facing upward toward the ceiling He could only manage to look toward the landing for a few seconds at a time.

Eventually, he was awarded with the sight of Sir as she appeared at the landing. His first Mistress, come to claim him at last.

Her dominating presence engulfed the room like fire, her gaze falling on him like a pillar of sunshine, awakening within him the soul-crushing desire please her utterly -- to destroy himself to indulge her every whim.

my life for you he inwardly gushed, his cock throbbing in agreement, his swollen, painful nipples growing hard despite the bloody shield-posts now piercing them. She paused on the landing, lightly resting her hand on the banister while she took him in. Hot sexy mom xxxxxxx sex stories knelt, panting blissfully, his submissive longing pitifully obvious despite the wicked rigging Morgana had left him in.

Sir felt herself getting wet as she studied the bondage rig. Morgana had pierced his tongue and both nipples, Sir saw, wiring small-diameter nylon cords to his tongue post and nipple shields. All three terminated into a shiny chrome pulley, they balanced against each other. A tug on one cord would yank the other two.

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The pulley hung above him, suspended by another nylon thread which looped through an eye-hook in the ceiling and then back down to encircle the head of his cock before terminating across the room on peta jensen yoga for perverts banister beneath her fingers. The rig wrenched at his nipples and cock exquisitely, forcing him to face the ceiling with an outstretched tongue and arched back, despite the board behind his head and his fully-taped arms making any upward-facing position extremely difficult to maintain.

His tongue was the only control he had over the tension of the rig. Retracting it wrenched at the already piano-wire taunt cables stretching his cock and nipples.

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The end of the torturously sharp nylon twine terminated in a neat single bow knot, tied off to the banister at the top of the stairs beneath her fingers. Piggy dripped with blood, tears, sweat, and cum, arching his bloody chest as amazing blonde angel masturbating babeblondenerdyglassesblowjobwebcampovmasturbationdeepthroatsmall wanting to look pretty for her.

His masculine neck, chest, and jawline bulged, with the force of his effort -- his tongue pointed accusingly at the ceiling as bloody drool oozed down his cheeks and chin. She ran her finger along the cord tied to the banister, watching the reverberation of her touch vibrate down into him. The line creaked softly with tension. The slightest dip of her finger would jangle his engorged, purple, frustrated, throbbing cock, which would in turn jangle the pulley, yanking on his bloody, freshly pierced nipples and tongue.

"Uh. Yoursh. Yoursh Shir" he gushed, no doubt following instructions left by Morgana as Sir laid her finger on the string. She glazed the pad of her finger across it bemusedly, feeling the vibration his tongue made as he offered himself to her.

She toyed with the pretty bow. Flattered by the gift Morgan had left her and impressed with her handiwork. The talented senior had not been happy with their sloppy duct-tape bondage and had concocted something more elegant within its confines that accentuated piggies athletic chest, neck and chin.

It was ingenious how she'd forced him to muscle against the boards to accommodate her rigging. Pitting their new piggy's physical strength against her sorority sister's hubris to create something truly artful.

It kept him alert, working, in pain, and stimulated all at the same time, and he looked magnificent. Then there was the final masterful touch of the line to the top of the stairs -- how it gave her the means to literally feel his agony as well as hurt him at the same time. All without even leaving the landing. "A-fucking-plus Morgana," Sir muttered, flicking the string solidly, sending the reverberation into him. "MUAAph" piggy grunted euphorically "sank eww schir uh.

uh." She started down the stairs. "I'm here to give you your second chance Bradley", she smiled, pleased to see his eyes flit around the room in momentary confusion before remembering his name had once been Bradley. "You've already had one chance to escape remember? A chance to be smart? But piggies aren't smart are they?" she moved casually behind him to the tables.

"nmo shir" Piggy managed, vibrating in exhaustion. "No they are not" she agreed, standing above him now, stroking his cheek lovingly. "Now you're going to get a chance to be brave." She explained kindly, holding out a monstrous black strap-on dildo.

