Attractive beauty is presenting her opened yummy crack in close up

Attractive beauty is presenting her opened yummy crack in close up
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It was the summer of 2013. I was 15, had just finished 9th grade, and had been dating this girl Lauren for several months. She was also 15, had dark hair, large C cup breasts, a beautiful figure and a perfectly round, tight ass. We were together all the time, and I decided to invite her camping with my family. After it was all arranged, she was very excited and so was I.

Now just having been in middle school, I hadn't done much with a pussy. Lauren would grab and squeeze my cock all the time for fun though, and sometimes she would even lick it or put the tip in her mouth. The day we left took forever, but when we finally got bbc slut anal creampie interracial big dick the campground I was tired and ready to do nothing.

We set up camp, hung out for a while and then went to bed, with Lauren grabbing my cock periodically. The next morning was exciting, and we took the boat out on the lake as we do every day of a camping trip. My mom wanted to ski, so Lauren and I were elected to stay on shore and make sure nobody took the tube. Now, as you can probably imagine, I had wanted to get in Lauren's pants since we had started dating, but she wasn't ready.

So when we were left alone in the beach and started making out, I was surprised to find her hand creeping down my shorts and grab hold of my six inch cock. I immediately became rock hard and she began stroking my dick. I was in bliss and she seemed to be having fun making me squirm as she played with my teenage cock. I quickly remembered how bad I wanted this girl, and moved my hands down from her back to her waistline and to her ass.

I got to grab her ass all the time, but this felt different. I knew we would have fun on this trip. She reached behind her, grabbed my hands and slid them down into her swimsuit bottoms. I needed no more inviting and I quickly grabbed and squeezed her ass and she began to moan.

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Her grip on my dick also increased every few seconds. I finally pulled her ass cheeks apart and slide my hand between them. I loved this feeling, and soon realized my arms were long enough to run my fingers along her tight teen pussy as we did this.

She squealed when I started to do this, but our time was cut short as my parents arrived and we had to stop before they saw. That night, we had a fair amount of trash and had to take it to the dumpster about a half mile from our campsite. We got there, threw away the trash, and found some trees old raja rani sex story full cover and we started groping and kissing each other.

This is when it got really fun. Our tongues were locked in a battle and I was horny. She pulled out my cock and exclaimed that it looked huge before she resumed her handjob. My hands found their way down to her ass again and I kept one hand there while the other went to the front of her pants.

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I reached down slowly and rubbed her lips which made her shudder. I slipped my middle finger between her lips and pushed it all the way in, exploring her hot hole. I curled my finger and she screamed. This happened every time I did that, so I realized I must have found her g spot. The way she caressed my dick sent me to heaven. I couldn't believe my luck. The feeling of her hand running up and down with her soft but strong grip was making me want to cum all over her.

She began to stroke faster and I finally shot my load all over her hand and bare stomach. I pulled down her pants, knelt down, and slid my tongue into her tight pussy. She tasted amazing and I never wanted to stop eating her.

I reached around while eating her pussy and pulled her cheeks apart, pushing a finger into her ass. "Don't stop! God that feels so good, keep eating me!" And so I kept eating her. By this point, my cock had hardened again and I was ready for more. I removed my face from between her legs for a few seconds to find a good place for her to lay.

I selected a spot with some grass and as soon as she layed down I pulled her pussy back into my mouth. She said, "bring your dick back over to me!" I quickly positioned myself so she could play with it, and she soon pulled me closer. I felt her tongue brush up against my cock head and fell into pure bliss as she started licking. By this point she told me she was going to cum, so I kept going and as I felt her tense, I put my whole mouth over her pussy and felt her squirt into my mouth.

I licked it all off her pussy and she remained licking my cock. She stopped, and I was disappointed, thinking we were done, but she just adjusted herself and then slowly I felt her warm, wet mouth engulf my rock hard cock.

I felt weak as she began giving me my first blowjob. "That feels amazing babe, please don't stop," I said. She took every inch of my prick in her mouth and I loved every second.

All of a sudden I shook, told her I was going to cum, and unloaded my cum into her mouth. She seemed to know what to do, swallowing every drop and then licking my cock to clean it up.

I thought we were done for sure, but what she did next surprised me even more. She took off her shirt, exposing her beautiful bra covered tits. I stared for a few seconds before she pulled me back to reality, saying "wanna touch them?" I replied, "of course I do gorgeous." I began feeling them, feeling her nipples poking through the bra and rubbing them. Russian luba get horny and shows everything reached behind her and we started to make out again.

I felt her bra strap and realized Oriental finger copulates wet pussy japanese and hardcore could undo it. "Can I take this off for you?", I asked.

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"Sure babe," she replied. I undid the hook, took a breath and removed her bra. Her boobs were beautiful, fairly large, and made my dick harder, if possible, and she noticed this as she had been slowly rubbing it. I took her left breast in my mouth, licked her nipple and she gave my cock a squeeze. I started to lick her nipples but she stopped me, saying, "Bring that big cock of yours up here." She had me kneel on her, just high enough that my dick would go between her boobs comfortably.

She squeezed my dick between them, and I started thrusting. Her luscious boobs around my cock made me go crazy, and I soon needed to cum.

I told her and she told me to do it on her face and tits. I kept thrusting until I was cumming, most of which I did into her face, some going into her mouth, and the rest went onto her boobs. We realized how late it was and decided to go back to camp. The next day was pretty boring. We went down to the lake, went on the boat, and killed time until about 4, when we went back up to camp.

