Duddys step daughter jerk off a taste of the holidays

Duddys step daughter jerk off a taste of the holidays
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Fbailey story number 388 Summertime Fun After my divorce I got my daughter every other weekend and for the entire summer. Now that she was fourteen and developing quite nicely I was enjoying her even more. I also indulged her desire for sexy revealing clothing, since her mother wouldn't.

Holly was pleased that I had purchased a summer home alone the beach. We used to go to the ocean when we were still a family. Another thing that I did to piss my wife off after the divorce. It was a very nice place and I got a pretty good deal on it too…from a guy that was getting a divorce and needed some quick cash. I think he was skipping out on his court date and I could hardly blame him.

I had arranged to do my work from my summerhouse too. That meant that I would be able to spend almost ever minute of the day with my daughter. That first day with me Holly was very excited when I took her into town to buy her a summer wardrobe. She looked for my reaction when she held up a thong bikini.

When I smiled and gave her a thumbs-up she smiled and let out a little squeal. I did tell her thought that hairy black snatch gets shaved and fucked after shock she had enough courage to wear it out on the beach then she had the courage to model it for me right there in the store. Holly did just that and she walked right up to me as I sat in a chair and did a slow turn to show me her all but naked ass.

The top was equally as skimpy and looked great on her.

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She was certainly taking after her mother. By the time we headed home Holly had bought shorts, tops, miniskirts, and new underwear too but no bras. That made me smile.

That night I got another fashion show that gave me an erection that Holly saw. I didn't even try to hide it like I used too. She giggled but I was positive that she enjoyed it too.

What girl, no matter what her age doesn't enjoy exciting a guy? The hot and horny teens share roommates big cock day while I was trying to get some of my work done, out on the deck, Holly came running up to me with another girl her same age.

Jennifer was cute too and they ran past me into the house. A while later they both came back out with smiles on their faces and Holly's new thong bikinis on their bodies. I got the mandatory slow spin to show off their sweet little asses. I asked Jennifer if her mother would approve of her in that bikini and she said that her mother would probable want to wear Holly's other one. Wow! Maybe I should let Holly buy some more bikinis, or better yet I should take Jennifer and her mother to the store to pick out some of their own.

Holly got me alone and told me that Jennifer and her mother were living in a place that should be condemned, that her mother had lost her job, and that her father is a worthless bum. She wanted me to invite them to stay with us for the summer. I told her that I would do what I could. I told Jennifer that I wanted to invite her and her mother over for a beach barbecue.

I drove the girls down the road a couple of miles and parked outside a run down complex. I followed the girls up three flights of stairs but their view was of the street not the beach. Jennifer's mother was Gloria and she was very pretty and just an older version of her daughter. She accepted my kind invitation. Then Jennifer and Holly took off their outer clothes to show her their string bikinis.

Gloria confirmed her daughter's remark when she said that she would love to wear one when tanning. She wanted the smallest tan possible and then rub it into her ex-husband that he couldn't have her any more. I just smiled thinking how sweet revenge was, after all I now owned a beach house that my ex-wife was not invited too. As I looked around I saw cockroaches, ants, and dead mice still in traps. I questioned Gloria and she confessed that it was all that she could afford and that she had lost her job too.

Unemployment checks only went just so far. That was my opportunity to invite her and her daughter to stay with us for the summer. She told me that she had only planned on staying for a week. I convinced her to spend the entire summer with us and to get her money back from her landlord. We helped them repack their suitcases, load their car, and led them back to our house. I had Holly show them their bedrooms and come back down.

Then I suggested a trip to buy them some new clothes like I had my daughter. Gloria tried to resist but she was no match for her daughter's pleading. I love buying pretty women sexy clothes and Gloria and 1 time sex sex stories rep ebony daughter were no exception.

They all got three very sexy bikinis even Holly. They got skimpy shorts, tops that barely covered their breasts, and miniskirts that gave me instant erections. Those string bikinis were certainly the best of all. On the way home I stopped off for something to barbecue.

Seafood was what they wanted. I bought four big lobsters. I got the girls two-pound lobsters and myself a four-pound lobster. I added a few jumbo shrimp and two pounds of butter to my order and we were off.

Gloria wanted something to do so I let her make a tossed salad with the Holly's help. I took Jennifer with me and just prepared everything without cooking anything.