It was easily three times as large as any of the toys he'd been raped with so far, and if that alone weren't enough, its entire length was encrusted with nasty looking spiky chrome studs. Brad started weeping silently at the sight of it. Tears streaming down his cheeks; tracing stripes into the blood coating his chin.

The combination of Sir addressing sexy fast fucking machines makes her squirt as Bradly and the sight of the horrifying toy triggered in him the memory of how he used to joke with his fraternity brothers about wrecking girl's assholes. That was the word they had used: wrecking. But he knew now that he and his idiot brothers had never in their wildest imagination come close to what that word actually meant.

Since Mistress Gina had raped away his anal virginity, Brad had been assfucked six more times. By Queen Tifa, Mistresses Angela, Ryla, and Tiffany, Lady Beth, and Princess Jasmine.

Six times in one night -- three full hours of violent, merciless, anal penetration. Three of them had used vibrating toys, and Princess Jasmine's had also electrocuted the inside of his anus. His raw, swollen rectal tissue had become so inflamed that it had forced its way past his sphincter, and was protruding, bloody and throbbing from him like a tiny red tail. Several of his mistresses had played with it mockingly, taking pictures and calling it his pigtail.

He'd fainted at the pain when Her Magisty Mistress Morgana had squeezed it curiously. His ass had been wrecked. His own asshole was what wrecked meant. But now, looking at Sir's enormous, studded dildo, he knew he would take it if it pleased her. Not because he was a piggy who thrived on a punishment; nor because he was Bradley and wanted to escape.

He would take it because he was hers. Wholly. Even if he were to escape, even if he were to sprout wings and fly 1000 miles away, he would be nothing but a lost piece of Zeta property. He would never be free again; never whole without his mistress. So he would relax his muscles as much as possible and try to stay awake for her.

He would lubricate it with his throat, and kiss her hand and thank her lovingly once it was inside him -- ripping apart the tender flesh of his already wrecked asshole. If, that was, she allowed him to speak as she fucked him, he would thank her. He wouldn't beg, plead, or attempt to resist. Piggy obeys. He couldn't even remember the word that meant not-yes. He would take it to make his mistress happy. "If you want," Sir continued softly "You can choose to be brave, and I'll fuck you with this for what remains of the next 30 minutes, and then I'll cut you free and let you go back to your house." Brad tried to remember where his house was, as Sir hid the dildo behind her back and showed him the contents of her other hand, which held a pair of surgical scissors.

"Or, I can cut you out now, and take you to have a nice warm shower, and then you may come upstairs and sleep with me in my bed tonight. This is your second chance. The choice is yours." She somewhat regretfully snipped the cord to the pulley with her scissors, letting the tension off the rig.

Then she snipped the twine secured to the bannister. He didn't make a sound. Piggy was confused. if you want? he wondered fearfully. Piggy wanted only to obey. What did his mistress want she squirts and stops the massage hilarious asian student real amateur to do? He thought she would like to fuck his asshole with her monstrous strap-on, but it old spunkers cum ladies cum complications sounded like she wanted him to come upstairs with her.

The thought of a shower and a bed seemed too generous. Surely he didn't deserve such a reward.

"What doesh my Shir want?" he asked, looking up at her earnestly, not yet able to speak clearly around his pretty new tongue piercing.

"It really must be your choice Bradly, but if you want to know what would please me more, I'll tell you that I would be very pleased with you if you decided to come upstairs and be my pet." "But I AM your pet, Sir. Forever yoursh. I want to come upshtairs and be yours forever" he gushed happily, elated to be allowed to speak so freely. "That's my piggy" she cooed, stroking his cheek tenderly. "Now no more talking for you until I say." Piggy nodded his assent, watching her go to work on him.

Cutting the cords to his piercings, stripping his cock-ties and setting his legs free from the belts. His feet tingled painfully as she laced the scissors into the tape holding his arms, Cutting one arm free and then the other.

Freedom was a heavy burden, and piggy dropped from his frame to his hands and knees, and then fell further, face-down to his chest, unable to make his ironically muscular but enfeebled appendages obey him. He slid around in the muck, struggling to his side and curling up into a fetal position. "Clean the floor with your tongue while your mistress find's her medicine" Sir called from the kitchen.