Everyone went to go shower, and Lauren and I were left alone at camp. We got our shower stuff together and then walked go the showers. When one came open, she walked towards it, pulling me with her. I knew what was going to happen before we even got in there.

We got in, locked the door, turned the shower on and stripped down so we were both naked. At this point, seeing Lauren naked made my cock harder than it had ever been, and we had been standing close enough that my length was touching her pussy lips when it got to full hardness. She started moving forward and backward, rubbing my cock head against her vagina. I pulled her in close to me and I grabbed a handful of ass while the other hand explored her tits hot babe lexi dona gets dicked down by masseur pornstars hardcore. Lauren crouched down after a few minutes and immediately took my full length into her mouth, deepthroating me.

I didn't want to cum too quickly, so after a few minutes of this amazing blowjob I stopped her and I sat down. I needed to recover for a second, but she stuck her ass out into my face, gave me enough time to pull her cheeks apart and lick up her ass but then pulled away. She said to lean back so I did, and she sat on my cock.

Not with it inside her, but rubbing her pussy and ass. She started moving, dancing on my dick and making me go crazy. She moved forward slightly and spread her ass cheeks apart, then moved back so my cock was nestled between them.

I was going crazy with lust for her at this point and just wanted to ram her ass. She moved up and down my dick, causing me to begin shooting cum onto her ass and lower back. She laughed but I was embarrassed at how quickly I had cum. I let her lick me off. Her cleaning up my cock made me erect again.

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"I want you," I said as I looked at her. "I want you too. Now," she said. She told me that she wasn't on the pill and I didn't have a condom. "I really want you inside me," she said.

"If you can pull out in time, then lets have sex because I need you inside me." I told her I could pull out in time and I quickly positioned my cock tip at her entrance. I looked at her and she nodded, "take me babe." I kissed her and slowly slid into her. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt.

Her vagina was hot, tight, and wet. My dick had never felt so good. I reached her hymen and stopped. She told me to be gentle. I pushed through her wall and stopped. She big load of dick bangs a hot brunette for a minute or two and then she kissed me and smiled.

She told me to fuck her until she couldn't walk. I started pushing in and out, ramming her tight pussy with my length.

I slammed into her, all the way to the hilt, over and over again, causing her to scream and squeal in delight. She clawed into my back but I didn't care. I kept thrusting into her hole, causing her to scream each time. I felt her cum on my dick as I felt my own orgasm building. I kept pounding her. "FUCK ME HARDER BABE," she yelled.

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I kept slamming into her hot vagina harder until I felt my climax starting. I pulled out of her and without thinking I pushed into her ass. She yelled at first but then began to moan. I lasted about ten more seconds before I blew my load. Milf angela and kristen takes turn on giving pleasures shot rope after rope of hot, sticky cum into Lauren before my cock deflated and we collapsed in the shower before cleaning ourselves up and going back to camp.

That night, when we were laying down, her ass was up against my crotch (I wasn't wearing any pants) and as you can imagine, my cock hardened after a few minutes.

She noticed this and pulled her pants down just enough to allow her to back up and have my dick slide between her legs against her pussy. The feeling of her warm lips on gonzo sex with johnny nitro capri cavanni tube porn of my cock was driving me crazy with pleasure.

Lauren began to move back and forth, rubbing her lips against my manhood, and she whispered, "I love how your big cock feels, Sam," I replied, "your pussy feels so hot." I started to thrust a little bit, just causing enough friction for me to lose it, and she quickly moved forward so I could slam my dick into her amazing ass. I squirted ropes of my cum into her butt and she squirmed when I was done. As my parents were asleep, she felt it safe enough to go under the blanket and suck me clean, which I loved.

Her warm, wet mouth working my cock felt great even though I was soft by that point. She played with my dick for several minutes until it hardened again, and then pulled me back into her ass. When we woke up, my cock was still inside her and she quickly shook her hips, causing me to become erect again. Her ass was so tight and so hot, I never wanted to pull out of it.

We quietly started anal fucking, with me cumming after only about 10 minutes. We went out of the tent for breakfast, then down to the lake. We swam for a few minutes until Lauren decided to go sunbathe.

I swam for a few more minutes before getting out. As I was walking out of the water I looked at Lauren and saw her ass sticking halfway out of her bikini bottoms. My dick quickly became erect and I knew we could have some fun because my family was on the boat. I walked over to her and ran a finger up her leg all the way to her pussy. I slipped a finger under her bikini and into her vagina before realizing she had fallen asleep. I pulled down her bottoms the rest of the way and ran my cock head against her ass.

After several minutes, I heard her sweet voice. "Are you gonna keep teasing me or can I have that big thing in me?," she asked quietly. As soon as I heard those words, I aimed my throbbing tip at her butthole. Remembering that my parents could arrive at any time, I quickly looked around to see if they were in sight.

Seeing that they were still gone, I turned back to Lauren's gorgeous ass. She was looking at me expectantly, waiting for my length. I realized I had the head inside her, and quickly shoved the rest of my cock in. She screamed for a few seconds but then was quiet, just moaning every few seconds. I felt her hot, right walls around my dick as I thrusted in and out of her, and I was the happiest a boy could be. I drove into her, feeling her ass cheeks slamming into my crotch.

I reached around her and grabbed a boob with one hand and rubbed her wet pussy with the other, causing her to squeal in pleasure. I fucked her for about 10 minutes and realized I wouldn't last much longer, and began slamming her ass harder, feeling her ass closing tighter around my throbbing cock. I gave one final ram and released my cum into her butt. To this day, I have never had as much fun on a camping trip as I did that time.