Daddy bought me new toys for christmas

Daddy bought me new toys for christmas
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This uses characters from my previous story, New Friend Michelle, but should not be considered a sequel. It's more of an accompanying text. Let me know if I should continue with these characters or find new ones. Thanks! Sorry to any non-American readers that I say mom and not mum, along with other American-isms. Please forgive me! ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— "Michelle's just getting to me… Ugh!" It wasn't that Ally minded living with an exhibitionist.

It was that it turned her on so much she couldn't stand it. "I know hon, but you can change after this semester. You can find a new roommate who doesn't annoy you as much." Ally's mom attempted to comfort her daughter, unknowing of her daughter's true predicament. "I mean, it's not that, Mom. She's great and all, it's just she's so…" beautiful and sexy and hot&hellip.

"Whatever you think is best for you sweetie. I have to go, your father is finished with dinner. Hang in there!

Love you." "Love you too, Mom." Ally hung up her cell phone. Ally was wearing gray skinny jeans and a soft olive green t-shirt.

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She undid the button on her pants and start to unzip. Her pink panties lay covering her warm pussy that she seldom had opportunity to touch. Ally had trimmed her nails prior to receiving the call from her mother, in hopes of getting off this afternoon.

She combed her fingers through her soft pubic hair. "Maybe I should shave mine, too," she said softly. Ally closed her eyes and recalled the mental images of Michelle last night as she walked in the room. Michelle was a tiny 5 foot 1 inch girl who can't have weighed 100 pounds. Ally looked at her 2 inch taller frame and her extra 30 pounds.

Michelle was such a tease! Ally licked her middle finger and rubbed up and down her slit to lubricate herself. Last night she had come home from classes and Michelle was lying in Ally's bed - the nerve! - with a towel down underneath her. Michelle had been spread-eagled and clean shaven all over. Michelle's short hair had been dyed purple, and her green eyes and soft smile stared back at Ally as she looked on.

Technically, Michelle was taking things too far. But Ally was turned on so much from this that she couldn't complain. She just left and seldom mentioned the masturbation. The sexy little girl turned her on so much though. Ally rubbed herself faster before moving to her clit, where she liked everything to go slowly.

She stroked her clit softly and slowly and felt her crotch warm up nicely. She started to pull her pants down, but got up and checked the door first. It was locked. "Good. Michelle will have to fumble with her key to get in. Plenty of time to cover up." Ally smiled and laid back on her bed, opening the comforter and taking off her pants. She wanted the comforter for a quick cover-up in case her roommate arrived early.

Ally started to use both hands on herself like she had seen Michelle do. It felt amazing to have fingers going in while rubbing her clit. Ally felt her orgasm approaching, and wished for the sweet release.

As she was peaking, she heard the door open. Ally grabbed her blanket and pulled it over herself. But she had released the tension she was holding in and starting squirting in her molly manson gives blowjob and laid savagely. Ally put her right hand over her pussy to catch it from leaking onto her bed and bit her left hand to keep her moan in.

Ally felt 3 squirts of warm liquid rush into and through her hand. The smell started to spread, and Ally hoped desperately it wouldn't leave the blankets.

Only then did she realize Blonde gets skinny cunt pounded to orgasm was speaking with friends, all of whom were entering the room. Michelle had quieted them down to be courteous, and peaked around the corner to check on Ally. She looked asleep. "Okay, she looks asleep," Michelle whispered, "come in but stay quiet." Michelle led them into the adjoined living room, which had full view of the bedroom.

Ally's heart picked up pace and her face flushed redder than it already was. "Okay, calm down, you just have to wait it out." She thought to herself. "Maybe you should just sleep." She shifted and felt her cum run over the back of her thigh. Fuck. The smell was much more pungent now. Just as Ally had that thought, she heard Michelle spraying an air freshener and saying, "Hey, could you guys come back some other time.

I just realized I have a ton of work I forgot about." The friends all left quickly, and Ally heard the door close behind them. She was about to open her eye when there was a sudden bounce of a body on the bed. "You didn't!" Michelle said. Ally closed her eyes tighter and blushed harder.

"Clean yourself up, and you're getting a hug!" Michelle got out of the bed and left the room quickly. Ally stood up and pulled the sheets off her bed, putting them in the laundry. She took off the rest of her clothes and went to the shower to double handjob from amateur bbw milfs threesome and handjobs up.

She felt a little like crying, but the excitement in Michelle's voice was making her laugh, too. Michelle just made it seem like nothing was wrong. Ally finished her shower and heard the door into their room open.

She started towel drying and began to blow dry her medium length curly hair. She saw her breasts in the mirror and enjoyed their perkiness, which lightened her mood. At this point, she realized she had not brought a change of clothes into the bathroom. She started to get a little shaky at this thought and wrapped her towel around herself.

As soon as she opened the door, Michelle — fully clothed thank goodness - gave her a hug around cum hungry granny goes to town on guy s boner and sucks it dry waist.

