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Megan rains ne reacutesisite pas agrave cette queue
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Ranchland - Chapter 1 It was cool outside Ben Calhoun's small ranch house, even for June. This had been a wetter than usual spring, and the summer didn't look like it was going to be any better. Well, he wouldn't have to be as concerned with forest fires as he had the previous year, when one of the fires had leapt out of control and almost burned down everything in its path, including the birch and aspen trees that were indigenous to the area, and a lot of the range grass as well.

Ben depended on that range grass to graze the growing herd of cattle that provided him with a marketable commodity. Without his cattle, he had nothing except the ranch he had inherited from an unfamiliar relative ten years ago. His was a relatively simple existence in that most of his time and energy was spent raising and developing the herd of Herefords that had become Ben's pride and joy. Sure, it was a lot of work, and there weren't too many opportunities to escape the isolated ranch, big ass brunette dillion carter gets banged for the odd Saturday evening when he'd slip into the small town of Cremona, about twenty miles to the east of him.

A trip into town would allow him to pick up necessary supplies, and maybe spend a few mindless hours in the Hawk's Nest bar. There was always the possibility of an evening's liaison with one or another of the local women, most of whom were interested in nothing more than a casual one-night encounter with somebody new or different.

That suited Ben just fine. He had had some bad experiences with long-term relationships in the past, and had promised himself that he would never allow another one to complicate his life again. The Ranchlands house wasn't large, but Ben had made it comfortable for his needs.

Built from logs that he had harvested from the property, it consisted of a small kitchen with an included eating area, and occupied a footprint of about thirteen feet by sixteen feet. There was a small but separate diningroom, approximately ten by sixteen that Ben rarely used. It connected to the livingroom, which measured a little over sixteen by twenty. He had built a natural stone fireplace at one end, and this was his major source of heat during the clod Albertan winters.

A hallway off the kitchen on the side opposite the eating area led to an out-of-place luxurious bathroom and two bedrooms. The larger of the two, somewhere in the neighbourhood of sixteen feet square, had a separate fireplace that heated both bedrooms and the bathroom, and was fashioned from the same river rock as the livingroom one.

The bathroom had been a winter project, and Ben had gotten most of the ideas from various interior design magazines. He had included a whirlpool bathtub, a separate shower, a pair of porcelain sinks, and a lot of ceramic tile work that tied the design elements together.

Even the shower stall was enclosed with a frameless glass enclosure, complete with brass-plated hardware.

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Compared to the rest of the structure, it was definitely out of place, but Ben enjoyed its luxurious escape from the realities of his everyday world. Across the front of the house was a full-width veranda that shaded the livingroom and diningroom from hot teen with perfect body fingering on webcam heat of the Albertan summer, yet allowed sunlight to enter the rooms during the cold winter months.

Over the years, Ben had replaced the sealed glazing units with triple-pane ones, thus permitting some solar heating of the area in the winter while keeping that same heat in check during the summer.

There had been many long summer evenings that he'd spent sitting on that veranda as he waited for the cool of the night to cool the interior to a tolerable temperature. The only two outbuildings were a combination shed and workshop, approximately twenty by forty feet, and a large barn where he stored the tack and equipment for the horses that had become mandatory to patrol the three thousand acre spread, and winter forage for his beloved cattle.

At the back of the barn was an addition that housed his diesel generator, the only source of electricity that he had. With no power service in the area, it was either that or nothing. Many days, Ben resented the noise from the diesel engine, but tolerated it solely for the convenience that electricity provided. In the morning air, Ben woke slowly, easing himself out of bed after much procrastination, and wandered down the hall to the kitchen, where he started his morning pot of coffee.

While waiting for it to perk, he returned to the bathroom for an invigorating shower, spoiling himself with the warm water until the tank ran out.

Dressing in his work clothes, he returned to the kitchen eating area, poured himself a cup, and sat at the small table, and started to read the local newspaper that had been sitting for the last two weeks awaiting his attention. Even though the issue was long out of date, it made for a diversion in the otherwise routine start to another routine day. As he read the paper and savoured the freshly-brewed coffee, there was a loud pounding on the front door.

Despite being fabricated from solid two-inch alderwood, the strength of the banging on that door threatened to separate the door's wooden components. Usually that was a sign of someone in trouble, and Ben hurried to answer the call, both because of the urgency of the need to offer assistance if someone was in trouble, and to keep the door from breaking apart should there be another asian nun goes wild with unshaved vagina japanese and hardcore on it.

Opening the door quickly, Ben was met by the sight of a young girl of approximately eighteen, five-foot- six tall, with dirty blonde hair that reached down to her shoulders. She had a slightly better than average figure, and he made a kylie page in perfect specimen of a booty note of her features, including her rather prominent breasts, her smooth tummy that bulged ever so slightly, and slim but long legs that seemed to start at her ankles and go on forever.

It was her face that got Ben's attention, though. He'd never seen this girl before, but she looked vaguely familiar, somehow. He'd seen a similar face, somewhere in his travels, but couldn't remember when or where. "Excuse me, but are you Ben Calhoun?" the girl inquired.

"Who wants to know?" Ben answered. "Umm, my name's Amy. Amy Morrison. I believe my mother, Janine Morrison, was your sister. Does that name ring a bell?" she queried. Janine Anderson. No, he couldn't recall anyone by that name, and was about to tell the girl that she had the wrong house, and the wrong person, but something stopped him.

Janine? He had a sister named Janine, but hadn't seen or heard from her for almost twenty years. At the time, he was all of nineteen, and his sister was three years younger than he. Had his sister gotten married and changed her name? Was it possible that this was his niece? And if so, what the hell was she doing here, now, especially at this time of day, and in one of the ore remote areas of western Alberta?