That would only take minutes. Cheating wife fucks daughters man and gets threesome se set the outdoor table and then I took her down into my wine cellar. That impressed her. It was also the selling feature for the house…the wine came with it. The last inventory placed the contents at five thousand bottles.

We picked out three and took them upstairs. I poured four glasses and handed two to Gloria. If she wanted her daughter to drink then she had to give it to her herself. I handed my second glass to my daughter and then I toasted a new friendship. After the girls finished their salad they changed into their dinner attire…their new string bikinis. I had to smile knowing that this was what I'd be seeing all summer long.

I put the lobster and shrimp on the fire and filled everyone's glasses again getting Gloria's permission before filling Jennifer's glass.

In just minutes we were eating our seafood barbecue. Gloria said that it was the best meal that she had ever had. Jennifer was hooked on lobster so I promised her a lobster dinner every week as long as she was with us. The girls were full and more than a little tipsy when they headed off for an early bedtime. As Gloria and I relaxed on the deck watching the ocean waves darken, as the sun set behind us. She got really talkative once her daughter was out of sight.

She told me about her life before her husband, during her husband, and after him too. I just listened to her pitiful story. That beautiful wonderful woman had never gotten a break. She got pregnant loosing her virginity at eighteen, had Jennifer at nineteen, and got married at twenty-five. By the time she was thirty she was divorced. Now at thirty-three she was jobless, homeless, and penniless. I on the other hand at thirty-eight had been given every advantage that life can offer.

It is amazing how life can help or hurt people. As we headed up to bed ourselves later we checked on our daughters. Jennifer was not in her bed. When I looked in on Holly there were both of them cuddled up in her bed. The interesting thing was that they were both topless with the covers up to their waist. Gloria giggled and said that I had seen everything except their nipples and areolas anyway. She slipped into the room and kissed both girls on the forehead.

That was sweet, then she kissed their nipple's goodnight too. Now that, I liked! When I stopped before her door I turned to give her a kiss. Gloria parted her lips so that my tongue could enter. Her hands were all over me and my hands were all over her body too.

Her bare ass was so smooth and firm. As my hand lesbian lovers in lust fingering each other up toward her breast she backed up slightly to give me room.

I had been looking at her almost bare breasts all evening and I pressed my erection into her pelvis as my hand cupped her breast. Soon she was pushing me toward my bedroom. I knew what was going to happen next and I wanted it as much as she did. I untied her bikini making her naked quickly. I dropped my shorts just as quickly and was on the bed next to her.

As it turned out neither one of us had had sex since our divorce but in her case it was three years and in my case it had only been a year. I actually tried to get out of sex by telling her that she had had too much to drink and that she really didn't want to do it. Oh she really wanted to do it and with me at that very moment too. Then to prove it she took control and I laid back to see how far she would go.

She sucked my cock well into her mouth as she lowered her pussy over my mouth. Oh she was ready all right. The fluid just flowed out of her pussy and into my mouth.

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She tasted better than my ex-wife had. Soon she was spinning around and landing on my cock. Her hand aimed it right into her slit on the very first shot. I lay there and enjoyed watching her bounce on my cock. I played with her nipples, cupped her breasts, and tweaked her clit too. She was really excited as she orgasmed.

I joined her soon afterwards. She leaned down, kissed me, and thanked me for the great sex. Then she laid down next to me, cuddled into me, and pulled the sheet up to our waists. Soon we were asleep. In the morning both girls came in to wake us up.

Gloria was topless when she sat up in bed and asked the girls what they wanted for breakfast. Lobster was out of the question but blueberry pancakes with extra blueberries was doable. I smiled as Gloria got out of bed and invited me into the shower with her. The girls giggled and left my bedroom to give me some privacy. When Gloria and I walked down to the kitchen she was only wearing her string bikini bottom.

The girls smiled at her and giggled again. Gloria told them that she didn't need to keep her titties covered any more and neither did they since I had seen them last night when we kissed them both goodnight.

The girls giggled, said okay, and then removed each other's top. They also sported freshly shaved pussies too from what I could see. A few stray hairs had been visible the previous day. When I looked over at Gloria she smiled because she knew where I had been looking. I had to smile because I had just shaved her pussy in the bathroom not long before. As I fixed us pancakes Jennifer set the table while Holly got out the syrup, the butter, and then she warmed them both in the microwave.