He could hear her rummaging around in the cabinets, and digging through the contents of the freezer. He went to work eagerly on the floor with his mouth, hungrily slurping up the ugly mess he'd made. Momentarily she reappeared with a small cooler in her hand, and he looked up at her in silent worship.

"You can kneel" lesbea tight little teen pussy given expert massage treatment for orgasm prompted him "you're OK.

C'mon. hands and knees". Piggy tried his legs again, finding stella son mari veut la voir se faire enculer par des blacks he was indeed Ok.

He feebly gained his knees and looked up at her happily. Sir attached a chain to his collar, and strolled to the door under the stairs. Piggy scrambled to keep up, his heavy arms tingling and his miserable knees screaming as he crawled behind her. She lead him to the bathroom, which smelled of lavender and girly shampoo, and snapped his chain leash into an eye-hook in the wall of one of the shower stalls.

She turned on the water, testing the temperature with her hand. "OK in you go" she encouraged, patting his ass. Piggy crawled into the stall, feeling the luxurious hot water wash over him. "UHhhhh" he moaned, blinking, falling to a sitting position and wincing at the pain in his rear. Sir squirted him with soap from a large bottle on the floor and handed him a rough-bristled brush from the wall. "A clean piggy is a piggy ready to be used. The Zeta house piggy must always keep himself clean.

Say yes sir." "Yes shir" Piggy replied, scrubbing himself concertedly. He would keep himself very clean. Always ready. "This is your stall. See?" She pointed at a small plaque on tile above the soap dish that read simply Piggy. "See how special you are? Your soap and brush will remain here, and this is the only stall you're allowed in, unless your mistress wants to use you in one of the other stalls" Sir explained, giving him a few minutes to scrub and enjoy the water.

"Your pen and toilet is across the hall through the half-height door.

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You'll have to crawl to get into it. You aren't allowed in any of the toilets in here unless your mistress wants to use you in one, and you aren't allowed upstairs unless your mistress invites you." "Yes shir" "A healthy piggy is a piggy ready to be used.

You'll keep a schedule. You'll work out daily, and keep up your phsyique so you can be pretty for your mistress. You'll eat what you're told, and you'll brush your teeth and shave your face and groin twice a day." He let the water run through his hair happily, opening his mouth to take a drink.

SMACK Sir leaned into the stall, smacking him rudely. "Spit it out." she ordered, and Piggy reluctantly obeyed, unsure what he had done wrong. "Piggies in this house only drink second-hand. That means if you're thirsty, you beg your mistress to spit something in your mouth.

That's a house rule, it only applies here. When you go to other houses, you should learn their rules and obey them. Don't worry, there aren't usually very many" "Yesh shir" he nodded, remembering Dr Elenor spitting water in his mouth. "Ok that's enough.

Stand up." she said lifting off her shirt brandi love fuck my mom bra in one fluid motion. Piggy stood, gaping at her beautiful naked chest.

"Unbuckle my belt and take off my pants" she ordered casually, standing outside the stall with her hands on her hips. Piggy leaned forward, testing his tingling fingers pensively as his leash went taunt on the hook behind him in the stall. His heart thumping in his chest, he looped a finger pensively into the top of her leather belt, pulling it open and freeing it from the prong. It didn't feel right to touch her. She felt too special.

"It's ok for you to be excited and nervous, but piggies never let their feelings get in the way of their mistress's pleasure. Piggy obeys, without hesitation, and whatever you're ordered to do, you do it well." He nodded, understanding, more confidently tugging the slack through her buckle, and thumbing the button of her jeans open roughly, pulling her hips toward him in the process "Good.

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If your mistress says lick, you lick like a hungry dog, if your mistress says talk, you talk like Barry White swallowed Shakespeare, if your Mistress says spank, you spank hard and make it hurt, if your Mistress says fuck, you fuck like a porn star until SHE says stop.

You're not here to be timid and meek; you're here to obey and to pleasure your mistress. Everything you have -- everything you ARE -- is ours. You will give everything you are to your mistress, 100%, every day. There is no I'm tired. There is no I'm hurt.

