Sexy melody gets profoundly fucked hard inside the taxi

Sexy melody gets profoundly fucked hard inside the taxi
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It was In August the summer of 98.

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The days were long and warm. Just perfect weather for outdoor fun and boating. I had a boat in the mairna at lake Sonoma, that's in Northern California. This particular week in August we have family up from Los Angeles.

It was my Sister-in-law Tori and her twin daughters, Heather and Bobbie. I asked " Ok, whatcha all want to do tomorrow?" "Go the the lake for a boat ride and spend the day on the water" was the answer I got.

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Cool !!! I said, as I really liked that idea because It was a relatively new lakeonly a few years old and very few boaters, great landscapeplus fishing was awesome and I wanted to sun bathe. That morning as we were getting ready Tori came up to me and said." I am really not feeling good at all and, we need to take a rain check.Is that ok?

sure I said, no problem ! Then the girls said can't we go without you Mom? Pleeseee Mom ? Toir, said "it's ok with me if your Uncle is cool with that" I said .sure lets get ready. The twins being 13 and cute as can be, were fun to be around.

They were a ball of pure energy and this day was going to be prove something else. As the ride up the Marina took 45 Min. in the 63 Corvette convertiblewe talked about all kinds of things.

All CLEAN !! Out on the watert was great. I was wearing a small pair of gym shorts. The warm sun was feeling so good on the body and I felt the sun warming my aching horny chrotch.

I had a lot good nasty times on that boat before this day ever arrived. Out on the open large bodies of water where there was so very taylor blacked bbc white slut wife monster dick jam boats, I asked the twins if they would like to drive the boat? YES !!!! they said The girls were wearing two piece bathing suites and looked cute as can be.

Ok, Heather come here and take the wheel. But the wind started to blow and the chop came up fast. It was to difficult for them to handle the boat by themselves. So I sat down in the drivers seat and had Heather sit on my lap where I can handle the controls need be. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh crap as her little butt bounced up and down on my warm horny cock it thought .shit, my rod is going to stick out and wave hello !!!!!!!!

Heather looked back pretty babes from brazil love beefy cocks me as smiled as she could feel my raging hard on. She pushed her sweet little ass up and down as the boat bounced along the choppy water. I was doing everthing possible not to embarrass myself but my cock had other thoughts. I told Heather thats enough it's Bobbie's turn. She went over and wispered something to here twin sister and Bobbie had a very peculiar look on her face.

Bobbie, sat down on my bulging aching cock and rocked back a forth and smiled. I thought I will never be able to hold my load of hot cum from making me look like a fool. But I was determined not to have an orgasm because with my shorts being the kind they wereit would be real messy. So I said lets pull into a cove and have some lunch.

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Then Bobbie got up and they started wispering things again to each other. I acted as I was not interested, but I well knew what they were chatting about. When I stood up and tied the boat to a tree limb my cock was sticking out and the girls were laughing historically. I said. " okI got turned on.I know you know that" They said "YEA it's ok" Heather said we want to see it !

My teeth started aching and my heart was beating like mad. I always wanted to masturbate in front of people especislly twin 13 years old honeys.There was NO way is was going to touch those twins so jerking off was in play. They keep staring at my cock. I could not help it. I pulled it out and they both in at the same moment said."wow" I started to calm down.

I ask them if they would like to see my jerk off.

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They both said 'YESSSSS!" So I sat down and got some sun tan lotion and started stroking my cock. The look on there faces was enough to make any man CUM.

They keep saying "" That drove me crazy and I shot a massive load all over my brown tanned belly and a lot on my thigh. I stroked my 9 inches and milked it dry. Bobbie got up and sat right next saxi hot xxx cartoon storys me and starred at all the cum.

I then noticed both twins had wet bottoms of their bathing suites. I thought that was cool.

A few hours later when we were back home Tori asked the girls .did you have a good time? they both replied .AWESOME !!!

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As for me .I don't remember ever cuming so much and so hard. P.S. I know I am not a good writer. I am not trying to be something i'm not. Just wanted to tell you this true story.