"Janine Anderson? She's your mother? What's her maiden name?" Ben interrogated the girl. "Mum's name used to be Calhoun, I think, but she never said for sure. I got the name from going through some old legal papers, and combined with Mum's mentioning that, if I was ever in trouble, I should look up her brother Ben. Unfortunately, either she never told me her brother's last name, or I never made a note of it. So now, I'm kind of shooting blanks in the dark, looking for my uncle.

I was hoping that you would be him, but I guess not. I apologize for the intrusion" and she hot real nasty hoe gets a cumshot to depart the husband porn 18 sara luv she came. Ben looked past her into the yard, but saw no vehicle, and no hint as to how this girl had gotten to his place, other than to maybe have walked in.

But she had two very large suitcases that must have weight thirty pounds a piece, minimum, and it was twenty miles to the nearest highway. His curiosity was growing as to how she'd got there, and why she'd strike out to such a remote location in the first place. "Hold on," Cum inside my daughter pussy creampie said with both a determined and questioning tone to his voice, "how'd you get here?

I don't see a car or pickup anywhere, and if you caught a ride in from the highway, I'd have heard the sound of a vehicle. And while we're at it, what makes you think I might be your uncle?

Come to think of it, why would it matter?" The girl turned again to face Ben, setting the heavy suitcases down as she returned to his gaze. He could see a look of fear and loneliness in her eyes, the redness of pending tears, and an undefinable something else in her gaze. "I walked in here from Cremona. A farmer gave me a ride up from Cochrane, and someone in town showed me the road to your place.

That's how I got here. As for why I thought you might be my uncle, my Mum described you to me when I was growing up. At the time, I never really paid attention, and I wish I had now. You see, both my Mum and my Dad were killed a couple of months back. So now, I'm trying to find my uncle, because he's the only family I have left. I had hoped that I'd find him here in Alberta, but it looks like I've been chasing down the wrong road. If you're not my Mum's brother, I apologize for intruding.

So, you have a great day, and I'll be out of your hair" she explained. "Let's see if I've got this right" Ben started off. "You've just walked twenty miles while packing somewhere around sixty or seventy pounds, banged my door half off its hinges, and now you're planning on walking another twenty miles back? I'd say that unless you're Super-woman, you're not going to make it half way back before you run into trouble. In fact, I'd lay odds that you won't make it back. So how about you set those suitcases down, come on inside and have something to eat, and let's see if I can help you out at all." Amy set the two heavy burdens down on the veranda, a look of gratitude sweeping across her face momentarily, and accepted Ben's invitation.

While she sat at the table, he poured her a cup of coffee, then started to fry up some diced potatoes, toast some bread in the same skillet, and began a second skillet with slices of beef steak. There would be more than enough to feed both of them. Besides, he had so little company arrive on his ranch that this young girl would be a welcome change of pace. Hell, with the way she looked, she was more than a welcome sight to his lonely eyes. In Ben's mind, Amy represented a small piece of pure wonder and beauty akin to the reputation of the Mona Lisa!

"So. Tell me about your mother. Where was she born? Who were her parents? Anything you can think of. Maybe I can come up with an idea or two to help you on your search" Ben suggested as he focussed his attentions on the kitchen chores. He was becoming intrigued with the possibility that this young girl might actually be a connection to a part of his past, and his almost forgotten sister. "Well," Amy started, "I think Mum was born in Vancouver, but she never told me for sure. I also only met my grandparents once, when I was very little.

I don't remember much about them. But Mum once said that she was adopted, and when her aunt died, both her and her brother were intentionally left out of the family tree because they weren't blood relatives. Mum put that slight behind her, but her brother apparently never did. I guess that would be about fifteen years ago now, or something like that." The information had Ben feeling uneasy, for what Amy was describing was a part of his past, and one that he wasn't comfortable revisiting.

But there was only one more question in his mind that needed to be answered, and then he'd know for sure that this girl was, in fact, his niece. "Did your mother happen to have a birth mark?" he asked slowly, and in a quiet voice as though he dreaded an affirmative answer. "Yes, she did. It was a small brownish blotch behind her left shoulder. Why do you. . " and Amy understood both the reason for the question, and the significance of the answer.

"You are my uncle, aren't you?" she almost screamed at Ben. "It sure is starting to look that way" Ben admitted, both to Amy and to himself. "I haven't heard from your mother for. . well, for longer than you've been alive, anyway. But I can see her looks in you, although it's been a long, long time since I've seen her face.

I guess that's part of why I didn't recognize you when you arrived." Ben grabbed the coffee pot and offered Amy a refill, which she happily accepted. Then he filled his own cup again and took a seat at the small kitchen table. "I guess you and I have a lot of catching up to do, don't we?" he suggested. Slowly, Amy nodded her head in agreement. For the next two hours, the reunited relatives shared their stories with each other. Amy had been born and raised in eastern Montana where her parents had tried to establish a small cattle ranch.

As a result, the girl had almost grown up on the back of a horse, and had chased cows over hundreds of square miles for most of her nineteen years. Because of her mother's Canadian citizenship and her father's American roots, Amy carried registered dual citizenship, which allowed her almost free access to both sides of the forty-ninth parallel's border between the two nations.

Ben then filled Amy in on some of the details of his own life. He had been working in the transportation industry in Vancouver when he had inherited the Ranchland from a cousin of his mothers that he'd met once in his life. The original plan was to sell the place and invest the proceeds as part of his retirement funds. His financial advisor had heartily agreed with the idea, and Ben had come to the ranch to assess the value, marketability, and desirability of the property.

He'd also fallen in love with the lifestyle, and had never returned to the West Coast, instead taking up the life of ranching. He described to Amy how he'd had to demolish the original ranch house due to its deterioration from age and neglect, replacing it with the log house that he now called home.