"I am so, so, so, so sorry!" Michelle said at Ally's shoulder. "Are you okay?" she asked with concern. Ally laughed a little, "Yes, I'm doing okay." She was. It was nowhere near as bad as she thought. "Good!" Michelle said. "Can we please talk about this?

I want to know what made you do it!" Michelle was eager. "Don't you think that's a little personal?" Ally said; but she was turned on being only in a towel this close to her fantasy girl.

Michelle looked dejected. "Is the door locked?" Ally asked. Michelle nodded vigorously. "Okay." Ally hesitated as Michelle backed away from her. Ally closed her eyes… and dropped her towel. "Oh my god.

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Can I?" Michelle asked. Ally wasn't sure what the question was, since Michelle left it so vague. She opened her eyes and saw a big grin from Michelle. Ally nodded, a bit unsurely. Michelle started taking off all of her clothes. The must from Ally's earlier masturbation was still slightly lingering throughout the room. The smaller girl looked beautiful, and Ally was aroused by their nakedness.

"Mmm, yes please look at me," Michelle started turning around and getting into sexy positions with Ally watching. "This is an absolute dream." Ally felt plunged into the deep end by this girl, but she wanted to swim so badly. Ally could feel herself getting hornier by the second, and she just wanted to see Michelle touch herself.

"Can you…" Ally started with a soft voice, and it cracked a little. She was nervous to ask. Michelle sat cross legged on the floor in front of Ally looking up at her naked body. "Can you… masturbate while I watch?" Ally closed her eyes and turned her face away, blushing. Michelle stood up and grabbed Ally's hand. "Let me get just a little more turned on, and then I will - definitely!

- get off for you!" Michelle took a breath. "Leave the doorway if you don't want to be seen," Michelle said in sort of a sing-song. Ally dodged out of the doorway to hide her naked body. She heard Michelle unlock it, and peaked around the corner to watch her leave. Michelle checked the hallway, then walked out into it completely naked.

She left the door open - presumably for a quick return. Seeing no one was down the hallway, Ally took a chance and walked to the door, hiding behind it. She saw Michelle start to rub herself as she turned the corner at the end of the hall.

Ally closed the door and locked the latch. "This will be quite a show." She thought. She stayed by the door to wait for Michelle's return. She heard quick footsteps come up the hall and heard light taps, followed by whispering. "Ally!" Michelle whispered frantically, "Open it please! There are many people coming who just came from a party." "I thought you liked showing off?" Ally said playfully.

"I do! But not for this cindy sun in blonde bombshell does backseat anal people!

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Please Ally!" Ally opened the door and allowed her friend in. Michelle came in and was rubbing her clit still. She moaned and looked at Ally. "That was so hot. Being locked out is a huge fantasy of mine!" Michelle said.

She moaned again. "Should we open the door just as these people come down the hall?" Ally asked sensually. "They'll all see your naked body rubbing your hot pussy." Michelle started rubbing faster. "You like when people see your body, don't you?" Michelle bit her lip and nodded.

"But don't open it," Michelle added, unconvincingly. She giggled and squatted down to get a better angle. "Oh I am so close," Michelle added, closing her eyes. She sat back onto her butt and put her legs apart. Ally checked the peephole and saw about 10 to 12 people coming down the hall.

She opened the door softly, hiding behind it. She whispered to Michelle, who opened her eyes.

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There were many people in the hallway, not really paying attention to anything, and Michelle felt her heart race. Her whole body started to flush. "Close the door!" She whispered frantically, but a few people had already seen her. As soon as the door was shut, Ally turned to look at Michelle, but Michelle just let out a huge moan as she laid back on the ground. She clenched her thighs around her hand and moaned again, "Fuuuuck!" She shook with her intense orgasm and felt her juices flow over her hand.

Michelle felt the intense orgasm all throughout her body. She was so horny from those people seeing her. She kept rubbing her pussy thinking about it, but it started to be too sensitive. Seeing Michelle in this state started to turn Ally on. Michelle laid back on the floor, exasperated.

"Bed." She said, serenely. Ally had been an athlete in high school, so she had the muscle to pick Michelle up. She lifted the girl from the floor, then felt Michelle's wet hand touch her pubes.

"We'll deal with these," Michelle shifted her hand to Ally's pussy lips, "and this in just a minute." Michelle kept playing with Ally's pussy as she was being set down. Ally's knees started to shake from the feeling of someone else touching her. "Are you a virgin?" Michelle asked bluntly. Ally nodded. "Up!" Michelle said, motioning on the bed. As Ally got on the bed, Michelle spread Ally's knees to either side of her head. "Do you want this?" Michelle asked. Ally nodded, closed her eyes and bit her lip in anticipation.

It. Felt. Two raunchy bimbos and one hard member. Michelle's tongue was the perfect combination of soft and warm and muscular. Ally felt the tongue go over her clit and that was enough. She felt her pelvis start to clench and shake while Michelle continued to eat her out. Ally laughed breathily, and got off of Michelle. "Wow! That was quick!" Michelle said. She sat up in her bed. "Okay, now to deal with that hair." She took Ally's hand and walked her to the bathroom.