Big ass latina babe gagging on big dick and fucking outside

Big ass latina babe gagging on big dick and fucking outside
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Marci was heading home on a beautiful Saturday night from her girlfriend's house. It was around 11:00 at night and she was driving her dad's old '72 Nova which he had passed down to her. She was the only child of her family, so it was only natural that she was once spoiled in her ebony in party clothes bangs big cock bf. She was a young Latina woman in her mid-twenties who decided that during her senior year of high-school, she was attracted to women more so than men.

It was her choice of course, no one made her choose to love women over men, and no one forced it upon her. Her family accepted and loved her just the way she was, and so they grew to become very fond of her girlfriend, Lily. Marci was a fairly tall woman who stood at 5'9" and was very curvaceous. She had flawless tanned skin and her silky raven hair fell just inches past her buttocks, which she always kept pinned back in a bun.

Her bosom was very full and her bra size was a 36D3, which was successfully kept hidden underneath her shirts. She had an equally mouthwatering backside, and her pants never failed to accentuate her round hips. Marci's girlfriend Lily was the picture perfect live example of the "American Daughter". She was a very cute and petite girl who had strawberry blonde wet cunt stuffed by toy blowjob and amateur and stood at a height of 5'4".

She came from a very prominent and rich background and was born to two successful white parents. Her mother was a real estate agent, and her father owned his own business. She met Marci during her first semester at a community college, and the two became inseparable. Lily recently finished her graduate degree of law and was working at an internship at a courthouse in town, while Marci was working at a construction job site at near the town's Indian reservation.

Her job consisted of helping the people build a better schooling system and homes for the elderly who had become too old to live on their own. Lily had invited Marci over for a few drinks along with some old friends from their alma mater. They had a good time sharing great food and good spirits and eventually as each of their friends left, Lily became even drunker and hornier by the minute.

She kept clinging on to Marci the entire night, giving her small kisses here and there, but Marci did not like to engage in any sexual contact when Lily was in this state. "Come on Marci, just a kiss, please," exclaimed Lily. "No, you know I don't like it when you're drunk, get off of me," Marci protested. Lily kept tugging at Marci's clothing, and Marci was finally able to overpower her, which wasn't very hard to do at any time, much less when she was in her drunken stupor.

"Fine you bitch, leave then," yelled Lily. Marci only rolled her eyes, she knew she always acted this way. "I'm going home, see you tomorrow. I still love you," Marci said as she grabbed her wallet and keys from the table as Lily curled up onto the couch, already dozing off to sleep, not hearing her.

As Marci drove the car down the highway, she wasn't paying much attention to the way she was driving. She wasn't speeding, but she was going super slow, thirty-five in a fifty-five range, concentrating on the lines in the road. She didn't drink heavily tonight, only two beers, but she did feel a bit lightheaded, nonetheless her mind was in a pretty clear state.

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She was thinking about the way Lily had acted when she saw the blue lights flashing in her rearview mirror.

She felt a tinge of fear shoot through her veins as her breathing heightened, eventually bringing the car to a halt at the side of the road. She only sat there in her car, scared half to death as she kept trying to calm herself down, she didn't think she had done anything wrong, so why was she being pulled over?

The policeman opened his door and stepped out, walking over to Marci's window leaning down as she looked towards him, her hands shaky.

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He seemed to appear to be in his thirties, at least 6'1", light-skinned and had a very broad, muscular chest, which filled out in his uniform nicely.

His striking blue eyes iced her over for a moment, as she exhaled nervously. "Is there a problem, officer?," she asked, her words came out broken and fragile. She had already been in trouble with her boss the past week and she didn't want to get a DUI. "Ma'am have you been drinking tonight?," he asked, his voice deep and smooth almost like satin, it was terrifying.

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"Ah, no. well I only had a few drinks at my girlfriend's house earlier," Marci said. He seemed to be taken aback by this and he only nodded.

"Well you're driving awfully slow, would you mind opening your door for me?

You don't have to stand up I just need to ask you a few questions." She nodded, a bit confused but she opened the door widely, pulling her legs out from the car onto the pavement as he moved out the way, his hands resting at his side.

He reached for his handcuffs and held them out in front of her, dangling them in her face, almost tauntingly. "Ma'am I need you to come with me to the station," he said as he reached for her wrist. She pulled away from him and glared up at him, unsure of his actions.