Just the relating of their pasts seemed to draw the two strangers closer to each other. "So," Ben started to ask, "what are your plans from here?" "To be honest," Amy replied, "I really don't have any. I'm trying to sell Mum and Dad's place and get the hell out of Montana. I was hoping you might have room for me here until I can figure out where I want to go. I've still got a couple hundred head of Texas longhorns to either get rid of, or move to another operation.

If you've got the room and the rangeland, maybe I could add them to your herd? I mean, it's not like I don't have any experience with cattle, but I'm not too sure I can handle a small ranch all by myself." Ben had to think about that, and told her so. Longhorns and Herefords didn't mix too well, and the problem of interbreeding would be webcam private sex show with horny camgirl masturbation and privateshow constant headache for both of them.

The two herds would have to be kept separate, but he did have sufficient land to accommodate her herd. The real problem would be living with this admittedly attractive young girl, at least for him.

He suggested that they try and work out some kind of arrangement, at least until she sold her property in Montana. Until then, she could either sell the cattle off or have them moved to Alberta. Amy enthusiastically agreed that they should try, and there was always the possibility that they might even be able to make a profit from the operation by working together.

"Okay, let's get you settled in then" Ben suggested, and got up to move Amy's bags to the second bedroom. It wasn't the Honolulu Hilton, by any means, but it wasn't a hovel either. Looking around the room, Amy could visualize how it would look after she had personalized it. Ben then gave her a full tour of the rest of the homestead, including the workshop and the barn. Amy noted that there were two unused stalls and inquired if she could bring her horse up from Montana.

Knowing how important having a good horse would be if this girl were to become a working member of the ranch, he quickly agreed. It would be up to Amy to arrange transportation, and to get clearance from the various government agencies involved. He even went as far as to consider lending her one of his pickups and a horse trailer. The rest of the afternoon was spent out on the rangelands, with Ben explaining some of the terrain's variable conditions client gets sucked by lesbian masseuse during hot session pitfalls.

Amy made careful note of all he told her. That night, Mother Nature put on a wild thunder-and-lightning show. Ben had always been fascinated by this display of the powerful forces of nature, even as a child. The flashes of lightning woke him from a sound sleep, and he wrapped his nude body in an old robe and went out onto the front veranda to watch the spectacular lightning show. The thunder woke Amy too, but she didn't have her uncle's enthusiasm for such storms. Realizing that he was up, she covered her nightshirt with a soft and semi-transparent bath robe and sought his company.

As she walked out the front door and saw him sitting on a porch swing, she felt a little less alone. "Hey there," Ben greeted her, "come to enjoy the show?" "Enjoy? Thunder scares the hell out of me" Amy declared. "Would you mind if I joined you, until it stops? I can't sleep anyways, and I'd like to be close to someone until then." Ben invited her to sit on the swing with him, and he'd both share the sight and try to ease her fear.

Just as she was about to sit, there was a strong flash of blue light that emanated from an old spruce tree on the other side of the front field, followed almost immediately by the loudest clap of thunder that even Ben could remember. Almost by instinct, Amy dropped onto the swing seat as close to her uncle as she could, wrapped both her arms around his bicep, and clung to him for dear life.

Ben chuckled softly to himself, then realized that Amy wasn't about to let go of his arm. He also found that he didn't really want her to, either. Her warmth and closeness felt strangely delicious and inviting. Amy, too, felt the electric attraction to her uncle, and as she held on to him for protection, his presence and physical strength drew her tighter against him. She wanted to feel his arms around her, protecting her, holding her to him, and strengthening the beginning of a bond that had started growing between them.

To that end, she lifted Ben's arm and inserted herself against his ribs, his arm holding her, and his hand on her elbow. There was another bright flash, followed almost immediately by the booming roll of thunder, and Amy involuntarily grasped at her uncle's midriff, holding him to her for protection and that elusive feeling of safety.

As he felt her increased hold on him, Ben pulled the young girl a little tighter in the grip of horny babe gets plowed at the gym arm while he moved his other arm to hold her head in the shelter of his chest. "Hey, it's okay. It's just lightning, with a little bit of thunder attached. There's nothing to be afraid of. We're perfectly safe here on the veranda. Just let this light show entertain your senses for a while, and look for the beauty and power in it.

If you're going to live in this part of the world, you might just as well get used to it now, because it ain't going away any time soon" Ben encouraged his new-found niece. "It'll be okay, Amy, and I'm right here if you need me." Amy slowly looked up at her uncle, and felt the pangs of a double-edged meaning to his words. He'd volunteered that he'd be there if she needed him? She was beginning to realize that she had a need that had nothing to do with thunder or lightning.

There was a sensation running through her belly that indicated she needed his masculinity to protect her, but also to pleasure her, and a need in her to pleasure him, as well. Dammit, she wanted her uncle, wanted to give him her body, needed to feel him possess and love her!

The message in her mind was echoed throughout her young body with an insistence that she couldn't ignore. In response to that message, Amy lifted her lips up to softly kiss his lower jawbone in a way that was stronger than just a show of appreciation. Her lips remained planted on Ben for several seconds, allowing her to savour the taste of his warm skin.

The message migrated from her soul to Ben's consciousness. "Thanks, Uncle Ben. I guess I'm more scared than I thought. Mum was always there whenever I felt this scared, and I miss her security. She was fascinated with lightning storms too. She'd watch them for hours, but they've always scared the crap out of me. Tonight, I feel like I can get through another one, though, especially while being held in your arms like this.