There is no I'm scared. There is only what your mistress desires." "YesshSir" Piggie lisped, looping his index fingers and thumbs into her belt-line, dropping to his knees with her jeans in his hands. "All for you" His cock throbbed at the sight of her lacy black boy-shorts. She stepped out, kicking her jeans behind her. "Now my panties. Use your teeth." he ran his mouth luxuriously down her center, grabbing her waist in his hands and forcing his up-turned head between her legs. She stepped open for him and he pinched her underwear in his teeth from beneath her crotch, sliding them sensuously down to where his leash prevented him from moving further.

"mmm. That's right. Do everything the best way you know how. Now turn around, put your hands on the wall, and spread your legs" darkx teen tourists thank host by sharing his bbc ordered, stepping into the water with him. Piggy stood, placing his hands on the wall Sir indicated, opposite the shower nozzle. The water went cold on his back as she squeaked the hot water off.

He shivered, hearing her open the ice-chest she'd brought from the freezer, and then winced as he felt something even colder than the water work its way between his butt cheeks. "Uh!" he grunted "please." "Shhh" she whispered in his ear, her warm breasts pressing up against his naked back.

"It's medicine. It'll help with the swelling. Your mistress commands it." Piggy shuddered, feeling the small icy rod penetrate him. It was too small to be a toy, and it did feel nice -- extremely slippery and cold.

"UH. UH. Yes SSHIR" he tried to relax, his hands tweaking against the tile in agony as she eased it deep inside him. "Ok, aaaand out" she said, drawing it back. As she did, he felt it open inside him, a chilly ointment of some kind oozing out of it. It numbed and soothed. "UH." he grunted, feeling her warm hand wrapping around his throbbing hard-on now.

Another reach-around; the second of his life; Mistress Gina's cruel laughter echoed in his mind and he saw himself -- how he must look. Collared like a dog, his hands against teen fuck hidden cam xxx ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions wall, naked and unrestrained, allowing himself to be molested by a lithe sorority girl he called Sir.

Grunting like a whore as she fondled and violated him -- writhing in ecstasy as she took whatever she wanted. He could remember feeling angry at thoughts like these, but now they brought only lust and gratitude. "We're going to do three more. Be a good piggy" she stroked him expertly. "UH. Yeshhir. UH" he blushed, feeling another frozen applicator working it's way inside him; her other hand twisting around the head of his frustrated cock.

"huh. huh. uh god" he panted trying to stay relaxed as she pulled it free, leaving it's cool soothing load behind. She's filling my ass and I'm getting off on it he thought, looking for anger and finding only lust. "Yeah, whose a good piggy?" she asked, pushing the third applicator. He barely felt that one, they were definitely numbing him.

"Uh. I am. I'm a good piggy" he sighed thankfully, tingling as she pulled it free. "Thank you shir" She pushed the fourth, more deeply than the others, and left it there, fondling the ticklish inside of his crack with her fingertips, before pushing her middle finger fully inside him as she began violently jacking him off with her other hand. His knees began to weaken. She'll make me cum like this he thought.

This is what she wants. Mistress wants me unrestrained and violated. She wants me willingly surrendering my ass to xnxx com sex phimhotjav com when she finishes me. His already weak arms collapsed under her weight, his cheek pressed forward into the cool tile. She leaned in further with her shoulder, holding him helplessly against the wall with her body while she probed into his asshole and jerked him off.

His chain jangled musically with the force of her pumping, and Brad began to grunt rhythmically in time "uh. uh. uh". "Cum for me Bradly." she intoned playfully in his ear. "huRG UHHH uh uh" he exploded in her hand, the hours of denial and frustration splatting audibly into the shower wall as he came. "AH! AH! AH!" he sang uncontrollably as Sir pulled the applicator out, her now free hand moving up to the back of his head, forcing his cheek into the wall rudely with her forearm across his head as she violently pumped his semen into the tile.

"Ah god", he sighed as his orgasm abated, sinking to his knees in exhaustion, her hand sliding under his chin, pulling his head away from the wall, back into her crotch. "Not god. Sir." she corrected, grinning darkly down at him, naked and dripping, terrible and beautiful. His owner. "Uh. Thank you Sir" he panted, nuzzling into her, already hard again at the sight of her knowing, dominant sneer.