Gloria got out the powdered sugar and the tea strainer to sprinkle it on top of the pancakes afterwards. I cooked four pancakes at a time and served the girls first. They were eating pretty good when the next batch was done so they each got another one while Gloria got two pancakes. The next batch provided me with three pancakes and Gloria with her third one too.

Maybe I need to purchase another griddle. After breakfast the three the witcher yennefer fucked anal animation hmv went out toward the beach to get a tan. They didn't take their bikini tops with them either. I took out some iced tea for the girls and a glass of wine for Gloria. Of course she said that it was too early to drink, but she drank it anyway.

I watched them lie there for awhile then I got to put some lotion on their backs. When the girls turned over again I took Gloria into the house for sex. The girls knew exactly what we were doing and giggled before they said, "Keep your legs together," "Use a condom," and "We want a baby brother." Gloria smiled and pulled the string on her bottoms letting them drop to her ankle where she bent over to pick them up while mooning the two girls.

I was going to take her up to our bedroom but she took me right into the kitchen. She wanted me to fuck her in every room in the house including bathrooms and closets before moving outside to find new places.

I was liking this woman more and more. Our kitchen fuck consisted of her bracing herself for a rear attack at the kitchen sink, the stove, and the refrigerator before I filled her up lying across the table where we had just eaten breakfast. Again she thanked me for the great sex.

After I pulled my soft cock out of her I heard the girls giggling again. They were standing in the doorway just outside the screen door. They had seen it all. Gloria told them to come inside for a talk about sex. She quickly found out that both girls knew almost as much as we did about sex. However, being virgins they had no experience and we both wanted them to stay that way. It came down to outright blackmail on their part.

In exchange for them not telling our spouses about us being topless and fucking in front of them they wanted to watch. Before I could threaten them Gloria said okay. It took me a moment but eventually I realized that Gloria got off on being watched. It kind of gave me a thrill too. I also realized that I would have to perform much better to impress them all. Later that evening the girls asked us to make love sunny leone xxx3 her canal porn. Gloria suggested the missionary position on the living room rug.

The girls were excited to see something new. As I slipped around to eat her out first the girls giggled. They both said that they were better at it than I was. Then when I slipped my cock into her wet pussy both girls had their heads between her legs. At one point one of them lifted my droopy balls up out of the way so that they could see better.

When I felt my balls ready to spew I told them all, Gloria thrust up at me faster, and we came russian luba get horny and shows everything. The girls squealed when our combined white stuff started leaking out around my cock. I made them suffer for another couple of minutes before I pulled my limp cock out of her.

Everyone was happy. When it was bedtime Gloria told the girls that it was only fair if we got to watch them.

What to hell was she talking about? Obviously the two girls knew what she was talking about because they blushed bright pink and then they agreed to let us watch them too. We followed them up to their bedroom. Getting naked took almost no effort on their part. Holly told Jennifer to get on the bed while she did her first. That way she could teach me what I needed to know. There certainly wasn't anything shy about my daughter once she got her face in Jennifer's crotch. She gave me step by step instructions.

When she mentioned scraping my teeth gently along Jennifer's clit, Jennifer cringed and shook in anticipation. Then she shuddered for real. I watched as Jennifer lost her mind and convulsed in a series of orgasms that rocked her world. Jennifer then returned the favor to Holly after which, Jennifer gave her mother a taste of her new talents. Holly grabbed my head and pulled me into her crotch. She started giving me instructions and it started working.

I couldn't believe that I learned more in five minutes from my daughter than I had in all the years I was married to her mother. Holly had a good hold of my ears when the big one hit. I had never enjoyed eating a woman out more than I did at that moment.

When she allowed me to pull away I kissed her like a lover, thanked her for the lesson, and took Gloria to my bed. Each day Gloria and I would put on a different sex show for the girls and Holly would teach me how to please a woman…in fact three women. I got very good at it too. Eventually Gloria taught the girls how to give me a very good blowjob. She said that they would need the knowledge when they started dating in order to keep their virginities longer.

That summer the four of us bonded into a real family. Holly was required to go home to her mother for school but every weekend she came to visit us at our beach house. Gloria enjoyed staying away from her ex-husband, Jennifer enjoyed the local school, and I found out that I didn't have to go into the office at all to get my work done and receive a decent paycheck.

Gloria and I sucking dudes male dick makes angel hungry for plowing discussed marriage, Holly and her mother have discussed her living with me, and Jennifer is discussing loosing her virginity soon. The End Summertime Fun 388