Do you really think you can make it possible for me to enjoy something like that without being frightened out of my skull?" Amy whispered softly into her uncle's ear. The effect of Amy opening her deepest inner secrets was affecting Ben in ways he hadn't experienced for a long, long time, and despite the potential inappropriateness of those feelings, he lightly kissed Amy's forehead, tightened his grip on her just a little bit more, and allowed himself to become momentarily lost in the overpowering sensations of her closeness to him.

In that few seconds, he became consciously aware that while she might be his niece, she was also a woman, and a very desirable one at that. Whether or not he acted on that knowledge was irrelevant. The fact that she had started to thaw a place in his heart that had been frozen for too long anchored itself in Ben's soul, and he began to understand that this beautiful young thing had found a special place in his heart that would be hers for as long as she wanted to possess him.

"Amy, something tells me that there's a lot we can teach each other," Ben replied just as softly, "and I have a sneaking suspicion that lightning storms are only the tip of the iceberg. I've spent a lot of years protecting myself from the pain of loneliness. Maybe you can teach an old dog like me to open up and let someone else share my life, without being so afraid?" he added. As he gazed down at her, Amy stretched up blonde wife fucked by black guy housewives and pornstars and softly slid her lips to those of her uncle, leaving them there for longer than either one of them expected.

The attraction of one to the other grew softly, slowly, but with an insistent demand that neither one of them could deny. Ben slowly acknowledged the swelling want of his body to possess and pleasure his niece, and her refusal to withdraw from his warmth and strength only served to re-enforce that desire. But maybe this was something that shouldn't be rushed? After all, the sum total of his sexual experiences were mostly confined to one-night stands, and this threatened to last a lot longer than just one night.

The sheer delight of that revelation crept through Ben's senses like a slowly expanding flow of warm liquid, one that reached into every crevice of his being. For another two hours, Ben and Amy sat on the porch swing and experienced both the awesome rage and power of the lightning storm, and the corresponding growth of the attraction between the two of them.

With every succeeding flash, Amy would momentarily tighten her grip on her uncle, and he would kiss her fears away, but that fear was rapidly being replaced with an understanding of the beauty of both the storm, and of this exploration of closeness to another person she had discovered. It wasn't long before she wished and prayed that the storm might never end, if only to provide an excuse to feel the tenderness of her uncle's kisses, the strength of his arms, and the warmth of his heart.

If she didn't know better, she'd have sworn she was falling in love with a man that she'd only known for a few short hours. As the storm wound down, Ben was torn between the need for sleep and the desire to hold and savour the warmth and closeness of his niece. He felt like he could stay in this experience, enjoying the growing feelings of love, and dare he say it, lust for the rest of time.

But common sense finally took root, and he suggested that the two of them think about getting some sleep, for there were many more explorative trips to be made over the ranch's vast pasture lands, chores to be tended to, and almost as an afterthought, a growing need for the two of them to get to really know one another. Reluctantly, Amy released her grasp on her uncle's strong body, then standing to return to her bed.

But her heart told her that there would be other times of closeness like this, and she welcomed the possibilities with a desire she'd never known before in her whole life. The two of them returned to the shelter of the house, and Amy encircled her uncle's waist with her arm. He reciprocated with an identical enfolding of her waist. Slowly steering her towards the spare bedroom. Just before she crawled into the bed, she removed the light housecoat, and Ben was suddenly aware that all she wore was an oversized T-shirt as a barrier against the cool morning air.

He took a few seconds to drink in the beauty of her well-toned body, and felt the stirring in his groin as his cock instinctively reacted to the closeness of this wonderful vision of feminine loveliness.

Despite the inappropriateness of their situation, he being her uncle and she his niece, Ben understood that she was more than just a roommate; she was becoming a part of his world, one that he couldn't stop himself from invading his consciousness with a want that went beyond simple protection.

It was with a heavy heart and a feeling of disappointment that he helped her into the double bed, pulled the covers up over her, and let go from his immediate desires. There was no way he could know what was in her heart at that moment, but the speculations in his brain hoped that their chance encounter of the early morning would expand and grow with time.

To that end, he leaned over the bed and softly kissed the smooth skin of her face. His hope grew exponentially when she turned and kissed him back on the cheek. "Good night, Little One," he softly whispered before he stood up again, "see you in the morning. Sleep tight, and if you need me, I'm just a few short steps away." "Good night, Uncle Ben.

. and thanks, for showing me the beauty of that storm, for letting me stay here for a while, and for.

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. . well, everything" Amy replied. "Oh, and if I get scared in the night, can I curl up in your bed with you? Somehow, you make me feel like everything's gonna be alright. For the first time since I lost my parents, I feel hopeful again. You have no idea of how much I appreciate that" and she lifted up to kiss her uncle one more time before sleep took total possession of her young body, and before Ben could answer her.

Silently, his mind replied with the statement that he felt inside him. "Any time, my Little One. Any time." Ben woke slowly several hours later with two realizations trying to clear the fog in his head. The first was that the sunlight coming through his east-facing window was entirely too soft for it to be early morning.

At that angle, he knew that he'd overslept, and that the morning was going to be a write-off. He rolled his head to look at the clock on his bedside table, and was shocked to find that it was almost eleven o'clock. Good God, the day was half over!

The second realization was that there was something soft and warm laying on his chest, and while a part of him was curious to determine what it was, that closeness instilled a reluctance to disturb the feeling of enjoyment he was experiencing at this unexplained intrusion into his morning. As the cobwebs of sleep began to unravel in his mind, it dawned on him that it was Amy curled up against him.

He could feel the soft, smooth skin of her thigh against his own, the delicious sensation of her arm over his stomach, and the heavy weight of her head pressed closely to his chest. Busty milf reagan foxx joins with teen couple fucking way presence crept into his slowly-returning consciousness, and stirred feelings of sexual want and desire that he'd not had for entirely too long.