She shoved his head forward rudely, "Shut the fuck up. Put your hands behind your back. Grab your elbows." she turned off the water, stepping out to grab a towel.

He attempted it, but found he couldn't quite grab his elbows, his bicep and deltoid muscles got in the way. He strained, slipping on the tile to reach at least one elbow, but no matter how hard he tried he could only manage to grab his upper arms. "That's good enough" she said as he felt a heavy nylon sleeve slip around his wrists and forearms.

It completely enveloped everything between his elbows including his hands, cinching tightly from the outside with what felt like industrial-strength velcro attached to elastic straps. He tested it lightly, finding it, like the duct-tape, hopelessly effective. "Up." A merciless yank on his chain, and he gained his feet, stepping carefully out of the stall. She ran a towel over his hair, down his arms and back as he shivered miserably. Satisfied, she jerked lizz tayler gets penetrated in various positions chain, leading him back to the common room and up the stairs without a word.

From the landing at the top of the stairs he got his first glimpse of the hallway he'd heard his numerous mistresses traverse throughout the course of the evening. It was pretty much what he'd imagined, lined on either side with bedroom doors, but although he'd heard each of them shut her door at the end of their session, he found that most of the doors were now open. Soft light emanated from many of the rooms despite the late hour. Sir stopped him at the top of the stairs, holding a ball-gag out in front of him, which he obediently bit down on without being asked.

She secured the strap, forced him to his knees, and yanked his leash again, strolling slowly down the hallway with his chain over her shoulder. He hobbled painfully after her on his knees, struggling to avoid falling over, his arms bound tightly behind his back.

He glanced nervously into the first open door they passed, where Mistress Gina sex mom porn son mobi com cross-legged on her bed, cradling a pillow and reading a magazine. She looked up at him sumptuously. "Good night piggy" she intoned as he passed, and he flinched away timidly, his eyes darting to the floor.

"night night piggy piggy" came Mistress Chin's voice from the door on the other side of the hall as he passed it. He didn't look up, realizing that he was being paraded down the hallway "Good night piggy" His cock throbbed to full-size as he imagined what he must look like from inside the rooms he passed.

"sweet dreams piggy" Naked, collared, gagged, broken, humiliated. "gnite piggy" His chest arched outward by the bonds trapping his arms behind his back. "Nighty night piggy" His leash wrapped around the confident hand of his mistress -- the sorority girl he had threatened to skullfuck several hours ago.

The girl who now owned him utterly. The one he called Sir. "goodnight piggy" Struggling on his knees to keep pace with her. On his way to spend the rest of the night eagerly trying to pleasure her with his mouth and cock.

"night piggy" He might work his tongue into her asshole as she flogged him, or grunt in pleasure and gush pretty words as she fucked him. "goodnight piggy" He might massage her feet or breasts with his mouth or lick her cunt like a dog until dawn. "gnite piggy" He wanted so badly to please her, nothing so much as to give his mistress everything she desired.

"nighty night piggy" Again he tried to find anger in his heart, to feel that boiling outrage that used to well up within him in the wake of humiliation. "gnite piggy" He could still feel the shame. The embarrassment of being so quickly broken and used, and now paraded down the Zeta house hallway like a slut. On his way to be fucked and used like a whore. "Night piggy" Fucked and used just like he deserved. Just like the cunt-worshiping fuck-slave he'd so quickly become.

"goodnight piggy" But there was no anger.

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There was only acquiescence, and euphoria, and lust. It was as if the Zeta girls had raped away his rage and replaced it with arousal and bliss.

"gnite piggy" He began to cry with nervous anticipation as they approached the door he knew was hers. The door at the end of the hallway. "good night piggy" He gasped and huffed around his gag.

Eyeing the thick, ornamental Zeta logo carved into the wooden door. The symbol of his owners. Sir opened it, pausing in the darkness of the threshold to face him. "Welcome to Zeta" she smiled, jerking him inside.