Lovely chick likes erected cocks a lot

Lovely chick likes erected cocks a lot
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fantasy tale part one / Daughter Debbie Debbie my daughter has just turned eight when she first caught me wanking having come home early from school.

I did not see her watching me from the living room door till she walked right in & sat herself down on the foor infront of me while i tried to cover my hard cock but was unable to fit it back in my pants. Daddy don't put your willy away please i want to see it.

But darling was all the words i got out before she asked. Daddy why were you rubbing it?. At this point let me fill in a few missing details. i that been bringing up Debbie on my own since her mother took to drinking & left home three years ago. and wanking had become my only release.

now Debbie had seen my naked a few times before by accident & i had tried to answer all her growing questions about sex but this situation was something different. back to were i left off pretty blonde drilled by horny pawn man. After some quick thinking i chose the honest answer because it feels good.

Let me see you rub it again Daddy says Debbie sitting with legs crossed. Now i know it was perhaps not the smartest move but slowly i started wanking again. as much as i tried i could not help watching my Daughters face as she looked on intently. gee daddy its getting bigger again will it spurt white stuff soon like in the photos on your computer.

yes darling when a boy or man gets his willy rubbed white stuff comes out its called sperm, cum & lots of other names. its what helps to make baby's but the best bit is it feels real good when the cum shoots out. Debbie i really should not let you see me like this. but Daddy why ? was the reply. just because its wrong darling & it can lead on to other things was my stupid reply.

but while i said this my hand kept up its pace pumping my cock. Debbie shuffled closer her eyes fixed wide as she stared at my member. I tried not to look at her it made me feel guilty every time i did .when she moved closer her skirt had ridden up exposing white cotton school panties, framing her pussy mound.

Gee!! my own daughter was turning me on. Debbie must have caught where my eyes were now trained because with out stopping for an answer , she pulled her shirt higher saying want to look now you can see better Daddy.

Then it happend the first spurt on cum flew out from my cock followed by several more girl fuck vagina job brazzer. Debbie looked up smiled at me before getting up & running to her room. After cleaning myself up i thought long & hard about what had just took place then went to find Debbie.

In her bedroom we talked it over me explaining i should never of let her see me wanking & it was wrong for her to show her body to Daddy. But see just could not see what was so wrong about it, didn't it feel good am i not pretty enough for you Daddy she asked. Darling your the most pretty girl i know & you make daddy very happy. The talking went on like this for some time in the end lord only knows how she convinced me not only was it ok but that she wanted to see and learn more.

part 2 The first lesson The following day was a weekend no school so good a time as any to start her lessons. In the living room Debbie lay across the coffee table on her back as instructedher head hung down one side of the table her feet dangled over the other unable to reach the floor, stretched out like this the one piece swim costume she wore fitted tight across her cunt mound, the fabric giving her cunt a nice cameltoe, Now just relax darling Daddy is going to touch you like we talked about yesterday.

She did not flinch as my hand made first contact with her cunti cupped her full puffy mound & a finger pushed the cloth covering deeper into her slit while my other hand teased her nipples on barely budding breasts, I worked her like this till after several minutes till i could wait no longer & pulled the crotch of the costume to one side to reveal the ana foxxx dripping the ballwith her perfect bald peach now on view i wasted no time in getting stuck back in.

one hand held her slit open while my other found her tiny clitDebbie flinched this time gave a sigh & tried to close her legs but i held them open & continuded toying the clit till it stood erect. she was now breathing heavy her legs that were now held wide on there own.

When i started this a wasn't sure if she would be old enough to respond to sexual stimulation but responding she was. It looked so tempting i had to taste my Daughter, Debbie gave a contented cry when my tongue beat her virgin cunt into submissionwith her legs thrashing about and back arched my little Daughter orgasmed for her Daddy.

Her cunt pulsed over & over as i kept stroking her through her climax till finally her body went into one last convulsion. Now it was my turn to cum again so with Debbie still stretched out over the table i brought my cock up to her face. she reached up to wank it but stopping her asked would she put it in her mouth.

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Oh! daddy what like the girls in the film we watched on the computer. yes darling that's rightnext thing i felt was her sweet lips close round the tip of my cock for the first time. the urge to push in deep was strong but i resisted as i did not want to frighten or hurt her.

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She kept on asking me for advice on was she doing it ok. after telling her she was making a great job of it Debbie's confidence grow & soon her little head was bobbin up & down taking about the first three inches into her mouth while her hands stayed wrapped round the rest of the shaft.

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then it happend my balls started to tighten & cock head swelled up before i could warn spicy nympho is brought in butthole loony bin for painful treatment spurt after spurt of cum shot out into my Daughter's mouth making her cough & choke .she pulled it out & the last shot hit her full in the face, sitting up with a smile from ear to ear laughing as cum runs down her cheeks & mouth.

lets take a few photos darling you look so pretty all covered in cum then you can get cleaned up while daddy rests. After washing a naked Debbie runs back into the room & jumps on my lap shouting again daddy lets do it again. I give her a kiss & tell her to put on some sexy clothes first off she ran to her bedroom giving me more time to recover.

she return's dressed in the onepiece costume she had on earlier & some clothes in her hands. I put this back on daddy i know its one of your favourites but its a bit messy now. Thats fine darling you look even more sexy with our juices stained over your costume , now come show me that pretty cunt.

Debbie stands in front of me she pulls her gusset to the side & proudly displays her bald mound. following my instructions she moves her legs apart & slides fingers inside her cunt opening it wide. I take more photos lots of close ups, his gets me hard in record time. stroke fingers along your cunt for me darling . As she plays the camera is switched to video mode. I watch her trying to pleasure herself but soon she gives up & calls me for help.

taking her hand i place it on her clit explaining thats the most sensitive spot. The look of frustration on her face is a charm as desperately she flicks at her clitoris seeking the pleasure she has knows it can givebut her patience fails & again she calls for my help. Flicking her hands away i hook a finger inbetween her cunt lips & pull towards me. with legs straddled wide Debbie shuffles forward.

Minutes later my darling daughter is bucking her hips & dancing on my fingers. leaking cunt juice at a rapid rate her legs & my hand are soakedevery now & then her knees give way the only thing holding her up being my hand, then it happens her eyes roll back her legs shake then collapse. her body becomes like a ragdoll as her cunt pulses on my hand, fluid floods from her as my fingers keep working on her spasming bald cunt, my little girl shouts " daddy oh daddy" over & over till the waves of pleasure finally stop.

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I lay down on the floor tell Debbie to remove the swimsuit & sit herself down on my face like a seat. As i guide her into position a drop of cunt juice drips down onto my neck hands pull her tight butt cheeks apart & push her cunt over my open mouthi relish the taste drinking down her sweet liquid. Debbie giggled Daddy your so funny wanting to lick my peepee.

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I did not answer just drove my nose as deep as it would go into the inviting open slot breathing in her young girl smell. Debbie's giggling soon stopped when my tongue brushed her still highly aroused clitoris. she collapsed forward on my chest and made a grab for my cockbless her she still wanted to pleasure me. No darling its ok its daddy's turn to make you feel good again, a few more swipes of my tongue had her hand released its hold. her cunt opened up like a flower from my teasing becoming quite swollen & puffy, my eyes wandered up to admire her anal ring.

as tempting as it was i would save that for a later date. taking hold of her hips i pulled her back & forwards across by mouththis had the right effect soon my baby girl started to buck & ride my face drenching me in juice as she wailed out loud enjoying another strong orgasm.

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