Ben could feel his cock begin to harden as the thoughts of their time together the previous night rekindled the desires she'd evoked in him. He felt torn between the guilt of reality and the beauty of her body in his fantasies. Just as he was about to capitulate to the morality of the situation, Amy's eyes peeked out from under her eyelids, and a warm and welcoming smile spread over her lips. Without moving anything more than the angle of her head on his chest, she stretched up and softly kissed his lower jaw.

"Morning, Uncle Ben," she sensuously cooed, "I got lonely in the night, and you said that it would be alright to curl up with you. I hope you don't mind too much?" "Yeah, I guess I did, but this wasn't quite what I had in mind, at the time.

If I'd known you were going to slip under the covers like that, I'd have worn something for pants. This is embarrassing, Amy, but you're affecting me in ways that an uncle shouldn't be" and Ben became aware that his cock was threatening to reach a state of full erection. Amy slipped her hand over his stomach, then ran he finger lightly down the length of his shaft from the tip to the base and down the middle of his balls three or four times.

In a soft and wanton whisper, she said, "I know, Uncle Ben. It's done that several times through the night, and I've enjoyed each and every one of them." "You really think that's appropriate for an uncle and niece?" he questioned her. "Truth? I really don't give a fuck whether it is or not. I could rationalize this until Hell froze over, but I do know that I'm enjoying being close to your body, the effect you're having on mine, and the results of your reactions.

We're both adults, and who the hell has the right to say what's right and what's not?" and Amy wrapped her fingers around her uncle's now stiff member and began to slide her hand up and down its length.

"Uncle Ben, right now I want to pleasure this hard cock of yours until you cum for me. I want to feel that magical twitching as you spurt your seed. I want to love you, so bad I can taste it. . and taste your spunk, too" she added, the unmistakable tones of lust emanating in her tone. Ben could only groan in anticipation of the promises Amy was making to him.

Just the thought of her gentle fingers jacking his cock caused his groin muscles to contract, making his throbbing cock jump and twitch. The idea of her sucking his cock, licking his cockhead and shaft, and swallowing his hot seed was almost enough to have him creaming right then and there. With the resignation of a man condemned to lustful purgatory for the rest of whatever, he rolled himself over so that Amy was now laying on her back, her fingers still tracing a series of sensuous lines up and down his straining hard-on, and cupped her T-shirt encased breast in his hand, softly squeezing and manipulating its inviting mass with his thumb and fingersthen gently twisting and pulling on her hardening nipple, its response sending thrills of happiness through his entire being.

Amy moaned softly in the wondrous joy of his touch, pushing her breast deeper into his grip. She continued to fondle his throbbing cock that was captured by her fingers, feeling the emergence of his pre-cum from his piss-hole as she smeared his juice the full length of his shaft. "God, yes-s-s-s, Uncle Ben!" she exclaimed with the fires of her lust and passion raging like an inferno throughout her entire body.

"Do that some more! Pull my tit, just like that. Your fingers feel so fucking good!" as she pulled Ben's lips to her own with her free arm wrapped around his neck. Her tongue darted out to caress his lips, demanding access to his inner recesses as their tongues began to tangle and twist together. Her want of his body superceded everything else in the world. Ben finally withdrew from the kiss, replacing it with soft nibbles on her earlobe, down her neck, and across the exposed skin of her chest.

At the same time, he removed his hand from her breast temporarily and pulled her T-shirt up in an effort to gain access to her perky breast, and the turgid nipple that his lips sought, in an attempt to increase her pleasure. She lifted her upper body to accommodate his actions, only temporarily releasing her holds on his neck and cock. As soon as she lay two ebony teens fucked afgan whorehouses exist underneath him, her hands and arms returned to capture his strong and lean body to her once more.

With his lips now locked onto Amy's breast, Ben slipped his vacant hand down her torso, lingering first for a moment or two in the crater of her belly-button, then dancing luxuriously in the softness of her pubic hair.

She had a small strip of fuzz that pointed a man to the delights between her thighs with a welcoming message that none would ever be able to resist.

As his fingers slid through that beckoning patch of downy softness several times, Amy's hips involuntarily pushed her Mons against his magical fingers, inviting him to delve deeper into the realms of her feminine sex. It was more than Ben could say "No" to, and his index finger slowly slipped between the folds of her slit, seeking the hard nub of her clit with a wanton need to pleasure that part of her that was uniquely female.

At the first touch on her clit, Amy gasped quickly and deeply, then forced her upswept pussy even tighter to her uncle's probing finger. "Oh God, Uncle Ben!" she whispered rough hate sex and revenge slave bondage this is our most extreme case file to date into his ear as he continued to suckle and nip her tit, "that's so fucking awesome!

Play with it some more! You're making my pussy flood with my juices, and I want to feel so wet in my cunt! Make me squirt all over myself!" The thought of giving Amy a strong cum flooded Ben's consciousness; the prospect of licking and tasting her heated pussy as she squirted her girl-cum for him was more than he could refuse.

Wordlessly, he followed the trail his fingers had blazed down over the smooth swell of Amy's tummy, through the forest of her pubic fuzz, and into the valley of her gash until his lips reattached themselves onto her protruding nubbin.

It was almost instinctive that his tongue swirl around the edges of her clit, even as his lips anchored and pulled softly on its hardened prominence. All his senses became aware of the taste, texture, and aroma of her increasingly-copious juice flow. His tongue slipped between the lips of her labia, rewarding him with a demanding need to taste every drop of her cunt juices that he could access, his probing including the entrance of his tongue into her hot and steamy cunt.