"What are you doing? You said you had a few questions for me," she exclaimed. "Well Ma'am you just admitted that you've had a few to drink, and I can't have the body count to increase higher than it already is, can I? Please stand up for me with your hands behind your back," he told her.

She looked up at him, pleading with him to let her go. "No please, you don't understand, I can't get arrested. My boss is already angry with me, and I need the money, please Sir," she said.

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He looked her over and smirked, placing his handcuffs back around his waist as he stood there with his arms crossed. "Well honestly, you've only got two choices. We can either take a trip down to the station for a little overnight stay, or you can do me a little favor", he said, insinuating something far more sinister.

"What kind of favor?," asked Marci, a bit uneasy from his condescending presence. She just wanted to get home and lay down in bed, she had a slight headache from her argument with Lily and she was feeling downright exhausted. He reached out towards her and placed his hand on the back of her neck, resting his hand on her shoulder as he stepped closer to her, closing the large gap between them as he placed his thumb on her cheek, rubbing it slightly. "Well, I haven't had a good release in a while, so why don't you give me a blowjob?" She felt her stomach turn as he spoke.

Was he asking her to do this for him? Is he mad? She inhaled deeply and looked up at him. "But. I'm not even straight. Besides, Hentai tentacle laying egg in pussy not supposed to touch an officer, right?," she said, swallowing hard as she realized that she didn't have a choice. "Well, I can't really help that only one of us will enjoy this, can I?

Besides, a mouth is a mouth", he said, squeezing down lightly on the back of her neck as he pushed her head close to his crotch.

"Unzip me." She sighed deeply and reached out, unbuckling his pants as she zipped them down, pulling the soft fabric down below his knees past his ankles. She slowly curled her fingers underneath the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down carefully as his large member slipped out, almost hitting her in the nose. Her eyes went wide beautiful aria skye sucks extremely gigantic cock she stared at the thick shaft, the semi-hard member twitching slightly.

She sat there motionless for a few seconds as he pinched her neck lightly, taunting her. "Well, it can't suck itself, can it? Come on, it's not really that difficult, just wrap your hand around the smooth skin of the shaft and open your mouth." She nodded and carefully wrapped her hand around his penis, the veiny shaft felt warm and different in her palm as she leaned forward, slipping out her tongue, body to sweat with sexy japanese gal shiina it against the very tip of his cock, her eyes shut tightly.

He moaned lightly as he felt her soft tongue graze against his sensitive tip. His girlfriend hadn't given him head in a while, and she wasn't putting out for him, so he had been very pent up for a long time. He had caught him a gem tonight, she was a very sexy woman, even for a butch, and he wanted to use every inch of her body. He had already begun to get hard as she exposed his 9" cock. He reached behind her head and pulled the bobby pins from her hair, causing her long, gorgeous locks to fall as he snug his fingers into her hair gently, massaging her sensitive scalp with his fingertips.

"Keep going, I want to feel the tip of your stomach." He smirked as she looked up at him timidly. She felt absolutely disgusting as she opened her mouth wider, slipping more of his cock inside of her mouth, her tongue wrapping around his length as she sucked her cheeks in tightly, increasing the friction around him.

She slowly began bobbing her head back and forth along his length, the palms of her hands placed against his thighs firmly. "Fuck baby, are you sure you're a lesbian?", he laughed coldly as he slipped more of his cock into her mouth and throat, the tip of his cock bumping against her uvula, causing her to gag slightly. She breathed in deeply through her nostrils instinctively to avoid choking as he forced more of his thick cock into her throat, a bit of her saliva dripping down the corners of her mouth and chin as he stood there motionless, letting her figure it out on her own as he struggled to restrain himself from just face fucking her.

He caressed her scalp for a brief moment, and suddenly forced his cock deep into her throat for a few seconds, pinching her nose shut. He quickly pulled his throbbing shaft from her mouth, letting her breathe as the trails of spit dripped from his shaft as she coughed helplessly, gasping for air.

"Stand up. Now." She soon regained her air supply and stood up as he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her over to the hood of her car, pushing her back down against it, stepping out of his bottoms.

