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Big butt nina kayy gets a big black dick with her boober app
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When Michael and I first met, we became instant friends, just because we were around the same age and into similar things. We both adored Game of Thrones, hated tomatoes on our burgers and loved teaching. He's my high school's gym teacher, and I the music director. And boy oh boy did we have sexual chemistry. Michael made sure to give me some type of compliment, or make funny sex jokes (that turned me on). Not to mention that he'd always come into my room to hang out during his off periods or we'd grab lunch together.

To say the least, we became really close really fast. We'd sometimes even hang out on the weekends. One night out, he had had a little too much tequila, so I offered for him to stay the night at my house. "Wow, really?" Michael said slurring his words.

"Yeah of course! Anything for a friend." I said trying to guide him out of the club. I had been the designated driver that night, so it actually worked out that I was driving. After a quiet ride home, I led him into my living room. I took off his blowjob session with horny amazing hottie hardcore and massage, and as I pulled it off, he gently took a hold of my neck, and kissed me.

I pulled away soon after I realized that the one kiss turned into a steamy make out session. Michael and I looked at each other with mixed emotions. On one hand, we (kind of) addressed the overwhelming sexual tension we had, but on the other, we knew that this was wrong.

But mostly, could we handle what could happen after what happened? But none of these words came up. So I just got up and I went to my room. The next morning I woke up to Michael laying on the edge of my bed watching me sleep. "Morning" I said groggily "Hey." He said timidly. "Look…" We said at the same time.

"You go first." I said hoping he would address what had happened last night. "Look, I'm sorry. I know that that was wrong. And I don't want my lust to fuck up our friendship." "Lust, huh?" I said smiling.

Michael turned bright red. "I mean.c'mon, look at you…" It got silent. "anyways that's not the point. Can we just not speak of this?" Michael said finally.

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So we promised that we wouldn't speak of it again. But we both knew we damn sure wanted more. Things were definitely awkward for the first couple of days, but eventually we got passed it. But at the same time, since the kiss, Michael became very touchy feelie. Something like a hug turned into something more. He'd slowly rub my back, and before we let go, he'd slide his hands down my torso.

I didn't mind it, I actually liked it, but me being the 'playing hard to get' female, I'd ignore it. One weekend, we bumped into each other at a bar.

We got wasted together and I offered for him to sleep at my place yet again. This time I hadn't drove so we got an Uber to my place. Michael got all comfy in my living room, and eventually made his way to the couch. I brought out a pillow and cover for him,the. went into my room and closed the door behind me. As I struggled to get my clothes off, Michael being the asshole that he is, barged into my room without knocking and I'm topless with just blonde riding the dick well in bed thong on.

I covered myself, but he couldn't stop staring. Talk about awkward. Michael walked over with that same look in his eye as he did before, and flat out kisses me. "Michael, we shouldn't. We're drunk." I told him as I backed away from him. "Erica, I know you want me. Stop fighting it." Michael whispered with his hands around my waist.

He pulled me into him hard. One leg was up wrapped around his arm, while the other was balancing me. Michael ran his hands up and down my ass and thighs as our makeout session began.

At first I seriously couldn't stop laughing. (I couldn't believe this was actually happening!) But Michael was so damn serious. He kissed my neck as he rubbed my clit through my panties. "Ughhh!" I moaned quietly. Michael was breathing heavy.

He looked me in my eyes. "I want to fuck you so hard that all you can say is my fucking name." "Oh yeah?" I said getting horny as hell.

He laid me on my back, spread my legs wide open, and then pulled my panties off. My legs pulled back together, covering my wet hole. "Oh, don't be shy." He said smiling as he gently spread my legs. "There we go." He said deeply. He dove straight into eating my pussy.

He spread the lips of pussy and licked my wet hole. "OH MY FUCK!" I moaned loudly. He tongue fucked me until I came so hard, that my legs were shaking. "Come here. I want you to taste your sweet pussy juices." I sat up, and we shared a kiss. I could taste myself in his saliva, yet I could taste the liquor he consumed that night.

Things are pretty foggy from what happened right after we kissed. However, I do remember the feeling I had when Michael slide himself inside of me. His cock was so hard, and his length was so deep inside of me. The next thing I know, Michael picked me up with my legs on either side of him. My back was against the clear wall of my bedroomas he slipped himself back inside me. "Fuck, Erica you feel so fucking good!" Michael blurted out as he penetrated me deep and fast; just the way I like it.

We were in this position for a while until I came again and slid out of his arms.

(I actually can't believe he held me up there for that long considering that Naughty chick craves for a long dick 5'9 and 150 lbs). When my feet finally touched the floor, I got on all fours and pulled his leg for him to join me.

Michael got down, and I pushed him back. "Hm, someone's feisty!" He said jokingly. I smiled. I then straddled him, and then grabbed his thick cock. I traced it along my wet pussy, teasing him. "Hmmm, fuck." He moaned deeply. "Fuck, huh? Mhmmmm.You want me to slide your fat cock in my pussy?" "Yeah baby. I want all of that pussy" he replied getting anxious.

He took ahold of my ass and squeezed it hard. It made me want to ride him even more.but I wanted him to beg for it first. "You want my wet little pussy? Tell me daddy." "I want your wet little pussy to ride my cock babe!" I slowly slid down his shaft, and it almost made me cum right then. "Yeah baby ride that fucking dick!" Michael moaned out as I bounced up and down his cock. "Uh, Michael!" I cried out with my eyes shut. "Yeah say my fucking name." He wrapped his arms around me and started to pound himself into me.

"Michael fuck yes!" I screamed.

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You could hear his balls slapping against my asshole the way he was fucking me. "Yes baby! I'm gonna cum." "Cum for me daddy." Michael flipped me over onto my back and spread my legs wide. He spit on my pussy and slid himself into me once more, only this time, he fuxked me nice and slow. "I want you to cum on my tits!" I whispered. Michael smirked, pulled himself out, and shot his load all on my hot, sweaty body.

Soon after, we passed out. When I woke up the next morning on my floor, lying next to Michael naked, I realized that the night before wasn't just a dream. Michael woke not too soon after I did. "Damn we were turned up last night, huh?" He said examining my naked body. "I guess so." I said chuckling. Things were a bit awkward that morning (and after) to say the least, but Michael tried his best to ignore it. One day after work, Michael was hanging out in my room, and he asked if I could come down to his office for a second.

When I got there, Michael closed the door behind him, secretary natasha nice screws well hung manager shoved my panties down to my ankles, feeling how wet I was for him. How's that for a day in the office?