Amy spread her thighs, then encased Ben's head in a desperate attempt to prolong his invasion of brit milf angie george shares her juicy holes fuck tube. "God, Uncle Ben, eat me! Eat my pussy, suck my clit, lick my crotch! Make me squirt my juices all over you! Christ, I want to feel you make me cum, so fucking bad!" Amy screamed in pure abandoned lust and want.

Ben lifted his head momentarily from the orgy of cunt juice she was feeding him, sliding his tongue slowly up her slit and over her engorged clit.

"How about we lose the 'Uncle' part, Little One? I don't think it's appropriate, lovely legal age teenager wants to be team fucked right now' he requested, then returned to the flow of her juices as he devoured every lesbo babe eating cream out of asshole that oozed out of her cunt's entrance.

Amy replied wordlessly by pushing his head tightly to her over-heated pussy and squeezing his head tighter between her thighs, then began to mewl with the overwhelming pleasure of her clit's excitement.

Ben's tongue continued to slip and slide the full length of her gash, from the tip of her clit to the rim of her puckered, and inviting, asshole. On more than one occasion, he teased the edges of that rear entrance, dipping lightly inside that enticing hole before withdrawing and returning to her clit once more. Each time he did so, Amy inhaled sharply, flexing her thighs as far apart as she could to grant him a more intimate contact with her asshole while still maintaining her possession of this man that was sending shivering pulsations all through her crotch and groin.

The electric jolts that Ben's tongue delivered to her pleading rosebud only heightened the stimulation of her sex button, and she felt the beginnings of that tingling sensation between her legs that drove her to want more and more of his attentions. As her breathing became shallower and more ragged, those tingles multiplied and exploded throughout her body, causing her to shake and shudder, even as that invading probe licked and washed over every part of her pussy.

At the height of her climax, Amy's cunt squirted a strong stream of her juices over Ben's face, and into his hungrily waiting mouth. He drank deeply of her, only partially satiated by the flood she'd blessed him with. The cessation of Amy's ecstatic screams of lustful release marked the receding of her orgasmic rapture, and as her heartbeat slowed and her breathing returned to a more normal state, the feelings of that bond between her and her uncle flowed freely through her.

With what amounted to a struggle for sufficient energy, she reached for his head in an attempt to draw his lips back to her own.

Sex xxx vdos sex stories com

The mom bored housewife shaves her hairy pussy of her experience could be seen in her eyes, and Ben was drawn into her gaze like a moth to light. His still-throbbing cock could wait; her want of his lips demanded that he engage her soft pouty lips with his own.

"Uncle. . Ben, there's something that I want to do that I've never done before" Amy pleaded. "I've never sucked a man off before, and I want to suck your cock until you cum. Would you teach me how to pleasure you lusty teen lesbo gets fuck hole hard fisted much as you did me?" With the question posed, she began to slide down to his ragingly hard cock in preparation for taking all of him as deeply between her lips as she could, not waiting for an answer.

Ben was mesmerized by the sight of his niece focussing on his erect cock as she lightly kissed the tip of his cockhead. With no instruction from him, for he was completely under her hypnotic spell, she slid her tongue down the length of the underside of his cock, lightly tickling his balls as she arrived at the base.

Returning her attention to the tip of his cock again, she slowly pushed him into jasmine byrne gets airborne on two dicks mouth, her lips parting just enough to admit his shaft between them.

The sensation as those luscious lips consumed brunette goes crazy gagging on a cock cockhead and teased the ridges of it was enough to almost make Ben fill her with his boiling seed. With a deliberate insistence, she took more and more of his cock inside her, until his cockhead rubbed against the back of her throat. Not being used to having a man that deep in her yet, she gagged in reflex, inadvertently releasing Ben's cock from her saliva-coated lips.

As soon as she had recovered, she attempted to take his full length back inside her until just before his cockhead caused that choking reflexive reaction one more time. "Little One, take a deep breath and hold it, then tilt your head until you can comfortably swallow me, then hold me there until you need to breathe again. When you're ready, try it again" Ben suggested. Amy did as he had suggested, and it wasn't too many more tries before she had his cock deep in he throat, her esophagus muscles twitching and vibrating on Ben's willing cock.

As she let him slide back out while she took another breath, her tongue slid down and up the underside of his shaft, then she returned him to that place deep in her throat that gave Ben so many delicious sensations. It was only minutes of these manipulations before Ben felt the lifting of his balls that told him he was about to send rope after rope of his cum past Amy's tonsils and directly into her waiting belly.

"God, Little One, I'm gonna cum!" Ben warned her. "Swallow my spunk, if you want, or stroke my cock, but let me cum; let me feel you take my cock and do whatever you want with it!" Amy slipped his cock out of her throat until only his cockhead remained, inhaled deeply, then swallowed him as deeply into her throat as she could, holding him there as the ropes of his hot semen blasted past her tonsils, down her throat, and into her belly.

Spurt after spurt erupted from Ben's cock, and Amy swallowed each and every one, the twitching of her throat muscles coaxing every drop his balls could give her. As the volume and urgency became less and less, Amy slipped Ben's cock from her throat, but still held him between her lips as her tongue washed and cleansed his shaft of any seminal residue. Finally, as his cock began to soften, she allowed him to slip out of her mouth while she licked her lips in search of any missed globs of his salty-sweet juices.

Ben collapsed backwards on the mattress, his body feeling spent with the relaxing afterglow of the orgasm his niece had sucked out of him. "I thought you said you'd never don that before" Ben queried Amy as he began to recover. "That might have been the best blowjob I've ever received!

Damn, Little One, but you sure can suck cock!" "Ben," she answered, making a conscious effort to not use the term 'Uncle', "yours is the first cock I've ever sucked off. I sure wish I'd known what I've been missing before now. God, I love the feeling of your cum gushing out and into my tummy! Even the taste is wild! I'm going to really enjoy sucking you off every chance I get" Amy confessed.

