Luscious centerfold showcases huge arse and gets ass hole shagged

Luscious centerfold showcases huge arse and gets ass hole shagged
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Chapter 10 Finally, we got home and all I wanted to do is run to the bathroom, but I knew that running was out of the question in my current state, so I just tried to stay calm and paced myself into the house, up the stairs and down the hall, the whole time feeling like I would lose it right there and then. I quickly opened the bathroom door and just pulled my wet panties down to my knees as I young blonde school girl molly earns her keep on the toilet.

Before my cheeks made contact with the seat I could feel it coming out… it was like an eruption; I just moaned as I rapidly expelled all of it while holding to my tummy with both hands and slightly bending over.

Once I felt like it was all out, I relaxed a bit and sat back for a few moments before wiping as much as I could and then got up. I was going to pull my panties up but as I reached for them changed my mind and just took them off and then got naked and jumped in the shower.

No matter how much I scrubbed myself I could not wash the shame away. I paid extra attention to my back side trying to get it as clean as I could but had to be really gentile since it was still burning from all the stretching and penetration that it endured just a short while ago.

I got out of the shower and realized that in my haste I forgot to get my robe, but even worst, there were no bath towels.

So, I used the hand towel to dry myself up and tried to wrap it around my body. It was large enough that it covered my butt and up to my lower chest, but it would not reach over my breasts no matter how high I would pull it, unless I uncovered my butt completely.

So I had a choice: cover my bottom half, or my chest.

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I opened the bathroom door and peaked outside, trying to see of anyone was around, maybe I could ask for a towel to be brought, but no one was in sight. I called for my brother but no answer… So, since no one was here I just wrapped it around my waist and tiptoed down the hall, threw one last glance in James's room to make sure that I didn't repeat the peep show from last time, he was not in his room so I just kept going until I reached my door.

I opened it and walked in and closed it quickly behind me. -"Oh, Sorry…" I heard as I turned around and noticed that James was on the floor crouched over an old shoe box.

He just looked up at me with wide eyes… I froze for a second before I realized how my large breasts were exposed and attempted to cover them with both hands, basically ending up just cupping both of them. "What, … what are you doing in here ?!! I exclaimed. -"Um. sorry, mom send me up here to get these old photos, she said that they were in this box, but after knocking a few times I figured it was ok to just come in and get them.

I'm so sorry Jasmine, please don't be mad at me. I… I didn't know you would come in like … this. I mean, I didn't even see… anything…" He was stuttering, trying to explain himself. I realized that I kind of screamed at him although he didn't really do anything wrong. My door was open and mom sent him up for the pictures, he had no way to know that I would just run in half naked… "Its ok, don't worry about it.

It's my fault. I didn't know you were in here… Sorry I yelled." -"I didn't see much, I mean . anything…" I smiled. "Its ok James, I know you did and it's no big deal" Stud is fingering vagina hardcore and massage said on a calmer tone, trying to relax the situation a bit.

I then looked down at him half expecting him to get up and leave, but he was still crouched down over the box of old stuff looking down like he was waiting for something… He was wearing a pair of loose shorts and a t shirt, I looked down at his crotch area and realized what was holding him from getting up… "Hon, are you not wearing any underwear?" I asked as nice as I could as to not embarrass him.

He just shook his head… -"I took off my Speedo in my room because it was still wet and was going to throw it in the slender ebony goddess enjoys spreading her cunt but you were in the bathroom, so I just put these shorts on and was just going to lie down a bit.

But then mom called up and asked that I get her these stupid old photos for her scrapbook or something. He tried to cover his obvious bulge between his legs but with no success… "Its ok, I understand… I guess both of us should be more careful…" I remembered the last time when we had a similar encounter and his little "problem" afterwards. We would have been stuck here all day, and I'm sure mom was waiting for her photos.

I just didn't want to get him in trouble or have him explain to mom why he can't bring them down or even leave my room. I just reacted to the situation. I was still cupping my breasts which was to say my palms were covering my large nipples and not much more of those full heavy melons that seem to get more unwanted attention that I can manage, so I slowly lowered my hands to my sides as he looked up at me.

He just stared at them for what seemed like forever. I knew I had to get him out and downstairs to mom before she came up to see what's going on, so I just asked him to get up. "Its OK, just get up." He did, and I could clearly see his full erection through the thin material. "Come sit on my bed." He did, and I sat next to him. He just kept looking at me surprised, trying to make more eye contact although his gaze was mostly on my naked exposed bust.

I didn't mind this right now, after all he already saw them and this was helping speed up the situation.

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In fact that gave me an idea on how to finish even faster. I took my little brother's hand in mine and put it on my left breast. His hand was a bit sweaty and was shaking a bit. I smiled and took his other hand and slowly placed it on the other one. He was now cupping both of my large boobs and just holding them.

"You can squeeze them if you want…" I said and he just weighed them a bit and gave them a gentle squeeze. He was being really sweet, not sure of what to do, trying not to hurt them or something. This made me think of how they were ruthlessly grabbed and tormented earlier… By his breathing I knew what effect this was having on him, so I just reached into his shorts and took hold of his penis and pulled it out.

It was stiff as a bamboo rod and all wet. I smiled to myself and started stroking it a bit fast. He just sighed loudly and tensed up, tightening his grip a bit more on my heavy tits.

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I immediately felt his cock spasm a few times in my hand and the first jet of cum rushed out right away. I was surprised at how fact it came even though I knew this would get the job done faster, I never knew someone could orgasm so quickly.

I just kept stroking steadily as more cum spurted out and onto my hand and wrist.

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As it stopped coming out, his grip loosened a bit but his hands never left my round firm mounds. It actually took less than a minute from start to finish. If I was to guess I would pressing pretty brunettes face on dick through glory hole gloryhole and hardcore that I stroked him for a total of 10 quick strokes.

I looked at him and he just stared back at me, like he was trying to make sense of what just happened. I gazed down at his hands and he just removed them: -"s. sorry". "Don't be. I wanted you to touch them." My idea to finish the whole thing quickly actually worked better than I thought.

I just cleaned my hand on the towel that was wrapped around my waist and use one side of I to clean up his now softening little cock. "Are you OK now?" I asked and he just looked back and nodded. He was all red. "Maybe you should get that box down to mom now and just let her pick what she needs from it." He just got up silently, pulled his shorts back up and grabbed the box to rush out of my room.

I just laid down on my bed thinking about what just happened. It was really fast&hellip. I wasn't going to contemplate much on it but it was definitely weird doing that to my baby brother,&hellip.

For the second time… I have to admit, it made me feel pretty good that I was able to help him, especially since I caused the whole thing again, but maybe on some level I liked that he came so fast. He was a really sweet kid but I suppose those puberty hormones just weren't ready to squeeze a pair of young firm DD boobs and have that penis stroked at the same time&hellip. I honestly hated the effect my body had on the opposite gender, but in this case it helped, I guess.

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I know there are a lot of women that use their sexuality to get things but I honestly had no intention of doing that, Sunny leon fuck by 2 men just didn't have the stomach for it. As these thoughts entered my mind I realized just how hypocritical this all was, despising the men in the supermarket for looking at my boobs like that earlier, lusting over my curves, and then using my "assets" to make my poor little brother cream all over my hand… I felt dirty just thinking about it, but then again lately that's how I felt almost all the time.

I slipped under the covers and drifted to sleep…