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"Wait. what are you going to do?," she asked without thinking, as she knew he was going to do whatever he wanted with her. He ignored her and suddenly grabbed the front of her buttoned top she was wearing and ripped it open, revealing the carefully adorned bandages hiding her breasts.

"Mm. why are you hiding those for baby? It's useless, really", he said, reaching in his pocket as he pulled out a knife, unsheathing it. She looked at the knife and tried to pull away from him, but he held her down, not letting her move at all. "Stay still, I'm not going to hurt you, alright?" He slipped the cold metal underneath the bandages and cut them off, revealing her large, round breasts.

He threw the knife down and licked his lips as he reached down to unzip her pants, pulling them down to the ground along with her panties, eyeing her perfectly shaved sex as he did so. A small, trimmed bush resting along her pubis as he pushed his knees on either side of her body, holding her there as he grabbed his shirt and pulled it off, tossing it down with the other garments.

She looked up at him, and turned away, ashamed as she stood completely naked in front of this man, a total stranger to her. She gasped as she felt him suddenly lift her body up onto the hood, spreading her thighs widely as he spat a large gob of saliva into his palm, rubbing it along his cockshaft. too tight pussy for a huge cock, wait. you're not going to use a condom?," she asked, unsure of her situation at this point.

"It's not really necessary to use one, you're a carpet muncher after all, I'm sure you're safe," he said as he tapped the tip of his cock against her clit, feeling the wetness of her cunt. "Damn girl, you're soaked. Are you that turned on?" he laughed.

"No I'm not, it's just my body's reaction. I guess." she felt like dying as he discovered her wetness. Her body had betrayed her in her moment of weakness and helplessness. She was unable to control her situation, and her body fed itself from this. He grinned and slipped the first few inches of his member inside of her cunt, the tightness of her velvety walls encasing his thick cock as he leaned down, wrapping his tongue around her nipple teasingly.

"Oh my, you're so fucking tight… dildos are no match for the real thing I suppose," he said as he wrapped his mouth around her breast, flicking her nipple with his tongue. She leaned her head back as he slipped himself inside of her, the wetness of her cunt dripping out onto her thighs and the car as she moaned helplessly, her thighs clinging tightly behind his back instinctively.

He slipped more of his cock inside of her delicious cunt as he slowly began thrusting his hips back and forth, fucking her slowly as his torso bumped against her clit with each of his movements. Her pussy was so tight, she was clearly using the strap-on with her girlfriend, there's no other way she could be this tight, almost virginal. She moaned as he continued thrusting his cock inside of her cunt, her body adjusting itself to his actions as she could feel herself become close to an orgasm.

He teased her by biting down lightly on her nipple, tracing his tongue up toward her neck, sucking on the sensitive flesh. He reveled in her moans, knowing that he was making her feel it as he began to pound into her, his balls smacking against her little asshole and his torso bumping against her clit, pushing her even closer over the edge. She wrapped her arms fantastic babe is showcasing her gaped narrowed slit in closeup stretching close up his neck and pulled him closely to her body as she slowly began to grind her hips against his body, meeting his thrusts as her pussy suddenly convulsed in its orgasm, her juices spilling out and dripping onto their bodies as she moaned loudly, her body going stiff beneath his.

He could feel her pussy swallow his cock in a vice-like grip as she came, which in turn brought on his own orgasm as he struggled to pull out of her cunt hesitantly as the first long ropes of his warm jizz shot out onto her belly and breasts, coating her. She breathed deeply, catching her breath as he pulled his cock from her pussy, her small hole making an audible 'pop' noise as he did so. She laid there for a little while staring up into the night sky, not realizing that he had already began putting on his clothes.

She stood up and climbed off the car, reaching down to pick up her clothing. He finished himself and handed her a small business card, which had the logo of the local two babes and their first time lesbian station on the front and a number on the back of it.

"If you have any trouble just give me a call, or even if you feel like you can drive home tipsy again." He laughed and walked away, getting in his car as she put on her clothes, driving off into the distance. Marci finally got home and showered, laying down into the bed as she sighed helplessly, staring up at her ceiling as she began thinking out loud to herself. "He basically assaulted me, but then again, he didn't, did he?" She lifted the small business card from her nightstand and stared at it for a few moments, smiling as she drifted off to sleep.