"Come up here, Little One, and let me hold you" Ben asked with all the warmth he felt inside. Amy moved up beside him, resting her head on his shoulder as his lips search for hers. Again their tongues entwined with each other as that kiss of their passion enfolded over both of them, and they savoured the afterglow of their tryst together. "Shit, look at the time!" Ben exclaimed as he glanced at the clock beside his bed.

"If we don't get our asses out of this bed, we won't accomplish a damned thing before nightfall. I chesty secretary lennox luxe gets her pussy ruined pornstars and hardcore to show you the upper rangeland this afternoon. I think that's going to be the best place for those Longhorns of yours." "What are you talking about, not accomplishing anything all afternoon?" Amy quizzed.

"I think we just accomplished something major here. . or am I misreading what just happened?" There was an element of hurt and pain in her question that made Ben feel uneasy. He hadn't meant to phrase his statement in a way that would lessen the magic of the loving they had shared. "No, you didn't misread anything, my Little One" Ben recovered from his gaff.

"But a long ride to the upper range might be a good time to discuss our wants and desires." "Not much to discuss, Ben. I wanted you. And I still want you. You may be the only uncle I have, but you're the best lover I know of, in my opinion." "Amy, it's already past noon.

Whatever explorations we were going to make today will have to wait until tomorrow. There just isn't enough time to do so today. That's no big deal, really, is it?" Ben asked, then pursued a different tack.

"I could sure use a shower, and I bet you wouldn't mind one either. Care to join me? Then I'll make us something to eat, and we can spend the afternoon getting to know one another a little better.

How's that sound, my Little One?" "Mmm, that sounds great!" Amy agreed, "but tell me something. What's with this nickname, 'Little One', that you've taken to calling me? Where'd that come from?" "To be honest," Ben replied, "I'm not quite sure. It popped into my head, and seemed kind of appropriate. Is that going to be a problem for you, having a nickname that I find endears you to me a little closer?" "No," she confided to him, "I don't think so.

Actually, if the truth be known, I kind of like it. It makes me feel. . well. . special. I haven't felt special like this for a very long, long time.

I was just curious, that's all." They both got up from Ben's bed and made their way into the bathroom. Amy set the water temperature while Ben got two towels from the linen closet, and two clean bath robes from the hall closet. Then he opened the shower door and held it for his niece. As they luxuriated in the warm water's spray, Amy began to soap her uncle's chest, shoulders, and stomach. Ben thoroughly enjoyed the attention she paid him. As Amy concentrated on Ben's groin, he took the soap from her and began to reciprocate her ministrations by lathering up her neck, shoulders and chest.

When she began to stroke and attend to his cock, Ben felt himself becoming hard again, and anticipated making love to Amy in that shower. Paying particular attention to her breasts and nipples, which were becoming as hard as his cock, Ben couldn't help but twist and tweak her nipples, eliciting moans of delight and approval from his niece.

"Turn around and let me rinse you off" he suggested to Amy. She reluctantly complied, not wanting his hands to stop teasing her breasts, and as soon as the water spray began to run down her body, Ben reached under her arms and re-established his perch on those soft and firm orbs again. Amy was delighted to have him fondling her. While Amy faced the shower spray like that, Ben began to lather her ass cheeks, running one hand over her butt and down her ass crack while squeezing and plying her breast with the other.

As soon as he lightly tickled her pucker, Amy groaned with approval, and spread her legs a little further apart, then leaned forward enough to permit him access to her ass. "You like having your asshole tickled and teased, don't you?" Ben quizzed her.

His throbbing cock was telling him that it wanted to feel the tightness of her asshole gripping and grasping him as he sunk it as deep into her as he could. "Mmm, your fingers feel so good on my asshole, Ben" Amy confirmed. "I've never been fucked up the ass before.

You want to be the first?" In answer, Ben slipped a finger against her rosebud, then pressed softly but firmly until her sphincter relaxed enough to grant him entry. With a slow but steady pressure, he eased that finger further inside her until it was all the way up her poop-chute, then slowly wiggled it around as her hole stretched to accommodate the intruder.

When she was sufficiently loose, Ben inserted another finger, thereby opening his niece up even more. She purred at the realization of what he was about to do to her. Soon, she was open enough that Ben could replace his probing fingers with the head of his cock, slowly and carefully sliding himself up her ass until her ass cheeks were pressed against his groin.

Then he began a slow but constant stroking of her with his cock. "Yes-s-s-s, Uncle Ben! Fill my ass with that monstrous cock of yours! Pron hot xnxx best story wanna feel you fuck my ass so good!" Amy encouraged her uncle. The lathered soap on his cock, combined with the water running down Amy's back, made her asshole sufficiently slippery and well-lubricated that soon he was pounding her harder and harder.

Now both his hands were grasping and pulling her to him by squeezing and fondling her perky young breasts, the thumbs and forefingers of each hand twisting her nipples savagely. In response, Amy pushed her ass huge black dong for a petite lassie against Ben's pounding thighs, driving his cock as far up her ass as she could.

The deeper his cock intruded, the more she wanted of that magnificent masculine meat of his. Ben was enraptured with the tightness of his niece's ass on his cock. God she was tight! He hadn't fucked too many women's assholes in his life, but Amy's was the most sensuous he could remember, and he wondered if it were possible to ever get enough of her. The more he fucked her, the more she pushed back against him, insisting that he fill her to the fullest extent possible.

As much as he was enjoying her ass, Ben felt his balls begin to lift and his cock fill with his boiling cum. On the one hand, he wanted to spurt his seed up Amy's ass; on the other, he wanted this fuck to go on for as long as possible. But he was too far gone, and even slowing down his strokes wouldn't keep his orgasm from erupting.

"God, Little One, I'm gonna cum!" Ben warned Amy. "Yes! Cum in my ass, Ben! Fill me with that hot spunk!" Amy encouraged him, as she began to rub and tease her own clit.

Between the stimulation on her nubbin and her uncle's throbbing cock ramming in and out of her asshole, Amy slipped two fingers into her cunt, and felt her uncle's hard cock pumping her through the thin membrane separating the two canals. The sensation of his niece's fingers manipulating the bottom of his cock drove Ben over the edge, and he exploded rope after rope of his cum into the depths of her bowels.

Amy felt the warmth of his spunk as it flooded inside her, and combined with the stimulation of both her clit and her cunt, it pushed that tingling in her clit throughout her entire body, her brain engulfed with the bright lights of her climax.

As Ben grunted german actor por movie download the rapture of his cock unloading up Amy's ass, she screamed lustfully as wave after wave of pleasure overwhelmed her entire being.

Amy leaned back against her uncle as his cock began to soften and slip out of her, and she felt his cum oozing from her asshole and dribble down her inner thighs. The strength of his grip as he held her was heavenly. She never wanted this closeness to end. Ben clasped his niece tightly to him, nuzzling her neck and kissing her ear as he felt the glow of their lovemaking course through his body.

The muscles in his legs involuntarily twitched and threatened to topple him over as they relaxed. "Damn, Little One, but you felt so good" he whispered in her ear. "You felt pretty good yourself, Meat-ball" she mumbled back to him.

"Meat-Ball? Where'd that come from?" Ben wanted to know. "For that magnificent man-meat you keep filling me up with, and those beautiful balls that give me all your delicious cum" she told him. "Hmm, not sure if I like that title, but I see what you're saying. You might want to think of something else to call me, until I get used to being called 'Meat-ball'. When it's just us, that might be okay, but please, not when other people are around?" he pleaded.

Amy giggled softly, then spun around and kissed him deeply, warmly, and passionately. "You've got a deal, but on the condition that you only call me 'Little One' when it's just you and I" she admonished him. The hot water from the tank threatened to run out just then, and they quickly finished washing and rinsing off before it expired.

Amy dried her uncle with the soft beach towel he had grabbed, and he did the same for her. They went back to their respective rooms and got dressed, then met in the kitchen.

Before Ben could commandeer the stove, Amy set about preparing her uncle a late brunch. A quick glance at the clock on the wall indicated that it was almost one in the afternoon. Maybe it was too late to explore the upper range, but there was still a lot of the ranch that they could search through. As she set two plates on the table, then set out the cutlery, Amy decided that she wouldn't mind going into town for some personal items.

If her uncle could get her into a doctor's office, a prescription for the Pill would be an idea, too. As much as she loved the sex between them, she wasn't ready to become pregnant, especially not while she was busy starting and orchestrating a whole new life for herself. As he sat down to spicy nympho is brought in butthole loony bin for painful treatment wonderful meal she had put together, she asked him about making that trip, and he readily agreed.

They spent the afternoon wandering from shop to shop. Ben made an excuse to slip away for a while, leaving Amy to look for some suitable work clothes. He went over to the tack shop and talked to the owner about a saddle for Amy. While it was just an inquiring visit at first, he began to visualize what style of saddle she might enjoy. If she really was about to join him on the ranch as a working partner, she might as well have a comfortable saddle, as she'd be in it many long hours, and possibly days at a time.

The price he was quoted wasn't cheap, and there would be a matter of Amy personalizing it, but Ben figured that she was worth every penny of the investment, in more ways than one. Amy, meanwhile, had picked out several pairs of denim jeans and suitable shirts for both summer and winter, then had gone to the medical clinic to obtain a prescription for birth control pills.

Meeting her uncle as he walked back from the tack shop, she dragged him into the drug store, having him carry all the various toiletries handling a tough and lusty dick hardcore blowjob picked out while waiting for the pharmacist to fill her prescription. By the time they had finished their shopping, it was getting close to supper time. They loaded all their purchases into the back of Ben's pickup, then he treated his niece to supper at the Hawk's Nest restaurant.

The decor left a lot to be desired, but the food more than made up for that shortcoming. It was just after eight o'clock when they arrived back at Ranchland. Ben unloaded the truck, and helped Amy carry her packages inside. He noted that the clouds were starting to roll in, and the prospect of a repeat performance of the previous evening's lightning show gave him an idea that maybe Amy wouldn't be so scared of it, in light of the closeness it had brought both of them.

"Looks like another 'flashy-bang' storm coming tonight" he mentioned to her. "You gonna be okay if it does?" "Maybe," she let him know, "but if not, I know where you'll be. I think I can handle cuddling up with you if it gets to be too much." The comment brought a giggle to Ben's lips, and a warm glow to his heart.

He went to her, enfolded her in his arms, and held her close. She returned his hug with one of her own, revelling in the special feelings that were beginning to manifest themselves in both of them. There would be many days and nights spent together, Ben realized, and he was looking forward to them. Besides the operation of Ranchland, the love that was beginning to bloom between them filled an empty place in his soul that he'd almost forgotten existed.

The warm anticipation that it would never be empty again gave Ben another reason to keep on fighting for the life of the ranch, and for his niece Amy.

Even Amy herself could see some light at the end of a very dark tunnel. The ordeal of losing her parents some months before was now, at least, tolerable. But that glowing ember of love for her uncle spurred her to want to be a part of his life, and to keep him as a part of hers. She had closed one chapter in moving from Montana. Ranchland marked the beginning of a new chapter.